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Rogue-A-Thon: Option to Purchase Started by: Pear on May 24, '22 16:23

We can tell that Rogue-A-Thon(s) are the highlight/crave of a majority of players. Let's see if we if can be marketable for the benefit of the game and it's userbase. Below will be a proposal I would like feedback, approval, disapproval from anyone or everyone.


  • Every 12 hours you can buy a RAT
  • The cost would be 15 Credits
  • You can not buy a RAT if one is currently in progress
  • The RAT can still cancel all remaining Rogue/tte(s) based on how RAT is currently coded
  • The user that spawns the RAT can have a greater weight on chances to get into pools
  • All other aspects shall remain the same as how RAT is currently coded

Let me know what you think. Look forward to what you have to say!

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Seems like a reasonable idea, although I'm not sure what to make of the the price and 12-hour spawn-cooldown; it would depend on how big the impact of the "greater weight" would actually be to ensure a measure of balance. Equally, since there's still a chance your RAT fizzles out after two minutes, I guess it's not a guaranteed murder-orgy for the user that spawns it. Definitely an interesting suggestion, I'm curious what other people think.

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Iron Mike is all for this. The cost of 15 credits feels about right to me. Would work out expensive per kill for all but the quickest /luckier clickers. I would like to think we would get a rat perk thing (Not sure of the name) thrown in as the spawner for the RAT event or a few days. 

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Is the extra 12 hours linked per player, or a user wide cooldown?

If per player it might be too overpowered - it could lead to a RAT being up and running for 24 hours a day which would add a lot more +1s into the game than there is currently

As a cheapskate Yorkshireman also, I'm worried that if it was monetised there'd be way less frequent 'freebie' RATs (though I guess if someone else is paying for them it's no net loss )

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No thank you. 

  • I like there being a reward for being active in lounge, RATs are the reason a lot of people are active, so when they randomly happen they can join in as quickly as possible. 
  • Unbalances the game as someone can login, drop a rat, get 5-10 kills and then log out again for another 12 hours and repeat.
    • Same note people can plan for "Quiet times" with a few friends and get a massive advantage with little to no effort
  • 15 Credits is too low for the possibility of getting up to 17 kills in an hour if you perk
    • 30 would be more acceptable, with the cost averaging to 2 credits per rogue. 
      • For additional context - max spawns is 6 durdens per credit + BGs and forts associated with it
  • It would be easy for 12 people to throw RATs one after the other endlessly in IRC killing nearly any normal conversation aside from POOL ME BOT! or whatever the cool kids yell these days. 
  • With rats being predictable and on demand they'll become boring and tedious, thus even the allure of a free murder or five won't get people chatting because why bother, someone will buy another one later when you feel like participating. 
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I meant 12 hours per user spawned RAT event. Also side note the 12 friends you speak of would likely not be enough to keep the RAT going. You would still have to talk on Lounge to be able to participate like in a normal RAT event.

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It is not hard to chat with your friends for hours on end, a lot of us can manage to do it. And if its free kills involved, that tends to get people more active and we have quite a few fucking lunatics around these parts. 

For some more numbers, because I absolutely hate myself apparently, the last Rogue-a-thon event lasted 24 rounds. 96 people participated and the average kill out of 1500 per user was 15. 

  •  15 to 24 Rounds participated: 10 Players - Average 47 Kills
  • 10 - 14 rounds: 18 Players - Average 26 Kills
  • 5 - 9 Rounds: 27 Players - Average 13 Kills

it would not be difficult to get 12 friends to work in teams to chat on and off for 12 hours, because people will show up to join in and keep the conversation going. Hell, you don't have to participate in the rat if you throw it, so you could easily find people willing to buy the rat so you can build your gun even faster, which really isn't that difficult to do without this. 

But I will say my biggest issue is it removes a HUGE reason to be active in lounge and the reprocussions of being able to buy them would mean a deterioration of standard conversation overall, because people will just spam enough to get active and the constant alerts tends to make just chatting quite difficult. 


Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go place more blocks in Minecraft because I can not believe I fucking made a spreadsheet for this at 11pm at night after the day I had. 

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Yeah I'm only saying 2 RATs allowed per day (Collectively 120 kills max from player spawned RAT). I am not saying allow a RAT purchase every hour. 

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For the chatting aspect, players would still be required as per normal to participate in the player spawned RAT

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+1 based on it being limited to 12 hours between user spawned Rats

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Absolutely not.  We don't need to turn this into a pay to play game, right now there are thousands of kills for free, most of the rats go unfulfilled because people can't be bothered to type a few characters on lounge or belong to a family that lacks the absolute basic forms of organization required to be competitive in the slightest.  I don't think money should be the determining factor if you succeed or fail.

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Okay with that said I'd like to close this suggestion as it looks like we came to a conclusion. Thank you all for your feedback, it was invaluable!

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