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Here we go.again Started by: LeonVance on Jun 02, '23 06:23

Well well, 

Here I am sitting at the bar in some place in central Philli, shaking my head, thinking to myself 'What on earth happened back there?'

You see, i was once in New York, met a decent family who accepted me the way I was with open arms. An with a little mentoring I started to go up the ranks, earnt respect amongst my peers and fellows.

I had targets, ambitions to grow more and be the best, the one everyone could rely on, the one who would become the boss of bosses, the God Father.

Given time i have no doubt I would have reached it.

But then...then, all hell broke loose.

Early one morning like the crack of lightening there was a sudden pop pop pop of gun fire, people screaming and shouting. I opened my curtains to find a rival gang was shooting anyone and everyone they could. What? Why? we did nothing to upset another gang!

Then suddenly, lights out.


I woke up hours later in a hospital, trying to recover my memory of what had gone on, then it dawns on me. What if they know im still alive and seen everything?

Soon as I could I scarpered


I fly to Philli and hide for a couple days, keeping my head low but making sure to do a little business here and there to keep me going.

I now have a new identity and thankfully a new family. They know who I was but no one else does, frankly id rather keep it that way. I live again, I want to grow again, I want to continue my dreams.

I get up off my stool in which I had been sitting on for too long, my back side felt numb, I stumbled to the door muttering to myself how this could be the restart I needed. With the door opening to the street, i was blinded with the glaring light of the early sunrise.

"hhmmm It's a new dawn, a new start, a new day....for me, and im feeling good"

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Minding her own business Gigi was enjoying some downtime back in Philly the city she grow up and and has fond memories of. The city was less frantic than the one she resides in now not that she did not like Las Vegas, she just also enjoyed some quite alone time to gather her thoughts and relax. 


Standing at the edge of the street just she was just about to lit her cigarette when she was startled by a door flinging open. An unusual guy come hurtling out smashing straight into her. He was a tall stocky guy so Gigi did not stand and chance, the guy crashed into her and she fell back skidding along the path way cigarettes spilling everywhere. 


The guy took one look at Gigi sprawled along the path and took off. Gigi was a tough girl who could take care of herself, without a second though lt she got herself back up dusted herself down, rolled up her sleeves and tided back her long orange hair.


"HEY ARSEHOLE!" She shouted as she took off after him, the guy ignored her but she soon caught him up, pushing him in the back so he stumbled over his own feet and for good measure pushing him again so he fell.


Gigi stood over this strange man who was now just staring at her. 


"You got a problem pal? Not from around here are you?" 


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As I turned around and looked up after falling to the ground thinking its the drinks fault, I see a beautiful woman standing over me, she was  thin, slender and built like a brick S house. She looks like the sort of person you only see on these TV shows that pretend to be real life. The gorgeous woman started swearing and complaining at me about cigarettes! Huh? What? Dazed, I stood up and started to feel less drunk, I listened to her while staring into her eyes.

"Oh my Im so sorry Ms, I did not see you there, You see I was blinded by both drink and the sunrise at the end of the street that I had though you was a street post, hence I didnt stop. Here take my cigarettes I sincerely apologize. Yes I am new in town, Is it that obvious? Never mind, how about you tell me all about yourself and the area over say, Breakfast at Tiffany's?"

"My names LeonVance and you are?"

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Gigi stared at the man, he got up and was just staring at her, wondering if he was actually going to say anything he suddenly started to talk. He apologised and offered her his pack of cigarettes. Carefully she took one out the the packet a lit it a puff of smoke blew in the wind away from the direction they were facing. 


Gigi satisfied that she had taught the stranger a lesson went to turn away and walk off when suddenly he attempted what could of be described as small talk. He introduced himself and then continued to say the strangest thing. Gigi looked at him confused then a slight angry expression appeared on her face. 


"Are you kidding me? What did you say your name was Leon. You decided to try and hit on me?" 


Gigi's anger grew 


"First you knock me over then you decide to hit on me!? And to top it all off I have just missed my ride to go and meet my friend Josie for our date." 


Gigi threw LeonVance cigarettes back at him turned around and stormed off.



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Leon was sobering up a bit while all this was happening but thankfully the hangover hasn't kicked in yet. 

This woman we was in ore over just insulted his offer of Cigarettes and breakfast but Leon wasnt going to give up yet. He wants to be a perfect gentleman in this new town with his new start, so he ran after this girl and said,


"Look, I am truly sorry for barging into you like that, please, take my number and give me a call should you need any help with anything, it's the least I can do for you with what I have done"

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Gigi hears the sound of running footsteps and the guy calling out after her, she turns around to see what the commotion is all about.


​​​"Jeez, you don't give up do you?" 


Leon catches. He apologises again and offers his number on a business card. Gigi takes the card looks at it and looks up at Leon.


"Leon Vance ey? That name sounds familiar to me I'm not sure why, why would it sound familiar?" 


Gigi racks her brain, trying to grasp where she has heard that name before, she looks at Leon looks around, plays with her hair but nothing is coming to her.


"Look, it doesn't matter where I know your name from? You want to help me? Do you drive? I have something you can help with I'd you are interested?"



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"Yes I drive and I said ill help you with anything didnt i? as for my name, i have no idea if or where you heard it before now"

Leon thinks to himself that he could have had a better mannered person to chase but hey ho least she's a good looker.

He heads for home shaking his head is disbelief of what a morning it was already, but he know it was a good start to getting his promise.

Once home he lays on the bed and thinking of everything that was said to this woman, who for some reason hasn't told him her name yet but he knew things would be happening soon enough. With that thought he drifted off to sleep waiting for this phone call...

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Gigi steps out of the local shop she just popped into for a second and took a look around Leon was gone, she only popped in for a second and he had vanished. How was she going to get to Josie now, fumbling around in her pocket she pulled out the business card. Grabbing a nearby phone she rang the number on the card 'Ring Ring, Ring Ring' ​Ring'. A slightly disoriented voice answered. 


​​​​​​"Where the bloody hell did you go I said I needed you and your car l, I hope you just went back to get it." The phone went dead... "Motherfucker hung up on my Gigi thought to herself."


Making her way back to spot she originally was waiting for a ride a red Chevy come screeching round the corner and stopped dead in front of her, it was Leon "Get in then, Don't just stare."


Gigi jumped in and shut the door, "We are driving to see Josie I'll explain on the way." Leon started the engine back up and away they went, it felt like they had been driving for ages Leon liked to stick to prescribed speed limits. The place wasn't too far away and Gigi was just about to settle back and lit a cigarette when Leon turned to her. 


"So you going to tell me what is happening? Why you have got me to drive you to your friends?." He seemed rather cross buy Gigi knew he would calm down hopefully once she told him.


"Look, my name is Gigi, we are going to see a friend she is Josie, we both like to how do you say we run a criminal organisation." Gigi stopped a second to try and judge Leon's facial reactions to that news, he looked like he was listening and not scared off so she continued.


"There is a bank a couple of blocks over, the safe there tomorrow is going to be full of Money, the plan is that we get in get the money and get out before anybody even knows what's happened, now you are either in or you can drop me off and get on your way your choice."


They arrived to a Industrial area and Gigi got out, she approached a warehouse and banged on the shutter, she looked behind and too her surprise Leon was still there, maybe he was ok after all.


"Josie, Open up it's Gigi. I have a car and someone to help!"

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Josie jumps with a fright at the sound of her warehouse shutters being bashed in. She runs out with panic about to cave someone's head in with a wrench but immediately smiles when her good friend GigiDolin was standing there. 

"OH, Girl! Where have you been? You've not been returning my calls. I thought you had been kidnapped!!" Josie gives her a hug and notices a young man standing behind her..

"Wait, who is this? Did he kidnap you?" ​​​Josie turns to the man and holds up her wrench "Did you kidnap her?" ​He smirks and she smiles.  Josie laughs... she pulls in LeonVance for a hug. 

"How's it going, man? Long time no see! You up for some shenanigans then? Gigi has organised a nice little number for us. I've been waiting forever for her to turn up." 

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Gigi smiles when Josie finally comes into view but that smile suddenly turns in confusion. 


"Woooooo, hold on a second. You know this guy? How? From where? Oh it doesn't matter right this second we have more important things to worry about currently."


Gigi enters the warehouse with Leonvance, it's like a criminals paradise, cars, guns, drugs and money everywhere. Her and Josie take Leonvance on a quick tour of the warehouse just so he can get a feel for things. Gigi notices Leonvance taken particularly interest in some files next to a computer. 


"Hey, they don't concern you."  She called out "If your wondering how on earth two seemingly innocent girls are going to rob the bank of Philadelphia I'll show you." 


Gigi took Leonvance over to a sheet that was covering up something, she pulled the sheet back and laughed. "You see the thing is us girls we have ways to get things." She winked at Leonvance, under the sheet was a clothes rail full of different uniforms and next to it a table with various different ID cards. 


"It's quite simple you see, me and Josie will put these security uniforms on and along with these here ID badges when they have the change of shift tomorrow we will blend right in. Then when the cost is clear we will fill these two bags up with money and walk right out the front door." 


Gigi and Josie laughed, the plan seemed so simple what could possibly go wrong 


"Oh I almost forgot l, we also like to taunt the dim witted law enforcement and right where the money is we will leave a black rose, a sign that we have robbed them. Not that they know who we are they are too stupid for that. This is all for tomorrow now it's time to rest, take a place anywhere down here and we will catch up in the morning."


Gigi took Josie hand and followed her upstairs leaving Leonvance down stairs scurring around for a place to rest his head.

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Leon is laying down enjoying a rest after the long night drinking then the mornings crazy activities.

Thinking of what his next move has to be, that want a strike of luck it was to pass GigiDolin and what lies ahead, he was soon drifting off to sleep.

Suddenly  bang pow pop!!

"Shit its the rozzers!!!! RUN!"

LeonVance heads up in search of the girls, GigiDolin is freaking out crying "What do we do? Where should we go?"

The doors downstairs burst open and shots are fired up stairs towards us, GigiDolin is hit! she's down, Josie and LeonVance look at each other then look at the window, then each other again, they both know its long way down but with no other choice they run and jump out the window.

They land heavy, Straight on to the top of the FBI's van, "what luck and OW!!! that hurt, you ok Josie?" LeonVance asks quietly. She nods and they climb down and run towards the car for a sharp get away.

"hit duck we lost @GigiDolan" leonVance shouts as they screech away and escape

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Gigi was enjoying her sleep when she was disturbed by the sounds of what appeared to be a man's voice she turned over to see Josie was sound asleep next to her, not to disturb her she got up to investigate. She pulled back the curtain to check out the window that overlooked the warehouse floor. LeonVance was no where to be seen. Before she even had a chance to step out the door 'BANG BANG' two shots rang out just outside the warehouse. 


"This is the police, we have you surrounded."


How, how did they know where we was they have not been able to catch up to us for months Gigi thought. Without a second thought she quickly woke Josie up. 


"Get up now, we have to go!"


LeonVance suddenly appears at the doorway, the doors downstairs shoot open and shots come raining in, windows smashing, glass flying everywhere. Gigi is hit in thearm she stumbles back she falls to the floor stunned by the shot as she hits the floor she sees Josie and LeonVance jump from a window. She pulls herself up to her feet and stumbled to the Window, they are both gone. Confused and in a lot of pain bleeding heavily from the arm she panics about what to do next. She suddenly remember like a lightbulb moment not long too long ago they had managed to get hold of two Philadelphia police uniforms. As quick as she could she raced to the cupboard to grab it quickly put in on straighten her hair up and shouted out below. 


"All clear up here nobody is around? They may have escaped through the window," 


She walked down the stairs right into a group of Police, keeping her head down she walked on past them, but paused and turned back a second she could of sworn she heard them talking about Leon, Could they​​​​ have been, after all she did just randomly bump into him. Not wanting to wait around she got her arse out of there. Once outside she managed to grab herself a car and get away, if she knew Josie she knew where she would have went they had a safehouse a few blocks over and that is where Gigi was heading.


​​​​​​After some time driving Gigi pulls out just down the street from the safe house, there is another car parked close to it, she pulls her gun out and checks it's loaded and cleans it of blood. She rips a part of her shirt off and ties it around her arm to try and stem the bleeding, she knows she probably needs medical attention but this was more important. As she approached the house the rain was coming down heavy and thunder could be heard in the background. She reached the door and crashed it open. In front of the door Josie and LeonVance were standing there. Gigi in a fit of rage grabbed the gun with her good hand from behind her and pointed in straight at Leon.


"Those cops back there were taking about you, care to explain why? I knew you was fishy from the moment I met you is this your doing?!"


Gigi is in a fit of rage she approached Leon, blood dripping from her arm, rain dripping from her hair pushes, she pushes the Gun against Leon.


"Give me on good reason why I shouldn't pull this trigger!" 

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