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UneasyMurkiness: The Appalling Truth Started by: Arthur on Jul 17, '22 13:05

Recently, a hitherto no-name C went rogue, killed nobody, and became famous for their last words.  This was not like the recent rogue, Jaws, who, whilst failing in his stated goal to kill HuckleBerryFinn, nevertheless did win a stunning victory by extorting Chicago for millions of dollars, and terrorising Mark into ejecting HBF from his crew, and thus enabling his righteous and justifiable killing.  Sadly, seven of Mark's associates had to die


Who, just who was the halfwit being the inept UneasyMurkiness?  We don't exactly know, but we have access to the same analysts who identified Mark as being the Achille's Heel of Chicago.  They had this to say about UneasyMurkiness:


"UM had no historical knowledge of going rogue.  They displayed a total lack of intelligence.  From this, we are able to make clear links with Sunrise, who has made so many errors of leadership, including being extorted several times from associates of other crews, and once investing in an imaginary newspaper operated by a man with a dubious reputation.  Beyond the circumstantial evidence of a massive ability gap, no other links can firmly be established.  But, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, we believe that Sunrise has a case to answer to."


Interesting stuff.



UM linked "Telkin" to HeadCoach.  Telkin is much easier to say and remember name than Illuminatiated.  Illuminatiated is doing very well, possibly the most powerful mob figure in the mob today.


But why did UM attack, verbally because of his lack of martial skills, HeadCoach and "Telkin"?  


I've got $2m for every viable answer.


I'm Arthur.  Thank you.  

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Pear found his way here without remembering how. He looked up and around and turned to the speaker. Thinking he didn't know who it was, he decided to lean against the nearest wall and wait for a few days. "I wonder if I was drugged and put here."

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He was probably bored out of his mind and decided to go out with a blast. Which is the most interesting it has been in awhile, sad that rogues are the most amusing it's been, we all enjoy a bit of chaos, or maybe it's just me. I expected to see a big rogue by now to be honest with you, maybe the lack thereof speaks well of the current leadership or interest in this thing of ours has fallen so much the dissents have taken the, "Fuck it, ill wait it out" approach. 

Whatever his reasons, I'll be shocked if it has anything to do with Sunrise. I agree with you though, Illuminatiated is definitely the most powerful mob figure. He's done wonders over at CH, VVIP. 

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I’m sorry to disappoint you arthur but I’m afraid the only connection is that I kept him in line when he was with me now that I am was no longer holding his leash he went out of control much like you have been known to go out of control and rant in the streets. However your cl’s have never been able to hold your leash and keep you
Contained which is very sad.
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Sunrise I don't know
Who you
Think I am. But I am simply

Was this rogue a friend
Of yours?

What is your proudest
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Heard about a man named with 4 letters that has two same vocals in it and 2 the same consonant and pretends his name, now is Arthur, well well, must be hard since its easy to spot this 4 letter guy character keep on pretending and also keep on his sad way agaibs peopke over and over.

If having so much issue all the time use your real name please k... again.

Time to get real and waljs out in the great city to get a drink or two to get of this mans thinking ad soon as possible.
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