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The Life of Danny Greene Started by: Danny_Greene on Jan 14, '23 07:24
Danny was wore out from running city to city trying to find the right buyers it was a early bird kinda game definitely for his age he barley slept always chasing the money he decided to stop at mag mile hotel in Chicago he needed some rest Danny Pull's his Cadillac into the hotel parking lot by passing the valet Danny didn't trust people with his cars pulling his keys out as he parked he reaches into the back seat grabbing a small suite case as he Step's out making his way to the penthouse suite he Pull's the suite key as he look's around before unlocking his room door closing the door behind him as he locks it before tossing the keys on the counter while he takes his dress shoes off before making his way to the side of the bed placing the suitcase down as he sat on the bed reaching out for the phone Danny spins dial the number as he waits on the phone "ay Tim it's Danny I'm at the mag mile hotel penthouse suite 3 stop by tomorrow around noon Danny hangs up the phone as he lay's back on the bed falling asleep
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Danny wakes up to a knocking slowly opening his eyes as he rubs them while leaning up on the bed "who is it? Danny yelled at he started standing up making his way to the door unlocking the chain "it's Tim opening the door Danny was handed a newspaper folded with a envelope in it Danny Walk's to the table taking a seat as he unfolds the newspaper with the headline of the about the blood in the streets he opens the envelope skimming thru the cash as tim closes the door behind him and follows to the table "we didn't find much cash on them they was some outta Towner's but we did find a nice stash of coke should Beable to make a nice profit Danny tosses the envelope onto the table as he leans back in the chair rubbing his eyes once more as he speaks "atta boy tim you got them with you? Tim nods his head "yes I'll go get them Tim makes his way out to the parking lot to his car grabbing a small duffle bag as Danny grabs the newspaper reading the article as tim walks in placing the duffle bag onto the table "I'll see you around Danny got to get back on my beat "alright Tim see you around standing from the table opening the duffle bag to couple bricks of coke smiling as he grabs a brick while reaching into his slacks pocket pulling his knife out flicking it open making a slit in the brick leveling a nice bump on the blade of the knife bringing it to his left nostril snorting the bump off the blade "Snnnnifff ahhh yes Danny sits back down in the chair and tilts his head back to get the drip as he snorts couple times to clear his nose he places the brick onto the table making his way to the bathroom turning the shower on hit as he undressed taking a hot shower

(Open post to anyone who likes to roleplay all my posts I make on street will Allways be open just here for roleplaying and earning lol)
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Danny Turn's off the shower as the phone rang he stepped out grabbing a town wiping his chest down before wrapping the town around him as he made his way into the bedroom picking up the phone "Yeah? There was a brief pause "aye Danny your invited to the barbecue the man gives a address then the line is cut Danny hangs the phone back up making his way to the bathroom using the town to dry off before he grabbed his clothes while he walked to the kitchen tossing them in the duffle bag before walking to the dresser grabbing a silk white shirt and black dress pants and black socks Danny got dressed then grabbing the duffle bag of coke off the kitchen table he made his way to his Cadillac unlocking his door tossing the duffle bag into the back seat as he slides in twisting the keys as he pulls out of the mag motel parking lot heading across town Danny look's up onto the street he was turning on Lincoln Street and 5th avenue ran down part of town the street gangs wasn't really running things only couple know people pulling over to the curb Danny Turn's the car off sitting across the street from a pub Danny spots Keith walking out of the pub with a man they stood outside for 20 mins before they walked back into the pub reaching over opening the glovebox Danny grabs the bomb closing the glovebox placing the bomb in the side of his pants covering it with his dress shirt Danny Step's out of the caddy making his way across the street as by standers was going on about their day Danny approaches the right fender of Keith's car looking around as the coast was clear of anyone coming down the sidewalk Danny gets under the front of the car gently setting the bomb in place to the ignition starter Danny slides up from under the car as he made his way back to his car Danny starts up the car as he pulls off down the street making his way into the interstate heading for Detroit's
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Danny pulls his Cadillac into the gas station on 12th Street and Washington in LA Danny parked at the pump as the gas attendant walks's to the pump "ay fill it up Lad .

"You got it sir the attendant pumps gas into Danny's car as he walk's over to the pay phone as he reaches into his pocket pulling out change for the payphone placing the phone to his ear as he slides the change into the phone

"It's Danny just got back from the East coast I'm about to head down to the dock's Jim said the construction was finished now looking for people for work we will meet later

Hanging up the phone Danny walk's back toward his Cadillac tipping the attendant before getting in starting his car up before pulling off heading down toward the dock's Danny pull's up to the gate setting the car in park as he Step's out unlocking the gate before finding a parking space next to office building a man walks out of the office "Mr Greene how are you doing

Danny smiles while turning his car off as he Step's out closing the door behind him as he look's around the property "I'm doing alright Jim how's things looking around here good to go?

"Yes Danny follow me Jim walks into the office lobby making his way to a office door opening it "This would be your office all you need to do is hire some people to work the docks and find a assistant to run the cargo shipment records and destinations

Jim turns around handing Danny the keys "I'll see you later Danny got some stuff to take care of to Jim walks out as Danny walks around the desk taking a seat as he look's at the folder on the desk going over the paperwork
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Frankie walks into the empty office lobby making his way to Danny's office opening it slowly peaking his head in seeing Danny asleep in the chair slamming the door closed behind him "Good morning Danny that could of been it lights out

Danny jumps from the chair the paperwork flying onto the floor "Christ Frankie get killed fucking around like that

Frankie chuckles as he walk's over giving him a hug "had the drop on ya Danny boy
Glad to see you Frankie stands in front of the desk looking around the office

"Welcome home Frankie when did you get out
Danny squats down picking up the paperwork placing it neatly onto the desk as he walk's over to the bar grabbing two glasses and a bottle of whiskey biting the cork with his teeth filling the glasses up spitting the cork onto the bar

"Got home about a week ago been readjusting to the freedom ya know ain't no fuckin copper telling ya what to do beating ya

Danny hands the glass to Frankie as he pats him on his shoulder "I'm glad your home Friday let's go get dinner and catch up Danny downs his whiskey while walking around the desk sitting down filling his glass again

Frankie downs his glass placing it on the desk before sitting down adjusting his arms on the rest "looks like your doing good for your self Danny I'm glad to see it so your running the Longshoremen's Association now huh cracking a smile at Danny "son of a bitch Danny you didn't

Taking a swill of his whiskey Danny laugh's before smiling while looking at Frankie "He found the Diabhal downing the rest of his glass before standing up grabbing a jacket from the coat hanger "come on Frankie

Danny walks out of the officers as Frankie stands up finishing his glass leaving on the desk as he follows Danny outside getting into the passenger seat of the Cadillac they drive out of the gate heading into the upper part of La
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(oc) it's not demanding money the million dollars was for doing the survey which I can't prove I did because I did not use my email so we're good lesson learned some don't keep their words
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Your accountant has received payment of $1,000,000 from JamesBaxter. The note "The money you should have received from LiquidFarehamJr’s survey. I’m sorry that you got scammed." was included.
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Danny pulls his car into the parking lot of a little plaza in Pasadena northeast of Downtown reaching up to put the Cadillac into park looking over at Frankie "wait here

Stepping out of the car closing the door behind him as he fixes his slacks walking into the business seeing fareham standing next to a counter where a duffle bag is Danny grabs the duffle bag with his left hand "Nice doin business

Patting farehams shoulders with a smile "it's the principals of keeping your word see ya around Danny walks out back to his Cadillac tossing the duffle bag into the back seat

Getting back into the car pulls out heading downtown
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Danny_Greene - are you saying I owe JamesBaxter $1m?


We're getting into Sitdown territory here my friend.

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Baxter has now got his million, and some change to cover his extra work. 

Danny now has $2m and $5 to cover his interest.


Can we put this to bed now? 

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Following a series of meetings with Danny_Greene and JamesBaxter I can assure all those concerned that everyone has received all monies due, except for the aforementioned Greene and Baxter who have gotten more than they were supposed to.


I've had to borrow off of a shark to make make good on all of this, but still have $4m left.


Anyone want it?  Nominate if you'd prefer to split it with Green or Baxter and let me know 

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A taxi pulls up to the International Longshoremen's Association In LA that Danny Greene was the president of holding a duffle bag in his hand closing the taxi door behind him

Seeing Liquidfareham jr standing outside of the office Danny throws the duffle bag at fareham "your money is bad business stepping next to Liquidfareham "Now get the fuck off the property and don't return

Danny walks into the office lobby as he makes his way to his office pouring a glass of whiskey before taking a swig before looking over delivery paperworks
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Skimming thru the paperwork signing off on them grabbing them as he stood up walking into the lobby handing them to Lucy "They are good to go cargo bay 54  

Frankie and Nicky the whale honked their horn Danny heads out to the parking lot smiling As he gets into the front seat as Frankie pulls out of the parking lot


  Leaning back in the passenger seat getting comfortable reaching into his slacks pulling out his Marlboro pack out lighting up a cigarette Danny crack's the passenger window   "This Dion Lychwaski is moving into Territory that he shouldn't be just want to have a talk they are on Mayberry and 3rd Avenue got a apartment there  


 Frankie Turn's off Jefferson going thru the intersection before turning onto Mayberry   "Nice and slow Frankie Danny was scanning the building when he seen Dion come walking out of a brick apartment on the corner of 3rd avenue  Tapping Frankie shoulder pointing at the corner as Frankie Pull's "That's Dion that other guy with him must be one of his guys   Dion and a man walks to a car stopping in the front of the car Dion stop's shaking his hand as he kisses his cheek  


Getting into the car Dion pulls off coming towards them as he passes they get out of the car walking down the sidewalk as the man starting walking back into the apartments Danny Picked up his pace crossing the street they walk into the apartments Foot steps could be heard walking up wooden stairs creaking   "Nicky wait here watch the door


Danny and Frankie heads up the stair's looking up the next set of stairs seeing the man walking down the Hall Danny follow as Frankie walk's fastly up the stairs   Approaching from behind the Man stopping at a room Danny reaches under the back of his dress shirt gripping onto his snub nose as Frankie whips out his holding it to his side  


Frankie look's behind them making sure the hallway was clear before looking back at Danny as he pulls out his snubnose nose Revolver pressing it to the back of the man's head   "Your business ain't welcome here open the door the man is shaking the keys could be heard rattling as he unlocks the room door opening it


  Danny push's the man thru the door walking behind him as two men are sitting on the couch with two duffle bags on the coffee table Frankie walks up from behind Danny aiming his colt at the two guys "Don't fuckin move hands up  The two men look at Frankie and Danny slowly lifting their hands in the air "you know who's shit this is you will be fucking dead ya Mick  Frankie walks up Smashing the butt of his colt into the man's nose busting it as Blood drips down the man's face


"ahhhh holding his hands to his face falling back in  the couch "how's that for a fuckin Mick yo fuckin whoop   Frankie grabs the two duffle bags from the coffee Table turning to walk toward Danny one of the man Jumps up grabbing Frankie throwing him into a self   As he reaches into his Jacket mid pull of his gun


 Danny Turn's firing two shots into the man's chest as he falls backwards spreaded out on the couch the  man on the couch Looks over as Tony Turn's around punching Danny in the face    Fumbling him back going for Dannys hand with the gun as they wrestle Frankie gets on his knees as the man comes kicking Frankie in the stomach as blood still runs down his face   he spits blood onto Frankie before he continues stomping on him Frankie rolls around getting Stomped on 


Danny is pinned against the wall Tony smashes his hand into the wall causing the snubnose to fall out of Danny's hand headbutting Tony pushing him back as he stumbles Nicky comes breathing heavy thru the door aiming his gun at the Man standing above Frankie firing two shots into the man's back 


The man falls over Frankie onto the floor standing up holding his ribs with his left hand hunched over in pain Frankie aims his colt firing two more shots into the man's chest the body twitch's as the bullets rips thru his chest Danny swiping Tony's foot from under him causing him to Fall on his back 


Nicky waddles to Danny aiming his gun at Tony while Danny leans down picking his snubnose revolver from the floor wiping his mouth turning around looking at Frankie tossing a bag next to Nicky "Let's go fuckin whole neighborhood heard us looking down at Tony

"Tell Dion if we got to come back We will kill him 


Danny grabs the duffle bag before heading out of the room as Frankie and Nicky followed walking fast down the stairs Frankie grunting and moaning as they walk out of the apartment crossing the street getting back into the car Frankie and Danny tosses the duffle bags into the backseat 


Nicky slides in slouching over the bags looking out the back window for any witnesses or Tony as Frankie pulls out Fast into the street tires screeching driving on Washington heading to the interstate ramp for downtown while Nicky opens the duffle bags filled with cash 


"Danny Boy we hit the jack pot  Nicky hands Danny a stack of bills In his hand smiling as he look's over at Frankie "take Me back to the docks leaning back in. His seat resting 

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Frankie pull's into the Dock's pulling up to the office Door while Danny and Nicky Gets out holding duffle bags Nicky closes his door leaning down "aye Frankie bring me back a Philly cheese stake

"Did you see the way you was breathing don't need a damn cheese stake laughing as Frankie look's over at Danny "you hungry?

Stopping as he got to the door holding the duffle bag in his left hand Danny holding the door open for Nicky as he leans up off the car carrying the duffle bag in his right hand as he waddles into the office

"Yeah Frankie get me two cheeseburger with some onion rings and two cokes

Danny walks in behind Nicky while Frankie pulls off heading downtown looking up at Lucy while walking toward his office "How's everything going any calls for me

Leaning on the counter Lucy look's up at Danny "Tony called said they was heading out of town sorry for the mishap Danny smiles at Lucy before tapping the counter "Thank you very much walking into his office where Nicky was sitting down on the sofa counting the Money

Danny closes his office door behind him tossing the duffle bag next to the desk as he pours two glasses full of whiskey carrying the bottle and glasses in his hand placing one down in front of Nicky

"Thank you Nicky for being a loyal friend

Nicky stops counting the stack of bills in his hand "fuckin ain't no other way to be reaching up grabbing the Whiskey before Nicky goes back to counting

Walking over to his desk Danny takes a seat taking a swig of his whiskey before leaning down opening the duffle bag begins counting the stack of bills in his hand opening his drawer pulling out two bags of rubber Bands tossing ont bag to Nicky as He wraps a rubber band around the stack of bills in his hand

Placing the stack of bills onto his desk picking up the phone as he spin dials a number leaning back into the chair as he waits for a answer
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Danny hang's up the phone walking over to the closet door Grabbing the duffle bag filled with couple bricks of blow tossing the strap on his shoulder

Closing the closet door "Ay Nicky you and Frankie finish counting that and take it to the house walking out of his office into the lobby

Frankie comes walking in carry bags of food
Placing two bags in front of Danny with cokes "that's your food Danny

"Thanks Frankie let me borrow your car I got to run to New York Help Nicky finish that

Danny grabs one of the Cheeseburger meal bag placing it in front of Lucy who was filling paperwork out "Figured you would like lunch
Cracking a smile at Lucy as he places her drink next to her food

"Sure thing Danny you good by your self? You know? "Im good Thanks Frankie Reaching into his pants Frankie tosses Danny his car keys as he walk's into Danny's office handing Nicky his phily cheesesteak and drink before he sat down opening his food

"Thank you Mr Greene Lucky looks up politely smiling at Danny "you can just call me Danny your welcome I'm heading over to New York I'll be back in couple of days

Walking out getting into Frankie's car tossing the duffle bag into the passenger seat laying his cheeseburger on top of the duffle bag while starting up Frankie's car putting the drink between his legs as he heads towards LA highway
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Stepping out of the car buttoning up his overcoat looking down as he walked to try keep the snow and cold off his face walking into the red hook apartment office filling out a year lease for a two bedroom suite using a fake name

Grabbing the keys Danny walks back out getting his duffle bag from the car before he walked to his suit unlocking the door closing the door behind him

He places the bag onto the counter with the keys while he unbuttons his overcoat nicely folding it as he walks into the front room placing the overcoat onto the back of the couch

Leaning down picking up the phone spin dialing while he stands back up pulling out a Marlboro cigarettes pack out lighting one before placing the pack onto the night stand by the couch

"Aye Frankie I made it to New York fuckin roads covered in snow 6 inches out here wish I was back out west

Pausing as he was listening to Frankie while taking a drag from his cigarette"that's good Frankie when I get back I will run back to Pasadena exhaling the smoke

"Alright Frankie talk to you later
Hanging up the Phone Danny grab's his over coat from the couch as he puts it on before walking out of the suite

Looking down at the ground as he walked taking a drag of his cigarette shivering making his way to Frankie's car opening the driver door flicking the Cigarette before getting in

Cranking the car over turning the heat full blast while knocking the snow off his shoulders before pulling out of the Red hook apartments heading couple blocks down the street to a small Ma and Pa's grocery store on 17th Street

Carefully parking Danny steps out of the car heading into the grocery store Tony comes walking out with another man they kept quite but stared while they brushed by Danny

Pausing for a moment before he continues into the store Danny grabs a basket looking around shivering while he starts warming up grabbing a loaf of bread with some other items

Grabbing his change from the cashier "thank you very much putting the change into his pocket while carrying his grocery bag out to the parking

A man comes running up behind Danny throwing a right hook catching Danny's jaw causing him to Fall face first onto the parking lot dropping his groceries as he is being stomped on

Spitting blood onto the snow as he tries to roll over to get up reaching for his snub nose in the back of his Dress pants Tony comes running up kicking Danny in his mouth busting his lip

Blood splattering all over his overcoat Danny falls onto his side causing his snubnose revolver to fall out of his waist line behind him Tony leans over Danny punching him in his face

"You following us? Told us to leave LA now you magically pop up over to New York

Tony grabs Danny by his coat collar lifting his head off the ground before punching Danny
Busting his eye letting his grip Go Tony stands up

"Your lucky I'm letting you live ya Mick
Spitting onto the ground in front of Danny laying on the ground busted up holding his ribs looking up blood running down his face

"Vaffanculo a chi t'è morto

Tony's face Turn's red before Tony and his associate starts jumping Danny kicking and throwing punches knocking him out in a bloody Pulp

Tony stop's the associate before leaning down grabbing Danny's snub nose revolver off the parking lot wiping the snow off before walking off with his associate

Waking up 20 mins later face throbbing looking around to blood covering his face and his groceries kicked around scattered slowly getting up off the ground Danny stumbles to the car

Leaning on the driver side of the car getting in slowly as he slowly drives out of the parking lot wiping his blood off the best he can making his way back to the Red hook apartments
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Danny Pull's Frankie's car into the driveway lighting the front of the small house up for a brief moment the moon glowing off the hood of the car as Danny Turn's it of leaning back in the seat as he Run's his eyes with his palms

Before reaching into the back seat grabbing 3 duffle bags closing the door behind him with his ass cutting thru the strip of the yard up onto the porch while Mrs Greene Greets him on the porch with a bright smile wrapping her arms around Danny's neck

"Mister I missed you
Smiling as he wraps his arms around her lower back softly kissing her Neck "I missed you Queen holding her tightly

Moe comes jotting out jumping up on the side of Them wagging his head around Danny drops the duffle bags on the porch as he pets Moe's head "Daddy missed you too Bubba leaning down kissing Moe's forehead before telling Moe to kick it down

Danny leans down picking up the duffle bags while Moe is sitting down wagging his tail back and forth begins following the Mrs into front room Danny look's back clicking his tongue with a sucking sound "c'mon

Moe walks in behind Danny as he closes the front door kicking his shoes off while placing the bags onto the floor before locking the door as he unbuttons couple of buttons on his satin dress shirt

Danny walk's into the kitchen where the Mrs was frying up two hamburgers with onions mixed in with the grease sizzling she Turn's smiling at Danny as he sat down at the table while Moe sat Next to him "I knew you would want one of my hamburgers when you got home so I thawed out some meat

"Thank you Mrs
Looking at the Mrs in her eyes with a smile be he rolls up his sleeves up patting Moe before she places his dinner onto the table as she sat down

"New York was cold as fuck 6 inches of snow less then 3 hours
The Mrs smiles as she begins eating while listening to Danny "is that how you got that cut above your eye

Cracking a smile as he look's at her "You know it toots came walking out of a store slipped on some ice and ate the ground

She laughs before taking a drink as Danny ate his hamburger standing up the Mrs grabs her plates before walking into the kitchen as the sink could be heard coming on Washing her plate Danny stands up grabbing his plate tossing his last bite to Moe catching it in mid air

Walking up behind the Mrs as she's washing the dishes placing his plate and cup into the sink before heading back into the front room grabbing the duffle bags opening the bedroom door in the hallway placing the bags in his closet

Standing in front of the Bed Danny unbuttons his pants Nicely Folding them repeating with his shirt as he places them on the chest at the end of the bed before sitting on the bed

taking his Rolex off placing it on the night stand as the Mrs walks in with Moe following closely behind as she goes to reaches for the blankets Moe jumps up onto the bed spinning the edge of the blanket up as she grabs them pulling them halfway

Moe gets under the blankets and curls up in a ball as the Mrs climbs into the bed while Danny leans back on the bed Mrs lays her heads onto Danny's chest "I'll see you in the morning Queen slowly closing her eyes "I will see you in the morning king

Kissing her forehead before he leans off flicking the light switch off as he pulls the blankets up covering them as he lays his arm around her thigh falling asleep
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