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The Fall of Vito Vincenzo Started by: SonnyFranzese on Oct 24, '23 15:15

Vito sat back in his chair and waited, there was little else he could do as chaos rained down upon the prison. He noticed the muffled whispers of the crowd, clearly noticing something was up and voicing their worries. A nearby guard told them the situation was under control and they were safe inside the room. The last thing they needed was civilians blocking up the corridors and preventing them from moving freely around the prison, or worse hearing the blood curdling cries and screams of men being brutally murdered. 


A hand on Vito's shoulder surprised him the man shook him and whispered, "we've got you Vito, at our signal get ready to run."


Vito smiled, fucking Alfonse and Oscar, the mad bastards were going to do it. He remained impassive not wanting to alert the crowd to any suspicious activity. 




Oscar nodded at the approaching guard, he'd sent the man deeper into the prison to deliver a copied set of keys to the rioting prisoners. The shouts began to echo outside as the prisoners broke their way out of the cell blocks. Oscar stood in front of the crowd of people sitting about the executioners room and shouted for quiet. 


"There has been an incident in the prison, we strongly recommend you vacate immediately," he shouted at the waiting crowd.


In response to his word the crowd turned to pandemonium, jumping up from their seats they rushed towards the rooms only exit. Oscar began to release the leather clasps which held Vito to the chair and removed the hood. 




Vito shook his hands and feet willing blood to enter his numb limbs. Oscar and the others dropped their duffel bags and began to hand out the shotguns and pistols contained within. Oscar passed Vito a change of clothes and a suitable pair of boots. He quickly changed into the clothes before grabbing an offered shotgun, pistol and extra ammunition. Well fuck Vito thought to himself, Oscar had come prepared to shoot his way out of the prison if necessary. 


Oscar led the men out of the room and joined the rush of civilians desperate to escape the prison. Albert was directing the men and women towards the prisons front exit as Oscar and the others joined the rush of feet. They followed the crowd shouting out orders to get them towards the gate. Vito couldn't help but smile, even if they were spotted he doubted the guards would risk firing at a crowd of terrified civilians. The group rushed through the prison using the mass of civilians as cover, but fortunately the guard station had been emptied by the riot which tore through the prison. Now the prisoners were running amok outside their cages all hands had been called to help.


Vito blinked the bright lights out of his eyes as he followed Oscar and the others outside. Tears began to well in the corners of his eyes at his first taste of freedom in God knows how long. He never expected to see the outside world again. Oscar shouted at him to get into the back of a waiting the engine already idling. The group sped off heading towards the city before the alarm could be raised. 



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Vito awoke in his cold cell his memory had long started to fail him. The daily beatings he'd received since first arriving at the prison left him feeling sluggish. Ever since killing Godfather Gambino he'd been locked in a cold cell in solitary confinement. Tormented by guard and prisoner alike, labeled a kid killer and beaten to within an inch of his life daily. The sadistic warden made whatever remained of his life a misery. Vito cowered on the floor as the cell door was thrown open, but was surprised as a priest entered the room.


"I've come to give you your last rites son," the father stated with disgust written over his face. 


As the door was locked behind him the priest got so close to Vito he could smell the liquor on his breath, "there is no place in heaven for scum like you, it would be easier if you just cut your wrists now and be over with it," the priest stated with a wicked smile plastered over his face, he made an act of dropping a razor blade on the floor before knocking twice on the cell door and leaving. 


Vito was dragged onto his feet before heavy chains were wrapped around his arms and legs. He shuffled awkwardly out the cell barely able to stand from his malnutrition and constant beatings. He walked the halls of the solitary confinement block to the jeers of the other prisoners, who would gladly stick a knife in his neck given the opportunity, for Vito was two of their most hated things, an ex-cop and a kid killer. Vito blinked the stars out of his eyes as he entered the executioners room, cameras were waiting for him their flashes blinding him briefly. The seats of the room were filled to the brim, the whole city wanted to watch his end. 


Sat down upon the executioners chair he was strapped down and a damp sponge stuffed into his mouth. He barely heard the words of the governor and warden who presided over his execution. Instead he sat in a catatonic state as his tortured mind welcomed his inevitable end. Vito deserved such treatment, not for the murder of his family but for all he had done since. He'd become a cold blooded killer, a man with nothing to lose. As the crowds went quiet Vito felt the first jolt of electricity shoot through his body. The last thing he saw was a flashback to his family, happily living out their lives, the image brought a tear to his bruised eyes as he finally rode the lightning. 




It's been both a pleasure and a pain writing these daily. I would like to thank anyone unfortunate enough to have been reading my ramblings for their patience and endurance. As for Vito and the gang you never know, Vito may walk again ;) 

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