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This Thanksgiving The Turkey Stuffs You Started by: SassyPearZombie on Nov 24, '22 18:15

Well, here we are, one and all, on Thanksgiving. Foreigners too can enjoy our festive fare and stuff, but the toucans aren’t welcome. Let us all sit down at the table with the natives and eat with the bounties from their land. It’s going to be a fun day. But most importantly, this is the day of the WildTurkey. 

Illusive to many seeking him in the woods this time of year, as a feast, he wanders in the shadows pecking, pecking, pecking, and then gobbling. This is his nature. This is his code. He gobbles. 

On this day, the turkey doth wander in the wood, but where are his stray feathers?! Usually, his feathers are a sign of his presence, but this year, this silly bird is fully shaven, bare bird flesh, ready for the oven, but not yet. 

So let us all sing and cheer on this great day of the indigenous meeting the Western pants wearing people. Eat the pheasants. Eat your stuffing, and maybe you’ll get a bite of the biggest bird of them all. He has tasty dark meat, and it’s juicy too!

Happy Thanksgiving One and All.

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As a lowly Wise Guy who recently migrated here I don't personally celebrate Thanksgiving, but I do wish all those who consider themselves to be American a fun and safe holiday.  

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It's ok sir we will share the feast with you. It's America, where all are welcome and everyone can be free!

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I do appreciate the sentiment my friend, and I hope you and all your loved ones had a wonderful day of national celebration.    Certainly from the view point of an "outsider" it does appear to be a wonderful time of family and pride.  

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