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Team Writing Contest - Info and Sign up Sheet Started by: Nicola-Trevisani on Jun 01, '22 10:32

Hello to the fifteen people who have signed up for the contest - I wanted to clarify something as queries have come up regarding the contest! 


This is a collaborative RP - so you all tell 1 story working together. I know some of the prompts are a bit out there, but they do not have to be in the current "Scene" as it were, you can remember encountering them, dream of seeing them, or have a deep hatred or loathing for them. 

They only have to be mentioned, they do NOT need to be the focal point of your post or your story. Its really just there for a bit of fun in terms of the same ol' RPs most people get together to write and give you two additional things you have to make sure to include.

I don't care how shite the mention of them is - if you want to say "Once I saw a three legged pony while on a jetski in Lake Mead" and your noun was three Legged pony, you're sorted. You're good. Once again - You only need to include it in your story there is no penalty for having a basic way of including it. 

Hopefully that clears that up and if you have any questions pop them in the back alley threads, my inbox or even here. 

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Due to lack of communication with the team Grin-22 has been removed from the competition and Jarrick who properly bribed me is replacing him with the same prompts. 

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Spoke to part of the team already and have been away for the last 8 days, but ok.
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Grin-22 and I have brainstormed several ideas for the competition so I'm not sure what this is in regards to?

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As much as I love a bit of drama in the public - I'll take it to your outside thread and explain :) 

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Sorry I cant drink tomorrow so I'm celebrating tonight to avoid a tuesday hangover. 

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Ladies and gentlemen The Contest is over. I need to double check but it appears that two links were mailed to me before the cut off date. So we will have a champion, and a loser. 

Which is really the ideal outcome. Both stories have been put into the streets for your viewing pleasure. 

Group One:

Group Name Theme Noun Sentence
1 Illuminatiated Fate vs Free Will Leash "How dare you look down your nose at me like that."
1 Alina Fate vs Free Will Steamboat "Tell me what you saw, for fucks sake!"
1 Gnoch Fate vs Free Will Door to Door Salesman "You have his eyes."
1 LittleBunnyFooFoo Fate vs Free Will Revolver "Sorry I hung up on you, I didn't mean to answer the call".
1 Killshot Fate vs Free Will Certificate "Give me one good reason why I should wear a dress."


Group Two:

Group Name Theme Noun Sentence
2 MikeTyson Faith vs Doubt Mysterious Suitcase "I'm too old to start again."
2 Jhonny-sketches Faith vs Doubt Drug Addict "If you leave now, you lose everything."
2 Imperium Faith vs Doubt Penniless Writer "This isn't just about you. It's about what's best for all of us."
2 Swarles Faith vs Doubt Loving Grandparent "You've only heard his point of view. You never asked mine."
2 Indiana-Jones Faith vs Doubt Carrot or Turnip "Have you read the newspaper stories about my wife?"


95% of prompts were created with a lovely generator or two online. Judging will happen in the next week or two (Judging happens constantly, but specific to this contest..) and then I hope to get the prizes out. Feel free to send any feedback to my inbox regarding the contest so I can improve upon it if I decide to do it again. 

Indiana-Jones INBOX I said, not show up behind my chair silent like a cat, scare the shit out of me and then talk about MR while I'm trying to friggin' farm. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and I hope you all had fun. Like not enough fun to demand I do this again, but enough fun. 

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Greetings all - a winner has been decided. 

Team two has emerged victorious. They won simply because of the following rule: 

  • All scoring is subject to my whims and mood on the day*


I am still insanely busy with work but I will be giving out First place prizes** hopefully this weekend. I'm also going to be sending runner up/participation prizes to many of you for participating. 

Thank you all for your fantastic efforts that I have absolutely totally read at this point and have not copped out of doing so at all because of life being so heckin' chaotic and soul crushing. I would never in a million years do this.***


* Call me a cunt for asking a question without snark or malice and I'll try my best to live up to those expectations, Telkin.
** All Participants will get the same blanket gifts sent to them, 1st place winners will get additional perks + a couple of credits

*** I did this sorry

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Congrats Team 2.  Nice job. 

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As promised - the prizes for the winners have been sent out BEFORE THE END OF JULY. Fuck yeah. 


First place winners have received the following items: 

Perk Qty
Instant Named Bodyguard 10
DFP Stacking (60 Days) 2
Durden Mapping 5
Pick Pocket Perk (30 Days) 2
Corrupt Agent (30 Days) 2
Super VIP (30 Days) 2
Organized Crime Proficiency Perk (30 Days) 1
HQ Attack Proficiency Perk (30 Days) 1
Hustle Hangover Cure Token 1
Police Bribe (7 Days)(Wackback Death Save) 1
Pied Piper (30 Days) 1

I'll be going through the posts later and rewarding the excellence that I find & also working out participation points. Thank you once again to the kind anonymous donator of perks, I appreciate you and will make sure everything you sent over is allocated to this event.  

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