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Archery Competition Final Round + Winner Started by: HERA on Sep 22, '22 18:05

Hera stands in front of the crowd with the mic in her hand as the three finalists enter the match ground with their bows in hand. 

@Quetzalcoatl, @HyperVentilate and @SaraMoore. Today they are going to show off their archery skills and one of them is going to snatch the title of the Best Archer and a check of $14.5M!

"Welcome to the biggest archery competition ever held! Today is the day we finally found out who among our archerers is the most gifted! And with that, we start our final match!"

The finalists start shooting their arrows one by one as the audience cheer for them. HyperVentilate is the first one to hit a 10 with his second arrow! Quetzalcoatl follows with two 10s in a row! SaraMoore is seen struggling as her hands shakily draw the bow and releases to hit a six. Steadily, her aim improves and she manages to score two 9s in a row! 

HyperVentilate is rumored to have been surviving entirely on energy drinks since the start of the contest and we can definitely see it being somewhat true! He is seen jumping around while shooting his arrows while still scoring high!

At the end of the match, Hera counts the arrows and the scores and writes them down on the scoreboard for all to see:

1st HyperVentilate 74
2nd Quetzalcoatl 64
3rd SaraMoore 62

And we have our winner: @HyperVentilate!

A huge round of applause for our winner! Don't forget to congratulate him!

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Quetzalcoatl sat in her chair waiting for the results of the archery competition. She had not gotten her best scores last round, but perhaps SaraMoore and HyperVentilate had not done so well either.
She saw Hera walk up to the microphone with a form in her hand and quickly walked to the podium to hear the result. 

Third had finished SaraMoore, and it was then between Quetzalcoatl and HyperVentilate

She heard the drum roll and hoped to hear her name as the winner. But it wasn't her, HyperVentilate was the winner. Of course Quetzalcoatl was disappointed, but it was her own fault. Her last arrows had not hit the bullseye properly and HyperVentilate's had. 

"Congratulations HyperVentilate".

Quetzalcoatl turned to HERA and thanked her for the excellent organization.

"I hope to see more of your competitions in the near future."

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Very good efforts by everyone participating! Congratulations to the winner, and thank you for setting everything up and running the event HERA

Since this was started prior to the creation of the Competition Commission did they have any input on the event or was this done outside of their purview? It seems their influence has been growing day by day. 

Either way, hope to see more of these types of competitions (If allowed by the Commission of course). 

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Wellerman, this competition wasn't endorsed, but we note that nobody died, that it was completed, and that entrants received prizes.

They could have engaged with our officers but chose not to.
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Wellerman there was no such thing as a Competition Commission when I started the event! So it's only fair that they don't interfere with it in any way. However, if I decide to run such events again later, I wouldn't mind it (that is, if it still exists by then).

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This does seem like a perfect competition to fall under the Competition Commission's umbrella. Word_Smith while I do think that the CC should always be allowed to oversee these things, HERA is also correct. This started under the old lawless competition rules.

While it is extremely dangerous to partake in unsanctioned events I think HERA has done a wonderful job of keeping the entrants safe and running a very fair event. If every organizer was like HERA the CC wouldn't be necessary. 

I am hoping the this trend continues! Good work out there

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Sara moved through the small crowd and thanked HERA for all of her time and hard work hosting the event, and then pulled Don Hyperventilate aside to congratulate him on taking first place. 

"I'll be re-investing my third place winnings into the Chicago Lottery, maybe I'll get lucky, what do you think?"

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Shaking like a shitting dog due to all of the energy drinks, Hyper vibrates through the crowd. He moves to the front to address everyone.

"Thank you all for the congratulations, and thank you to HERA for organising a wonderful competition. I'd like to thank Monster and Red Bull, who were my sponsors throughout this competition and gave me a cutting edge."

Leaning over to SaraMoore, Hyper says:

"Putting your winnings into the Chicago City Lottery might be a good idea, change your profile picture back and I can make it worth your while."

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