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Hell on Wheels takes Philadelphia Started by: Valinor on Jun 29, '22 22:05

Valinor made his way towards the masses, pressing his jackets down a bit and pulling it around to cover his gun, he tossed his cigar to the side and took a deep breath.

As you will have undoubtedly noticed, the city of Philadelphia has been removed. The reasons for this course of action were multifold. For some time now, we’ve been less than impressed with what was happening over there. From the very end of the ‘Forever War’ and the resumption of peace, the city of Philadelphia has been wracked with instability and chaos. We’re all aware of the high turnover in the authorized leaders in recent weeks, as well as the defection of certain high-profile members. While some of this is attributable to bad fortunate and other extenuating circumstances, it is also indicative of lacking leadership. Much, if not most, of this has been forgiven, but not forgotten. 

Additionally, and more pressingly, we were acutely aware of the presence of some... destabilizing elements within the confines of the city. Indeed, some had brazenly called future shots on some of our leading members, while we also received credible reports of people quietly preparing and plotting in the shadows, waiting for their time to strike.  We could not sit idly by while such real and dangerous threats were allowed to fester and thrive. We were equally aware that Mad_Hatter was a skilled gunslinger capable of inflicting tremendous harm on our operations. Such a threat could not be allowed to remain.

All of this is, of course, liable to engender feelings of distrust and suspicion. We could not afford to ignore the situation and sit still. We have an obligation to ensure the safety and security of our families, districts and cities. As such, it was high time to remove the rot that had taken hold of Philadelphia.

The decision to condemn an entire city and its inhabitants to utter destruction — did not come lightly. But after considerable deliberation, amongst ourselves and with others, it was strongly felt that the only viable option was to remove Mad_Hatter and her entourage for the aforementioned reasons. Of course, we cannot let such a prestigious and iconic city remain dormant. Business on the west coast has been good; so good, in fact, that it was felt an expansion of our existing operations was in order. 

To this end, the criminal enterprises previously established in Downtown, Los Angeles, have now taken up residence in the city of brotherly love. Yours truly, Don Valinor will take the central district of the Old City. Don Remus has moved his operations to South Philly, while Don Sosabowski will take command of Bella Vista. Together, we will bring the fine city of Philadelphia to a new era of growth and prosperity. To put it succinctly: We received reports of credible threats from the city of Philadelphia. Coupled with an already dubious track-record, and our own need to expand elsewhere, we agreed a removal was in order.

I’m sure some of you will feel compelled to speak up and share your opinions on this matter. Affairs like these are always extraordinarily emotional events. I ask that you maintain your composure and engage in a respectful manner that befits a mafioso. Thank you.

Turning his back to the crowd, Valinor walked towards his newest headquarters. 

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Pear listens intently, as the boss says quite a mouthful of verbiage that a fruit should of considered going to college. His skin glowed brighter with every passing syllable that was pronounced.

"Do you know what that means? Will this come out of my paycheck later?"

Pondering his life choices, he realized just how remarkable the city head was in the way he spoke.

"I didn't learn a damn thing."

Pear went off to go find an education..

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Ikea throws a rotten tomato at the asshole on the soapbox and takes a swig from a chipped amphora full of ether


“Get lost fuckhole!”

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What utter rubbish - you'll spin it somehow but this has not one shread of truth to it. Paranoia is what this is and a need for the regime to show what it can do - straight talking facts there - not salty as you will claim. To be too scared that a CL might choose as many others do to build a gun says more about you than that person. To think you were that important to Philly that those people sat in coffee shops talking about planning attacks is ludicrous and did not happen. Why you felt the need to monitor Philly so closely just as a result of some smart leadership choices in my view to make district heads and CL the right ones is again ridiculous. One sadly involved something beyond our world experience that kept them from attending to crew life and I think a lot were surprised that it was a 3 day ruling from the God's for inactive uppers / crew not 7 and sadly the other CL had a massive overdose on ego and demands and could not hold their tongue in ways that were appropriate to speak - guidance given, warnings given then choices have to be made at some point. Some might call that good leadership. Don't know what you were so frightened about, bit sad on your part really - Philly was simply working on building a city from grass roots. I hope you and your paranoia stay in charge for a long time to properly break this worls of ours to a point where maybe God's or the world we live in might choose to make choices or rules to prevent bored paranoid teenagers just giggling for shooting and overtaking a city for no reason at all - no eveidence shown just excuses. Philly know about your moles: you did one of 2 things - you either chose very poor ones that don't get it or you chose ones that felt a need to lie to maybe impress you or win favour. Either way a poor choice. Enjoy your 'victory' and have a little think about who might be next out to get you or yours! Absolutely ridiculous.

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Adjusting all the various medals on his frayed jacket, Hiro looks up at the impressively built Valinor and lets out a raucous cheer.


Hiro began to choke on his own spittle. Managing to compose himself, he turns around to hear the tail end of what the fancy dress man was exclaiming at the top of his lungs.

..... Enjoy your 'victory'

"That's the spirit, cocker! Let's all enjoy this amazing victory!"

Hiro lets out another gut wrenching cheer.


Never learning from his mistakes first time round, Hiro retires to a quiet corner to once again, choke on his own spittle.

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bla bla bla


just man up and say, i'm near the age of challenging the old GFC and needed to make room by people i was not really scared off.


bunch of baloney, it's really just akward even for you!!

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So comeon name names who are these people in the shadows plotting to kill you? QAnon? The deep state? The illuminati? We know there was no shadowy group plotting Nor will you name names without looking like you purged the city of a couple of people you know are capable of building guns to kill you. As that would make you look like hypocrites wouldnt it? You clowns are pathetic.

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I would like to simply state that The Illuminati were most definitely not planning things within Philly in regards to taking down anyone. We weren't in Philly at all - we are too busy within Chicago. I can't speak for the other factions of which you speak. 

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Tips hat to Don Illuminatiated

I would also love to hear from the other fractions too, if nothing else to clear your names, not that you even should have to. The fact is there were no plans with anyone at all - it is a simple thing called a lie in order to take an action that had no motivation behind it at all except greed and because they could and likely bored stoned or both. 

I heard on the grapevine the the hatter had 500 shots on the gun - either the research was poor, the moles were lying or these people are afraid of nearly a water pistol coupled with paranoia and or greed. These are facts and again not salty. I just think if you do something like this own it, don't try and cover it with lies. It really is that straight forward. Makes you cowards really and looking a bit - well stupid, rash and immature to be direct.

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Mad_Hatter's gun was stronger than four of the Godfathers that we took over the six cities with. This evidence was unlocked when we all helped with the South Philly 50 man family that showed up. We all shared how many bodyguards we were killing in the coffee shop she built for us. She was hitting harder than Giorgio and Giorgio had over a thousand kills under his belt. I was also surprised to learn this incredible aim she had.

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Very well articulated Valinor. I was looking forward to this explanation. It seems like we have a few hecklers in the crowd of onlookers, likely the sons and daughters of the deceased. Of course they aren't going to admit to any plots now, they got caught and extinguished. Any admission now would only lead to embarrassment on their part. I've always found it interesting people like to pretend they aren't salty while coming to the streets crying, they might as well be floating in the Dead Sea.

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Because Hatter once got 4 BG's you all got scared. Nice mafia attitude there with absolutely no threat - 512 was the magic number boys and girls 512. With only intentions of recruiting to gain numbers in families and get rid of dead wood from previous homing anyone situation. 


If a water gun and paranoia is what what works for you then so be it - it's honestly pathetic! Count the days alive - you might forget when the God's created temp housing whatever rank you were at was boosted instantly to capo despite days - do the maths boys and girls the claim you are making is simply not possible unless they were awake 24 hours a day every day and somehow managed to create more days to even get close to that figure. It is more sad pathetic lies....

Keep trying - unfortunately I think the more you try the worst you dig the hole and you are looking a bit daft really. The maths in this case speaks as factual information ensuring that your claim yet again is completely untrue. Very sad little group of people. Have fun making up the next lie when I do think the community can think for themselves and know the reality. Ridiculous. 

You've still to name as several have requested who was out to get you....ohh scary hatter with a 512? Someone else? A come down from weed? Or just you fancied taking the city for no reason. Bring your facts - I just have - simple maths states that your claim on hatter's gun was no physically possible and you have shown no evidence of intent at all or names. Sometimes you need to think a bit harder about the lies you tell to make people wonder maybe just maybe could it be true. You are not very good at that guys...

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I'm sorry you can't fathom that 512 gun strength couldn't kill NPCs. Hell 775 couldn't at the time, we know we fucking tested the hell out of it. She killed the NPC's multiple times, so you tell me if I'm full shit or not.

Did you know we stopped shooting bodyguards in the same minute to monitor and confirm what we were seeing? I'd like to apologize to you for not being completely stupid and ignoring the more than obvious evidence in front of literally everyone.

The only thing I've learned from this experience is Jack Sparrow is by far the worst pirate I've ever heard of.

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Valinor stood there smoking his cigarette, reaching down he gave himself a little pinch to ensure he wasn't asleep. He stared intensely at a person dressed as a pirate standing in the middle of the Philadelphia streets arguing with a Pear.

Shaking his head he turned to walk away mumbling under his breath.

"Mad as a fucking hatter"

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Maybe try coming to this world maxed? Really sad to hear of your gun impotency on simple NPC's....that's embarrassing as well...keep talking it just gets better and better and by that I mean more ridiculous

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Valinor my brother, Los Angeles is more than sadden to see you go, but even more delighted at the same time to watch you shine bright from the other side of the country. It's been a pleasure working with you and your crew of people. I have no doubt you will build one heck of city in Philly. 


To the fallen people of Philly, may you rest in peace. Know that decisions as such do not come easy and we wish your future lineage the best. 

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