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A Sing-o-saurus Session Started by: Barney on Sep 28, '22 04:55

Barney walked onto the stage from the left. The concert hall was noticeably quiet at this time. It wouldn't be open to the public for another few hours. Yet, the stage lights burned as bright as ever as he stared out into the empty seats. Barney began to sweat from a combination of the heat and nerves. Better that it would happen now rather than in front of the audience. He was told by an employee that tonight was a sell-out crowd. This purple dinosaur had come a long way from the backyard birthday party sing-a-longs. But not too far it seemed.

As Barney looked around at the stage decorations. They were all too familiar now. Designed to mimic a children's playground and provide ample opportunities to move around during the performance. He felt right at home from where he began. With the lyrics burned into his memory, the band wasn't even needed for his microphone check. Taking center stage, he took a deep breathe and sung the words that made him famous.

I love you, you love me.
We're a happy family.
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you,
Won't you say you love me too?

I love you, you love me,
We're best friends,
Like friends should be
With a great big hug,
And a kiss from me to you,
Won't you say you love me too?

Yes, tonight would be a grand performance. Barney was at ease as he finished the song confidently. He bowed to the made believe audience that was giving him a standing ovation. He was manifesting that energy for the real concert this evening. Taking one last look at the empty hall, he exited with growing anticipation. 

Behind the stage, people were scrambling and trying to get everything ready for the evening. Costume designers holding up clothing and running between dressing rooms. The stage manager was barking orders to anyone in earshot. Barney's agent was nearby waving him into the nearest dressing room with a gold star proudly emblazoned on it. Someone had taken the time to print out a nametag that read 'Barney the Dinosaur' and affixed it to the star. It brought a smile to Barney's face.

"Hey kid, I just wanted to stop by and say good luck tonight. You're going to make a boatload of money by filling this auditorium tonight. And you know I looove money," Barney's agent rejoiced. 

"Money isn't everything, buddy. I'm a performer and I love to be in the spotlight," Barney responded. 

"Yeah, yeah. I also wanted to give you this," Barney's agent said while handing over a gift basket with a card in it. 

"What's this? I've got fans sending me gifts already?" 

"Not quite! But I think you'll appreciate it anyway."

Barney's curiosity got the best of him and he shooed the agent out of the room. The basket was filled with neatly wrapped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, diagonally cut, of course. They were his favorite pre-show snack. A card sat on top addressed to him. Opening it up revealed a simple handwritten message from his boss, Mai

"Have a stu-u-u-pendous show! You'll do tee-rific tonight!" 

"Thanks, Mai," Barney said aloud even though he was alone now. "Now which one of you are going to get eaten first?"

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Barney wasn't expecting anymore visitors just yet. He wondered who it could be. 

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Knock!! Knock!! "Aye Mr Barneeeeeeeeeeey!! How you doin?!??! Frank entered Barney dressing room with a bottle of wine in his hand and gave his all time favourite dinosaur a warm hug. He was very proud indeed that Barney was finally hittin the big stage.

"Last time we met, it was after my show, i defly wouldnt miss your full house concert for the world. I even purchased the backstage pass so that i get to see ya before you hit the spotlight. Prolly wont be able to talk to ya after the show, i can only imagine ya being mobbed by ya die-hard fans"

Frank poured a glass of red wine for Barney to shoo away those jitterbugs, they had a quick pow wow about a possible song collaboration.

"Well i should be heading towards the best seat now. wouldnt wanna distract ya from your preparations. From a performer to another, id say, you got this!! Now, break a leg will ya.."
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Barney was relieved to see his friend Frank_Sinatra walk through the door. It had been quite a while since their last encounter. He welcomed the embrace and gave him a quick tour of the dressing room. He wasn't sure if Frank had used it before or not. He was an even bigger star than Barney and had been touring quite extensively according to the recent newspapers and magazines. It was always a treat to talk to someone that understood the life of a performer firsthand. 

"Frank_Sinatra, I'm so happy to see you here. You didn't have to buy any tickets. I would've gladly given you some if I knew you were in town. Next time, have your people call my people. You've got people, right?" Barney chuckled. "Nevertheless, I appreciate the support in helping with ticket sales. You never know who's a bigwig in town buying those VIP seats until you arrive." 

The pair shared a bottle of red wine to set the stage for the evening. Barney was careful not to spill any onto his suit before the evening's performance. When your attire is next-to-nothing, you've got to keep an eye on it at all times. The two shared ideas about song-writing together before Frank had to make his exit.

"You know, I'm redoing the interior at Boozy Barney's in Detroit. You'll be the first to know when it's ready. I'm thinking we do a group performance and really get the people out to celebrate in style," Barney suggested. "It shouldn't be much longer. The contractors are really doing a terrific job in there."

As Frank waved goodbye, Barney relaxed in his chair again. His excitement was rising for the performance. 

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As of late Void had gotten many comments that he didn't get out of the house enough. Most of his time was either spent pent up in his basement or locked into hotel rooms in the Three Star Hotel. He decided it was time to go into town tonight.

He had made his way into the concert hall after purchasing some tickets and sat down on the one of the very comfy chairs. Seeing how food was prohibited in the venue he had covertly snuck in some salted popcorn. Supposedly there was some vocal performance to take place here tonight, normally this wasn't Void's cup of tea but he thought 'hey, why not try out something new'. He nibbled on his savoury snack while waiting.

He was rather surprised when he saw a massive purple dinosaur walk the stage while the crowd was still gathering, microphone in hand, doing last minute preparations before the curtains would rise. Void had heard the rumors but hadn't thought them to be actually true, it was an impressive sight.

Just days before Hobbs had drugged his wine with sedatives when he was at the Three Star Hotel Restaurant, was his popcorn laced this time too? Had Void ingested hallucinogens through the salty crunchy snack which made him imagine a purple dinosaur?

Void didn't know for certain, but either way he wouldn't complain. He'd just kick back and enjoy the show.

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Frank-Costello can hear music coming from some where he looks through the doors and sees a purple dinosaur and he also sees Void .

Void are you ok I see the purple dinosaur too. Void doesn't answer.


Frank-Costello starts to drink his drink and claps to the purple dinosaur 

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A neighbour of Hera had bought a couple concert tickets but due to a car accident, he was unable to attend it himself. So he gave away the tickets to his neighbours and Hera was one of them. Hera wasn't into concerts but she got a free ticket and she had nothing to do that day so why not? 

Hera got ready and drove to the concert hall. It seemed huge. She took a seat and looked around. People had started to come in and soon the hall was full. Hera wasn't liking that it was so crowded and hoped that the singer would come out soon and perform so she could enjoy and not regret coming here.

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Void heard a familiar voice calling to him, he looked to his right side and saw that Frank-Costello had settled in the same row of seats as him. Void couldn't hear what exactly he was saying, but waved in response.

A couple of minutes (and plenty of popcorn) later Void looked to his right again, but now saw a purple dinosaur sit in the place where Frank-Costello had been previously. How did it get there? Where did Frank go? Void rubbed his eyes and now saw Frank's features sitting there once again, giving Void a puzzled stare.

Void was starting to get scared, he did not dare look off to the sides anymore after this incident.
He could only hope the show would begin soon.

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Ben-Siegel arrived to pickup Mai to attend Barney ‘s Sing-o-saurus Session.  As she opened the door the first thing she asked Ben was did he make sure they delivered Barney ‘s diagonally cut peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to his dressing room.  Ben told her of course he did but wondered why Mai cared so much about Barney. Maybe she just liked the color purple.

When they arrive at the Sing-o-saurus Session quite a few people had already arrived.  Mai was so glad that Hobbs had purchased a generous amount of tickets for the Vegan brothers and sisters in appreciation for us battling the new Tyler Durden crew that had arrived.

Mai made her way to Barney’s dressing room and knocked on the door.  When he said to enter the warm smile she saw on his face when she walked in made her heart meld. Barney just had a way with people, but Mai knew of his mob mentality underneath all that purpleism.

He appeared a little nervous but as they sat and chatted she assured him he had nothing to worry about, that he was going to be sensational. Others were knocking on the door to have a chat with him so Mai wiped a little peanut butter and jelly off the corner of his mouth,  gave him a hug and a thumbs up as she left his dressing room.

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Glad as he was seeing so many glad friends sitting and listen to a.......purple......dino. what the heck, could those sing yeah it sounded very gladly and tactical and musical.

Lonely joined the other glad people joining this consert. More such like this and the world would be better.
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Barney was truly blessed to have such terrific friends and fans. He was overwhelmed by the support he had seen in advance of the performance. But now the stage was set and all that was left to do was take the microphone into the spotlight. With the guests gone from the dressing room, Barney looked into the mirror one last time before winking to himself. It was finally showtime. 

The stage manager was waiting outside of the dressing room ready to escort him to the starting position. She checked the outfit, handed him a microphone and showed him how to turn it on, then guided him to the playground. Barney gracefully climbed the ladder to the top of the wooden structure and looked out at the curtains. In just a few short moments, they would be drawn and all eyes would be focused on the giant purple dinosaur who somehow talked an auditorium into a dream come true. His heart rate began to pick up. 

"Well, here goes nothing," Barney whispered to himself.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first ever Sing-o-saurus Session!" boomed the announcer from beyond the curtain. It was so loud that it startled the performer. Good thing no one could see him at the moment. "Thank you all for joining us here tonight. I hope you're all excited for everyone's favorite singing dinosaur! He got his start performing at birthdays in Detroit and then in Chicago. He has been touring the United States. You may have seen him showing brotherly love in Philadelphia or dancing with the stars in Los Angeles. He's got the glitz and glamor to party under the neon lights in Las Vegas and the household name to light up Broadway signs in New York. It's Baaarrrnnneeeyyy!!!"

The audience roared with excitement and thunderous applause followed suit. The announcer left the stage as the curtains were drawn and a singular spotlight shined directly onto the dinosaur. Standing tall and with his arms wide open, Barney smiled to the crowd. His black top hat and matching bowtie were all that he wore. Bringing the microphone to his gigantic mouth, he was ready.

"Hiya, friends!" Barney exclaimed.

"HI BARNEY!" the crowd shouted back.

He smiled even wider at the response. Often times performers will save their best songs for the encore, but Barney was not one of those people. He knew that you had to start strong and finish stronger. Knowing what they had all come to hear, he gave into the cheers.

"I love you," Barney sung.

"YOU LOVE ME," the crowd continued. 

And all together, "WE'RE A HAPPY FAMILY..."

Barney was beaming the entire song as the crowd completely took anyway any remaining jitters. They knew all the words and nearly drowned out the band with their voices. Tonight would be a show he would never forget. 

"...Won't you say you love me too?" Barney cheerfully finished. 

"WE LOVE YOU, BARNEY!" shouted various fans throughout. 

"Thank you, thank you. I truly appreciate everyone that has come out tonight. Without all of your support, I wouldn't be here. It is my dream to make this world of ours a happier place for each and every single person here. You know what? Because you're special and don't ever forget it. And if I can do that with singing and dancing? Then you better believe that we'll be doing that all night long!"

You are special, you're the only one
You're the only one like you
There isn't another in the whole wide world
Who can do the things you do

'Cause you are special, special
Everyone is special
Everyone in his or her own way
Oh, you are special, special
Everyone is special
Everyone in his or her own way

You're important, oh, you really are
You're the only one like you
The world is better, just because you're here
You should know that we/I love you

'Cause you are special, special
Everyone is special
Everyone in his or her own way
Oh, you are special, special
Everyone is special
Everyone in his or her own way (Everyone?)

Everyone in his or her own way

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