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Chi-Town Charm Started by: niknik on Sep 09, '22 10:37

The involvement of the police force in Chicago was slowly becoming no secret. Cops, lawyers and very soon most shop owners in the business district were succumbing to the powerful La Cosa Nostra 'mafia'.

Of course, there was always going to be the over-confident detective who would launch an investigation into the world of organized crime - but like every other time it would be to no avail and the incidents would get covered up by the corrupt cops in the mafia's pockets. 

Chicago was a rising star, especially with Al Capone leading the force. 

His influence on the city turned timid thugs into notorious gangsters. The fast and luxurious life was earned - through doing petty crimes and fast-cash jobs. Then you would get promoted and assigned to do more heavy missions.

But this life had its consequences.

When tragedy struck in Chicago, mobsters were forced to flee and abandon what was once their home.

HyperVentilate had accepted an opportunity to build Chicago back up from the rubble. His auth was sanctioned by Zev_Schwartz, and so it is no surprise that Chicago is heavily linked with New York. Other great opportunities arose as well - with Roco establishing power in South Side alongside Harvey_Specter as his right hand man and SaraMoore as left hand woman.

A formal dinner party was unavoidable - niknik thought to herself. 

Niknik urged her boss HyperVentilate to let her organize the get-together. "Bring on the wine," she said excitedly. 

She acquired the best wine bottles in the city and convinced her uncles to help her prepare the food. They always seemed to know flavours best. Nikki wanted to keep decorations minimal, so as to focus the attention on the conversations of the family members and their amazing company. 

An invitation was sent out to all the Chicago upper structures and their crew members. Signed, sealed and delivered!

The Pneuma family invites you to join


Drinks - Dinner - Dancing



AT 5:00 PM


(venue pic for reference)

"It's an offer you can't refuse" - Pneuma Family.

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Roco sat behind his large mahogany desk in his office reading his mail. It had been delivered to him via Mildred the mail goat. She was a lovely chestnut colour, wore a little satchel around her neck and had been trained it open doors to pass messages around Chicago. Harvey_Specter had been complaining about having to handle all Rocos vast correspondence, so Mildred was now handling it. Roco spotted an interesting one. Reading it he saw a dinner party had been arranged by niknik.

“A dinner party!? What does one wear to a dinner party?”

Roco asked out loud to some goat guards that were gathered in the corner butting each other with their horns. They didn’t answer. They were goats and they didn’t really understand Rocos question. Anyway, what would goats know of fashion? They don’t even wear clothes Roco thought to himself. Roco got up and walked over across his office to the mirror beside it hung a photo of his sharply dressed father. No this wouldn’t do he thought looking at his tattered attire. Turning back to the face of his father he remembered his father mentioned a clothes shop in Chicago that his father always meant to visit. Maybe it was still there Roco thought to himself. He would go a check. He quickly wrote back to niknik to accept the invitation and say that he would attend. Mildred was dispatched. Roco took up his tattered straw fedora and set off to find himself something suitable to wear for a formal dinner party.

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Sara peeled her face off the pillow and stared in horror at the body in bed next to her. Elliot! Whimpering, she flung the comforter back and nearly wept with relief. Her clothes were completely intact, right down to her shoes. 

"ME-EH-EHHH!" A goat wandered in, dropped an envelope on the floor, and left. 

What had become of her life?! She picked up the chewed envelope and extracted its soggy contents. Oooh, a dinner party, how fun! MaddixCruz probably didn't want to join her, she just assumed he'd rather take a shovel to the face. And Elliot... just, no. A few other possibilities came and went, @MCHammer and Vaughn and... well. Maybe it was best to just show up and hope another friend did the same. 

"Hey." Sara lifted her pillow and let it fall on Elliot's head. "There's a thing tonight. I'm going shopping. You can stay here if you want but if Maddix sees you... never mind. You'd probably enjoy that chaos. You two are so weird." Sara's back popped loudly as she stood. Wasn't there a tailor shop near the HQ? If she was lucky, she might score something off the rack, if she hurried.

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It wasn't so much the vastness of Roco's mail that bothered Harvey, but rather the inane subject matter of it all, the banality of reading through letters as riveting as the South side telephone directory. And yes there was literally a metric fuck ton of it. Roco seemed to know every god damned person on the planet, and they all had the personality of Drew Ackerman. And there were goats literally everywhere. The whole HQ stank of damp goat. Harvey had secretly prayed that the goats would eat the mail, but they seemed to eat everything but the mail. It was the main reason that Harvey hardly ever went near the HQ, preferring to spend his time in his office, in his penthouse and his favourite bar. Now he understood just why SaraMoore had turned down the offer of RHM, goats and mail.

But a dinner party might be enjoyable, an excuse to air his Tux, and it was being organised by Nikki, so with a little luck, there would be no goats there, but where Roco was concerned that wasn't a foregone conclusion. Perhaps he could look for another job, do a bit of networking at the party, he'd maybe even consider working for Hobbs as long as there were no Goats involved... well maybe he wouldn't have to sink that low. He quickly scanned the invitation to see if there was an RSVP, but there didn't seem to be, a tad unusual, but this was the 50s after all.

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Maddix was going to break Elliot's legs and ankles, all he had to do was find him and that was proving somewhat difficult, he was currently in hiding once again. This current game of cat and mouse was becoming tedious. Maddix was running out of patience and time to find the little rat bastard. Come to think of it, he hadn't seen SaraMoore in some time either. Coincidence? The universe was so rarely lazy, but there was still a lingering thought that Maddix just had to follow, so he headed towards where he knew Sara was staying. Several minutes had passed since he changed his destination when all of a sudden one of those damn goats appeared with a piece of paper hanging out of its mouth, god, how many of these annoying creatures was around? What was Roco's damn fascination with them? The goat stood still in front of Maddix and looked up at him, paper still in its mouth. Was this thing trying to tell Maddix something? Maddix let out a sigh, he was nowhere stoned enough to deal or even try to understand, so with a shake of his head, he reached down, pulled the soggy piece of paper from its mouth and then shoo'ed the goat away, he really was tempted to sacrifice one of them one of these days. 

Shaking the paper somewhat dry, he unfolded it and another thought popped into his mind. Once he deciphered the smudged writing, he realised there was a dinner party happening. Interesting. Dinner parties held all kinds of possibilities and also headaches but possibilities none the less. So much could be done, so many lives to mess with, so much fun (Maddix's definition of it, at least) to be created. He didn't know if he was invited but that never stopped him before, it sure as hell wouldn't stop him this time, either. Mind made up, and fueled by boredom, annoyance and anger, he pocketed the piece of paper and resumed walking.

He still had to find Elliot.

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It seemed like all Nikki's running around paid off. She didn't want to toot her own horn, but she also cleaned up pretty nicely as well. Her outfit for the party was a long, silk, black dress with a slit. It was classy, but was giving off seductive vibes as well. Not that she was going to seduce anyone...

Anyways, she was fully ready with a glass of wine in one hand, ready to chat to those who were coming. She couldn't wait to see HyperVentilate's reaction to everything.

As the time went by, she came to discover the fascination of goats from Roco's family. Well to her it was unusual, but I guess it was something they were beyond used to already. Or were they?

Nikki almost tipped her drink when she saw a lady enter the vicinity. Now, she knew that face... "SaraMoore?? I'm so glad you could make it... can I just say you look absolutely stunning. Now tell me more where you got your outfit... I want ALL the deets." 

It wasn't too long before she also saw Harvey_Specter, looking exquisite with his tux and MaddixCruz - however Nikki seemed a little concerned when Maddix entered. Huffing and puffing with anger... she almost wanted to ask, but thought against it so as not to fuel the fire even more. 

"Wine, gentleman?" Nikki chirped excitedly towards Harvey and Maddix

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Paddy enters the feast with a smile in his eyes, and a crinkled forehead from a crooked left eyebrow as he surveys the scene. He sees Roco, and a smile arises from underneath Paddy's black bandana. His crooked black and blue paddy cap needed a fixin'n. The plaid pattern shiftin' as Paddy shakes it to its proper restin' place atop his ol' 'ead. 

The aftermath of the kicked door sounded out with a loud crack as the door slammed shut. Finding his place at the table PP begins ta fidget in his chair immediately as he sits down.

He grabs the silverware.

Paddy unrolls the utensils out with a flick of his wrist. 3 thuds sounds out inside the room. Paddy smiles to himself as he picks up the spoon and the butterknife. 

"Ah butter you beautiful bitch, the only ingredient that gets it's own knife!"

Paddy begins drummin' on the table. A BO-tikka-PFT-tikkatikka-BO-PFT on top of the table provided for this wonderful scenario of Chicago's minds hangin' out. 

He tightens his throat muscles and begins to throat sing to the drums, addin' a bassline. The tempo was 180 BPM and the, RUV-WUB-WUROOOOOOO was low and robotic. Paddy's head just bounces along to the song until someone mentions wine.

He immediately stops everything he's doing.

"Yes, I would love some wine, please'n'uhh thanks!"

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When Mai and Barney arrived at the LOOP BANQUET HALL the CHICAGO DINNER PARTY was in full swing and what a grand event it was. Thank God the hall was huge and accommodated Barney beautifully.  The decorations were stunning; purple was one of Mai’s favorite colors almost matching Barney. Niknik and the Pneuma family sure knew how to plan an impressive celebration.

Waiters were walking around with trays of Champagne.  One stopped in front of Mai and offered her a glass which she gladly accepted.  Barney strolled away looking for something a little stronger.

She looked around and saw Roco looking as sophisticated and debonair as Barney looks in his new Fedora. When he saw Mai approaching him he greeted him with a warm welcome.  He introduced her to SaraMoore and Harvey_Specter, she had been meaning to stop by his Whiskey & Whisky Club.  She told both of the it was a pleasure meeting them.

It was a gala affair, she approached Niknik and told her what a lovely job she did with everything and how happy and excited she was that Roco had invited her.

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One of the most recognized leaders in Detroit, Mai, was a special guest at the dinner event. Nikki was thrilled to see another lady in power and couldn't help but fangirl when she was approached. 

"Oh, it's my pleasure. Thank you so much for coming - great turn out. Hopefully many more events to come. Have you tried the bruschetta....?" Nikki stole her away from the crowd and showed her the delicious spread of food that the catering team had prepared.

And now that Nikki discovered that she was invited by Roco, she asked "so... how did your guys' friendship come about?"

As she listened in on what Mai was saying, Nikki nodded in an intrigued manner, her lips hinting a soft smile. 

She also caught glances at everyone else around her and was so pleased to see that everyone seemed to be having a good time.

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Harvey walked around mingling, alas there weren't too many people here, which was sad, still it was interesting to see Mai and the large Purple Dinosaur, Barney, were here. The wine wasn't bad, and the atmosphere was good which was half the battle, it was a '48 Mouton-Rothschild if he wasn't mistaken. Still, it was early yet, and there was always the possibility that other's might appear, he was half tempted to slip off and make a few phone calls, there were plenty of great and powerful people which might enjoy dinner in Chicago, perhaps even Hobbs.

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Roco wandered around greeting random people and hoping for praise on his wonderful new suit. He spotted Barney the big purple prancing party dinosaur. Roco offered his some strong whiskey. Roco knew Barney was fond of a strong drink. Roco chatted to Barney about that night when they first met. Roco was rather impressed with Barneys fedora. He tried it on and checked it closely. He told Barney that it did indeed complete his look. Roco nodded to Harvey_Specter who was looking his usual dapper self. Roco went over to him quickly. 

"Hi Harvey, Any chance you could make some calls to Hobbs, Void, Stan_S_StanmanDaiquiri and maybe even that SassyPeach fellow. Hell invite everyone you know, get Justice down here and anyone else you can think of. I will see if I can think of anyone else and get some calls made"

Roco patted Harvey on the arm and hoped that maybe some more people would arrive and get this party really started. 

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And there it was, even on a night off the Managing Partner had to stick his oar in and issue orders, it didn't mater that Harvey was already planning on asking a few people to come, having Roco order it was a different kettle of fish. He didn't have a number for Hobbs, thankfully, nor did he have a number for Void. A friend of a friend had given him the number for Stan_S_Stanman, and he hoped he would answer his call. Of course he had the number for Justice, what self respecting Lawyer didn't have the number for the easiest bought Judge on the circuit. He did however have the number for LittleBunnyFooFoo, Cobb, the real 'obb' in LV and Isabella and sadly not many others. Slipping out to use the payphone, he made the calls, and made sure that Isabella extended the invite to Geralt and Vaughn and that LittleBunnyFooFoo also invited JoeyDiFrancesco and alas Hobbs... as much as the man smelled of Provolone, he would take it as a personal insult if he wasn't invited. Calls made, he slipped back in and helped himself to another glass of wine, at least until the Whiskey came out.

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Vaughn shows up at the venue somewhat late, he sneaks past the crowd and places a crate of whiskey on the bar as a gift. He makes his way to the back and finds a empty seat not drawing any attention to himself as he watches what is going on and sipping on a little wine. It looked like it was a great turnout here and he was enjoying himself and hoped everyone else was having a good time as well.

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Isabella was feeling just a tad bit overwhelmed upon receipt of a dinner invitation. She knew her priorities and attended a celebratory roast occasion for King Hobbs.  She recognized it is her responsibility to forward the invite to her Boss Geralt and King Hobbs. She telegrams these two men of honor. She then telegrams Father_Omalley and asks if he could do her a quick favor and run the dress she wishes to wear to this gallant affair. A message received clearly states the dress will be ready in an hour.

Isabella takes a long hot shower and shakes off thlast 22 days of her strenuous work. As she cleansed her body she smiled as she thought this social event is most welcome. As her next adventure will prevent time off as a local newspaper will consume her time. Isa shakes shrugs off her thoughts and rinses the soap off her body. 

An hour passes and her dress arrived as promised. Quite relaxed as she pulled her hair up in what is known as a French twist she reached for her dress. She slipped on her strapless dress. Pleased with her appearance in front of her six-foot floor mirror she adds a little touch with selected jewels. She is now ready to let her hair hang. 

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HyperVentilate sat at his dark oak office desk in his study; leaning back on his large, autumn green leather chair, cigar in hand and he pondered the dinner party invite that he’d received. He was very appreciative of niknik for throwing such a soiree and knew that he must attend, looking his best.

"A fancy frock and some pearls it is then", he muttered to himself; laughing as he spoke.

Dressed head to toe in dick head, he arrived to the extravagant event and was pleased to see that fellow crew leader of Chicago Roco had already arrived, as well as his trusty hands SaraMoore and Harvey_Specter. Hyper was eager to forge a good working relationship with Roco, as the two had seemingly been thrown together in a re-shuffle. Rather awkwardly, Hyper asked Roco “Why do you love goats so much?”

Looking down at the fine China crockery and the pristine, polished silverware on the dining table, Hyper became a little uncomfortable as he didn’t know which fork was for what. His upbringing was that of a simple one, and you either ate with your hands or a wooden fork. Gesturing SaraMoore over, he asks “What do I eat with what and can we keep these when we’re done?”

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Seeing that @Hypervenilate was starting to panic, Harvey made his way over to the gaudily dressed CL, grabbing a glass of wine en route. Given how the Don of CH was dressed, he thought it may have been better not to make direct eye contact, but then again Harvey was never one to concede ground. Handing Hyper the glass, he looked down at the table setting in front of him and smiled.

"Its really quite easy Don Venilate, you start from the outside and work your way in, there is no secret code. On the Left you will have from the outside in, Salad fork, Fisk Fork and then Dinner fork. On the Right from the outside in you will have your soup spoon, your fish knife and then your dinner knife. On the side plate you will have your Butter knife. Above the plate you will have your dessert fork and Spoon. There really is no secret to it. Likewise with glasses. The big glass is for water, the fat wine glass for red Wine, the narrower wine glass for white wine, and the flute is for Champagne. Have a drink, and relax."

Smiling again, Harvey spots Isabella arrive and heads over to greet her.

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"NNNGGGgghhhh!" Sara's arms were absolutely killing her. She'd taken HERA's archery competition quite seriously, and had spent every spare moment she had in training for the event. Sadly, even the smallest of movements now hurt like hell, and she struggled to get out of the taxicab in front of the venue. 

All thoughts of aching muscles and bullseyes faded into so much background noise as Sara entered the dining area. It seemed as though everyone was here, and she couldnt supress a smile. She waved at her bosses Roco and Harvey_Specter , Harvey looked peeved about something (goats), she couldn't blame him for the drink in his hand. Vaughn was sitting at a back table, so she made her way over to him, leaned over the back of his chair, and folded him into a hug.

"You're here!" She said happily, giving him a big kiss on the cheek. As she stood, she heard niknik approach and inquire about her dress. Sara leaned in conspiratorily and whispeted "I stole it" and gave her a little 'don't tell' wink. 

"This is absolutely wonderful, thank you for making it happen!" Just as she pulled back, she spotted the purple dinosaur that had come into her wing shop....holy crap, he's real, she thought as she grabbed two glasses of champagne off of a passing tray. Nikki had been drawn into another conversation, so Sara made her way over to the newest Made goat. She'd told him already, but it bore repeating now.

"Congrats, PaddyPitruzzello , today's a good day. YOINK!She patted the Paddy on the shoulder and then slipped into an empty chair next to @MaddixCruz before handing him one of the flutes of champagne. Elliot was nowhere to be seen, that was probably for the best. Maybe her friend could relax for a few hours before the next ambush. 

"He was in Windy City Wings earlier," Sara stated out of seemingly nowhere, while pointing at Barney , who'd escorted Mai to the event. "I didn't even charge him because I thought I was still hallucinating after waking up next to El- ohhhh, heyy, there's our future Godfather HyperVentilate , better go say hello!" Sara got up and scampered away as fast as her heels permitted, as if she could actually outrun her own words.

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Maddix was still at the dinner party, which was quite the feat seeing as he still hadn't started anything with anyone, instead choosing to sit silently and simply watch everyone else while still thinking about Elliot's possible whereabouts and how he was going to make the bastard pay for running off and starting this particular game of cat and mouse. 

The people watching seemed to stretch on for hours, or possibly minutes, when someone sat down next to Maddix and he was half tempted to tell whoever it was, as politely as he could, to "Fuck off!" when he was stopped by the sound of a familiar voice. Of course SaraMoore would be here. She handed him a flute of champagne and pointed out that damn purple dinosaur he had seen roaming around Chicago, he was somewhat relieved when he realised for once he hadn't been seeing things. His hallucinations were wild but even they had their limits, didn't they? Regardless he wasn't allowed to ponder for very long when Sara let something slip. It wasn't so much that she hadn't charged the dinosaur/man/person, but...

"I thought I was still hallucinating after waking up next to El- ohhhh"

That right there got his attention. What and why in the hell would she mention that? But before he could voice the million questions and possible accusations, Sara got up and bolted away. Was she trying to outrun her words or Maddix? 

Maddix decided to find out and took off after Sara.

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Unfalterin' in his mission by the mistaken slip of a drink through a crowd little did Sara know half of that was backwash! The young mobster who was high on the fine meat of lobster clobbers on the table with a fist. The boom started the beat. 


Anotha' downward fist with the right thuds out, Paddy's left-hand finds the butterknife as this is goin' on. Actin as a snare, the butterknife begins keepin' the tempo with a TH'WAP. The same hi-hat pattern continues out of Paddy's mouth. The BPM is 126. 


A layer of a trumpet in what Paddy stinky pits Pitruzzello hopes is the key of C. With his own tones thrown in, shot through the side of pursed lips. The high notes aren't perfect, they sound as if they tasted like stinky cheese pumped out of a gas pump. Reminiscent of a trumpet though, the beginnin'n layer of T noises are brought back in. A doodle diddled in the rhythm of his mouth fiddle intermittently as he just keeps the beat with his head. His eyes close as he literally sits and toots his own horn in public view. Feelin'n his insides said it was time to let a sample slide.


His head leans back right smack into the left side of a TRA man carryin' in a new drink for Paddy stinky pits.

The trained gypsy of the fattest tones known only to soothe a soul so deep in the sauce, it needed 2 hogs. The Salvadorian man handed off the almost spilled beer. He whispered somethin' bout somethin' and Paddy leaned into the man's ear, pullin' the cop in ever-so-slightly.

"Tell the poor man we already saw the men about the horse, it went over well."

The second pig in Paddy's blanket was toasted. They would be able to smell it cookin' inside a hangar had they'duh been quicker. But alas, it seems that different adventures down a different neurological reality tunnel for different folk. Paddy sits back in his seat and takes a swig of the drink his underling had brought for him. The henchman had wandered off after a brief cough post drink hand-off. The smoothest endeavor ever that had gone off without a hitch. But what's the sitch?

Well, you got wise guys and wise gals all chattin' shit about someone doin' a thing for this or that. But who still buys anyone's crap these days? Everyone could go off their rocker at any time, right here in this very scenario placed upon no time constraint. Matter of fact, Paddy Sir Stinky Pitruzzello had an idea right this very minute. He begins rappin' his starboard pointer finger's knuckle on the table. It keeps a steady pace.


He begins hummin' with the ritual carried about by the members of his tribe. The lost art o'dea ol' flow had flowed its very soul into the depths of the same poems of the very maddened lad indeed, Paddy the stinkiest Pitruzzello. Mighty goodfello' doh. Some would reckon he was handy with a tool, some would say his pencil game would need a little work, others knew there was somethin' buzzin' in their bee-hive of an inactive mind. The mind's eye of this guy right he'yuh just decides to dance with the rhythm of the song he's creatin' now. Lettin' all the fancy showboats have their 15 minutes. While he brooded over the brutal stabbin' of a near dear friend that just... needed a shiv to the throat. 

What else could be said that anyone else on any given day under this very sun of ours wouldn't think a similar thing? Paddy shakes his head, his beatbox trailin' off. He lights a spliff and takes a giant swig of the drink in his hand. 

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Barney always enjoyed parties. It was an obvious career choice for him once he decided to step into the limelight. Tonight felt a little different though, since he wasn't scheduled to perform. Or at least he hoped he wasn't. He would be woefully under-prepared for such a fancy setting. Maybe it was time to practice the piano so he could wow these possible aristocrats. Mai wasn't kidding when she told Barney about the party. The decorations and venue were certainly exceeding expectations. 

As she bounced from person to person, engaging in conversation, Barney skipped over towards the bar. He was intercepted by his good friend, Roco, who had his own whiskey. Barney wasn't quite sure where it had come from, but he wasn't about to offend anyone and gladly accepted the offer. He thanked Roco for the compliment on his fedora and admired his own evening attire. Roco was looking much more dapper this evening. 

"Roco, your father would be proud to see you all gussied up for this evening. I could hardly believe it myself!" Barney chided.

The two of them alternated with sips of whiskey while enjoying the phenomenal people watching the event offered. 

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