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Archery Competition Started by: HERA on Sep 10, '22 09:38

You open the colorful leaflet to find details about the new Archery Competition.


Archery Competition

Who can join:
Anyone of any rank, city, race and species can join.

How to join:
You must send an registration fee of $500,000 with a note saying "AC Reg".


Entries will be closed on 12th Sept at 12:00 MR time

Current Prize Pool:
$1M + collection of entry fees + Any other money spent by the participants, eg. Shop purchases, training, etc. +more  (minus 10% to cover the expenses of hosting the competition)

*No. of winners and prize distribution will be revealed after entry closes*

●There will be 5 rounds in total and round 1 will be held a day after entry closes.
●Rounds are going to be held every other day.
●Competitors will be able to start taking archery lessons from the day they register for the competition and can continue training once a day till the end of round 3/until they reach maximum skill pts.
●Archery skills will only be known by the participants themselves and will not be disclosed to the public.
●Participants will get access to the shop and will be able to buy their archery set and accessories to help gain special buffs.

○All the cash of the prize pool will be kept safe with me in the form of credits starting from Round 1. In case I die during the competition (during round 1-5), i will have the entry fees refunded to the participants or their next of kin if they happen to get killed as well. If I die before Round 1 starts, no refund will be provided as the money will not have been converted into credits.

○If a participant dies during the competition (from registration to the end), their next of kin can openly or anonymously participate in their place.

•The exact timing of each round will be announced before the first round starts.
•To know more about how the scoring works ->Read Here<-

If you would like to contribute to the prize pool:
•Tip this post with the amount you'd like to contribute
•Send a direct bank transfer
•Send credit(s)
•or even perks!

☆For any enquiries, you may send me a mail or ask me directly if you see me around ;) 

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Current contestants:





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Current contestants:







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Current Prize Pool:

$6.5M+ and Perks (+more to be added)


Thanks to everyone who contributed towards the prize pool ^-^

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Hera counts the money in the prize pot

"$7,130,000...hmmm", she thought, "something isn't right...."

She opens her safe and takes out bundles of dollars. 

"10 millions. That looks good," she smiled. 

Then she takes out a piece of paper and starts writing down the prize distribution list:

1st 50% + 5 random perks
2nd 25% + 3 random perks
3rd 15% + 2 random perks
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I wanted to post the matches in character, but I realised I wont be able to write all of it in time so I will just post the scores here. 

 Check scores -> HERE <-



Our top scorer for round one is luciano_lucky from LA, with a score of 66. SaraMoore, HyperVentilate and ChefRenie are right behind, tying at the second place with 62 points. Quetzalcoatl and LittleBunnyFooFoo are also moving on to the next round with scores of 54 and 59 respectively. 

Unfortunately, Raw_Kitten ended up with a score of only 53, the lowest, and will have to leave the competition early :( 


I wish the remaining contestants the best of luck for their upcoming rounds!

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It is what it is, best of luck to the other contestants haha

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Scores for Round 2 have been updated: Here

Top scorer: Quetzalcoatl 

2. HyperVentilate 

3. SaraMoore

4. LittleBunnyFooFoo and ChefRenie 

Least Scorer: luciano_lucky 


Unfortunately, luciano_lucky has been eliminated this round :( 

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unlucky luciano_lucky, just four contestants remaining.  it's getting exciting now!

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Round 3 -> Scores <-


Top scorer is once again Quetzalcoatl!

2. LittleBunnyFooFoo 

3. HyperVentilate 

4. SaraMoore 

Least scorer: ChefRenie [eliminated]


Good luck to the remaining participants for the semi finals :)

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Prize Pool Update:


Gremlin, GFC of LA has donated 19M to the prize pool!

Current pool size:

$29M + Perks!

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Round 4 Results! -> HERE <-


We have our finalists!

Top Scorer: SaraMoore 

2. Quetzalcoatl 

3. HyperVentilate 


Least Scorer: LittleBunnyFooFoo sadly is eliminated.

Looking forward to the finals!

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I would have joined but I am currently not allowed near anything sharp. Soon I get my scissor privileges back though, and then I'll prove myself and be allowed to join in on the next one. Best of luck to everyone who's not currently being held back due to completely unfair weapon bans.

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SassyPeach hmmm what if someone shot at you "accidentally"? That would be tragic

Make sure to wear a full body armour if you decide to watch the final match!

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In case you'd like to see the scores:

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