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Inactive Leaders: Kill Yourself Started by: SpikeS on Jun 27, '22 08:18

This thing of ours isn't just about "winning." You can win and have control, but if you have tumbleweeds and the lowest activity in history, you might be doing something wrong. 

"Lowest activity in history"

Surely you just fell off the boat and hit your head.

You just said we did a good job in the take over and also said we have the lowest activity in history. So were you even around then?

Three leaders... (3) had more than 0-10 hours when we killed them... From the looks of things we aren't quite there yet. Have a nice day, and enjoy misremembering things to fit your agenda. 

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Pear I am pleased you challenged me on the distancing issue. Most of the 9 days was killing off proer's and getting pro'd. The majority of GF's/CL'S on the initial huge wave, the distancing did not exist. That's a fact. If you can recall, there was a distancing issue when Dominic was retaliating. A few got their panties in a bunch when a few were resurrected. The issue was being addressed by the Gawd of this thing until a few decided to act like assholes and to everyone's knowledge it was not fixed. Rumor has it maybe it was towards the end while the shit fest was happening, but overall majority are thinking it was just a rumor. The ones involved with taking down that first wave knew the distancing was not rectified. Thus, making it a no challenge. There was also a defense issue when Dominic was strutting his gun. To everyone's knowledge nor was that rectified.

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To: Moonrise

From: Valinor

Sent: Jul 16, '22 18:03



I do not care about your stats, I can see with my own eyes. The average is constantly changing. How long has this even been tracked? Ton's of variables and sorry that you are mistaken. Like I said. Every single CL was 0-10 hours except 3, I can click myself and see that is not the case now. You know, you could play. BUt you're part of the problem. I'm sure one of the few who only come around when your friends offer you a spot to play. ;) 


Ha I guess how we know you voted in the last election!


If you really don't see it... I think you need to get glasses cuz you blind af dawg.

Sending a mailed reply and then blocking someone is what a itty bitty 6th grader does, but I am not surprised. You could've just not said anything in the first place? You’re not one to put in effort so I guess it's some sort of half-baked progress, since it got you talking sorta. 



It is essentially lowest activity period in history. Here, check out this piece of paper. It was shared the other day in the coffee shops, which you do not really frequent. I sat in your city coffee shop for weeks and it was just Pear posting his rogue successes. Pear is at least nice. 


I’m sorry that you’re so out of sync, disengaged, uninvolved, ignorant, removed, from things outside of your little bubble. I’m sorry and embarrassed for you that you get so triggered. I hadn’t named names, just said that people are inactive, and here you are all flustered. Insecure, sweetie pie baby doll?


You did do a good job on the takeover. But why win if you don't give a fuck after? And yes, I was around then, and before and now. But now look at you... you’re just a 0-10, 10-20 leader and you’re in your city, and you can’t recruit, but you have Morty or Goku or whoever probably starting to moan because they don’t like who you do have under you and it’s a story that repeats itself. Their outside friends are more important than yours. You might whine, be the professional martyr. I build so hard for you guys so why do you give me a hard time. But you don’t actually play for anyone but your bubble, and your city is a failure because of it, just as in the past. You get minimized and then: Rollover-and-IA-Ace.


You care about the people under you only so far as they aren’t a threat to the aforementioned bubble, which is what/who you’re really working for/with, and not the people that actually do work for you. Push comes to shove you’d fold on your city. Maybe that’s why you’re IA or preoccupied by the river fishing for COD or something like last time. How do you cook these COD? Give us recipes.


I’m sorry that Illuminatiated is a better leader and mobster than you. Gnoch's pinky toe as a right hand to an absent Climax has more leadership ability than you... That crew... talk about two strong legs and one limp noodle on a tripod. Twigs and co seem like they're at least maintaining their hood. Good on them. Treebeard should take auth... I won't bother doing the rest of the roll call and/or crew leader review.


The fact is you’re not a real leader. Comradery for you isn't relevant to your crew, given the other bubble, and more importantly, you tend to just fuck off. Maybe you weren’t cut out for it. You just hold a place and you’re a gun builder for your pals, and that’s about it. I'd say maybe you'd be a good member, but you weren't to SammySoul ... 


But the sad thing is, you’re not even like the worst of it at all, not even second or third or fourth or fifth or etc. Maybe just the only one that cares or gets triggered about being called out for it, like you did to Olympia. But maybe you should care about the fact that you and your bubble are just kinda antisocial outside of the bubble and lazy, in a community where being social and active are the most important things, after Loyalty.


It's a bit like the inactive leaders are just holding their members hostage at this point, like parents locking their kids in the car at the supermarket on a hot summer day, and then getting on their bike to creek to fish for COD with the boys. 


p.s. You ain't no DoctorBoom? More like DoctorBoring. DoctorSnore. DoctorAbsent. DoctorMIA. DoctorCOD. I dunno. Glad I got you to care enough to try to get snippy in public. Will you be more active? You could be so much better. Maybe I will save you yet. Bad medicine is what you need. Shake it up, Vali-ey girl. 



Can I get a toot toot?

Can I get a beep beep?

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I won't bother doing the rest of the roll call and/or crew leader review. 

Snubbed again.

Personal grades:

MikeTyson: 10/10.

Hobbs: 3 out of 5 stars.

Constipated: Disqualified for genocidal conduct against RHMs. 

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HeadCoach: 1/10. The 1 is for Skidmark.

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Grin, I lose most of my points from the sheer indignity of knowing you. You are like if space & time came together to trick Mother Nature into forgetting the evolutionary timeline and restarted the process, like the prototype for prehistoric man is ooga booga-ing around Detroit, shooting at my bodyguards willy nilly. If the elements ever realign and warp you back to the era you belong, tell them about mafia basketball. And frankly, that is a huge shot at Skidmark.
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Can you knuckle headed ninny poops take this conversation elsewhere? This was very serious discussion before you got involved. I do not want to see your half baked leadership rankings. I want the real deal so I know who to hate.

Moonrise can you please share the true rankings?

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I'm all for some activity and fooling around. Better than people fishing for COD and stuff. 

Hobbs is a solid 9. I said it. 

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Moonrise just mailed me to clarify that I am a solid 9.99 recurring. I'm essentially a glorious ten out of ten, except as everybody knows a  ten out of ten doesn't really exist. It's a glorious day for me. I'm not sure what I'll do with the rating, but now I am no longer the finest VIP in the country perhaps this is what I can hang my hat onto instead.

See, it doesn't matter if you only have three active members per day out of a crew of twenty seven. You can still be a success. My approach, my hated of Mafia Basketball and distain of unprovoked arson attacks on horses has been vindicated on this day. This is the Pinnacle of Hobbs.

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Justice was sitting alone in his HQ the other night, toying with the pistol in his lap. Thoughts were racing through his head. Placing the pistol to his temple, fully intending to pull the trigger, he grimaced. As he went to flex his finger, he realised he was about to go over his 10 hours work for the week, so put it down and went to bed.

I guess there's always next week. 

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Thank you for noticing my activity in the Philly Coffee Shops! On Olympia's situation would it be okay of me to request we not air it out in public? Just out of respect to Olympia, unless you have her permission of course! Then by all means we may continue. 

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Well, it seems this is still an issue fellas. How is leadership going to sort out the inactives? Or will they just let their buddies continue on all absent and stuff and say fuck it, we don't need to have our friends in uppers or leader positions be active because it's not our problem and like I'm gonna toss a frisbee to my sleeping friend. 

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It is about time that Detroit got some actual leadership. These past couple of weeks where HeadCoach was initially swept out to sea before breaking hearts in a tragic return, only to heroically become lost in thick undergrowth around the abandoned Detroit Library, have probably been the best for crew members of this city.

The return of BricktownCL, the original head of Detroit lest we forget, can only be a good thing. Sure, the man has admittedly been idle and watching from the stands, but he's sensed a moment to strike and 116 days later he's taken it. If anything, that sounds like good basketball to me. 

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Kinda weird seeing someone's own Consig call them out on the streets.  What's this world coming to these days?  My bloodline has been gone for a bit and already wants to take a nap after looking around.  I don't see the point and from the looks of it, neither do a lot of other people in the highest positions of power.

Whatever though, right?

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Dreams, you're a relatively fresh face in Detroit. You probably don't remember the dark days when HeadCoach was actually around. The de facto leadership tenure of myself, celebrated as far as Philly, and less impressively that of Skidmark, have probably given you a skewed view of what life is like in this city. Allied pro wackers were gunned down, bodyguards of friends mercilessly slaughtered by our own CLs, faithful laundry men disparaged, downtroden and beaten from pillar to post. We've fortunately moved away from all that and redirected ourselves towards our true enemies, bad basketball and Hobbs, but it was truly awful here for a long time. 

I welcome the return of BricktownCL, the TRUE leader of Detroit. If I was eligible for a trade, I would join him in a second and if there is any justice in the world, someone will eventually invent a blade wide enough to get through HeadCoach's turkey neck and we will never have to endure his "leadership" again. 

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Grin-22, that does sound like dark times indeed and I am sorry to see the plight you and others have had to deal with.  It's true, I'm a fresh face in the city relatively speaking just seeing what I see and it does appear to be quite the ordeal with an interesting back story to it having heard your words.  First time my blood has ever heard of such a thing but I suppose this life we live attracts all sorts of personalities and it isn't really that far fetched in the grand scheme of things.

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