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Fixing the inactive CL at our level Started by: FastFingerFreddy on Jan 15, '23 20:26

Being that I have been here a very long time I believe I may have an incite on the game some what..


My simple solution to the problem ... almost to simple,

When you are in a position to be able to Authorize another to be a CL a simple question of :

What do you feel will be your activity level. We are looking for CL to be at least active for 15 hours a week. If you can't hold that level then as a community you will be removed.

And if you can't promise at least 15 hours a week then you cannot be authorized.


Many CL and GF's are below that level right now. To keep this game alive we need them to be active also.

Now I do except people to moan and groan about this but to be honest I don't care, I am only calling it as I see it and you all know I am right.

Have a good day....FFF out

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Preach it Brotha!! Couldn't agree more. 

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I agree and stated that the 1 hour ruling is flawed.

However if you take a look now nearly all CLs if not all are above that 15 hour threshold you talk of.

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Agree 100%. Or the game goes stale 

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I would like to see CL and hands all above the 15 hour mark.

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While I agree with most of what you say Freddy there are cases where people had RL issues, some could be serious and probably dont want them in the public knowledge.

I agree that people need to active and for me in the streets also but we dont all play the same way im careful not to criticize until I know the full picture.

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Silvo I am talking about normal activity.

If you become sick or have R/L there are ways to deal with it in place already and most of us do that.

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I don’t think it’s even necessarily a lack of time online which is the issue. Its that even when they are online they don’t have the faculties or drive to do anything.

The level of personality on show is that of a brick. Game is already grey enough without boring as fuck leaders.

Look at the latest fuck up, I have never seen a group so inept as to level a city but not have anyone capable / willing to step up & run it then to top that off can’t even be bothered to write a thread about it.

This does not apply to 100% of the CLs currently in game but if you suspect this is aimed at you then it probably is…

Let's hope the Container CLs have something about them…

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Container crews should never be needed.

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willing to step up & run it then to top that off can’t even be bothered to write a thread about it.

They had people to run it, it just wasn't notified to Izzy but, it's just the writing part that i agree with, give people explanations even if it's bs 🤣  

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Unfurtune so many cl and hands been so low so this is a good way fixinh it fast if it's possible.

Of course can life be morr impottant now and then but why then getting uppers. Easy to not be it if not possible to be a.c.t.i.v.e
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I for one would like to see a young up-and-comer anteater by the name of Sniffler be auth. Hes got character in abundance. He can tap dance, speak dead languages and wears a top hat. What more can you look for in a leader. I expect Stiffler and Alcestis to be here shortly showing their support for Sniffler. 

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I don't think you should hold hands to the same standard as crewleaders. Crew leaders choose to take the position, hands can and have just been shoved in the spot sometimes even after declining. 

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You are going off the activity level but its not an accurate reading because people can still be online or around the game on the crew chats or doing other things while interacting with people within the community or there crews and not be clicking on the game. 

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I'm surprised a fuss is being made about a thread. Casual gaming has been trending for so long now figured no one cared for the forums.

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An explanation thread... not this thread in particular lol

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Saul the game activity is what is at stake here....spending 50 hours on IRC does not count as playing the game.

Game activity is what is needed. NOT COMMUNITY CHAT TIME.

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I believe Sniffler the anteater would be a perfect candidate for auth. A fresh look, a new young blood, cultured and quite the aristocrat. He’s got style with a cape and cane, alongside a nose that’s quite the size! Under the tutelage of Paul_Finch he’s been making great progress.

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Game activity is needed? FastFingerFreddy? Talking to the community which this game is all about? mmkay 

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Talking in IRC is not game activity however.

Working the streets and doing your crimes and running drugs and shooting people of course LOL

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