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Tutte.R.I.P Started by: LonelyWolf on Sep 08, '22 11:59

Have to share a sad story about the puppy Tutte who aint with us anymore in this world of ours.


My dearest friend passed by a couple of months ago, knows he had some that loved him deeply when he had fun and walked around in this community with his small pawns and head high no matter what people that didnt love him said to him and those loved him he was very glad towards those and spresd warm and cozyness day out and nightly hunting cats in the streets.


It was just in start of summer his owner got real sick and had to go to the local hospital since he werent well at high 

blood- pressure and having problem with the thyroid gland. During this time Tutte fell off a high sofa and injured his jaw and also hurt some ribs that made his breath badly. Just one thing to do for his friend that to took care of him while his master were laying in bed for 6 days very badly hurt. It was a fast way to the local vet and let him sleep forever.


Never ever will we forget this little cute doggy with furious and also love in him. He was my best friend so this is why I share this story to all that wondered.


LonelyWolf had thinking of trying to use a vodoo-doctor he knew to see if Tutte could be bringed back from death and perhaps coming back for a while. The future would tell so perhaps the story aint over yet for Tutte.


I miss him so much so my eyes gets very wet at the moment.


LonelyWolf hangs out for a minute to pay respect for his best friend snd made a sililent promise, he will come back ad a vodoo-pet. IF it was possible, he wetent 100% sure yet.


With head down Lonely slowly walks out and into the dark street where the jamaicans lived.

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"this is the greatest thing since Systematic Immolation of Thought.
. I award it an honorary writing competition"
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After hearing a guy interfered a bit and after a talk with a friend about it Lonely thought no more effort needed to be handled in this case where he were alone in his sorrow after his dear friends Tutte died after the accident back home.

Now to the real issue to try to resurrect his friend by visit a neighbourhood where some jamaican lived.

He comes into a building where an old man sat, he had long filthy hair hangind down all over his face he looked very horryfying. In the room it also smelled from black candles burning beside him on a table that seen better days. His face slowly moved to my spot in the room, puts his hair to the side and shows his eyes, gah he was totally blind, he asks "what do you want?" Lonely shakes a bit and tells what he need, the old man smiles and says, "come back at midnight and we do it!"

Lonely bowed before the man and said "ok", he fast moved himself out in the fresh air he shakes in his body while he walks out to do something important stuff before coming back when the day turned into new day...
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LonelyWolf came once again to the Jamaican dominated area of ​​the city. They recognized him now, and welcomed him heartily, one of these men, the smallest of them went before me to the old man with what seemed inhuman powers which would help to bring Tutte back in some nearly living condition.

The old man sat in exactly the same chair as last time and exactly the same posture as well. A cold body ran through him as he looked at the old man who sat down and said "Tutte, what was the name if I remember correctly?" Lonely nodded while saying "quite right, how do I get him back?" The Jamaican removed his long hair from his eyes and slowly he said in a voice that could scare anyone into insanity. "Next time the full moon shines, take the things on the table" he pointed to a rickety table where there was a black candle and some strange things and he uttered the last words "at 00:38 exactly the candle should be lit with your left hand, the things spread out on the grave, the cross must be upside down and then you walk backwards out of the animal cemetery" Lonely fully understood the instructions. "Stay home late all day and you might get a visitor" Maybe? "ok, it will be a visit then, now give me the overdue payment thank you and then disappear" He paid, took the things in a piece of cloth they were in and quickly he went out and was satisfied he smiled as he went home, soon my friend soon. ..
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The night was as black as the fur of the black cat that quickly ran across the street.

He was now on his way to the inhumane task of resurrecting his old friend who so unhappily passed away in a way that left its mark deep in this wolf's mind. Even with many others who missed him would soon see him again, Lonely now hoped with all his big warm heart.

He would now soon be using ancient methods that he did not understand in depth. But he had full confidence in what the Jamaican had told him, he knew exactly how to proceed at the grave he would soon be standing in front of.

He walked through an old forest up a path that was almost completely overgrown. After a little bit of trudging he saw an old man with a cane, he walked up to him and asked "sorry but do you know where the animal cemetery is located" the old man chuckled and saw weakly "my young friend, you are close, go through the hedge here one forward and you are then within reach of the place where the village has buried its loved ones and pets for hundreds of years" Lonely smiled and thanked heart smell, the old man then suddenly disappeared through another hedge, he had moved quickly. For being so old.

Now he saw the hedge, went through and voila, there was the place where his friend lay. He quickly found Tutte's grave, immediately got teary-eyed. He quickly laid out all the things on the tombstone, then waited for the full moon......there came the first moonlight dotting the grave perfectly, everything according to the plan now he opened the bottle with the moose milk and poured it all over the grave and then put the empty bottle on the ground . finally he wrote as he was asked, three characters.........666

He then hurried away from the cemetery and really hoped everything would go as promised.
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Another day had passed in his hitherto adventurous life. At midnight, which was now not far off, what he had been promised by the obscure Jamaican would then happen. Tutte would hopefully be resurrected in a condition that now really worried LonelyWolf.

He had collected a lot of things that would help him IF all went well this 13th midnight when a little creature would crawl out of his grave and give the world another wonderful time with him again.

He was so tired and since it was a couple of three hours until midnight, he fell asleep and immediately the nightmare started that had been chasing him for quite a while.
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He woke up completely drenched in sweat, what had woken him up? He sat up and listened something had awakened all his senses but what was it......

He checked the clock and it was just before midnight, a shiver went through his body. Something had clearly set his senses on high speed, his heart beating hard in his chest. What had triggered this bodily alarm? Suddenly he hears a faint rasping at the door and he starts.

After within a microsecond he had collected himself and walks towards the back door where the sound came from, stops, gathers courage and opens the door...

At first he sees nothing but after his eyes are drawn between the dark room and the dim light of the back street he looks out, no one or nothing is visible. He gets confused. stands there and thinks for a while then looks down at the door scratch marks at the bottom of the door...what. He stiffens again.

Suddenly he lies in bed wrapped in the covers and doesn't understand anything, was it all just a nightmare? Then he hears another rasping, he shivers...
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