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Golden Gloves 1 - Round 2 Fights Started by: FutureStealer on Jan 23, '23 15:07

After a successful first round, fs was a bit more at ease heading into tonight's fights.  The turn out was solid and the fights were even better, so he was very excited for this round.  He sent the boys to the arena to set up and let people in as he got ready.  Finally the time came and the crowds were ready for fight night.  fs grabbed a microphone and stepped to the center.


Welcome and good evening all!  We hope you enjoyed our first set of matches, and the quarterfinals are set for even more excitement.  Grab your drinks and place your bets, it's time to fight!


First up we've got Isabella versus JohnKukhamIV.


Isabella comes out of the gates swinging sending JohnKukhamIV to the corner immediately.  She has clearly used her time off to rest and watch tape on JohnKukhamIV.  Every move move he makes, she has an answer.  Half way through the second round and JohnKukhamIV goes for a quick 1-2, but Isabella ducks then moves to the side to setup for a huge right hand.  JohnKukhamIV is knocked to the ground and does not get up.


Isabella is the winner by TKO!


fs grabs the mic and moves back to the ring.


WOW!  What a start to our night. If any of JohnKukhamIV's papers seem a little confusing in the future it could be brain damage from that hit, jeeze.  Isabella moves on to semi's and we move on to our next fight!


Up next we've got SassyPeach versus Dawson


SassyPeach and Dawson start out a little slow, clearly not using the day break to rest but instead party.  Quickly Dawson wakes up in the second with a few nice shots leading to a big left hand sending SassyPeach to the mat, but only temporarily.  In the third we continue to see Dawson pushing SassyPeach, making him uncomfortable.  In the fourth Dawson comes out hot with a flurry of punches, knocking SassyPeach down for a second time.  Dawson continues his onslaught into the fifth, and SassyPeach seems to have no answer.  In the final minute of the last round, however, SassyPeach wakes up and gets some really nice hits in.  Right before the final bell dings SassyPeach gets a big haymaker in to knock Dawson to the ground, but he gets back up.  We're on to the judges decision.


And the judges call: Dawson the winner.

Judges card:










9 9 9 9 9 10


Dawson 9 10 10 10 10 9 58


fs moves back to the center and begins to speak


Well, another fantastic fight.  SassyPeach was looking a little rough in that one but Dawson took full advantage.  On to our next fight where we've got a bit of drama with a right hand taking on his boss.


Our third match is luciano_lucky versus Craven.


Craven comes out of the gates with something to prove, hitting luciano_lucky immediately.  The surprise takes luciano_lucky back a step as Craven continues, eventually sending luciano_lucky to the floor for a short period.  Craven comes out in the second with the same winning game plan, but luciano_lucky is clearly getting more angry.  As we move into the third the rage has built up in luciano_lucky's eyes and he comes out swinging.  He lands several large blows to the body and head culminating with a counter uppercut that Craven just can't handle as he goes down and does not get back up.


luciano_lucky is the winner by TKO!


fs grabs the microphone and gets back in the spotlight


Once again, wow!  What a start, what a hit, what a fight!  Boss wasn't having that, was he?  Nice job luciano_lucky!  Now we're on to our final fight of the night.


Our last fight is Polio versus Wellerman aka The Falling Dutchman


As the fighters tap gloves Polio is back with his strong man game plan and immediately lands a large shot. He keeps this up through the first which leaves him winded in the second, giving The Falling Dutchman an chance to get a few good shots in.  In the third, both fighters are a bit gassed and look sluggish.  At the start of the fourth, Polio has gotten some stamina back as he lands a huge right hook to send The Falling Dutchman to the ground for a few seconds.  This has taken a lot out of Polio and once again The Falling Dutchman takes advantage with some clean body shots.  The sixth round has Polio trying to get in a few large shots, and The Falling Dutchman mostly trying to avoid them but Polio lands one big hit to the body to end the round.  We go to the judges.


And the judges call: Polio the winner.

Judges card:










10 9 9 10 9 10 57
Wellerman 9 10 9 9 10 9 56


fs moves to the stage for a final time for the night


What a close matchup to end our night, a real treat. Congrats to Polio, and to all of our winners tonight.  To our losers, we hope to see you in the next event!  To all of you, we look forward to seeing you in two days for our semifinal matches.  Those will be:


Isabella vs Dawson
luciano_lucky vs Polio

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Tutte were right, love all those results.

Damn good fight all 4, now I hope all four left has, some good energy left.

Tutte gets into his destroyer Dasons room.

"Congrats man, superb fight again, now I hope you take it easy with our lovely Isabella. Dont that and your gonna suffer perhaps"

After this he had to get a real good drink, very shaky after looking at those fights.

Well done all!
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Polio comes out a little battered and bruised but he is used to a dog fight and loves coming out victorious! Like a dog with a bone.

His next opponent has been lucky with the results in this tournament, so goes into the next round full of confidence.

Next stop Luciano_Lucky Polio barks.

Fancy a million dollar wager my friend?

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I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, but are we sure that Dawson didn't pay off the judges? How can we be entirely sure about the authenticity of his win? I'm not pointing fingers, mostly because I can't uncurl my hands right now, but I felt barbed wire in a few of his punches, and I'm not going to confirm or deny my beliefs on this one but would there be a rematch in the midst if he did use some sort of substance to beat me?

I really, really, really hate to do this but I am officially calling out Dawson and asking him to do a piss test, right here and right now, to prove that there are no barbed wires in his pants or steroids in his bloodstream. Do I have everyone's approval to do this? Please, guys. I think we should at least check, for the sanctity of this sport.

Like I said if we're all just going to agree to not argue with the results then fine, far be it from me to throw around my weight as a freshly minted Godfather Chairman to have things looked at, but are we just going to let this one slip by our fingers? What if Dawson wins this whole thing and it turns out that he cheated through it? Do we want that on our consciousness as boxers? 

Anyways, that's all I had to say...


Before there would be any more of a scene created, the Peach ran out of the building in a flash, showing off his insane speed which just makes the results all the more strange, and heads off to The Why so that he could practice further for potentially another Golden Gloves event in the future, one that would hopefully have pee tests before each match.

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frank walks over to isabella to congratulate her on her boxing match but i was too busy frank got pushed out of the way and left 

he also left a note 


congratulations on your win 



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When asked by the local press about SassyPeach's latest public statements about their boxing match and all accusations about him, Dawson said the following:

Well, honestly, Godfather SassyPeach is entirely within his right to question the results of our boxing match, but, if the state I left his face doesn't prove the authenticity of my win, I don't know what will, really. Have you all looked at his face after our fight? It was not barbed wire, it was my hands, and my hands only. Yeah, my hands can do stuff like that. Impressive, right? They both are literally registered weapons. And no substance has yet been invented that allows a man to demonstrate a performance like mine. It's skill, pure and simple.

But, if it's so important for the sake of this competition and the sport as a whole, I offer myself to do a PUBLIC pee test, by a SassyPeach's lab of choice. Anytime, anywhere. I don't care, as long as such baseless rumors are buried where they belong. God knows I'm a huge activist and member of The Transparency and Accountability In Sports movement.

IF a single illegal substance or barbed wire is found on my body (or pants), I promise to give up my spot in the next fight or forfeit any prize I might've won by that time, donating all the money to anti-corruption institutions and NEVER stepping into a ring again in my life. However, if nothing illegal is found, I demand a public apology from SassyPeach for raising such rumors against me, as well as a handwritten and authenticated recognition of Las Vegas as the National Capital of Boxing.

Oh, and a rematch? It's too soon for that. I still have a couple of fights ahead of me, hopefully.

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Isa being the kind soul she is extends a hand to help Mr. JohnKukhamIV off the ground. Isa did not blame him when he rejected her help. Before leaving the warehouse Isa caught glimpse of her next opponent. She shakes her head and thinks to herself this is going to be a tough one. Not Dawson her friend. Quickly she remembered to keep her eye on the big prize. 

On her way down the street, she hears SassyPeach talking about a possible scam in his fight with Dawson. Anything is possible but, in this case, not probable with Dawson. Dawson is a man of honor. And for that reason alone, she decided no need to have this investigated. Besides her personal trainer was costing a fortune with all expenses paid. And he only eats at five-star restaurants. Chris_Vaughn may have to sell some of that gas stock he is investing in. 

Isa's thoughts went back to the upcoming match. There is still something missing from her regiment that can secure the next match. She cannot put her finger on it, but she will before she enters the ring with Dawson.   

Isa turns her walk into a run until she reaches her headquarters. She showers and it hits her what she needs to add to her regiment. 

I'll see you in the ring my good friend. 

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Walking out the ring, again victorious - as nature intended it to be, He leaves Craven laid out on the floor with a superlative TKO. Seeing his massive figure fall to the floor, Luciano's quick nature got the better of Craven, with power decisive punches excelled the one before - concocting in a devestating blow to the iron skull of Craven. 


As the audience cheers and he exits the ring to go to the changing rooms, sitting across the room with his arms being re-strapped for the next match, he see's polio offering the wager - Luciano gives back a sly grin, as he replies, "A million?" Luciano clenches his fingers, and releases slowly, "I think you have a deal," Extending out his hand to Polio. 

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