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Expanding OC Invites to Sister City Started by: Illuminatiated on Jun 16, '22 14:22

I hereby propose that the ability to invite people to OCs gets increased slightly. I can't really think of any big downfalls to this other than that you'd be "findable" in more places (assuming you have OC invites on anyway). 

Currently as it stands you can only invite people from the City you're in or people from your Home City. So if you're a CH member doing an OC in Detroit, you can invite DT and CH people. But if you're a DT person running an OC in DT you may only invite DT people to this crime. 

What I am proposing is this: the ability to invite people from your sister city if they are in your City. 

For example: if someone in DT is running a crime in Detroit they would now be able to invite people from DT and CH. 

if someone in NY is running a crime in NY, they may now invite people from NY and their sister city affiliates from PH.



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+1 from me for sure

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I think it would definitely help with the number of Organized Crimes being run and likely increase the probability of succeeding. 

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+1 from Iron Mike. 

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Yes please, the more the merrier in OCs so they don't take as long to run. +1

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I'm on board with this. It balances OCs so that it stops being actively more difficult to assemble a crew at home, where it ought to be easiest but isn't. 

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I've often thought it strange that we're able to invite more people in a city that is not our own - even on the other side of the country. You would assume your own city = more options, because you know more people on home turf. Hadn't really thought about a 'fix', but this seems like a fair and simple solution to offer a little more parity.

+1 from me.

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Big time +1

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Fucking make it so you can invite anyone!!! 

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I agree with Valinor just make it so you can invite anyone
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Make it so anyone can be invited or do this suggestion please.

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I think it should add time to your district travel timer maybe, not 5min, like 15 min like the F timer is. It'd atleast balance it out imo

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yes make it happen great idea

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I like this idea. I like Bob's suggestion with it although I would hope the 15 minute timer would be if you are in your home city and invite the sister city members.

Either way not a bad idea. Would give a few more options for OCs even if I forget to run mine all the time.

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