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Permafrost Started by: Vaughn on Feb 04, '23 20:49

It was a warm day in Las Vegas, SassyPeach stood looking out the window at the strip, contemplating how he lost all his money yet again in the casino.  Shaking his head, he watches people of Vegas wandering the streets, some flaunting their riches from the casino, others with the head hanging low after a long night of losses and drinking.  The city was growing, they would soon need more homes for the people.  He owned most of the buildings on the strip, he just needed someone that would be a great asset to the city.

Violet- walks in and watches her boss staring out the window.  It must have been another bad night at the casino.  Peach looks up and motions her to the window.  "What do you think about Vaughn setting up a HQ down the street?"

Violet nods in agreement.  "I think he is a great choice, I know he will really help the city grow and prosper."  Peach nods and sends her to go find the mobster with instructions to bring him here.

A short while later, Violet- returns with Vaughn at her side.  They both take a seat at the bosses desk.  Peach seemed happier, she wonders who was foolish enough to give him more gambling money.  He slides a set of keys across the desk.  "Vaughn, we need some decent leaders to help our city flourish.  And make me more money", he says a little quieter.  "Are you up for the job?"  Vaughn agrees grabbing the keys off the desk.  "What will you name your new organization?" 

Vaughn thinks for a moment.  "It will be called Permafrost."  Violet- looks at him curiously, that name didn't really fit well with Vegas, they were in the middle of the desert.  She shrugs and wanders off to keep an eye on the boss. 

A few months and a war later, it was obvious that the country needed some help.  There were more homeless people and empty cities just wasting away.  After a long conversation with current leaders, it was decided that some of the Vegas families would head over to New York in an attempt to rebuild the city.  The leaders of Vegas held a meeting to discuss who was up to the task of rebuilding a city.  Many names came up during the conversation, someone mentioned SassyPeach and FutureStealer as candidates to venture to the new city.  After accepting, Peach decided Vaughn should also join them in New York.  Vaughn had put in a lot of work, proving himself as a great leader, and it was decided that he would have a district of his own.

After packing up and moving across the country, a shiny new HQ was set up in Queens.  The city was quite cold, a light snow had begun to fall, the family name seemed fitting for this new place.  It had only been a few days since they had settled in when Vaughn received an important message from Peach.  Vaughn was given the blessing to take over as Godfather of the district.  It had been a long journey, a great deal of work to get here, he was ready for this new journey.

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