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The Insane Asylum to Corktown Started by: Mai on Sep 27, '22 01:37

As Mai sat in the office with MrDiabolik and Ben-Siegel waiting for Armageddon to arrive all kinds of thoughts came to her mind. Amidst the chaos and confusion of this thing of ours she still felt calmness. She never expected to be making this decision so soon.

She knows that perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life.  The journey so far had been bittersweet, some doors opened and others closed. She had the most optimistic people taking this journey with her; playing a disproportionate role in her success thus far.  

So face with the challenge of filling Corktown one of those people was Armageddon. In their short time together he has proven to be the type of man deserving of respect, recognition and appreciation.

There was a knock on the door, it was Armageddon and Mai asked him to come in and have a seat.  He walked in gave Mai a slight hug, shook Diabolik and Ben’s hand and had a seat.

Mai began to speak.

Armageddon we have talked and you have expressed the willingness and desire to take on the responsibility of heading up your own organization in Corktown.   You have been working consistently, diligently and shown awesome loyalty.  Your vision for the city of Detroit is extraordinary, it coincides with my goals, vision and exactly what’s needed to continue our growth.

Mai looks at MrDiabolik and gives him a nod.  He then passes an envelope to Armageddon.

In this envelope you will find the keys to your new Headquarters in Corktown.

Congratulations.  Always know we are here for you and will do everything possible to work together and continue to build Detroit into a fine city.

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Armageddon stood from his chair and reached his hand out for the envelope with his head held high. After finding many old journals of his ancestors he became determined at a young age and had been working tirelessly hoping an opportunity such as this would present itself to him one day

Mai, MrDiabolik, Ben, to say it has been a pleasure working alongside you all as well as Sweet Insanity as a whole would be an understatement. I am beyond excited to help take the next step forward in building Detroit Into a great mafioso city with you all by my side. I know with the foundation that has been set here, the sky is the limit.

Armageddon sticks the envelope inside his jacket pocket while simultaneously removing his flask. He then motions to one of his bodyguards to grab Zoom and Poppy from the car so they could join them inside. Raising his flask he acknowledges his new comrades and gives thanks to those from Sweet Insanity.

Ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce you to The Insane Asylum. There is a long winding road ahead but I have a hard time coming up with any other people I would want along for the ride.

As he finishes speaking Armageddon turns to his entourage to prepare to get to work when he notices others have begun to gather to help celebrate the expansion of Detroit.

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With the help from all the ladies @ JoJoStiletto, Zyler, HesterDunn, Victoria_Valentino and raven727 the grand celebration was awaiting Armageddon in the large conference room.

Mai escorted Armageddon into the well deserved celebration awaiting him and a grand celebration it was. Congratulators had already arrived.  There was plenty of alcohol, delicious food and the champagne fountain was flowing.

As they enter the celebration a waiter was waiting with a tray of  glasses filled with champagne. Mai waited for everyone to get a glass and when everyone had a glass she lifted hers up. 

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the new leader of  Corktown Armageddon and The Insane Asylum crew. 

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Ben has sat through the entire thing, silent and watching as Armageddon had been authed in and issued the keys to Corktown, he agreed he was a deserving member of Detroit and also, as with the others, looked forward to working with him.

”Thank you for taking this responsibility, Arma. Look forward to working alongside you to help bring Detroit to former glories and unity.” He spoke, standing up and clapping in the newest leader in the city.

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We shall all know the true power and capability of our city soon. Good to be here with you guys. Best city around.
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Barney patiently waited his turn in line to shake Armageddon's hand. It was a well deserved honor to be given the keys to a district. He was certain that it would be an honor that wouldn't be taken lightly and was eager to see Detroit continue its expansion in the wake of The Supreme Court's falling. Out with the old, in with the new as they say. 

"Congratulations on your terrific opportunity, Armageddon. I know that you will make a great leader and I can't wait to see what's in store for Corktown. I'll be by to visit soon enough, don't you worry," Barney cheerfully spoke. 

The two shook hands and he was on his merry way, hopeful for a brighter and happier tomorrow.

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Poppy was a bit grumpy at being maneuvered by several of Armageddon body guards, taking a sip from the tradition always carry a hip flask rule she wondered what on earth was going on. On entering hearing the fantastic news but most importantly seeing the champagne fountain she relaxed and felt excited about the future ahead. Glaring at one of the body guards she made it to fountain, grabbed 2 glasses, downed one quickly then pretended like that didn't happen whilst she politely sipped on the other


Armageddon Sir it will be an honor to do anything I can to assist in making Corktown brilliant with your expert leadership and Mai thank you kindly for the opportunity to be a part of making Detroit the wonderful City we already know it is in growing it further to its brilliant potential.


Poppy raised her glass in respect and appreciation whilst quietly wondering if there was a limit on drinks from the fountain

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D0m3n1c walked into Armageddon's party a bit late. He was finishing up some business at one of his fronts. He saw the man of the hour talking with Mai over in the corner so he walked over. 

"Armageddon, congratulations on your promotion. Looking forward to watching your crew grow and flourish. It was great working with you & hopefully we can continue our friendship in the future. I'll keep you updated on any new jobs that I will be running in the future. Might have a few jobs for any new associates to earn their bones. Just let me know."

D0m shook Armageddon's hand, gave a nod to Mai & went to grab a drink and find a seat.  

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JoJoStiletto saunters in, fashionably late. She sees everyone having a good time and joins the party. Patting Armageddon on the shoulder and then pulling him in for a close hug she whispers in his ear, "You will do great things my friend, Mai made a wise choice in you!" She makes her way over to Mai so they can compare outfits and jewelry. "Gee, sis, you really are shaping things up around here, I'm so proud of you and Armageddon!"

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BOYSON  couldn't help but notice all the people gathering.

"Must be a party going on. Let's go have a look"

Curiously BOYSON moved closer towards the crowd to see what this party is all about. Upon approaching the steps to the entrance, he was greeted by the security outside and invited to enter and join the celebration of the new CL in Detroit. Such an amazing party.  BOYSON grabbed a drink from one of the hot waitresses and raised his glass.

"Cheers, Armageddon ! Congratulations!"

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Fashionably late that is what she told herself as she arrived at the party. Smiling she approached Armageddon with her gift after greeting him she handed him  the gift with congratulations for his new position as a crew leader. 

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Congrats on crewleader Arma. Awesome crew name by the way.

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Congratulations Armageddon. Live long and prosper!

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Lonely came and says.

"Congrats Armageddon, hope all goes well and glad to see Detroit growing by this promotion"

Who knows, soon hopefully we see 12th coming back also, miss it dearly when being in Detroit.
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