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Theory of a flat earth Started by: Roscoe on Jan 22, '23 20:07
We in a simulation
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how would the earth be flat if satellites film it being round? I can't understand this theory.

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I don't go along with this theory but personally my view is, what difference does it make. 
Doesn't really make a difference if we live on a frisbee or on a pigstail does it?

How will your life change tomrrow if you find out the earth is shaped like a pork scratching?

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Yes the earth is flat. Flat as can be at some points it’s very mountainous as well. Not completely flat. The water would fall off the planet is so. The oceans would be all gone. Or the sand would fall off
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interesting to see others answers

However it really doesnt bother me with it was flat or round.

Heck make it fun with a bit of both lol

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What you are seeing on camera and in film when the earth appears to be spherical is actually the Matrix telling you that the Earth is spherical. But in the Land of the Real, the Earth is as flat as a slice of New York pizza.  And far less tasty with all the fucking idiots running around.

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