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Friends, Romans, Countryman, Lend Me Your Minds Eye. Started by: Squishy on Jan 22, '23 02:05

Intro:  You are in foot pursuit of someone who has a bit of a head start, you hear sirens in the background, time is short.  You turn the corner to reveal (insert visual scene here).  The sirens are getting closer, fuck, not enough time to find this guy.  You raise your gun and decide to pepper a few different places he could be hiding before high tailing it out of there before the cops come.  Maybe you got lucky and drew some blood, but worst case you at least got your point across that *no one* fucks with your family.


I am currently working on one of the new version features internally being called Rogue Alley.  It is a visual representation of a variant of one of our current RATs - a location where someone is hiding behind a possible 12 different objects, you have very short time to shoot a few places, it looks at the X-Y of where you shot (clicked or touched) and picks the closest object that could be hiding the target, if they are there it scores a point per bullet, if its a miss, it doesnt add to the score.  Whoever in that round has the most points wins the kill. (The goal is this is now easier on devices and connections that otherwise have a difficult time doing proper RAT pace, and is not necessarily tied to lounge or a speed race, the event starts at say 8:03 and you have a full minute to react and get your shots in by the 8:04)(Where as RATs are super fast reactionary type things...)

So, I am looking for ideas of various scenes.  Indoor or outdoor, night or day, it could be at a construction site, an abandoned building, an industrial site, a warehouse, a boat yard, train yard, back alley - whatever we can think of that fits in a 1950 time era in a major US City.

So I would like if you could visualize the scene in your head, describe it here in a reply, convey with words what you see in your mind so that I can turn it over to an artist to create your vision. Also include any links to photos to give better context or feel. 


Below is is a sample of one of the completed ones:

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Some quick initial thoughts:


On the docks, could have a boat house, dock, boat, truck.  Fishing equipment etc, plenty of hiding options there.

Junkyard, with stacks of cars.  Could have a crusher, and a magnet lift.

Business district, a main street looking setting with shops on either side.  A few light posts, cars and other items on the streets.

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A 50s style gas station, something like this, but with some Lincoln’s or Mercury’s for cover. Maybe one of the cars could have some babies in the back seat as a little Phil Leotardo Easter egg.


A casino interior, with rows of slot machines, a craps table and a place to exchange chips. People running away and an Ace Rothstein style character somewhere looking unimpressed.

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Ice cream parlor/bakery: The long countertop with the barstools lined up underneath of it, the window where you can peep the kitchen equipment, several booths lining the walls, a jukebox. 

Back-alley scene: A narrow alleyway with scaffolding up top, a large dumpster on one side with trash spilling out of it, several large bags surrounding the filth, a few rats scurrying away, puddles pooling on the walkway, there's a few lines strung across the alley to hang laundry from, a man passed out with a bottle of liquor in his hand, slumped against the other wall. 

The Boss's Office: A dark office with two desks in them, each with a little lamp on it that shines over a desk filled with papers, several posters on the wall, a pool table, Think: "Tony's office in the back of Bada Bing!"

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What about a police station 1950s style? Wouldn't have a lot of security and so forth but it's about all I got right now
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We now have Docks, Business District, Gas station, Back Alley, Train yard, Warehouse and Boss's House (we are doing exterior scenes for now but will loop back to interior scenes for when we run out of exterior scenes)

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The scene that comes to my mind is in Godfather when Sonny gets killed at the toll booth. An abandoned toll booth might be cool with traffic barriers and other cars, etc could be used for hiding places. Instead of running the scene could start with you driving like you're the guys killing Sonny.


An outdoor market or flea market could be cool... Daylight would make it extra spicy to have civilians around and maybe you lose points (or lose altogether)  if you get too close to a bystander. There'd be stalls and displays and other store fronts on the side walk, tables.


Outdoor cafe area with a fire hydrant, newspaper dispenser machine, traffic light, cars, etc. Another one where civilians would be a factor.

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We now have Shipping Docks, Business District, Gas station, Back Alley, Train Yard, Warehouse, Boss's House, Hotel Lobby, Art Gallery, Junk Yard, Auto Repair Shop, Drive-In completed, with Cafe, Godfather Tollbooth Scene, and Bosses Office down on paper now.

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How about a cemetery? A big one with mausoleums and trees. At night and it's a little foggy, or could be raining. It makes you feel more paranoid and on edge than usual with all the bodies laying around. :)  

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I think there should be like a alleyway adjacent to like a theatre district, with like the signage in the background.


I think there should be like an Italian restaurant.  


I think there should be one on a bridge overlooking a city. 

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Ok, art gallery, back alley, bathroom, business district, cemetery, dons mansion, drive in cinema, gas station, hotel lobby, junkyard, mechanics garage, ship yard/docks, train yard, warehouse are complete.

In the queue - toll booth, ice-cream parlor/bakery, outdoor market, casino, restaurant, bridge, and theater district, outdoor cafe.

Any additional suggestions?  The more vivid your description, and more links to photos showing helping the artist visualize what you want, the better chance of it making it into the game

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A butcher perhaps, lots of meat and sausage hanging around. Maybe some signs with deals and prices etc

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Inside the bar to make an escape out the back door when the sirens get close, a deli where the "old heads" hang out, if you hit one of the old guys instead you're immediately disqualified and have to run away to not get caught for attempted murder of a "law abiding citizen"?

library, cigar shop, city park, mayors office, brothel, baseball stadium?

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Inside of a boxing gym.  A RAT could hide behind some heavy bags, pillars, boxing ring, gym equipment like stationary bikes, weights, spectator chairs, a staircase leading to an upper level of the gym


Pictures for Reference

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Aparment building/the projects/run down vacant houses

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A lakehouse - something like this but with a lake and a boat included somewhere.

Inside of a church. Maybe something like this:

Outside of a church. Something like this but with more "stuff"

A Speakeasy. 

An airport terminal -

Airport outside - something like this

A casino interior - something like

And I'm all outta ideas. Apologies if any have already been suggested!

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Mortuary... either of these looks good and would be relatively empty at night:


Used Car Lot:


Iron Works

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Barbershop with 2-4 high stools where gangsters gets their shoes polished by kids anf they sits there and shows their guns to each ohers and laughs perhaps
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