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An open apology to BBB Started by: FrankCastiglia on Aug 07, '22 16:49
Frank walked to the streets holding a paper and a piece of goat fur in free hand. Standing with tears in his eyes he calls speaks clear and loudly so that everyone can hear.

“Excuse me! Excuse me! Attention please!” He spoke as he wiped tears from his bloodshot eyes.

“I have a letter I’d like to read, for my very best friend BBB.”

Frank holds the paper up and clears his throat.

“Dear BBB, you have been my very best friend for like two weeks or longer. I can’t remember. We have shared laughs, tears, loss and gain together. We’ve opened a mediocre and unsuccessful movie studio, we even have fathered goats together. Today I said some things about tea and Ireland that made you upset. And although I still prefer my tea cold and with sugar stirred in but I appreciate your differences. YOU HEAR THAT BBB, I APPRECIATE YOU!!!”

Frank composed himself as he sobbed slightly.

“Ireland is not owned by England and you are my best friend and I’d like to continue to be your best friend and goat raising partner. Please accept my apology and come home. Sincerely, your best friend and life partner, Frank.”

Frank hangs his head and looks down at the goat fur before slumping to the ground against a nearby wall.
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Ray spent the vast majority of his morning trying to get a goat that showed up at his place to calm down. Dazed and confused as to why he was hosting a goat all the sudden, so he set out to learn what the hell was happening. Then the news hit the streets. Apparently, there is some distress amongst our famous goat raisers. Both BBB and FrankCastiglia have upset this goat to the point it went astray. Obviously, goats have feelings too.

Alina is not going to be happy when she notices the mass destruction of her garden

Ray salutes Frank for making this heartfelt apology for all to hear and has just one question.

"What time can I expect you two to come pick up this cute but not so cute homewrecker?" If he finds Sal's tomatoes I am fucked!

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Dirty was prowling the streets again for victims (as usual) when he heard FrankCastiglia blubbering in between convulsing sobs, apologizing to none other than Franks so-called 'Best friend' BBB. Dirty listened to the heartfelt apologies contents and was shocked to hear admissions of blatant racism coming from Franks mouth. 

Dirty gasped in dismay. 'How could it come to this?' He thought, appalled that the itailian could be so cruel to his bestie like that. It could only mean one thing....

Frank was spending too much time with non other than the equine torching madman, Hobbs. Dirty shook his head and walked away.

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Alina was glad that FrankCastiglia and BBB were trying to resolve their differences.  But one of them needs to come get this fucking goat out of my garden. I don’t know what’s the problem with him, but know it should be better trained or locked in a pasture.

Just look at this mess. He tore up my damn rose garden.  Destroyed the vegetable garden AquaTelfanna just started. Then the goat drank Salvatore-Lucchese ‘s moonshine out of a 5-gallon bucket, guess he thought it was water.

Now I hope everything is copasetic with the both of you but you better come get the fucking goat before I shoot it.

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Hobbs was not surprised at all to see a member of Chicago threatening to kill another defenceless animal for no reason.

"Perhaps the apple does not fall far from the tree" Hobbs claimed. Chicago was a notorious very nice, very evil city. The fact Alina was the perpetrator on this occasion just made it all the more compelling.

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BBB came over to fetch his drunken goat, laid out cold in the grass.  When BBB finally got him up the poor thing could hardly stand up.  He started vomiting, looked like he was having seizures, had irregular breathing and had blue-tinged skin.  BBB went into his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills and handled them to Alina,  He told her he was sorry about her rose garden, AquaTelfanna vegetable garden and Salvatore-Lucchese moonshine although the goat was really paying for it now and thanked her for not shooting his goat.  She told him that they take their gardens and moonshine very seriously, that she would even shoot someone like Hobbs it they came and destroyed her gardens and drank up all the moonshine.

Alina handed him back the money and told him it's all good.  Both gardens can be replanted and Sal could get his people to brew up some more moonshine.

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Aqua could hardly believe her eyes, there was a drunken goat staggering around the gardens, trampling and gorging on anything it could find. Eventually it came to plunk down in a patch of tall grass.

Alaina looked to be handling the situation. A few words were batted back and forth and Aqua not knowing some of those gathered, she quickly looked back to the goat. "Stupid creatures will eat anything", she muttered. Then it dawned on her and she looked over to the garden again. The nightshade seemed to be all there but she couldn't be certain. With the barrel of moonshine nearly gone, Aqua was not sure if this poor animal would survive. If it did get into the nightshade, it would perish in a most unpleasant manner at any moment. This may upset the man with whom Alina was now speaking to, as he appeared to be attempting to collect his drunken goat. 

"This is why we can't have nice things", she said. 

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Sal walked in to check on things, he was excited about the party and getting the guys to try the moonshine that he had brewing.  When he saw the staggering goat he was puzzled and then you saw on his face a drunking goat, how then the light hit that skinny creature drunk his moonshine.  Sal first thought was the make lamb chops or roast him slowly and have shaven goat sandwiches.  

It was Alina and AquaTelfanna and there laughing at the goat and Sal facial expressions that helped Sal calm down and get his people to clean the place up and start brewing a new batch.  Sal then said he didn't care whos goat it was just keep the beast from this new brew he wants ten gallons for his party and maybe the guys would want to purchase stock in his moonshine as he try's to get a license to manufacture moonshine legal like.  

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It was yet another nice day out, perfect temperature, nice breeze, and jst all around relaxing. Middy was so pleased to be able to rest today and take in the gorgeous neighborhood. Well to be more specific he loved the community. To Middy thats what matttered most. All of a sudden he starts to hear a commotion that he would have guessed was two walrus 69'ing bt upon further expection he realized it was that fucker FrankCastiglia and not to bar behind faith ful side kick BBB. Now this time he is fucking confused these two while never actuallly up to trouble are what some say just are trouble.  

"What the fuck is going on here, I jsut want peace and quiet and if you two are here then that plan is fucking dead." Hearing a voice behind him Mid looks and sees @AquaFreshToothPaste aka AquaTelfanna. Well if they are here hopefully he can get some kinda of answer.  

"Yelling for Aqua,, Middy walks up and gets straight to the point. What the fuck do yall got going on here. It's a like a titty bar for the mentally retarded."

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Aqua was just about to take her leave, as there was really nothing more she could do. Sal was calmed down, no one got shot and the goat would hopefully die from alcohol poisoning any moment now. 

MidpoinT steps directly in her path and shouts her name. Aqua gives him a brilliant, toothy grin like radiant white pearls. He says something in a rather demanding tone and Aqua pulls her head back, a bit shocked. 

"Mid, how nice to see you", she gives him a quizzical glare before leaning in just a bit to whisper, "But no one would openly call you retarded, would they"? She smiled and canted her head. I don't know about any titty bars either, but I am sure you can find one. Unless you're real hard up, that may be a nanny goat passed out over there, if that's your thing. I make no judgements". Aqua gave him a wink and a nod.

Mid seemed extra salty today but it wasn't her fault that people were breeding love-child goats with alcohol addictions. Daddy issues weren't her thing and unless someone really wanted their daddy gone. 

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Well, a bit at a loss here on what the fuck is going on. While Middy had managed to find his favorite person ever named after toothpastes he realizes he is being started at like he's the fucking strange one here. There are goats, but what for? Aqua is acting way more creepy then her usual mentally unstable and neurotic self. Not to mention leaning in to whisper  to Middy so close that while she may be old she woulda kept coming closer would of had to show the goats how a pro does it. Staring, turning his head every which way he see's what can only be desscribed as the fucking Chernobyl of Goats. There is ones with nipples that might as well be balloon animals in themselves. Had a few goats that Mid was pretty sure got into the steroids supply and were one step below fucking being one of Satans soldiers. Then Middy squints and looks over towards a building. 

"Wait, what the fuck. There isn't a," Middy stops frozen and appaulled looking at Aqua wondering if she took part in this drunken goat debauchery. "Well, yup fuck this fucking place how do you have an outbreak or STD filled goats with infected nipples and knocked up by drunks. Yea all i know is fuck this place im out." Middy backs slowly into his car hand on his gun and speeds off never to speak on that fucking place again.

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The smartly dressed man appeared looking dishevelled. Large bags hung under his fabulous green eyes. His tie missing and his buttons in the wrong holes. He worn a goat chewed strew fedora. He was a wreck of a man. He couldnt believe what Frank had done to him. He had torn his heart out and fed it to the wolves. Frank had shouted at him, called him names, insulted his heritage and worst of all threated the goats. He shuddered as he remembered the wild look in franks eye as he help a gun to the head of his most favoured goats. But here he was back again. Unable to remove himself from Franks clutches. What they had was special and maybe is he tried harder then Frank would care about him more. He stepped forward. Opening his arms wide with tears in his eyes. 

"FrankCastiglia I forgive you and I will take you back. Lets put this all behind us and we will move forward TOGETHER. I want you Frank, No I need you. You said some horrible things Frank but I still need you. So what do you say Frank?"

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Franks already tear filled eyes turned brighter as he jumped from the fetal position he had been in for what felt like an entire week and sprung to embrace his best friend BBB.

“Of course I want that BBB! Of course you’re the only person in this whole world I would want by my side! Appreciating me, never calling me names nor talking unwarranted shots at me! The trust you give me as well as the bond we have is unwavering and I couldn’t ask for anything more from a business/life partner! I am so sorry for what I’ve done and know that if you give me another chance I will change for you. I’m won’t even talk to other people about business. Just you my friend! Just you!”

Frank squeezed BBB tight as his tears turned to happy ones and many goats nearby rejoiced.
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BBB lifted frank off the ground in a massive beefy bear hug. It was nice to be back side by side. The two men broke off their embrace and looked at each and nodded. They both knew what needed to be done. Turning they disappeared into the sunset followed by their goats entourage. The goats were not franks of course and never would be. But for now he could be an assistant to the assistant German Sheppard. OH YAAA.  

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