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Jun 30 - 07:36:07
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Is Mark a No-Mark? A Discussion Started by: Jaws on Jun 22, '22 21:12

Jaws takes to the Streets to discuss a crew-leader from Chicago.

"Chicago: 'The Windy City' - in terms of the society that we live in: The Massively Populated City.

Illuminatiated is the main man.  Veteran of the Fareham War, and the leading and guiding light of a city that boats a 90% occupancy rate.

Jarrick is a man I do not well, but have heard good things about.

And, then, there's Mark.  I've reached out to him.  I've tried to talk to him, about the individuals he gives a home, and their stances on killing hundreds of people for a third party joke.

And?  Bumpkiss.  Nothin'

It's like he thinks I'm some kind of A-Hole.  Mark gives HuckleBerryFinn a home, yet refuses to answer my telegrams?

He doesn't have a right-hand-man.  Is he like @Constipated, and killed him because he heard a joke?

These are questions that demand answers.

Finally, we must ask. 




*of course not, we have nothing but respect for him.  This is a rhetorical speech.

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Hi Jaws. I appreciate your words of constructive criticism. I will seek to do better into the future and tell you outright not to attempt to insult my members through me. 



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"Hello Mark, thanks for coming out.  I appreciate it.  It was a rhetorical speech, and in fact a fairly immature way to get your attention.  But now I have it, what do you think is the key behind the success of your city's occupancy rate?

We in Detroit are doing OK, but you guys are doing great."

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I can only imagine it is the hard work and patience of our recruiters, as well as a sizeable portion of luck. At the end of the day, new recruits have the pick of the litter across the country with organizations headed by countless talented individuals. 

We are nice people, as Illuminatiated might remind you. Maybe that helps out. 

On a different note, don't sell yourselves short! We've had our own slower times and other boomier (if that's a word) times of recruitment. We all collectively have to keep working at it, and eventually we'll all experience rather prosperous times.

I appreciate your curiosity. 

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