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Golden Gloves 3 - Signup Started by: FutureStealer on May 23, '23 13:26

Stumbling out of a bar at sunrise, Vaughn got handed a flyer by some random person he bumped into on the street. He read it and figured why not, it could be fun so he found a place to sit down for a bit before getting one of his henchmen to deliver his signup sheet.

"This should be fun, I look forward to partaking."

As he sat there he wanted more to drink so he stumbled back into the bar he crawled out of.

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The Rock says he would like to beat everyones roody poo candy ass and give them the rock bottom

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"Thanks for letting me sign up, it's been a while since I have had a box"

Fenton rips off his shirt and starts jumping around throwing punches in the air "Yeah you don't want to meet this in the ring. What're the rules when it comes to the ropes?"

He wondered if he would get the opportunity to lay a smackdown.

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Marston woke finally feeling back to his normal self after celebrations earlier in the week. He walked into the bathroom and threw cold water into his face in attempt to wake himself up. He looked in the mirror and he saw the same sharpness in his eyes as he'd seen a decade ago. He'd looked after himself, and a short training camp would see him back in fine form.

He headed over to his closet and it appeared someone had tidied it, so he immediately found what he was looking for. He grabbed his boxing gloves and headed straight to the boxing gym. As he walked in his old trainer's eyes lit up and he headed straight over to him.

Trainer: Godfather! You're looking sharp, you're looking like a champ, you look like...
Marston: JOE! we've been through this before, stop with the ass kissing...
Trainer: John... Can we just skip this part, it always ends with me getting punched in the face...
Marston: Well, I do like my traditions Joe!
Trainer: Fine... Get it over with...


Trainer Joe picks himself up off the floor, checks his teeth are still all in his mouth, then smiles...

Trainer: That's the spirit old man!! Let's go...
Marston: So what have you got for me Joe? You know I train harder when there's incentive.
Trainer: We got a knockout style competition coming up... $35 million pot, 150 credits to the champ
Marston: I could always do with some more money...
Trainer: It's got your name all over it Jonny boy!!
Marston: You know the drill, sign me up!

Marston heads straight into the ring for some sparring to begin training for the competition...

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Obviously, this competition will not be continuing.  I have reimbursed all who gave credits to my father.  I can't do much about the cash. Thanks all for your support!

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This Forum Is For 100% 1950's Role Play (AKA Streets)
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