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Detroit - Some Clarification Started by: FutureStealer on Mar 16, '23 13:03

fs put on his hat, grabbed his coffee and headed out the door of his HQ.  He was headed to main street and as he was already late he was in a rush.  He reached the center square and found a nice spot to stand.  As a few people began to notice he was there they came to hear what he had to say.


Let me start by saying, I apologize for the delay.  I wanted to iron out some things before I came forward to the public.  In the past I have said that I will strive to have some more transparency into the actions in the game that I can speak to and that's why I'm here today.


As you will have obviously seen, most of Detroit was removed a few days ago.  I'm sure you have many questions, but unfortunately I don't believe the information is going to be as juicy as some think.  

So why was Detroit removed?  Pretty simply, just for a change.  There is no ill will or bad feelings from my side to anyone that was killed.  Detroit was a city that was half authed from a dead city, and that's why it was chosen.  Nuccio was authed by luciano_lucky and that is why is he is being given the option to step down and move back to the west coast which he will be doing if he has not already done so by the time you've heard about this.


What's next?  Polio will be moving his crew over to Detroit shortly to start the rebuild.  If you have not had a chance to talk with him, you should. And if you have you know how passionate and dedicated he is to this world.  I believe he is a great fit to lead a city, and is the right person for the job.


I will finish off by repeating what I've said in the past.  I'm not here to argue whether you think this was the right or wrong decision or whether or not you believe me.  However, if there are questions that I can answer I will do my best to do so.


Thank you for your time.


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Why was Night-Hawk killed? 

Why does TheBeast hand tens of millions of dollars to rogues and why does he miss on unsponsored gangsters?

When will Premeir move against the current regime?

Are you recruiting?

Why is Mufasa?

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Did any of them get to step down and go back to where they came from? I always did jobs in Detroit and had good turn out with people who just got wiped simply for change
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Did any of them get to step down and go back to where they came from? I always did jobs in Detroit and had good turn out with people who just got wiped simply for change

Well firstly, back to where?  They were authed out of a now dead city, as I said.  But also thus is the way of our world.  We're here one day and not the next.  You make the most of the days you do have here because you never know when it will come to a close.

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Thank you future I misread
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Ok rapid fire on the ones I can answer.


Why was Night-Hawk killed? 

He was lying to multiple people in our city about who he was.  

Are you recruiting?

Selectively, yes.  

Why is Mufasa?

Why are any of us?  MRDot seems to have some thoughts, but who knows really?

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Thank you., FutureStealer.


Mufasa was mean to me.


And you didn't answer the question about when you think Premeir is going to move against you? 

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Unfortunately my family lost their psychic abilities in a tragic boating accident many years ago. So I am unable to predict the future on by who or when I will be taken out.

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The real question should be  when can we invest in better mental health facilities, so we can assist people like Kenneth.

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Kenneth_Noye I was not mean to you. I did not use any language that would be offensive. I simply asked you a question. Please refrain from trying to slander my name

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You do yourself a disservice FutureStealer. You say the truth isn't that juicy, but what could be more juicy than someone coming out and admitting that yet again they levelled 90% of a city for no better reason than shits and giggles. I mean that is essentially what you have just said, because lets face it, being authed by dead people could account for anyone with some age. Are Alucard and quiet next as the people who authed them are also dead and buried?


Essentially what you have done is come out into the streets and admit that the laziest generation to ever control the 6 cities are continuing to purge cities at random to keep themselves on top despite being so bored with things that they can't even be bothered to wake up some days.

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I think it happened cuz there were ppl there that were all like old and they were like oh they're old. They might have a gun or like more than one gun or something and we don't trust that Arrow person and so on and let's get rid of them cuz they don't work with us and we aren't picking them for our dodgeball team but we don't wanna be hit with dodgeballs. That's a pretty simple and like fair. 

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A chap called Javier made a speech which is very relevant.


This world is in two parts; one matters, the other does not.

That's right. Behind the curtain of Our Thing sits something hideous. Something disfigured and grotesque. And like the Wizard of Oz himself, it's pretty disappointing when you actually get to see how it all really works. In our day-to-day lives, we do things that have virtually no consequence. We show up in the Streets, we crime, we deal drugs- these are functionally irrelevant. Even the drama of pickpocketing and mugging has no bearing on how this world will actually ebb and flow- which begs the question why did we give such a shit about it in the first place?

The important things are connections and info. If you intend to take part in this side- by training a gun, buying bodyguards, and/or running a crew- you'll need a connection to vouch for you. Someone who is a part of the current ruling class who can stake a claim on your life. If you are not in the ruling class (if you were, you would be reading this guide for a very different reason) and do not have that person, you are in danger of being purged. In fact, if you are training a gun and do not have that person, you should be preparing to strike against the ruling class. Because they are preparing to strike against you. And, even as we learned with the late Kate-Macer's crew- even if you think someone's vouching for you, they may not be.

Crewleaders are not exempt from this. In fact, they are most in danger of this reality. Just because you have a crew does not mean you are part of the ruling class. Here are a few tips to tell if you are in danger of being purged. Keep in mind- this is only for individuals who are making a go of it. If you aren't training a gun, buying BGs, or running a crew, you are not in danger of being purged. You'll just die when someone around you does. But if you are, keep an eye out for the following.

  1. You have reported a strong gun and your crewleader does not invest any money in your BGs. Why waste the money?
  2. Auths and takedowns that include your crewleader, district, or city happen without notifying you. You are the last to know because they don't trust you with information. Or worse, they're worried you'll give your opinion on the matter.
  3. You do not belong to any coffeeshops featuring other members of the ruling class. It means conversations are happening that don't include you because they don't have to.
  4. You are not considered for meaningful positions like auth or RHM.
  5. You are not told the status of anyone else's gun or bodyguard training.

Generally speaking, information is your best indicator. If you are working your ass off for your boss and are still kept in the dark, they have not staked a claim on your life. You are expendable. You will not be a priority for proers when you need them. You will not be protected from purges. You are probably assumed to be a rogue and will be treated as such. After all, why would you be working so hard for a boss who doesn't care? Clearly, you are a rogue. You roguey bastard.

Keep in mind, there's loads of information out there. Gun training, BG training, learning ancestries, and who their old and current friends are. Suspicions. Accusations. Auth timelines and hand selections. City assignments. Takedown timelines and targets. This is information flowing through the ruling class as we speak. Are you in the loop?

Addendum: You are not in the loop.

Damn. So you're not in the loop. Well, you still have a few options. One is to stop working so damn hard. After all, why bother? Why spend so much time and/or money on something that even your own crewleader doesn't see value in? Just chill out. Maybe they'll let you in if you withhold the dice donation gravy train or cancel the beast mode gun training.

Another option is to stop giving them information. If they're keeping you in the dark, keep them in the dark. Report bad BG and gun numbers. It's dangerous because this makes you look extra roguey, but how will they know the difference?

This is not the first purge regieme, it will not be the last. Purging people is and always will be the META to keep power. Everyone is aware of the 3 groups who usually rule this game, 1 is in power at present,1 has gone totally inactive, the other my well be lurking about in the shadows who knows. 

Historically the best thing to do during a purge regieme is to do nothing, do not engage in any meaningful way, do not donate, dont bother being active. Eventually someone will take them out, they will become bored with the grey hellscape they have created & go into inactivity (Pretty much where we are now imo) or the gods will strike them down as they will cross a line. I am sure a few of you will shout me down with cries of "I am progressingly nicely under the current leadership ty v much" I would simply ask you to reconsider if you really are in the inner circle or are you expendable. If you need to reconsider this you are not in the inner circle and will be struck down as soon as you become a viable threat. Your only options are strike first or die like a dog then think "SHIT BillyWawa warned me this would happen"

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Idk if I'd call like the DT wipe a purge... That's just a lil takedown of ppl they didn't trust and were old and stuff and Arrow moving there probably sped things up. 


 There were some other deaths yesterday that were purgey tho. 

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I am only going with 'Purge' on Detroit as it was admitted as 'not part of the in group, had a couple of guns so wiped em' or that’s how I took the explanation. I am not a betting man but would wager that if you are a CL who did not know about the Det wipe BEFORE it happened, that you will be the next one going on the missing list. If & it is a big IF, if the current group can find someone motivated / competent enough to run a city / district. Given we have had such mavericks as Tutte, THELORDjasonproffit & TheBeast as Crew Leaders / place holders in recent times I would suggest we are almost to the bottom of the barrel. 

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Well, idk a "purge" to me is a lil something different... But definitely a uh crew ---> oh a couple guns ---> it's wipin' time. 

So many placeholders. 

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You were transferred 1.00 credits by an anonymous benefactor. The note "Why hasn’t nuccio moved yet? Fishy" was included.

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Thanks for coming out, Futurestealer. I can understand this. 

change isn’t a bad thing, except for maybe those that got “changed”. 

I do however feel that it doesn’t have to be contentious. I certainly feel that the new blood in the life will be afforded many more opportunities as we watch others rise to power. 

Rest in Peace to the fallen, and best of luck to the new leaders. 


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The only cities that have actually been perpetually wiped the past year have been just Chicago and Detroit; Vegas folded on themselves and removing one or two crew leaders per city has shown to not actually do anything.

Guess it's a curse to be anywhere inside or near those cities. Sucks too, the lack of North Side and 12th Street makes drugs a peace of cake, not like those matter much long term anyway...especially with the danger either present.


Generally until someone steps up and takes down any major city we're just gonna stay in the perpetual cycle of this whole thing. Not like anyone new is stepping up to the table...rogues already are rather inefficient if the same lineage is going to keep getting a free pass to crewleader status.

These are rather boring times, and that's all there is to it.

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I had many friends in DT, but I must say I respect the hell out of your blatant honesty for their removal. Keep doing that.

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