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Buzz Buzz Bang Started by: SuperBee on Jun 09, '23 03:38

SuperBee buzzes down into the financial district of Los Angeles to meet with an associate

Let me tell you something, I decided a long time ago that I do not do the dramatics... too much energy spent and I'd much rather spend it cracking heads in these provolone's casinos...I fly into a city, I handle any business, whether it be linguine with the family or emptying a chamber into the gut of a rat or someone who thinks they can cross me. Then I walk into their local casino and wax them for everything they got. Open the jails, load up the coffer 75% for the next shlub and get outta dodge. I don't leave until I've made $100M in a session. I like nice suits, good cigars, fine tequila and fly private. You think I can make what I need to live up to this lifestyle knocking off post offices and running hookers? Forget it. 

I settled down in Chicago, good city, nice new start, I got old blood here and this time I am coming to mark the line for greatness....

Going to run my own crew one day... watch... big earners with heavy guns... everybody on the payroll... peace through cold, hard cash...

Everybody got a price. 

Keep quiet. 
Pay your debts. 
Don't be a dirtbag.


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