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The Story of Maui Part 3 Started by: Maui-TikaTika on Aug 14, '22 10:15
Aloha mai e ko'u mau hoa. Maui here once more to bring you more nā moʻolelo of my youth. I want to thank you all for reaching out and speaking to me to tell me how much you are enjoying my nā moʻolelo. Honestly it gives me great pleasure to share them with you all, and share the history of my people. If memory serves me correctly, I believe I promised you the story of How I brought fire to the world. 

Maui and Mahuika

When I was much younger, and still living in the house of my mother, we did not have fire. We ate raw food, berries, nots vegetables and fish. When the rains came and the winter came, it was cold, and I could see my mother, Taranga, suffer considerably. One day when I was out fishing with my brothers, I spied smoke on the shore, and we rowed towards it. When we got there we discovered the remains of a great fire that had erupted from the ground. We sat beside the fire to get warm, and unbeknown to us, our fish started to cook due to the heat of the rocks. It was the smell that made us aware that something was different, and so we tasted the fish. It was delicious. I was determined to learn the secret of fire so that the whole village could taste cooked fish. 

I knew that my ancestor, Mahuika was the guardian of fire in Lua Lalo, so I was determined to find her and demand the secret of fire. SO saying good bye to my brothers, I descended into the underworld, in search of Mahuika. Crossing the river Te tai o Maahanui, I finally came across Mahuika tending her fires. Approaching her I said 'Grandmother, it is I, Maui, give me some fire so that I may cook my food. Recognising me by my tattoos, Mahuika dipped a stick into her fire setting it alight and handed it to me. I ran along until I got to Te tai o Maahanui, and I dropped the stick into the waters. Heading back to Mahuika, I told her that I had been careless and dropped the stick into the waters while trying to cross. Again she lit a stick and gave it to me, and again I headed back to the river only to extinguish the fire. My grandmother was getting angrier and angrier, so this time I apologised, and told her that perhaps if she taught me the secret of fire then I could simply make my own when I had crossed the great river. 

Now, my grandmother was at this point, very angry with me. I may have been her kin, but I was vexing her incredibly, and she had a good Idea that it was deliberate. I knew that she knew that it was deliberate, but that was all apart of my plan. She agreed to teach me the secret of fire on the condition that I allowed her to throw me into the sky. I Agreed, on one condition, that after she had thrown me into the sky, I could throw her into the Sky. My Grandmother was happy to agree. As far as she knew I was a mortal and she was a God and I wouldn't be able to throw her very far, also, as she got to go first, chances are there would not be much left of me after she threw me into the sky. With a bit of luck, perhaps she could throw me so high I would never return to the ground. So together we ascended to the land of my people. 

When we got there, she asked if I was ready, but before I could answer, she grabbed me by the ankle and hurled me with all her strength into the sky. As Quick as I could I transformed into a feather, a feather of the curly-tailed Alae. Now, I don't know if you have ever tried to throw a feather, but its not the easiest thing to do. I travelled a couple of feet at most, and floated to the ground. Furious, Mahuika grabbed me again, and tried to throw me into the sky, and again I changed into a feather, and again I floated back to the ground. Again and again this occurred, with the old woman getting more and more furious. Finally as I changed back into myself, I shouted my turn, and as the old woman tried to catch her breath I grabbed her by the ankle, and swiftly growing in size and strength, I tossed her into the sky as hard as I could. As she tumbled and fell, I would catch her and hurl her back into the sky. 

Finally, exhausted and battered, she begged me to stop and agreed to teach me the secrets of fire-building, and show me which trees contained the spark of fire. So I returned to the village once more triumphant, and showed my brothers and my mother and the other villagers how by rubbing two sticks of certain tress together with a little coconut husk for some kindling, you could create a fire on which to cook, and to heat your home. 


So there you have it, the story of how Maui stole you fire from down below. No doubt if my tales continue to be well received, I may return to the streets once more and tell you the tale of how I fished the islands from the sea, or defeated the giant Eel, or maybe even how "I harnessed the breeze, you're welcome, to fill your sails and shake your trees". Maybe I'll even let you guys decide which tale you wish to hear next, and no Jarrick, it won't be about my death!

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Listen'n intently, the young vessel oh'seas of peas found hisself enamoured with the words of a beautiful man'oh'seas wrapped with a snake. Blade sat in its sheath as he told a tale of his life. The beautiful mind had cracked through the sound barrier with shit like this being dropped in the dimension of space. A fuckin' grand slam of a tale. 

Thank yew'fer sharin' your tale. It was beautiful.

Hands over his favorite tippin' oh tales amount of wadded cash. Wonderin' how this ones Pine'Eel Glandul'arr was doin'n all this wonderin wanderin his mind was a'doin.

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