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Esmeralda did nothing wrong. Started by: Chewbacca on Sep 17, '23 19:36

Chewbacca was fucking annoyed. First, because both sides involved were people he liked. Second, because he couldn't stand unfairness. Third, because he shouldn't be questioning himself everyday "what the actual fuck is going on?". It was the 3rd of 4th time that our dear Fenton had lost the HQ. And now apparently he was soon going to be a respected Godfather. Is the inability to rule and maintain a HQ now a requirement to be Godfather?

Is the friendship and closeness to other important figures above what is right and wrong?

A crew member who was thrown out of their own home because of the lack of (to say the least) presence of their Crew Leader, doesnt have the right to search for another family, someone who provides them a place in which they feel safe? (Specially since technically, without a home, they dont belong in any crew)

Chewbacca was fucking annoyed. He knew that speaking this out loud in the streets was a death sentence and deep down he wasnt caring that much, except for his own crew leader and crewmates which he adored and would miss greatly.

Esmeralda was unfairly killed. She simply refused to rejoin a crew leader and a family in which she was homeless almost every fucking week, apparently.

Chewbacca's grandfather had also lost his HQ in his times. But everyone knew he was a dickhead and had a dickhead for RHM. And they didnt kept committing the same mistakes, over and over. 

Chewbacca hopes that this isnt taken personally. As usual, he cant keep his mouth shut. He also loves giving unrequited opinions about stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with him.

Last words:

- This world of ours is turning into a joke and since its a joke, i would like to nominate Kuku's kin for GFC of someplace. Im pretty sure he would do a good job, compared.

- I have forbidden my child to come to these shores, at least until is not a joke anymore.

- I was going to try my luck and shoot my friend Fenton (and count simply and basically on lady luck, since my aim is nonexistant), but decided against bringing dishonor to my family. 

- This is PURELY my opinion. I have talked with the CL in question and said i wasnt gonna share this opinion publicly. But after some thought, i realised it was deeply bothering me. As if it was me in Esmeralda's place i would be completely upset. Specially because apparently nobody backed her up. May she rest in peace and feel supported in heaven by this furry friend

- Someone put cocaine on my coffin, please.

Chewbacca then sniffed some coke lines, grabbed the gun and shot himself in the ass. Died happy.

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Fenton began to sob profusely when he heard news of his good friend getting coked up chatting shit and shooting themselves in the ass, the one place they damn well knew we’d want to see one last time. He felt like he had to set the story straight so he wrote down his last words to his dear friend and delivered them to where chewwies body lay in preparation for the service.

“It was the second time my friend, thanks for trying to count. You say Esmeralda was killed unfairly, yet you do not know the half of it, but since you went out with a bang I guess I should try to put your soul at ease as it drifts off to better pastures. Esmerelda was a troubled member way before the events of today, all you see is what you see, not what happens within crew establishments or between others, sadly this leads you to believe all sorts of nonsense, simply put she was treading thin ice for previous upsets and she opted out of the ‘To the end’ part of our agreement.

You should have taken the shot, I would have welcomed it from a friend. Alas you lie here now and I have a fuzzy shaped hole in my heart.

Never lost, Always Found - take care fuzzy one”

He seals the letter with a kiss, slips a roll of dollars and a rock of the finest cocaine along with the letter tightly under chewwies lifeless arm.

Placing one final kiss on the forehead before walking away.

“May you be at peace”

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Yeah, it was only the second time he's lost his HQ, give the guy a break.

How dare people come out with these preconceived notions that CL's are responsible for upholding standards and leading by example. 

The jealousy is palpable, how about you work your way to the top and lose your own HQ on multiple occasions, I don't know exactly how many times Fenton is going to have to teach you people this lesson but by god he's trying.

Sorry about this Fenton, carry on. Keep up the good work.

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Gusts of wind blow debris around the dark and shadowy alleyway as the silhouette of TheStranger comes into view.  His usually shiny leather imported Italian shoes are spattered with mud, an unfortunate but necessary consequence of his latest racket.  TheStranger was now in the produce busines, supllying local vendors with fruit, primarily apples.  One of TheStranger's many spies had scouted an orchard in upstate New York buried deep in the mountains.  TheStranger would make the drive north and fill his baskets until they overfloweth with the biggest and ripest apples you've ever seen.  He would then return to the city and sell the apple wholesale to fruit stands on the city sidewalks at wholesale prices.  The vendors would then sell the apples themselves at a markup.  Everybody wins.  And the best part?  There wasnt anything the police could do about it, as there was no way to trace the apples back to TheStranger.  He had made sure of that.  

TheStranger peered out of the alleyway the brim from his fedora hat masking his face.  He saw Luigi the Produce Guy at his apple cart, selling apples.  This made TheStranger happy.  Business was booming.  But as people walked away from the apple cart, they semed to be drawn towards a commotion in the streets.  Rival mobsters, perhaps once even allies, were exchanging heated words.  TheStranger crept closer, managing to avoid detection by the growing crowd.  He looked on intently, listening closely to what Chewbacca had to say.  He pulled a cigarette from his breastpocket and lit it with his golden zippo lighter.  He inhaled deeply, then exhaled as Fenton was now beginning to speak his own peace.

"Hmmmmm..." he said.

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GordonGekko watches TheStranger watching Fenton and others.  Who is this guy?  I tried to talk to him but got nothin"


I do like me an apple.  And the Detective Agency hasn't earned me a Nicole.


Maybe I need to branch you..


"How'd'ya like them apples, son?"

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I wonder..

Lissa paused to listen for a moment. The subject itself was I suppose interesting but the mere idea that it could be expanded into something worth a discussion was what really caught her eye. Up until now she had thought about it a few times as she saw leaders set up, fall down, only to set up again.

The core idea of whether an individual could safely transfer when their leader loses their Headquarters is a fair question in and of itself. Should it be allowed? What are the ramifications if an individual was a member instead of an associate? People should be able to feel a little safer with the leaders they choose. A heads up, if the leader is taking the Headquarters down temporarily, and perhaps some leeway when it is unexpected but the leader is aware that they would lose the building should they fail to meet X, Y and Z requirements. In this case activity in this world would be the deciding factor.

I do not know the ins and outs of Esmeralda's particular situation and I have no desire to pry but this does open up a door way for a conversation in how certain things happen in our world, and perhaps why they do.  Just some food for thought.

Shrugging slightly, she looks around before falling back into the shadows.

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I heard several questions asked by the furry guy before he offed himself, so thought I’d answer them. I’m also back once again to call bullshit, where bullshit has been displayed, and today we have bullshit in abundance…

Esmeralda did nothing wrong.

Bullshit! This may have been the straw that broke the camels’ back and maybe if it was the first time she’d made an error of judgement she’d have gotten away with a slapped wrist and a re-education. People aren’t just put to the slaughter without good reason in this city and do continue to listen if you want it explained in black and white.

Is the inability to rule and maintain a HQ now a requirement to be Godfather?

Yes absolutely, part of the entrance examination is proving our incompetence and incontinence.

Is the friendship and closeness to other important figures above what is right and wrong?

I’m not entirely sure what you are eluding to here, but if you’re claiming that Fenton’s decision to have Esmeralda killed was encouraged or even suggested by anyone other than Fenton, you are incorrect. However, no one objected or suggested a different course of action when it was proposed, indicating a consensus of approval amongst the New York leadership.

A crew member who was thrown out of their own home because of the lack of (to say the least) presence of their Crew Leader, doesnt have the right to search for another family, someone who provides them a place in which they feel safe? (Specially since technically, without a home, they dont belong in any crew)

There are several inaccuracies here, firstly, Esmeralda was not thrown out her home. The headquarters of her employer was inexplicably demolished, apparently because the newly appointed third in command of the business didn’t show up to work enough this week… The city council have some weird rules I guess? It was nothing to do with (as you have incorrectly stated) the presence of her leader. Esmeralda was never fired or released from her employment, and had also sworn an oath to serve her leader and city to her dying breath, so actually, “technically” she did belong. Mere minutes after the demolishment of his headquarters (amazing accomplishment for someone not present!), Fenton had purchased and furnished a brand new headquarters and sent every employee directions to their new place of business as well as a notice informing all other leaders that his employees were not to be harmed.

Upon receipt of her directions, rather than assist “the best CL” that ran “the best crew”, Esmeralda decided to decline Fenton’s invitation (despite him being “adorable”) and chose to insult his leadership. This was not constructive criticism, and if it was poorly judged if intended to do anything but antagonise her leader.

Esmeralda was unfairly killed. She simply refused to rejoin a crew leader and a family in which she was homeless almost every fucking week, apparently.

I’m simply going to correct this part… Fenton once lost a headquarters in a similar situation, but this was before Esmeralda’s lifetime, she had in fact never been homeless before this during her 39 day career. Esmeralda was killed fairly. She rather naively refused to rejoin her leader who she had sworn to serve loyally to her dying breath. She found out that oaths of loyalty are taken seriously in the mafia. The end.



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I am not the one to get involved in internal affairs.

I am just questioning the rule of thumb here.

It was my understanding and I might be wrong but once you find yourself in the streets you no longer have a CL  or a Headquarters and are not obligated to rejoin said crew if they decide to set up again.  There’s usually a protection order announced giving the displaced crew members 7 days to find a new home.

I’ve seen countless members choose not to rejoin a crew whose uppers can’t stay active and it’s overlooked by the CL 

Don’t get it twisted I’m just saying.

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Seems to me Chewbacca was upset.  Why?  He doesn't really say.  Said a lot of whinging from where I'm sitting, but I'm sitting having an Al fresco espresso in booth D in a lovely chalet style restaurant in Aspen, Colorado.  I'm here on business.


I'm brushing up on my musical recommendations.  The last one, well, it didn't go down too well.  So I'm shelving my A&R career and getting back into more criminal matters.


Lost a lot at the tables at the weekend.  TheAccountant won, but didn't seem to get a chance to enjoy it.  All loss of life is regrettable, but in this thing, it's inevitable.  We roll the dice and take a chance.  


Speaking of chance, have you heard that singer coming out of Memphis?  I'm gonna meet a military man who says I can't lose if I invest.  Trouble is I'm financially embarrassed at the moment.


Maybe I should preach for my supper.

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Fenton is just a man. A man who made a mistake, twice. That's only two strikes. He's not out yet. Third pitch could be a grand slam. Maybe you wake up tomorrow and instead of losing his HQ, he'll have two HQs. Wouldn't that be something? He could have a whole collection. There would be no problem re-joining. He would have so many HQs, you wouldn't know which one to choose. Good work, Fenton. 

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These days I normally stay out of these things but this whole ordeal just seems silly to me. When you become a made member of a family, you’re swearing your loyalty and life to the leader of the family and the Godfather Chairman of that city. I know being made is something that has lost alot of its value these days, but it seems Fenton is a leader who values what that once stood for. For that I commend his actions, this would be no different to me than a leader being killed and a member being left crewless and instead of helping the city they immediately begin looking for another family. One of those situations where many of us think they should die and many others say “well they’re TECHNICALLY not in a family anymore so they can do what they want”.

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Say, Nick_Valentine.  Where did you get that suit?


I have a friend.  Let's just leave it at that.


*Opens suitcase*






*closes suitcase*


Good day to you, Mr 14th February.

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