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Goom Started by: LoFiTerdzHy on Aug 04, '22 21:30

StrangerzzToNotezzOfFictionWerkzz. Take notice. What you are about to witnezz, has no statement. It never happened. But it was real. It was the infamous story of Teep't Ellum. Whoever'n the fuck that was. LTohEezLT had just been touched in his pirates booty by a sexy man with a beard. One of the muggin'men from the midwest. So eez'story goes anyways. He was just a beautiful face in a beautiful place, in the heartt oh Texass. WinkidyToThePiggid'LeeWeenkzz. 

Midwestern Man and the Tex'Ass'Sunn sat in the back of the jall'oh'peaz. A1 on the drums of the pedals, B2 with the quackin' pistols. Then the spiders game begun.

The Tribbble Bee'N0t3 had no idea where the fuck they were going, he just knew the thoroughfare they were on was a highway numbered 75. The gang started in the land of the eSydedStateOfWyndfield. The two in the front had cumm'frumm Quail Run off'en derr syde. The Dert Syded1 signalled the exit was up, soon'terr come fasterr 'nn'uh Boomer in a cornfield with a h03. 

BBB was suddenly very nervous, as he quickly realized Texas was fuckin' weird. What's a grid? Who delivers pizza hea'uh? 

GodFatherZzPizzaOverTonezz take over the GoldennGunnWithABlackThummFern'terrBumm

The 2 bags sat flat under the the driBBBluh and the Toes. The two up front were already holsterin' they drummzzuhchoice. 2enDaBackWereHereToQuackFerDaCosaNostraDeyDeedClaimm

'een 'eey claim'th'uh'derd it, 'ey'o'deed. All 4 doors swing open with the quickness as Fat Daddys SoundShackk was up next for the attacc. Located in Far North Dallas, home of the 4cornerHustlaz that now also rustla'd uh'p whiff th'uff'enzz. The driBBBle unleashes with the custom made '21 that was'uh handcrafted by one of mee'mawzz. 10 Durdens fall'ter'duh ground. Total of 11 shots, none missed and one caught a double dome dipp't cone of drumm. 

No follow up for this cacophony. The BBB had the aim of one oh dem e'strang'edd

The four waltz to the door, two from the front of the jalopy stayed outside to guard the door. No pigs in this blanket, the blankest of ones knees in the door, goes portsyde and takes a dive. A follow up of another 10 from BBB'z drumm lights up 6 more, chest shots mostly, one caught a pellet en'eez fookin'dome. Bow oh dee bow, BBB had scene'terr weiner run to his 3oClokk. He clickered'eez'clacker and put 10 HoleyyOnezz in the fellerz back. No slack for dat quack. Run from the sprick and get the sprackk.

Wickett1 had been fiddlin' whiff'eez'own21 behind the cover of a divider wall. Sound of footstepp'en'zuh deed ee'earr. With no fear in Bow'er'Drum he peeks and fires of 20 from ee'zown'gunn. 2 Durdens fall. And the gunnfight seem'terd'bee on. As both sydes unleashed a rumble of thunderr no one had ever even heard. Deep Ellum's own soundshack was safe in DownTown, thanks to the two from the bidnezz oh kin'oh'kinfolk. 

Emptied drummz. 2 hit the floor. A reload'en'uh'thwap. The two stepped on into the next doorway, a set of stairs upward going portsyde revealed itself to the menWhiffBeardzz. No bandanas on this hit, personal bidnezz with ragin'tonezz was meant to be stared down.

Eyes set to kill, 2 men saunter up the stairs and shoot their way through a locked door. Click'oh'ee'z'eel the PaddyzzSonn opens the door, and BBB finds himself an upper echelon of the DurdenHerd. Grin of the sin becomes'th'oh'ver'ted'eez'purrdy face. ClackerOhClickers unleashes 10 from his drumm, all toe'tappaz. BBB unleashes 5'enna'nutta'5. KneeClappaOhDeeKappa. 

The fuck does these fuckin' 2 do fer'derr livin any god damn way?

They proceeded to beat the everliving snuff out of some dumb piece of fluff. Knees and bows cracked the bones of some Durdy doe. Didn't bambis ma die? Why do TD and the Sanga always come back? These were the questions the bidnezz oh keen were hyperfocused on. But the DurdyBurd didn't seem'terr bee gettin' zee message. The 2 mobsters exchange a glance, squack oh IDK overcomes the Wickett1. Choice was on BBB.

Something inside mussa o'err'kumm this sunnuvagunn. For he let out the entire drum into the fucktards entire body. The dancey one started playing in its blood and BBB returned to the ride. Doorsmen didn't even let of the sound of one drum. 

All four return to DeepEllum safe and sound. Another one dunn'err'dlyy done. The Wickedest of Wickeds carried on and the signalohspliffs was lit, two times in the back of the jall'slack'yy. SlinkySlankeredOneSmiledInTheChaosHisEntireTeamJustCaused.

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That is exactly how I remember it happening too. 

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Alas, a matey avast yee wandered seas of the Deep'st'oh'Ellem. Perhaps t'ee of thee was the booty toucher of his back pocket from earlier. 'or'hapz maybe t'were just a kin oh dee kindred. Stoppin' by to have a werd with the raggle taggle Gypsyy of the 'jypt'seaz. Midwestern Manners Madez were out with the Goomba of Goo on this beautiful thoroughfare going know'where.

Thank ya' fer'affirmatin' a sneaky suspicion I dunn'sterr had sir-ee. I reckon' you purplehatted folk oh de Midwest be some rowdy'rustilin'ruffianzz. Y'all should hang out down Souf' moore'yee should'm'reckonzz. 

ReckoncileDWhiffedHeezKeenzTheKeenEyeDSleuthedUpSloopOfTheSouthWithTheMouthOfASailorAndADevilsTonguePoisonedByTheTasteOfTheDevilsCabbage. SignalOhEezSpliffCommencesToSmoke. Offerin' uh'ppa hit to the Midwestern'errz in his midst. 

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