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Dec 03 - 19:30:45
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MidpoinT RIP Started by: DeathbecomesMe on Aug 15, '22 20:53

Rest well my friend, you died the way lived, without giving 2 fucks about what anyone thought of you. You called it like you saw it, you had the balls to do what I'll bet more than half the peeps here wish they had the balls to do.. So for that you have my admiration and my unending respect. Til we meet again my friend.

*wipes away a tear*


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Shut the fk up

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Please please this was not created to start the shit storm it has, I am in No Way condoning Midz actions or mean any disrespect to the victim or his family. I sincerely apologize to all of the Vegas families for my words, I was just trying to pay respects to my friend without realizing the consequences of my words. Please I ask for your forgiveness and I will in the future be more mindful of my words and actions..

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You are forgiven, my child. Your words are so powerful. An apology goes a long way in these woods.

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Nipping the bottle or what? Surely you are aware there is an obit section to mourn and glorify a man down. Then there is also the nifty option to sit down with your crayons and send a letter directly to him. You must know LV was not the only city mourning the loss of family. Did you think scribbling here (OOC) would eliminate the "shit storm" you spoke about?

You are entitled to admire whoever you wish and for whatever reasons. It comes down to it's your opinion. And I'm certain you have earned some opinions of this nonsense coming from a hand. 

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Why? He didn't change anything or create an opportunity for a regime change. And without those ideals, roguing is mid tbh (no pun intended). You could argue that a crash dummy has more purpose than the little stunt we witnessed. Hardly worth singing praise about but hey, whatever flips your pancake bro :p And his first target was some other rogue's first target earlier this year. So add a lack of originality there too.

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