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Clear Red Eye Newt Wanders A Hoot Started by: FartBarf on Aug 08, '22 03:51

"In your opinion who is the currently bless'tuh'pp dressed up button man or woman repri'vestin on dey chest'n'ead? I'm gonna go aferwordz and say I haven't seen eery-one's yet."

Eyes twinkle twinkle with a star'aint'got bang'lz anymore. Receding his rereading line. He query's his quandary of thought and with a reckless th'wokk, he squawkt

"Contest... Here? Anyone?"

He begins to dance, with a klip in a klop. The klawhammered shishkissed her bobbler and gobbled the noncesconce of the nonsensical mythic kryptidd ancestry tree flung out eer'en the skreetz.  Fuckin ee'shot who? The retired father slaughtered 2 good cops turned Durden in public view of the muggzEnSkreetz. 

Mee'Mawzz crossed wire connects the connected cuttazz 2dey proper querying quandaries'line of drums and hammers. Trigger fanger bangers. The whole lick'tuh lippz of ee'zown fookin' horses he whole fookin' life KUNT of the aviation squadron. Freshest pilot of the I7DD5IU91. FartiestHardlyHarrDyY Dew slew another dummone in public vy'ew? Ew.

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WagglinEezEyeBrigadieryyEyezzEeFookinWinkzzEezSnouTatastoutTrouttT in the crowd. He promptly shoots it ferda suitsofzootsuitboogeyyerrzz. King of the Beach via dixieland is tooted outta eez endzone arse. 

"Was just talking about a who'dunn'gotta the suit of a goGettaGatherGainerr?!?"


For some weird reason the starbernboard wriggled his portersyded wrists. Stretching it to show the muscle hidden behind his forearm. ShadowBoxxEnEezSelf de'oI7oh5zzUnit91drumm let's hum a really dinger of a WickettSticklered skumm of Air! GaseousKlayy? The ayy'Ok?!?

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