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LBG race should be the opposite Started by: Polio on Nov 09, '22 16:54

What is your idea?

If you have contributed a credit or even less than one you shouldn't be penalised in an LBG race. It should be the opposite to what it is now. contributor should hit the top person in jail, anyone else should have to search. If 2 people have contributed to the jail and are both in the race, make them have the same name at the top of a jail. At the minute you are punished for helping players

Has your idea already been suggested in some form or another before? (Check the Suggestions forum for past threads with ideas the same or similar to yours.)

not that i can see

What does your idea entail?

no idea but favour the people it costs to setup a jail

How can your idea be successfully implemented into the game as it stands?

Swap over the current setup between contributor and the person who is getting free JBs

What major changes would be needed to make your idea work?


What is the positive impact of your idea?

reward the right player

What is the negative impact of your idea?


How may your idea affect the rest of the userbase?


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I like the suggested change. 


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Whilst I understand the reason behind this suggestion, the person throwing the jail has the most advanced knowledge of the appearance of an LBG. Everyone else has to first notice the named BG in the 60s list, then figure out which city its in, then search for it (cos LBGs don't appear at the top of the jail unless it's an irc race iirc?). First thing I do when I toss a jail is bust the 22, then check the 60s list whilst I'm on CD. Listing the LBG above the staff accounts would just allow players with a crazy number of credits to purchase 200 named BGs with little effort imo.

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Def +1 from me

The person throwing it has the how many BG's in order to bust out advantage but not the LBG - totally agree this should be changed

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TheLettuce as far as I know the LBG races are only via IRC. I am revisiting this because I just said to one of the crew, I want to jail but if a LBG race comes my way I have to search it out and if the crew I am in the race with is paying attention and has not contributed its way to easy for them to catch. Just as it has been for me on numerous occasions. It is not a guarantee if one launches a jail there will be an LBG waiting. It is just too simplistic to hold off spending to win that race. 

If it cannot be favored to cater to those who do contribute, at the very least make it fair game where all parties in a race have to hunt that LBG down. Contributor or not. :P

+1 for a change

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Great idea, just take the LBGs and filter them to the top of the jail where the 20's are.  This way people still have easy access to the 20's if they are jailing for XP and don't miss out on the biggest benefit from throwing a jail to begin with. 

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Just so you guys can weigh on this little bit more, there's actually two things that trigger lbgs, one is created every x number of jails that are spawned, and the other is a lounge reward where the particular people who are active in the same city from opposing families are notified, as well as their fellow family members to race for it.

The ones that are lounge rewards, they know before anyone else, the ones that spawn the jail which triggers the lbgs, a new 60 second list is generated that very moment, as well as they get first crack at seeing the jail list.
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That was my overall understanding of the system.

Like I said - the player launching the jail has home advantage and the most advanced knowledge of the appearance of an LBG. If we're going to make it easier for the benefit of those with large credit reserves, how long will it be before someone asks for it to be made easier again?

It's worked this way for 10(?) years. I don't see the point in changing it because of the addition of a second racing LBG on irc. JMO.

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The one that is a lounge reward specifically is what they're talking about, as I have noticed it too.

Basically, if you throw a jail the LBG is at the bottom with the rest of the 0s and you have to go search through all of the 0s to find it, but if you've not put in any credits then its right at the top of the page and super easy to just grab.

Just examples:

If you've put in a credit its hidden at the bottom with the rest of the 0s

Like that, which makes it more difficult to find if you're actively putting in credits to help the jail.

I don't really have it on me right now but if you've put no credits towards the jails and its not being sorted from 22 to 0 then the LBG will be the very first one at the top of the page above all of the rest.

What Polio is asking for is that it is swapped and if you are putting credits into the jail that it should be at the top of the page and if you're not putting in credits towards the jail then you have to search for it. Personally, I'd just like for them to always be at the top of the page regardless of if you're putting in credits or not, but I agree with this change either way. +1

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Edit:  was messed up. I meant to put 'this is where you'll find the LBG if you've placed credits into the lockdown share. It's always hidden like that.

That is where the LBG always is if you've put no money into the lockdown share. Right at the very top.

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Yeah, I see what is being said here and I would like to see that change also. +1

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Having thrown a few jails and then been put into a LBG race only to have to search through the 0's not to get the bg cause it pushed them down there I'll give this a +1 as well.

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