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A painful start in life. Started by: Skittles- on Sep 18, '23 22:53

Sitting in a torture dungeon, skittles aka Ghost or jade/jaden looked to be a child, they had no specific gender. They were beyond their years, now in their, what seemed to be in a male or boy form because they were under malnourished they didn't train ever. Sitting there and being beaten up. His face starting to heal after his jaw was broken. Questions being yelled in his face. His captors had killed off a small village of people that had taken him in. With blood dripping from his mouth and nose, his mind kept fading out. Although they lived in a small village, it was still big for its size. He lived with an elderly lady on the outskirts of the village. They had everything they needed, although he had a fun life with that lady, he was still bullied because she was poor and old. He wanted to train but he didn't want to make it worse for her. So he would wait until she died then he would get his revenge.


As she treated everyone like family, they treated her like shit and overruled her authority. Even abused her, it pissed him off just thinking about it. He was normally a well composed behaved minded person. But when it came to her, he would lose his composure. How anyone could harm an old lady was beyond him, even the mafia had standards. The mafia was an elite criminal organization. He would just clench his fist like she had asked. Even though he was bullied he still had everything he needed for now so he wouldn't bring more attention to the old lady. He remembered that last day, how the village was ransacked, he wanted revenge, but not to murder. Some of those people were still babies.  He remembered the screams and the blood, if only he had trained. He could have saved them. He gritted his teeth as he came back to reality.

"haha..he still won't answer..damn this guy is tough..shall we take it up a notch?" One made said.


one of his eyes was swollen, so he couldn't open it. Using the other eye, he looked around, he could tell they were a little more wealthy than the people in his village but not much, which showed they were of an organization and low rank at that. As water was splashed across his face, he would keep his reaction neutral. Thinking of all the martial arts he had stored in his consciousness. Since he was going to become an assassin, he decided he would study chaos and demonic qi and yin and yang qi. Since he could transform into anything he would study this. Sitting there naked in a torture chair, nothing but mostly skin and bones beaten bloodied. He looked through his consciousness and found a cultivation breathing technique and then looked through a demonic speed technique, then a demonic sword martial arts then a body technique and the yin and yang holy demonic arts. It was the highest and truest of martial arts. 


As he soaked it into his mind, he didn't study it yet or try and train, otherwise rhey would know something was a miss and they would make it worse. He had to hold it in, he just sat there unaffected. It hurt and he could probably speak fifty million different languages but only problem was, he was sure there wasn't that many languages. Maybe back in the day there might have been that many but as of the times of today, he was sure there wasn't. He would have to check that again.

he barely tensed anymore, as his body shook from the intense pain, although he looked calm, his eyes said a different story. His eyes showed rage, it showed he remembered why he ended up in that village. These people caused chaos and as soon as they were done with him, he was going to train and kill these people. Not just his captors but all of them in their organization. Unlike the mafia, these people were trash, they had no respect for others or a sense of family. 

"I'm going to ask you one more time ...where is.." one of the abusers started to say before Jaden interrupted him.

"Wait before that..can you hit my left ball." He asked tensing.

It really itched after all the cold breeze moved over the sensitive skin and it really itched. Since he couldn't itch it, he would make this man do it god damn it. It hit his left nut sack but in the wrong place. 

"a little more to the left." Jaden said as the thing hit in the right spot.

"better?" The man asked.

"Yes thank you." Jaden said as he started to laugh when the abusers started to ask again.

"and just pray tell ..what the fuck is so funny?" one of the men asked.

"Haha..I'm sorry ..ahaha..what's funny is you just scratched my you will forever be known as scratching another man's balls hahaha." Jaden busted out laughing as the other man laughed to.

"You little.." the man growled and pinched his nose.

"Well he isn't wrong.." another one stated.

"shut the fuck up and get back to work." The man growled out and the men shuffled away to pretend to be working.


"Now where was i..oh..where is the villages money?"asked the abuser 

"how would I know..i lived on the outskirts.. you killed anyone who would know." Jaden said, unmotivated.

"What you mean..I found you in the town." The abuser stated.

"Well..yes you was a selling day..since I lived on the outskirts of town..I lived on a farm that produced herbs and vegetables...every Friday, if our gardens produced enough crops and such i would have to go into the village and sell or trade for the things we think they respected that old lady?" Jaden said seriously but a bit oddly cold and bored.

"i doubt we killed everyone..stop speaking bullshit and tell me." The abuser said.

"Are you an idiot? Did you not see their houses and huts on fire? You all killed babies..pregnant woman and children...even the mafia wouldn't do that..but you..haha ..soon you will feel the Vengeance of the people you killed..they will haunt you..torment you..destroy your mind...I may have wanted revenge on them but even I didn't want to kill those all killed EVERYONE in the village..I didn't know where they kept their stuff..I didn't live in the I said I lived in the outskirts of it." Jaden spoke with a ruthless cold boredom.


"Stop spouting bullshit.." the abuser started to say

"Sir you are gonna want to hear this." One man said.

"hurry it up." The abuser said.

"There is a farm outside the village that produced farm good and medicinal herbs and it appeared an old lady lived there ..and uhm this one appeared to live with her. Also it looks like we only killed woman and children." The man said.

the abusers eyes widened, as Jaden laughed, as the abuser turned to look at him with such horror. 

"Just what in the actual fuck is so funny you piece of shit." The abuser growled, spit being spewed out.

"still think I'm spouting nonsense..this village was owned by the mafia..we were producing organic goods for them..they allowed us ten percent of the stuff we produced so we can survive..but since the old lady was a mafia boss's grandmother, we got 25 percent. The men that you're probably looking for is off killing people in your area..they left last week..which means they will be coming back..and the money you are talking about..that belongs to the godfather..what do you think they are gonna do once they come back here and find that? That's why I find this funny..because you think you're having a hard time now...but you haven't seen anything yet...what they are doing now is child's play compared to what they will do to you and your organization." Jaden said as the abuser cursed.


"Jesus just who is this kid?..boss?" One man asked.

"I don't think this kid belongs to we could probably take him so he could run hid mouth or kill him?" The abuser said.

"just you wait..they'll find you..they sent me to live with that old lady..I'll kill every single one of you." Jaden said, although his voice seemed emotionless, his eyes said another.

The man kicked his chair as he fell backwards, he still didn't cry out. He could barely stay awake, he had lost a lot of blood and his entire body was broe and beaten. Then suddenly shooting could be heard and loud noises. Jaden gave an evil smile, it was widen as he looked at them. They began to cower in fear. The abuser kicked him, as he spat blood he didn't react.

the noises got louder, he just laughed as they kicked him and finally they looked to the door.

"keep him here..I'll handle things up there and once I'm done..we will move him..we will keep him like this until he answers...make him learn some manners." The abuser said before pulling out his gun and left.


Explosions got louder, his eye sight started to get blurry, his breathing coming to slow pace. He felt heavy, the suddenly he could hear people shooting. As he opened his eyes again he could see it was a figure. It sounds like a woman. 

"hey..hey are you okay?..hey wake up?" Thr voice said

Her voice sounded far away, as he lazily opened his eyes, and he saw vaguely that he was being lifted, he could hear far away shots, ringing through the air.

"they killed her..they said they would torture me until...until I told them where the village head quarters were..they wanted their money.." He said breathlessly.

"Shush..don't are too enjured to even open your eyes. Let us take care of the rest. You just rest and when you wake up we will talk then." She said.


as she finished the end of her sentence, he felt like he was being pulled under. As his body began to heal. As he slowly woke up, everything was so bright. He didn't make a sound, nor did he panic. It was quiet, the sun was shining in through the window. He was in his own room, which was a first. He blinked a couple of times trying to unblur his eyesight. So since it wasn't working, he began to study the breathing qi he wanted to use. Feeling his surroundings, he began to cultivate the technique, taking in chaos chi. Then suddenly his eyes began to unblur, using the qi to circulate around in his body. Moving his blood. He then took a deep breath and allowed more chi into his body, making him a warrior. He only cultivated for an hour, he felt his injuries start to heal. His eyes was going back to normal, although it hurt, he could now open them and see.


Suddenly a door was opened, as he watched the nurse do a check, she gasped and dropped the water and the stuff she was holding. "Ah..I'm so so sorry..I'll get a doctor." She gasped and ran off.

As he looked around, he turned towards the window and suddenly he saw someone who he was close to. His name was Alex. As Alex came and smiled, the brightest smile, he came over and poured him some water from the picture and helped him sit up and drink some. As the doctor stepped him, he heard gasps.

" is this were on the blinked of's nothing but a miracle. So how do you feel?" The doctor asked.

"Ahem..I'm sore..but that's to be expected considering what happened." He said.

"uhm well yeah but you were technically dead..actually well in a deep coma. Uh let's see when you were first brought in you had a broken bloodied body. You were only under a few weeks. You heal really fast. Unnaturally fast.  Your wounds are closed buy had a broken body." The doctor said.

"when can I leave?" He asked.

" were brought in with a broken body..we don't even have you're name.." the doctor started to say.

"I don't care about that..I can take care of myself..Alex here can vouch for me..besides I can't hold up this have other people to treat and I'd much rather i go home." he said.

"I'm sorry I can't allow that.." the doctor said and he nodded.

"fine..can I at least get something to do?" He asked and the doctor nodded and left after he did a check up on his body.

"Alex..grab me some clothes and shoes..tonight we are getting out of here. You know i can't stay here..I'm not like them.." He started to say as Alex nodded.

"alright..I'll have someone get you some stuff so we can go..I won't leave you alone..these people maybe doctors but that doesn't mean they won't stop people from visiting you while you are in here." He said

Jaden nodded and watched Alex leave, he started to cultivate and doze off. As evening came he was woken up by Alex and realized Alex had dressed him since he was still slightly enjured.

Alex held him in his arms, as he woke up in the hospital elevator. The man stood a the front monitoring it for them. As the man let rhem out on the ground floor, a car pulled up and Alex got in driving off.


To be continued...

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