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Polio and The Dog Pound Started by: Polio on Jan 20, '23 21:35

Polio was fresh off the boat, a young kid who had heard all about his great great grandfather. His family had hoped he would never hear this story but it was let slip at a family gathering. Polio had someone in his family who was dangerous, powerful and willing. He was buzzing to know his bloodline had someone that was strong, decisive and committed to the cause! His great great great great great great great great grandfather was a highly respected mafiosa. He knew he still needed help!

When entering Las Vegas he came across Cheetara who at the time took the gamble on bringing him into the family, she was a very busy person and had other priorities so left it to her crew to deal with this nobody. FutureStealer stepped in and talked to Polio, it was at this stage he knew he had to work his way up!

He couldn't go balls deep, he wasn't all he thought he was.

Within a matter of days he met FS who he needed to set his own crew up, this was where Polio knew his luck had turned, he'd been thrown into the deep end without knowing! This was his time to learn off the big players. He was introduced to Isabella. She made him feel like he was under her wing, her guidance and without question learned more than most who would have dared to enter this dark world. However, Polio was willing to learn and learn quick he did, he wanted to be the best!

Within a short space he was recruiting locals who were willing to earn money for the family, some big money that would help the boss and Cheetara. The type of people who could earn a bit of money but weren't quite good enough to join a family, these types never got as far as the HQ but were required to see if they had potential, it was an opportunity for all, after all he was given that chance!

Time passed and the family was doing well, he'd heard of a name he hadn't met. Polio was told about this myth, this legend. He wondered if this was just something he was being tested on... was there actually a fruit called SassyPeach? He went along with it but then soon realised this guy was no fruit. He was the real McCoy, the chalk in the cheese, the steak in the pan, the sausage in the roll...the real deal!

We had heard a lot of pesky armed muvvafuckers that had entered an empty Detroit and as Polio had plenty of violence to let rip, he was sent across.... probably to die but he knew this would never happen! He was teamed up with IANYU and Tutte. He was safe or as the story goes, they were safe as Polio was one mean son of a bitch by this time! All went well and he returned knowing that he had proved who he was...this was his time to step up!

Plenty had happened by now, Isabella had setup on her own with Dank and Chris_Vaughn. Las Vegas was strong! very strong! More time had passed and war broke out and all but one of the LV finest remained. It was time for us to go to the next level! Polio had heard murmurs he was ready but he knew deep down he was ready long before. He was born ready. He knew he had the backing of all the people around him and he was one of them now, he was a hole in the wall, he was a little bit of the wild bunch, he was just wild, he was a dog and a big dog at that!

We moved to New York and here we are. He was ready to be let go, like a dog in the kennels barking to be let out the cage. A dog at the door, scratching so hard you can see daylight through it.... lets go

He was sent out with the help of plenty of those people Polio had already named...then he added a few 








As he barked he started growling his favourite motivation speech!

Everybodys great when they are not tired, the champions are when they are tired, that's when the real champions come out, that's when the real dogs come out. So if you are going piss like a puppy then stay on the porch and let the big dogs eat

 Time to work!!!

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Vaughn shows up outside the dog pound, he notices the crowd and gives friendly nods as he walks by everyone there. Before going up to shake Polio's hand. "Congratulations and good luck with your organization my friend." 

He then hands over a bottle of the finest whiskey he could find and grins. "If it ain't good, I guess you can keep the bottle as a decorative piece."

Vaugh chuckles and vanishes into the crowd as he was certain more people would want to congratulate Polio.

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It had been quite the whirlwind of a week for Ksenia. Firstly she was picked up by FutureStealer out in Las Vegas, didn't even have the time to unpack her things before being told they were going to New York. Which wasn't one of those, we are moving a few blocks away type thing... they were damn near moving from one side of the country. It was one of those things, kind of was what it is... new scenery, new opportunities. It was definitely something she would be able to work with. She made herself at home at the new Hole in the Wall location, in the Bronx. Got herself all settled in, claimed one of the nicer of the rooms within the new headquarters... not that old dusty broom closet they had given her out in Las Vegas.

She was living the good life... got to see FutureStealer take the throne in the Bronx. Putting an end to the old Godfathers reign. It was quite the sight to see, come to think of it she didn't actually see it. Just heard all the congratulatory commotion that proceeded the dethroning, though she definitely made it seem like she was there, front and center. Cause you know, it made her look good acting like she right there in the middle of it. Was a good look for the newbie around these parts.

Though there was a chance none it was seen... that her presence wasn't witnessed. Kind of evident from the boot print FutureStealer left on her backside as he kicked her out the door. Was quite the hefty kick too, dude must wear some pretty serious boots, cause it hurt like a motherfucker... Thinking on it, Ksenia gave the spot a bit of a rub. It was still rather tender to the touch. She wondered if it was his room that she had claimed, either that or it could have been her snarky attitude. Both of which she shrugged off, cause it couldn't have been either... obviously, right? 

At this point it didn't matter, he had already booted her out. The only place left for her to go, was that place... the one Polio was talking about. The Dog Pound if she remembered correctly, which just so happened to be a few buildings down. Picking up the few belongings that were tossed out with her, Ksenia made her to the pound. Knocking rather forcefully on the door to get the mans attention.

With all the yapping, barking and whatever other animals sounds coming out of the place, she was surprised anyone could hear her knocks. A surprise that was answered as he opened the door. There were no words exchanged between them, their eye connection was enough of a conversation. She watched as he stepped to the side, letting her pass. Stopping once she got in the place, getting a rather pungent pound odor. Kind of reminded her of home actually... kind of sad but true.

"Hey congratulations, the place is..." She paused and began slowly nodding to herself before continuing. "quite homely... Thanks for taking me in."

She watched as he shot her a smirk. "Anytime! Rooms are upstairs, any one that is empty you can take." He spoke just before closing the door behind her. "Oh and welcome."

She gave him a partial smile before speaking up once more. "Thank you! And again, congratulations... I'm thrilled to be here with you, just as long as you aren't a kicker... right you don't kick?"

He said nothing, just laughed and walked off. Letting off a sigh, Ksenia found her way upstairs. Grabbing one of the first vacant rooms she spotted. Tossing her things onto the bed she let off yet another sigh. "You're gonna make this Dog Pound something else, just you wait." She spoke under her breath, knowing all too well, this place wasn't quite ready for what she was about to bring to the table.

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Tutte were glad that his friend Polio haf getting a great chance to get an own crew thanks to all good things he had done in Vegas and what he did a while for us in Detroit were very very good.

A better new CL in Las Vegas werent for sure hard to find, always a perfectly leader and it's gonna be great looking at this from now and in the future.

Tutte visits and had a long and good meeting that left 2 person very very gladly.

"Keep the faith and everything will going smoothly my dear friend"
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Of course Dawson had gone to NY. A lot of his friends and business partners had just established their operations there, and he had a few HQs to visit and some people to congratulate. Holding a box of cigars imported from Cuba, he entered Polio's HQ, with whom he had an appointment.

"My good Polio, congratulations friend." He said, before handing Polio the box of cigars and shaking his hands. "Here, just a little treat for you. Hope you enjoy it, they're cubans. Man, I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do. This is a well deserved promotion, you are a hard working man and I know you will do fine."

They kept talking for some time more about business and many other things, and then Dawson left.

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fs grabbed a coffee and headed out of the HQ.  It was a morning of reflection.  You see when he had washed up on the shores there were no thoughts or plans.  Just a hope reconnect with old friends of the family.  However after a lot of storms, his ship had ended up on the other side.


He arrived at a shop and went inside, he already knew what he wanted.  He paid for it, with the family discount of course, and headed on down the street further.


Through it all, there had been plenty to help but this one felt different.  He was so excited.  He finally arrived at the new HQ, with sounds of loud barks in the back.  fs moved through the celebration and found @Polio.


Polio, my friend.  I'm so glad to see you here today.  I just would like to take this time to offer you my sincerest thanks and appreciation.  It's been a pleasure watching you grow and I can't wait to see what menaces you raise up in a crew of your own.  Congrats bud.


fs hands Polio a sledgehammer, with a note that says "If you ever need any holes for the walls, or any skulls bashed."

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Dank Came to NY only to attend this very special ceremony he was looking forward to. How can he not come, his friend Polio was starting his own family. Dank pulled up to the venue and got out of his car. He saw Polio accepting gifts and best wishes from people in the crowd. Dank looked at him and smiled. When it was his turn he shook Polio's hand and congratulated him. 

After a brief meeting with Polio Dank got back in his car and headed home. It was Polio's day and he did not want to entangle him in chit chat.

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When Hazel had heard the news of Polio’s big move, she set out on the first flight she could get to New York. After several hours sitting on the plan she finally landed, making her way towards her driver that was waiting for her. Along the way, she made a pit stop to a local bakery to pick up her signature welcome basket goodies. 
After stopping at the bakery, she checked the basket and let the delicious scents of fresh baked breads and sweets fill the car. 
“AAh, I do hope Polio enjoys these as much as I would.” She murmured to herself. 
Before she had left, she made sure to pack one of her favorite bourbons. She slid the bottle of bourbon into the basket and covered it with a light towel to preserve the contents. 
Hazel reached Polio’s HQ and approached him after his big speech. She offered him the basket of pastries and bourbon. With two delicate pecks on the chest she smiled. “Congratulations, my friend. Cheers to the future.” 

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Tutte came in to Polio' HQ to give him first aid, the hard beating in the ring just a while ago, he were really hurted,
just colorfull in face so it also looked a bit funny, they both started to laugh afyrg a quick look in the big mirror but Polio stopped fast thanks to it hurt so much, Tutte helped out with what he could and then asked him to lay down a couple of hours to rest properly.

Glad after helping a friend in need he gets out again to find something fun to do, he still grinned after the meeting o my what a beating.
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