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Karls Diner Started by: JamesBaxter on Nov 17, '22 20:37

Despite Detective Walters's reassuring words that he was doing his best, I couldn’t bring myself to sit and wait. That wasn’t exactly my style. Truth be told, I didn’t have a lot of contacts here but this type of stuff was worth eventually owing someone a favor or two for.

I didn’t want this to be a shadowy, back alley meeting. It had to be front and center. Someone in this city knew something about Tom’s death and if I had to broadcast that message out there, I gladly would. I settled on Karl’s Diner as a meeting place on the second floor of The Siren hotel. Just enough fancy clientele that it would spread the word but not enough that I would have to be looking over my shoulder every second of the meet.

Karl’s was about what I would expect in a swanky joint like the Siren. Built to resemble the streets of Detroit but a better replica. One without all the dirt and grime. The spinning stools that were spread out spaciously in front of the counter were filled with patrons here and there. The same as the few tables that were scattered about, a couple of servers moving about bringing a milkshake or extra napkins to their tables.

I didn’t have much of an appetite, but then again, I hadn’t for a while now. Not since this whole mess started. This was going to be strictly business. I didn’t have time for anything else at the moment.

Fishing the business card out of my pocket, I moved to the pay phone that was tucked into the back corner of Karl’s beside the swinging doors that led to the kitchen. Time to ask for favors and my first thought was of, SantinaCuneo, a boss within the Funny Farm family. Walters may have some connections on his side of the law but I had some of my own as well.

I pinned the receiver between my ear and shoulder as I hurriedly dialed the number, “Hello, Miss Cuneo? My names is James Baxter, if it’s not too much trouble, I was hoping that you’d meet me at Karl’s Diner. Say an hour from now?”

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Santina sat in her corner of the office at Cuneo Fish and Meat company. There was really only one office, which was her brothers but since she had recently been implanted in some of the business she needed her own space. Which just happened to be the little table in the corner where the coffee pot used to reside. It was only a temporary thing, at least this is what he had told her. The plan was to add an addition onto the place and make an office of her own but who knew how long that was going to actually take.

The space was a bit cramped but it worked for the time being, really all she needed was a spot large enough for the ledger, a few office supplies, a phone and a spot for her drink of choice. Which so happened to be a cup of coffee at the moment. Ever since coming to America, her coffee intake seemed to have increased quite drastically. Perhaps it was all the recent work or the ease of access? Regardless, coffee was life anymore. Without out functioning wasn't an option.

With her eyes down on the pages in front of her, going over the numbers for the week. It was her job to make sure the supplies and payments were up to date and in line. A job that she took over from her brother and ran with. There was just something about the numbers that she got, she saw them differently than most others.

Reaching for her cup of coffee, with her nose down into the ledger. Grasping the cup and lifting it off the table, she began to bring it towards her. Just in that moment the phone rang. With a bit of a sigh, she placed the cup back down, without taking a sip. Moved her hand off the cup and onto the phone, picking it up off of the receiver and bringing the phone to her ear.

"Cuneo Fish and Meat company, what can I do for you?" She asked.

Normally this phone didn't ring, if someone wanted something fishy or meaty they would call the line downstairs. Though just to keep the allure of the company, this is how she always answered the phone.

"Hello, Miss Cuneo? My name is James Baxter, if it's not too much trouble, I was hoping that you'd meet me at Karl's Diner. Say an hour from now?" The voice on the other end spoke.

It was such a random request by someone... a name that she had never heard. Was an absurd request, one she wasn't even going to entertain. Really she was just about to hang up, was in the midst of pulling the phone off her ears when the voice spoke once again."

"Please don't hang up! I received your name from an acquaintance who said you might be able to help. So please, if you can spare a few moments of your time. I will be at Karl's, actually I'm here now. Please...." 

Tina paused for a moment, normally she would just dismiss the whole thing but there was something in his tone. Something about this piqued her interest. Using her pointer finger, Tina pushed up the sleeve on her left arm ever so slightly, exposing the watch around her wrist.

"Ok.... I will be there shortly." With nothing more, not even waiting for a response, she hung up the phone. Glancing over the ledger in front of her for another few moments, finishing up the page that she was working on. Tina got up from her desk, grabbed her coat, her bag and proceeded out of the building. Making sure to tell her brother on the way out where she was going but not why, just in case. So he knew the last she would have been.

Only took a few minutes for her to get to Karl's, it wasn't that far away from their establishment. Making her way through the door, Tina scanned the place over. She had no idea who she was looking for, just knew it was some guy. Hopefully, he would notice her, cause she wasn't going to search him out.


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I took another small sip from my coffee before pushing it away from myself. I had let it go cold as I watched the front door of Karl’s. There was always the chance that Miss Cuneo would blow this whole thing off. She didn’t know me and she certainly didn’t owe me a damn thing. This whole thing was just a whim anyways.

I was surprised when the front entrance opened and in stepped a pair of large bodyguards that were quickly followed by a far overdressed woman, even for a place like The Siren.

“That must be her.” I thought to myself as I pushed myself to my feet from the countertop, quickly making my way over, offering my hand, “Miss Cuneo, I assume, James Baxter, a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance. Please, have a seat.” I pulled the chair out for her before slipping around to the other side of the table and taking my chair. “I’m sure you’re a very busy woman so I’ll just get to the point, I need help. I know I’m little more than a stranger to you at the moment but…” I paused for a moment, trying to find the right words, “I’m someone that you want owing you a favor. Name the time, the place, whatever it may be. If you help me out, I’ll help you out.”

Well, there it was. Laying it all out there. If she wanted to walk away, she could right now. I just hoped that I tip the scales enough in my favor to keep Miss Cuneo around.

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Sitting there across from him, zero expression upon her face. Tina began processing what he was saying or actually the lack there of what he was actually trying to say. He was being a bit cryptic with his words, almost as if he were trying not to divulge too much information. Kind of seemed like he was trying to get her to open up about herself... in the underworld aspect of things. Which if you knew her all too well, would have been something that she would deny tooth and nail.

His demeanor was rather calm, he didn't come off as someone that was a threat but in this world you just never know. It was one of the many life lessons that she had learned from her brother. Never trust anyone except family... him being the only family that she had left, meant there was no one else for her to trust.

Thoughts of leaving were foremost in her mind but for some reason she was inclined to stay. Her curiosity was definitely getting the better of her, which wasn't common. Normally she was very decisive, very thought out. Wouldn't even be entertaining something such as this, so why now? 

"If you help me out, I'll help you out!" He reiterated the last bit of what he just said to her, making sure it sunk into her head.

She wasn't completely sure how to play this on. Only if her brother was here to assist... then again her brother probably would have never came and if he did he wouldn't have been so receptive on the matter. It probably would have ended badly for all parties involved. Which was why she didn't mention to him where she was going or in actuality the reasoning for it.

"I'm not sure I follow you." She spoke, loosening the tension in her body. "What can myself, a simple book keepers at a fish and meat company, do for you? Do you need a large order or something?"

Seemed like playing dumb was the angle, she was pretty sure he wasn't going to bite on it. Just from the looks of him, he was too smart for that.

"A simple book keeper you say?" She watched as his gaze went past her, onto the few guys that had accompanied her. "Does a simple book keeper walk around with protection?" 

Tina glanced over her shoulder, catching a glimpse of one of the men. Directing her gaze back onto James, she gave him a small shrug.

"My brother is a bit over protective, what can I say?" A subtle chuckle followed, one that she cleaned up rather quickly. "So, Mr. Baxter... Tell me, who are you and why me?"

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“Bookkeeper, or whatever you call it. Doesn’t interest me much.” I pulled a smoke from my breast pocket, offering her one, “I’m a nobody, Miss Cuneo. No status, no title.” I held my tongue for a moment but that had since passed, “A friend of mine was killed. Executed, actually. I was pointed out in this direction.”

I couldn’t place my finger on it but something felt…off. I wasn’t sure if it was this meeting itself or this whole mess with Manhime. For the life of myself, I just couldn’t place it. Now wasn’t the time to be worrying about that though, so I pushed through as best I could. “You know this territory far better than I do. You know the inner workings. I, unfortunately, have no such connections. Have you heard about any professionals in town? Anyone who likes to run with a decent-sized gang between here and LA? I know all of this is a long shot.” I took a deep breath as one of the servers places a fresh bottle of whiskey atop the table. “I hope you don’t mind.” I motioned to the glasses, “Things have been rather hectic lately. It doesn’t hurt to slow things down every now and then.”

I was bluffing but I hoped that she didn’t know that. This was my sole focus, the thing that had to be figured out before the next mess was inevitably thrust upon me.

I just need a name. Not even a name, really.” I pleaded, “Anything will help, anything at all.”

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Scrunching her face just a bit as she thought onto what he had just requested from her. It was rather quite an odd request, one that you really don't just ask random people. Especially random people that have a sort of underground connection. He seemed rather fishy from her point of view... or that could have just been the smell emanating from her clothing. The one thing she had yet to figure out, was how to keep the smell of the fish and meat company out of her clothes. It was a rather unappealing scent, one that she still hadn't been able to get used to. Though he brother would always say to her "Smells like money." She pictured and heard him in her head saying it. 

"Anything at all... please..." She watched as he leaned over in his chair, towards her. Bottle of whiskey in hand, about to pour it into the glass seated right in front of him.

Sure she could have probably dove down this rabbit hole. Maybe called in a few favors but for one she didn't know of any execution style murder like he was explaining. Nor did she even know anyone that had a connection between Detroit and LA. Didn't mean that she wouldn't have been able to find out but something of this magnitude she would have most certainly had to go through her brother with it and right now it didn't seem like something that she wanted to touch with a ten foot pole.

It wasn't her business and it wasn't worth trying to drag anyone else into this. There were something that you just needed to be smart with and avoid at all costs. For her, this was one such situation. For all she knew, this could have been some sort of sting operation. There was just too much negative for her liking.

Looking at him for a moment, she paused before shaking her head from side to side. "I... I'm sorry to disappoint you Mr. Baxter but I know nothing of the sort. I don't know anyone of the sort that has that sort of connections between cities... let alone Detroit." The latter part may have been a bit of a lie. "Frankly, the information such as what you are seeking, may not lead you to what you are expecting. In fact it might lead you into an early grave, if you're poke around in the direction. My suggestion to you, leave it be."

She didn't mean to come off sounding like she did, in a threatening manner. It was just something that she thought he may have needed to hear. Standing up from her seated position... the sounds of heavy footsteps coming up from behind her. It was just the men sent to look over her, doing their job waiting to escort her out.

"I'm sorry for your loss, I truly am."

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I wasn’t surprised by her response. At least, I shouldn’t have been anyways. Something about this was wrong but the fact that a heavy hitter in Detroit hadn’t heard a thing, was really throwing a wrench into all of this.

Whatever it was.

I rubbed at my eyes tiredly, “Don’t-don't mention it, Miss Cuneo. I’m sorry for bringing all of this to you. I was…I’m just looking for answers. Those answers tend to send me to places that I don’t want to be but,” I let out a long sigh, “This may have been a wasted trip. I really appreciate you coming down here. You didn’t have to do all of this on my account.”

I thought about it for a long moment as I poured myself a drink, “My offer still stands. Whenever whatever you need just call. Here’s my number.” I handed her my business card as I stood while finishing my drink in one quick pull, “You’ve helped more than you know. Now…I have to fit the puzzle pieces together.”

I offered her a firm handshake, “I’m serious, Miss Cuneo, whatever you need, anything at all. I owe you one or rather, more than one for all of your troubles. Thank you.”

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After the train ride into town, between the lack of sleep and constant waves of cocktails, I was starving. There was probably other things that I should have been working on but I wasn’t going to be able to focus on any of that with an empty stomach.

Taking a seat at an empty booth, I lifted the menu off of the table. I scanned over it for a moment before the server came over and ask if I was ready to order.

Yea, I think so. Coffee, black. French toast with a side order of bacon, please and thank you.” I handed the menu you over with a forced smile.

I still had to figure out what to do next. The waters were muddied now. There wasn’t a clear picture of anything at the moment. Or maybe I just couldn’t focus. Everything was still fresh and raw.

I needed a couple of days to catch my breath. Get my feet under myself again.

Hopefully, a good meal would get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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Alcestis had no idea Karl's Diner even existed until she was checking out of The Siren. She'd checked in so late the evening before that it had been shuttered for the night. At this hour, though, you'd have to possess zero sense of smell to miss the aroma of hotcakes and real maple syrup wafting overhead. Her stomach growled noisily, and she shot an embarrassed look at the hotel receptionist.

"Karl's in just over there," she pointed out helpfully. Alcestis thanked her quietly and made the short walk into the diner, taking a seat at the counter. A waitress appeared instantly to take her order. 

"Coffee, black. French toast with a side order of bacon," she said. She didn't really want any of those things in particular, but the words slipped out and she saw no point in trying to reel them back in.

As she waited, she spun slowly on her barstool. Left, right. Left, right. The public telephone on the back wall caught her attention, and she stared at it for so long that her food actually arrived.

"Huh? Oh. Thank you, looks delicious." Alcestis picked at her food for the next forty-five minutes, then stood up abruptly, laid a five on the counter, and walked out. 

Seconds after she did, the phone rang.

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"Coffee, black. French toast with a side order of bacon, please." Alcestis was back, determined to finish her meal this time. She tucked into her food, and was immediately glad she did, because it was delicious. If she closed her eyes, she could easily imagine that this was a home-cooked meal.

Home. Now there was a conundrum. She'd like nothing more than to be at home right now, but these were dangerous times,  and she just couldn't afford the hits. She had a kitchen to renovate!

Tiredly, she wiped at her eyes. When the server came by to freshen her coffee, Alcestis thanked them and leaned back in her chair. How long before she could go back to Philly? Days, weeks? This was no way to live, but it was happening everywhere. Her measly shot-up guards were nothing compared to the hits others were taking. Part of the HQ had blown up just as she'd made her escape in a cab, and the cabbie had blamed her for it, charging her triple fare.

Alcestis waved down another server, the folded fiver in her hand just this side of noticeable.

"Hey excuse me, are there any casinos around here? I mean. Is gambling legal in Michigan?" She was getting her kitchen done. One way or another.

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Fresh from the local bookseller, Alcestis slid onto a barstool at the counter with her small shopping bag. She ordered the breakfast quiche and a coffee, then pulled her new book out of the bag.

Learn Danish in One Day!

It was highly unlikely that would happen, but Alcestis wanted to at least expand upon the few pawltry words and clipped phrases she'd picked up. This Tonny kid in her crew was an enigma, how had he learned to throw an axe like that? Did he grow up on a farm somewhere in Denmark, and chopping wood was one of his chores? Was he an axe murderer, hiding in plain sight inside the criminal underworld of Philadelphia? She didn't know, it might be dangerous to know, but this seemed like a project worth pursuing. 

"Hvor lærte du at kaste en økse?" Alcestis spoke aloud as she tried to write it down phonetically. Busy with her pencil, she didn't see the server approach with her quiche.

"Hvilken økse?" Startled, Alcestis looked up. The server didn't seem to be alarmed as she set the plate and coffee down. 

"Taler du dansk?" Alcestis stared. The server smiled before continuing. 

"My mother's Danish. Are you trying to learn the language?" 

"Oh. Yes, I am. There's a... co-worker of mine from Denmark. I'm just trying to cross the language barrier."

"Krydse sprogbarrieren," the server said, stepping to the side to freshen another customer's coffee.

"Krydse sprogbarrieren..." Alcestis repeated, first writing it down, then flipping through the book to translate it.

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Tutte had heard some danish spoken in this joint so he was was a bit intrtested in this since his motherland once belonged to the danish which we back then loved much, even if it has been today honestly.

But now he were here to get something to eat. He had asked for bacon and eggs and some french toasts to eat and a colld beer like a Tuborg som smager bedst hvergang.
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After I left the game at Detroit Olympia, I thought about skipping town but for some reason, I wanted to stick around for a bit. Maybe have a little fun.

Although, I did make a mental note to swing through Chicago on my way back to Philly. I was in the mood to catch a game there now, too.

It had been some time since I was last in town and I was craving something from Karl’s Diner. I had travelled to a bunch of places around this country and Karl’s was always at the top of the list of my favorite places. It was quiet, out of sight. Exactly what I was looking for in times like these.

I found an empty stool off towards the far end of the counter, placing my jacket and hat down on the empty seat next to mine. I looked over the menu for a moment but I already had my mind made up as I sat down. After a moment, the waitress came over smiling in the other side, “What can I get for ya, sir?”

”Bacon, egg and cheese on a hard roll, please. And an orange juice, if you have any.” I said, matching her smile.

Right away, sir.” She scooped up the menu before hurrying away.

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I leaned back, taking in the sights and sounds of the diner. The clanging of pots and pans in the kitchen, the sizzling of bacon, the muffled sounds of the other patrons chatting and eating. It was all a comforting background noise that I had come to associate with Karl’s.

The waitress returned a few moments later with my breakfast, placing it in front of me with a grin. “Enjoy, sir.”

I took a bite, savoring the taste of the crispy bacon and the runny egg yolk. It was exactly what I needed after a long night of watching the game. I took a sip of my orange juice and let out a contented sigh.

I finished my meal and left a generous tip for the waitress, before grabbing my jacket and hat and making my way out. The cool breeze hit me as I stepped out into the street, but I was still feeling warm and satisfied from the meal.

I smiled to myself, knowing that no matter where I went, Karl’s Diner would always be a familiar and comforting place. And I was already looking forward to my next visit.

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Lucious sat at a table looking over a menu.  He ordered a brisket with a bed of steak fries covered in homemade gravey a dinner roll and a glass of lemonade.  Leaning back in his chair he as he thought about how the  young kids call him superfly.  He shook his head because they thought he was a rich man that road through the hood.  His food arrived and he slowly started eating.  He loved the homemade sweet tart lemonade it had lemon pulp he ordered abother glass and continued to finish his meal.  

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Kenny was in Detroit looking for a good price to sell his cocaine and visiting his friend Tutte new HQ. They agreed to meet at Karl's Diner to catch up and talk about the old times. Kenny took advantage of the meeting to discuss drug deals and find the best dealers around Corktown. Tutte was pleased to help his old friend build a network in Detroit and Kenny agreed to give him 10% of every deal.


After talking business they started eating and ordered a simple steak with some beers. Talking about the old days in South Side CH where they used to work together. After an hour of chatting they finished their meals, paid the waiter with a generous tip and they left the diner and went their separate ways.

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It was a nice sunny day and Vaughn decided he needed some lunch after attending to some business in Detroit. He stumbled upon Karls diner as he was talking a stroll down the streets of Detroit. He walked in and found himself a place to sit, picked up a menu, read through it and it was decided he was going to have scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for lunch. He signaled the waitress and made sure to mention he wanted a glass of water with his meal.


As the meal arrives he started eating and it was divine, the bacon was just the right amount of crisp and not soggy at all. After he finished his meal he placed a well earned tip on the table before he left to see what else the day would bring.

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