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New Girl on the Block (Open RP) Started by: Sister_Friede on Nov 22, '22 02:39

Here's a woman in her mid-30s, dressed in a nun's habit and a bloody trench knife in hand. She had just been jumped by a bunch of no-name hoodlums, although she came out unscathed. "Anybody else?" She speaks to the corpses that surround her in the alley.

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"Ya know... Ya coulda just talked 'em down, y'know..." A wiry man with a scarred face walks out of the shadows nearby with his hands up in an innocent manner, sly grin pinching his cigarrette.

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"They jumped me first." The woman just looks at you with a blank expression, before she crouches down and starts rifling through the corpses for wallets. "Tch. Just a few dollars." She holds a fistful of bloody dollars before she wipes them on one of the hoodlum's jackets. "Wasn't even worth using the knife on them."

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"How does a heist sound???" He takes a long draw while he waits for a response, grinning as he makes smoke rings...

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"I'm not good for sneaking around. I'm more suited for... assassinations." The woman gestures at the corpses. "Besides... what made you think I'm fit for a bank heist anyway?" She sits down on one of the corpses after turning them over, and starts wiping off the blood from the blade.

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TheBeast was riding in the backseat of his limo, on the way to an important meeting with some of his associates. He need to speak very urgently about a money problem. Someone in the district was holding out, a local business man that owned a bar in the area wasn't kicking up the protection money he owed. TheBeasts limo driver stopped on the corner, the bodyguards of the CL of Chicago pulled up and made sure the area was clear of potential assailants. TheBeast turned his head and was ready to exit his lavish vehicle, when a group of armed thugs sprang from the shadows to attempt to accost a nun. He waited and watched to see how this altercation would go. He was first shocked and then pleased to see the sister thoroughly take down her attackers. The CL opened his door and waved his bodyguards aside and gave the clergy-woman a brief nod of respect, before leaving and taking care of his own business for the night. He would have to keep an extra eye out for attacks from anywhere these days. A nun that could do that much damage... He would have never thought. 

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She nods over at TheBeast. She hears a groan, and she stands up walking over to the poor guy. "Hello, good sir. Would you mind explaining to me why you jumped a nun? Do not worry, the Good Lord, and I, am listening." She twirls her trench knife around in an open hand.

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"Ya see, that's where I need ya." He walks across to hand the nun a golden karambit, "I need you to kill the right hand man that guards the vault. Consider this a down payment until we get the payload. I'll be around to answer any questions". He walks away into the darkness as she begins to inquire of the poor soul of their intentions. Later, at the hotel, he walks in to meet with TheBeast. "Hey boss, I think I found who we need for the big day..." TheBeast grins with glee...

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TheBeast looks over at howyyall, who informed him of a lucrative job opportunity. 

"That sounds like a great idea friend, tell me more." 

TheBeast listens to the plan with interest. It just might work, he thought. 

He grins after hearing the young mans plan and decides to go along with it.

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LiquidFareham comes rolling up on his skateboard, doing a sick kickflip before finally coming to a halt. Once stopped he makes a bow, picks up the skateboard and throws it straight through the window of a store on the side of the street.

What it do my fellow citizens of a questionable occupation?

Does anyone know how I can contact the Competition Commission?

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NAK spots some young cool dude on his skateboard, performing some frankly unsafe moves.  Health and Safety were clearly not on this young mans mind.  Hearing his crying plea for the Competition Commision NAK felt he had to do something, what could this young rogue want with such a government body?  Had he heard of some dodgy dealings?  Maybe some business was looking to take over smaller ones and become and anti-competitive monolith.  The horror!

"Don't worry my friend!" NAK said towards LiquidFareham.  "I do believe that their number will be listed in any town hall or, perhaps, within the government services section of the Yellow Pages." 

In the future some scoundrel known as J.R. Hartley will try looking up his own book via those same precious pages, the scamp.

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As howwyyall walks down the street, he sees a local teen smashing through a storefront demanding to see the Competition Commission. "Kid must be on some heavy shit..." he mutters under his breath as he walks into the Cathedral. After he pays his respects, he asks the priest where he can find Sister_Friede. Now to see about her cooperation on the job...

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Isa was finally able to get her bike repaired thanks to SassyPeach having an extra spare tire. She hops on her bike and peddles downtown to run a couple errands. Her first stop was to get some paperwork notarized. She noticed nothing out of the ordinary happening in this part of town. Crime was inevitable in these parts. 

While at the notary something quite out the ordinary happened. A skateboard flew by her head! That was pretty cool to watch everyone get into a frenzy over of a flying skateboard. She picks it up and notices one of the wheels had broken off. Disappointed she placed it on the man's desk along with her paperwork to be notarized.

As she was leaving something else out the ordinary happened... 

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"Hey, what's all of this loud noise happening out here? I'm trying to get some sleep." There were a lot of weird and quirky things that seemed to happen on the block, and apparently someone had stolen his spare tire right from under his nose! Was it Isabella again? Walking down the street to where the notarist'er'ist is, which is exactly how you say that, he finally found what he was looking for, it was a bike with brand spankin' new tires, the kinds that he definitely had laying around his shack.

"Damn, I knew it. I really need to get her a new bike, she keeps taking my favorite bits and pieces." Before he could finish his thought, he noticed some sort of nun and a group of people all having random conversations and doing various things, stuff that he couldn't even begin to fully understand after having just woken up.

So without saying another word, he took out his hand screwdriver, but before he could take back his tire, there was a loud sound right inside of the notary offices. It was almost deafening, really, and the Peach had to take a few minutes to really gain his bearings. What could that have been, and why did Isabella also have his favorite pen?! 

This was mostly a conversation for a later day, and while the nun seemed to not be doing much anymore; she surely had something to do with all of the commotion, or did she? It didn't really matter, I guess. 

Peach opened up the doors slowly to see what had happened and what he saw SHOCKED HIM TO HIS VERY PEACH PIT!

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Isa stops short and there before her stood SassyPeach wearing a Santa hat. But he does not look too jolly. Before I could say hello, he is telling me to stop taking his shit. Isa is humored by the way the fuzzy ball on his hat is moving while he is screaming at her. She let a hearty laugh and he shook his head. 

Just as Sassy was reaching for his pen the rest of what was left of the office window came crumbling down. Rocks were flying everywhere in the office. Isa thinks damn these rock throwers still go everywhere Sassy goes. No wonder he does not ever want to get out of bed. Everyone in the office ducked behind whatever furniture that would shield them.

Minutes go by and it was quiet. Just as we attempted to leave again there appeared to be another chaotic situation jumping off... 

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Lizzie stumbled upon SassyPeach in the street having some sort of a chaotic episode. She spies the nuns across the way and notices Father_OMalley in the middle of the commotion. She shouts over.. "What's going on over there? This looks like a mothers meeting. You should be back in the HQ looking after the ferrets" Lizzie laughs and backs away slightly as they all turn around. She finds SassyPeach and Isabella causing mischief as she is almost hit by a rock.  She ducks for cover behind a water fountain which really is no help at all and yells out to them both "what is happening? It looks like some sort of science experiment gone wrong in here"

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Isa comes from behind the filing cabinet and was excited to see Lizzie

"Lizzie, Isa shouts! What brings you out to these parts of town?" 

She thinks what a foolish question. She knows Lizzie enough that she does not miss a beat. She keeps close tabs on SassyPeach because sometimes he...  Isa trails off and thought better of sharing all her thoughts out loud. 

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As she peers out from behind the water fountain she spots Isabella behind the cabinet so while all is clear she makes a run for it, dives behind and stands next to Isabella. As she does a rock skims her arm and grazes it. Lizzie tears off apart of SassyPeach 's shirt and ties it around her arm till she can get out of there. She still has no idea what's going on. SassyPeach isn't saying a word and is only to be seen fumbling around with parts of metal. A nun walks in holding a tray of coffee cups. "Coffee anyone?" SassyPeach looks over to her and nods. She pours him a coffee and sets it down besides him. As she does so a shard of metal flies out from infront of him, straight past the nun and slices through the curtains. She hurries out with the coffee before anyone else can take a cup.  Lizzie sighs.  She feels she needs to get out of there but also as Isabella pointed out she has to keep tabs on Sassy or the whole building will end in a bomb explosion. She looks over to Isabella and shrugs... "I wonder if the coffee is coming back?"

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There was almost too much to take in for the peach, his poor bruised body had taken a beating from everything that was going on. Where was the nun, and why had it all devolved into this? Sadly, however, there was no nun to be found in the notarists office and now there seemed to be many more people within the building itself.

"What is even... going on..."

The whole place was going down, and so he quickly slammed the door to the offices shut and let Isabella and Lizzie handle whatever was going on there. Instead, he would walk back outside where the rest of the action was taking place, but sadly there seemed to be no action at this point in time. Where could everyone be, he wondered to himself.

That's when he sighed and realized that he would need back-up if he were to figure this all out, so he opened back up the door to the offices and shouted inside to the two giggling ladies:

"Lizzie, Isabella. Will you two stop messing around in that place? You're both being absolutely delirious and imagining things that aren't even happening, I think that building has a gas leak. Help me find this nun."

That should be good enough, he thought to himself. "Now where had everyone else gone, I swear there was a lot happening here just a few hours ago." putting on his detectives hat, he got ready for the search.

It was on!

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Isa looked over at SassyPeach and signaled to Lizzie to look at him. More laughter filled the office.

Lizzie yells over to Sassy, "Take that damn hat off! You know investigating is not your cup of tea." 

Then it occurred to Isa if he wanted to investigate, he should look into hiring a private investigator. And she thinks she found a guy in her travels just yesterday. She could not quite remember his name. Was it Howard? That's not it. It was Harry! No, that's not it either. Baffled she can remember dropping the man 20k at his office but cannot remember his name. Maybe it was Harold. She will have to investigate this as well. Her bank records might reveal the guy's name.

As far as Isa could tell the nun has disappeared. Perhaps that is worthwhile investigating too. 

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