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Define role playing? Started by: FrankCastiglia on Jul 01, '22 20:13
So, first and foremost I understand that those who speak only in character can be annoying. However, in my time I’ve played with those who have done either or. There have been men who I’ve had to call ladies and ladies I’ve had to call men. I e even had to pretend people are mystical creatures.

My current character is an Italian immigrant learning English slowly. Fresh off the boat, you could say. I have been communicating in Italian… because this is a MAFIA role playing game. My character… is an Italian immigrant. Yet, there has been some backlash over this.

Most of us play on phones now or know how to use Google for translating and many have played along and communicated with me back in my “native tongue”. While others have failed to try and said I spoke Spanish or just refused to reply and complained outwardly.

The issue is, this is how my character communicates. I am living the concept of an online mafia role playing game and am finding it is not being received well. I haven’t received formal request to speak OOC. I haven’t had anyone go into character and pretend they don’t understand but know what I’m doing and role play back. So I guess my question is… why are we really here at this point?

If you aren’t wanting to role play in a role playing game… why play? To click buttons? What happened to the safe haven for role players? To be able to enjoy character work and stories? Honestly, that’s what made me want to play again… But it is not being openly received. So what’s the point really?

Just a rant. Had to get this off my chest.
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I like it, you do a nice job blending them both - and i can feel like a person learning english would outright speak their native language instinctifvely until most can't understand - role play is role play - style is style, it's unique and each to their own

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You're doing active roleplaying when the majority of the players here are descriptive roleplayers and much of that RP is limited to forums only. There's no rules against your approach but descriptive roleplaying works better considering the third person narrative allows for additional lines and results in more experience and vision points. The backlash you're experiencing could probably be summed up by the first sentence in your thread. It's probably annoying for some and I can't answer for them but to say that they aren't roleplayers isn't exactly fair either. 

Don't be so absolute! Mix in... Live. Love. Laugh.

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Bob- Thank you. Got do my best to make this fun and interesting not only for me but anyone who participates with reading or interacting with me.

Vantas- To that above point, the way I do thing is uniquely me, referencing Bobs point. I do my own thing and make it fun. The problem is you’re asking me to change how I role play for others and adapt this character for their benefit instead of them picking up on what I’m doing and just… role playing with me. If they’d like to speak to me OOC, obviously I’m capable. I just prefer to keep character. I have no intention in being bffs with anyone or getting to know folks necessarily on a personal level whom I don’t already know. So instead of asking me to bend role play, how about people just role play back to their preference and interact? Myself I’m not asking anyone to stop how they role play or adapt to mine, just participate back. Instead I’m getting people who won’t continue interact with me or go and complain to my crew leader that I messaged them in character…. Isn’t that..the purpose if I’m playing in character…?
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I love how everything can be answered with "rank up and do something about it" but it's true. You could always challenge those pesky OOC social rules through power and influence. Obtain a crew and set your crew details as heavy roleplaying. You'll find the niche community you're seeking and, if you're lucky or insanely dedicated, you could become the boss of all bosses and make everyone RP in mobmails and have them call you something silly like "McChairman" or whatever until karma catches you with a whopping 1% :/

The point is RPing is only fun if everyone else does it; it's like owning a telephone, completely useless unless someone else has one!

Otherwise enjoy being unique...

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If you aren’t wanting to role play in a role playing game… why play? To click buttons? What happened to the safe haven for role players? To be able to enjoy character work and stories? Honestly, that’s what made me want to play again… But it is not being openly received. So what’s the point really?

Unfortunately, at it's core, MafiaReturns isn't really a roleplaying game. Not in the sense that doing it will gain you skills or experience in the way that other actions can, which means fewer people are willing to commit the time and effort necessary to do it. The majority of the userbase are players who have been here long enough to have "been there, done that" so to speak. They likely gave a strong effort on the RP side earlier in their years here and found that it, sadly, isn't all that worthwhile outside of credits and VIP rankings. Those players also developed friends and enemies and agendas, and realized that the core of the game is gun building, and nothing will ever be more important here than the ability to build a gun. 

A bold statement perhaps, but I don't think other areas of expertise - leadership, voice, reason, etc. are quite as valued now as they were ten years ago. This isn't a dig at the current regime or any recent regimes even, just an observation from someone who was here then and is still here now, and has similarly lost the desire to write regularly. We'd all like to see RP make a true comeback, but it's a tall order at this point.

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I feel your pain. Used to do something similar in my last few active runs. Hardcore IC only. Had that up on my profile. But compromise has to be from both sides. You have to understand what you or Keats or some of the OG RPers used to do is not the norm. Anyone else who signed up here and has never had to do that for communication normally might view it as a chore, even if they were capable and interested in doing it. In my own experience, what did work however was letting people know that I'm being IC for mobmails and OOC for chats personal or public. That way whoever I am communicating with has an avenue that they feel comfortable approaching me in which does not ruin my own immersion.

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I was wrong.

I thought RP was about interacting with other writers, working with fresh ideas and building upon them. I thought it was about leading those ideas into a new direction. I thought it was about character development, improvisational or working with a RP group in the back alley. I thought co-writing was the greatest thing about RP since collaboration is rare for writing beyond RP.

In discovery of some posts being allowed in the streets, I now look at RP in a new light… and that being I don’t have a single clue what RP is anymore.

We, as a community, have long grown past putting others down and making them look silly in the streets. We’re over people replying to dead businesses where the owner’s next kin aren’t still running things. We’re no longer bothered by stories being submitted that has nothing to do with mafia. You can even tag them in your titles!

But to accept incomprehensible gibberish… I have to shed my preconceived notions on RP.
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I guess its really up to the individual. I sometimes RP all in, I had a Panda Character who never spoke, given that Panda's can't actually speak. Every post was as a 3rd person monologue wondering whats and whys about situations.

I've been an undead Alien superfiend with problems speaking due to the fact that he doesn't actually breath, and there fore his voice is more of a hiss as he literally forces air past his larynx in order to speak, symbolised by the repetition of multiple letters.

I have played German and Italian characters that only spoke German or Italian. I have been Dogs, people, male, female, aliens, undead, vampire slayers, you name it, and I've probably been it.

Some folks take warmly to it, some don't. MR has always had a mix of those who RP and enjoy it, and its also had its fair share of Click monkeys who are only out to hang with friends and press buttons to rank up and rule the game. We have also had a broad spectrum in between.

You will never get everyone to RP, you will never get everyone to give up RP. You will never get everyone to RP Italian Mafioso. Just accept it and embrace it and go with it, and try to ignore the Caravan Using Nomadic Travellers who are determined to shit on everyone else for playing the game how they want to.

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