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Purchasing Poker Players Started by: TheBoss on Jun 08, '23 05:49

"Sir, they're opening up the poker tournaments again, are you going to take part?"

The Boss threw an entire deck of cards angrily against the ground, all of them spiraling everywhere. This game had given him such a stir in the past that he could never take part again, but yet... there were accolades to be won, think of the glory. Think of how his name would look up there as the victor of the entire poker tournament, the bright lights were built for this man and yet he couldn't reach those heights without a little bit of lubrication.

Money was the lubrication, of course. 

Koco will be running her poker tournament and I am all in for this sort of thing, however, I do not have the skills nor the inclination for poker to actually take part and win the entire thing. So I will buy anyone's way in who wants to give it a try. What's the catch? If you win, then I get to put it on my resume that I, in fact, won.

I spot you the cash. You play the game. Win or lose, you owe me nothing. You keep all of the prize money. All you give to me is the ability to say that I technically also won. Sounds too good to be true, no? Well, some things are just good enough to be true, because this is true... so come send me a message and let me set you up as the next co-poker champion.

What do you say? Who's in?

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Koco stopped to hear what TheBoss was going on about.  Of course, that shit he was saying sounded too good to be true.  He’s going to spot the cash and all you have to do is show up and play, owing him nothing but recognition if you win.  Well to make sure he’s on the up and up and not trying to pull some shenanigans, plus TheLastHit and Jesse were taking her hard earn money every week she was going to check it out.

She went directly to the Western Union and sends him a telegram.

Dear TheBoss,

What a very generous offer and one I will take you up on it.  Please let me know what I need to do.



If this is really on the up and up anyone sponsored by TheBoss will play using his name just adding a number to their liking,  For example, I will use TheBoss1 if things go through.

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TLH was walking when one of his BGs that is called Aime told him that she heard someone talking about the poker tournament, she knew that his name TheBoss and he is looking for someone to play for him and he will sponsor him, TLH smiled widely.

He recognized the man, he is the winner of the one of the biggest lotteries he ever seen.

He told his Aime to go to TheBoss to tell him that TLH the winner of the last two tournaments in the last two weeks is willing to play this week for him, he just need to sponsor him and pay him 10M if he wins the tournament for.

If he is willing to make a deal he visit us and we can talk about it.

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I would like to commend you for such a noble attitude, TheBoss. At the same time you identified your weakness in poker and offered a chance, for those who can not afford, to participate in the tournament.

I couldn't expect less from the owner of one of the biggest mansions in Chicago. Hope this works out for you!
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TheBoss, it seems you have come to the realisation that reputation is everything in this world. Winning a poker tournament is a mad boost to your street cred.

People will be talking about it at the local bakery when enjoying a fresh and crispy breakfast pretzel, at the local coffee shop when sipping their morning Joe, and at the 12th Street Public Toilets whilst servicing their fellow man at one of the suspicious holes in the wall. Word will spread like wildfire (and sexually transmitted diseases).


I'm willing to contract my most skilled poker player to you in return for 50% of the winnings.

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I received a lovely offer from TheLastHit, but sadly, I will have to decline. This isn't about the money, I am not in it for that, I am also not going to pay anyone extra cash for winning the entire pot-- as the victory in itself would surely be the payment. All I am looking for here is someone to be the future of all poker-based competitions and allow me to pay for your entry.

Anyone who wants to give their hands a try at poker just needs to come in contact with me via their friendly neighborhood mailman and I will more than happily pay their way into the competition: the entire one million dollars. I will expect nothing in return, win or lose, and you will just have to allow me to keep the trophy at my house, with my other many accolades.

If anyone wants to be part of the future of poker in the mafia, then please hit me up. I will support anyone financially that wants to give it a try, you do not have to win, but the winner should be on my team. Please. Do it for society. We all need this right now.

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I must say that despite my diverse portfolio, and boy is it diverse, I hadn't considered actually buying people before. I mean, I've invested and uplifted many with my financial clout, but owning them outright to wear my name? What an opportunity. I feel like wool has been pulled from my eyes and I can see again. So bright. So many colours. Dorks sitting at poker tables called TheBoss1. How beautiful. 

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I would love to do this for you Boss unsure if you have heard of me before I break my balls for NO ONE
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I have no problem taking everyone's money.

Buzz me in

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