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The Final Requiem Started by: Tyki_Mikk on Nov 21, '23 19:23

The Firm HQ


In his office, he stood alone. The rain which once poured outside his window had now ceased to be. In his hand, he held an old picture, a memory of Corrado and what the man meant to him, to Amira, to their whole family. A man who had true potential, yet a life taken from them too soon.

"Watch down over us. I hope you are able to witness tonight, your retribution. Tonight they will understand that their mistake on that night, will cost them, everything."

Placing the picture down upon his desk, he nodded to it, almost as if the man was there, present, acknowledging what they needed to do.

"We dedicate this requiem to you."

Opening his wooden closet, he removed two of his best Beretta M1951 pistols and loaded the clips. Holstering them at his waist, he then slide on his long dark jacket before lifting his top hat and adjusting it carefully upon his head. Tonight, they would rain down hellfire upon their foes and send a message to any who stood in support of 'The Eagle'.

━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━

Hudson Dock, Vegas


Darkness had begun to settle. The calmness of the nearby sea, cooling the air but adding a serene sound, almost masking the tension in the atmosphere.

From out of the shadows, the vehicle headlights cut through the mist as two black Sedans pulled up. As the doors all opened, Tyki Mikk was the first to emerge, swiftly followed by various members of The Firm. Each was already aware of the task, packing their own arms, prepared to complete the assignment they knew needed to be done. As they gathered around the Godfather Chairman, he began to say his final words before the assault would begin.

"Tonight, we eliminate everyone within this warehouse. Cortez is here, I had that information confirmed to me already by a street kid who was performing surveillance for me. Cortez shall die last though. From my understanding, this place has been used to bring in a vast quantity of narcotics. Once our objective is done, we also retrieve the shipments from within and send a final message to their alliance."

Moving his jacket to the side, he collected both Berettas and began to make his way to the warehouse door, head tilted downwards slightly, jacket flowing in the wind, as he was closely followed by his fellow family members.

"Prepare yourselves. On my signal, we unleash hell."

As they arrived at the main entrance, his face wore an almost sadistic smile as he lifted his foot and crashed it down under the central panel, breaking the lock instantly and causing the metal doors to fly open. With both guns now aimed forwards, he began to open fire, shooting at all the nearest targets he could lay eyes on, the unprepared foot soldiers of Cortez.

"Spread out. Take no hostages. Leave Cortez till last. GO"

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With a menacingly sharp, hellishly curved blade gripped in each gloved hand, Amira grinned wickedly and followed Tyki through the now destroyed doorway into the warehouse. Her senses were as sharp as her blades, thanks to a double shot of vodka on the drive over. In fact, in the few moments of stunned disbelief caused by The Firm's grand entrance, Amira had time to take a quick survey of the immediate area. Six men on the main floor, guns visible; metal shelving...stairs...catwalk.

As soon as Tyki's Berettas cracked off and broke the split second of silence, Amira leapt out of the group and toward the right side of the warehouse, among a row of tall metal shelves. Moving one of her karabit handles into teeth, she hopped up and began to climb the dusty, industrial shelving. When she reached the top, she moved quickly but quietly along the shelves deeper into the warehouse. Gunfire was like thunder below her, but she knew that more men would be coming at the sound.

Amira crouched, squinting and breathing slowly and evenly like a lion watching for a kill. Then, she heard the yelling. Her lips curled into a smile under the hood of her coat. The blades looped over her fingers, coming to a stop gripped tightly in her fists.

"Let's fucking go!" Someone yelled beyond the door.

The door swung open into the main warehouse, and the first of four more men began to barrel through towards the fray. All he saw was a mass of gray drop from above, and then what felt like the fire of hell ripping through his belly as Amira's karambit tore him open. In the same motion, Amira twisted her upper body, using the momentum of the thrust to slice open the carotid artery of the second man. That sent a rapid spray of blood right into the faces of three and four;  buying Amira a few, precious seconds to get away and head through the doors to make sure the back corridor was clear.

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Meadow followed the rest of her crew out of the car and in through the destroyed door. Her mental alarm clocks went off, and she readied herself for the mayhem that was about occur. She looked around the warehouse, and noticed in the milliseconds before they charged, how serene everything seemed. The absolute silence before the storm. 

The sound of the Berettas exploding rang in her ears as Meadow moved quickly behind her crew. She noticed Amira heading on to the right, and followed up by going to the left. Meadow held her hands over both her holstered guns, identical black Colt M1911 .45. She leapt down the corridor of shelves and did her best to remain out of sight. She noticed some muted sounds, voices and footsteps coming towards her. She prepared herself for the chaos, and pulled one of her pistols out of their holster with her left arm, while she grabbed her gold engraved black hira-shuriken with her right arm just before two faces came into sight.

Without a moment of hesitation Meadow threw the shuriken with immense force and just enough of a curve to slice right into the neck of the man to the right of the two. The abrupt shock of the first blow gave Meadow just enough time to cock the gun and send bullets flying right towards the other man. The bullets hit him starting from his shin, going upwards with the last one right between his eyes. Meadow finally drew her breath, and felt the remains of the adrenaline run through her veins. She knew she had but little time to reload her gun, as she could hear footsteps of other enemies cutting close.

She leapt to the side and hid while reloading, making sure her back was covered. She took a deep breath and readied herself for the next round.

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Tony was excited to prove his metal, in the car ride he was shaking from the excitement.

once the doors burst open, Tony watched as everyone did their thing, taking a moment to admire their spirit.

keeping silent and staying just by the door, no one even noticed him.


meadow ducks to reload and Tony saw a guy coming around to take a shot at her, Tony withdrew his .50 and "Bang"

he clocks him right in the head, he hits the floor.

Tony gives a quick scout of the room and notices someone running at his godfather, club in hand.

​​​​​Suddenly he hears a guy running at him, making his presence known with a war scream.


Tony, with his gun in his right hand, shoots one guy running at Tyki right in the chest, who lands at Tyki's feet.

with his left, punches the guy running at him, passing the gun to his now free left hand and pops the guy between the eyes.



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The layout of this particular warehouse setup was fairly unique. Whilst it was in fact multiple warehouses all interconnected, high towards the roof, large metal chamber doors were chained up to create the open space between each of the sections. Tyki now found himself in the central 'main' warehouse section. Amira had moved to the warehouse on his left where he saw her weaving in and out, slaying with her karambit like she was in her natural element. Meadow could be seen in the the warehouse on his right, guns firing, as Tony joined her in that section, grabbing a guy and appearing to headbutt him with such force that the man crumbled against the wall like a sack of potatoes. Regardless, he had clear sight of them all with the shutter doors being hoisted up in the air still, creating that vast open space.

As he stepped forwards, crossing over the body which had recently fallen at his feet, he looked around, analysing the scene. It didn't take him long to notice what came next. A sudden shrieking sound of metal on metal came from directly in front of him. Coming to a stop and remaining in place, hands behind his back, gaze to the floor, he simply waited. The sound was that of a huge cargo door opening as Tyki then looked up to see what surprises were held behind it.

1,2,3,4, approximately 8 men full armed, mean looking fuckers too and what was this behind them? Tyki spotted a familiar face, Cortez.... It seemed the man had decided to make his appearance, accompanied by his personal guard, no mere regular thugs. Cortez had a look of anger on his face, pure disbelief that people had entered his domain in this fashion.

Stepping forward, Cortez looked at the carnage, noticing the slender gentleman in front of him, standing alone.

"I don't know who the fuck you are, but I can tell you this. In the next 5 minutes, you and all your people, will be dead." Nodding his head as a signal, his guards then began to move towards to the left and right wings of the warehouse, ready to attack Amira, Meadow and Tony, hoping to overwhelm them by sheer numbers and gain the upper hand.


Two simultaneous single shots rang through the air as the men looked back towards the direction where the sounds had come from. There they saw Tyki Mikk standing in the center with both arms outwards like a cross, the bullets flying upwards and shattering the chains, sending the doors above crashing downwards to seal the personal guard in the room with him. As if time began to slow down, he could feel Amira looking up towards him as the West wing door fell, the final thing she would have seen being that same eerie smile on the face of her Godfather.

He knew she would understand that she now needed to find a different route back to the central section.

"Are you stupid?" Cortez muttered. "You may have saved them but you just locked yourself in here with all of us. Just who in the hell are you?"

Slotting his guns back into their holsters, he placed his hand on his top hat and carefully removed it, left arm extended, right arm across his waist, he then shifted his weight forwards slightly as his left foot glided back across the floor and he leaned forwards in a makeshift bow.

His gaze remained on the floor, his eyes completely shrouded by darkness. "My name, is Tyki Mikk. The bad news is, none of you shall leave this warehouse alive tonight."

"Tyki..Mikk..." Cortez had a new found tremble in his voice. "I've heard that name. If memory serves me well, a man by that name recently took over the role of Godfather Chairman in Los Angeles... To think, you would be here...fuck. We wont go down without a fight!"

"Men, KILL HIM!"

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Amira had just returned to the main hub of the warehouse from clearing the west wing. There was a symphony of utter chaos before her; and at the center of it, she could see Tyki Mikk with his arms outstretched, as if he were the conductor amid a grand crescendo. Rather than a baton, though, he held his guns; and with an ear-splitting report that echoed through the building, Amira watched as the chains broke loose on the rolling metal doors between him and herself. Her eyes widened as she realized what was happening. She bolted toward the door, only to stop just short, knowing she wasn't going to make it.

"No...." she breathed, meeting his eyes just before the door crashed heavily to the concrete floor. Hearing the same sound from the door to the east, she knew what he had done.

The whispers in her mind that were normally a constant, white noise immediately rose to a raging cacophony of a thousand different, frantic voices all at once. Amira clenched her fists tightly, every muscle in her body tensing as her eyes started to search for the catwalk she'd seen when she first came in. Then, her ears pricked to the sound of a pistol cocking behind her. A slow, snarling grin crossed her face, and she held up her empty hands.

The voice behind her dripped with foolish arrogance.

"Come on, baby, let me see that pretty face before I blow it away."

Amira tilted her head to the right slowly, her eyes looking wild and unfocused above the unsettling grin, and suddenly the rest of her figure whirled around to follow. Too quickly to be seen, both hands produced a slender, straight-bladed knife; one of which launched from her hand and buried itself in the would-have-been shooter's gun arm. His weapon clattered to the floor and he staggered back, groaning. Amira launched toward him, kicked the gun  a foot or so away, then seized the man roughly by a handful of his shaggy black hair. The knife in her other hand pressed against his abdomen as she looked into his terrified eyes. Her voice was low, almost a whisper, but clear enough that he heard every word.

"Now I am become death, Destroyer of worlds."

Without taking her eyes from his, Amira pulled her blade back to her, opening the man's belly and watching as the life left his eyes. Before letting his corpse collapse into its former insides, she retrieved her other knife from it's shoulder.

Two more men were coming now, running at her from more than 200 feet away, guns drawn. Eyeing the revolver on the ground, she made a dive for it, then grabbed it and rolled behind a cluster of crates in a corner just as two bullets bit splinters into one of them.


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Meadow finished reloading her gun and made sure she was in the clear before moving on. The loud noises from everywhere in the warehouse were overwhelming, but she knew they had to move further in with their lives on stake. The loud bang that sealed the different parts of the warehouse gave her both an advantage and the opposite. Meadow decided to grab the opportunity. She moved stealthily down the narrow passages. A few of the metal shelves had fallen with the explosion, but she managed to get further into the left wing.

In front of her she noticed 3 men making their move towards her and Tony in the back. She sneaked around them, masking herself with her surroundings and felt more comfortable stalking behind them, as she planned her move. The men walked in a triangle with their guns ready and loaded, and she knew to not give them the upper hand or even a second to notice she was there or she would be swimming with the fishes herself. As the moment was right, Meadow ran towards the back of the men. She looked on the ground and noticed clutter and pieces of glass and held her breath as she manoeuvred her way through. Meadow felt relieved. She grabbed her other gun from the holster and fired shots at the two men in the back of the group. They roared in pain as the bullets penetrated their shoulders and their back. 

“Two down, one to go,” she muttered quietly, well aware that the last guy was now loudly conscious of her presence and she had to duck to the side as he fired shot towards her. She knew she had to be careful, a single slip would make the whole operation go south, she could not allow that to happen.

She firmly grabbed a brick that was lying on the ground and threw it fiercely on his head. He yelped and took a step back, and dropped his gun to the floor to grab his head. The brick had done a solid job on the man, she noticed. His hands holding onto the wound got painted red, a deep rich red colour. One drop fell to the floor, and then one drop became two and three and four. Meadow ran further towards him and holstered her guns. When she was close enough, she kicked out with her leg and swung them under his, so he fell to the floor with a loud thud. She pulled out her hidden knife and looked him in the eyes as she sliced his neck and took his life. She told herself to feel no remorse, for he would have done the same in an instant.

She was about to stand up, as she felt a strong pain in her back. The pure confusion about the pain made her lose her balance and she fell face down on the the ground and hit her head hard. Her mind wandered, and she no longer felt the coldness of the cement flooring in the warehouse but instead the soft bedding of the grass on a sunlit valley in her homeland. It made her smile. Only when she moved her mouth to smile, she noticed something scraping on her cheek. What could it be? She thought and opened her eyes to yet again see the dirty floor on which she was laying on in the midst of chaos. Fucking hell she groaned as she quickly stood up. Fortunately for her, her little mind wandering about didn’t take too much of time, a second or two, but she cursed at herself anyhow. A second or two could cost her life.

Meadow rolled away from the spot, just in time to see a black boot with a sharp piece of metal forged into it, stamp down into the ground on where her head had laid just a moment ago. She quickly rose up from her spot and felt her head pounding. Blood rushed to her ears and her vision blurry. Her brain cramped and jumped as if it were about to charge up and go jump out of her skull itself. She soldiered on and grabbed a shuriken and threw it against the enemy, but she missed. 

Fuck fuck fuck!” Meadow groaned as she ran behind cover, to get a moment to gather herself. She eyed the man, or more the giant and assessed the situation to prepare the best way to tackle him. His killer boots were one thing, but the man was loaded up with different kinds of weapons from top to toe, a lot of which she could not even name. He held a shotgun pointed towards her, and she knew that the close proximity would be absolutely fatal. After guaranteeing she would be fine to move, she threw a stone to the left, away from the cover, to test him. He was quick to shoot, and she felt the force of the shells to where she stood. The loud bang made her dizzy, and her eardrums were about to burst. She took the opening and jumped over her cover, running towards the edge of the narrow room. She ran into the metal shelf in front of her and made it go swinging forwards, to which she pushed further and sent the contents and the shelves flying down on him. 

The items shattered and broke as they fell, and few tiny piece of broken glass pierced into her skin. It would be impossible to get out, she thought. She grabbed a steel bat from the floor and lunged at him with the greatest might she could muster. The bat smacked into his stomach, leaving him out of breath and giving her enough time to swing yet again. And again. And again. Meadow did not know how many times she swung the bat at the man, but she prayed he would get knocked the fuck out sooner rather than later, as she felt her energy drop and her pain continue.

The man seemed to catch a break from her beatings, and swung out towards her. He looked at her with boiling mad eyes. Eye. Meadow had taken care of the other. He knocked his fist right into the left side of her face and she was well aware that it would have knocked her right out, had he been at full strength. She jumped a few steps back, took out her guns and fired shots at him. She was nervous, as she had not reloaded them since her last encounter, so her chance of making it through were slim. She hit his shoulder and his shin, that would slow him down she thought. She pulled the triggers yet again, but felt defeated as she pulles and nothing came out. She threw her guns away and grabbed her knife. She was fuming and not willing to go without a fight.

“Now, this might be my end but I make my promise to you now, that it sure as hell will be yours too.” She charged at him.

He was on the defensive now, and she surprised him by throwing a shuriken at him as she ran. It sliced into his hand in which he also held a knife. Meadow swung out and stabbed him in the stomach just as he swung out with his other arm and skewered her right in the side with another knife. The pain was excruciating but she felt driven by a power stronger than herself, as she continued to stab him, going up till the blade punctured every single organ in his upper body. He fell down on the floor, only then losing the grib on the knife stuck deep into her side and she took a painful step forward and kicked his head. She grabbed the bloody knife, careful to not pull it out, as she wouldn’t risk bleeding out. Each tiny movement sent painfully throbbing shockwaves up her body.

Need.. to find.. a way out.” She breathed out to herself as she went onwards, while looking for a small passage that would lead her back to the main warehouse that had not been blocked off completely. 

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"Did he really just do that???" 
Witnessing what his Godfather just did, he was taken back for a moment, analyzing the situation. 
Time almost comes to a halt and he notices Amira losing her shit, thinking to himself how glad he is that she's on his side..
Looking for Meadow he catches the foot in his gaze as she disappears down a passage way.
Now taking his gaze to this big metal door between him and Tyki, believing fully that the ladies have their shit handled, he began to run towards the entrance, a sudden thought, Time coming back to normal, "The Rope in the Trunk!"

Running out the door, He see's a Truck pulling up

"Fucking hell mate, must be my bloody lucky day."

He looks to the sky "Thank you lord for this bountiful gift"

In that instant took flight, as the truck screeched to a stop and the back opened, he noticed 5 guys, add maybe 3 in the front. 

Running across the front of the truck, he pops off shots, emptying his clip into the cab, 

Spitting the empty out and throwing another clip into the air in the same moment, then catching the clip into his gun.

Now to the backside of the truck, 2 guys coming round, without further thought and taking his gun into both hands, he takes them out, one shot each. 

He drops to the ground face first, into a pushup, counting feet on the other side but when he realizes there is not enough. He rolls under the truck, one guy just turning the corner from the front to the side Tony was just stood. Tony pops his gun out, catching this dude in the head.

Turning he could see the other 4 feet at the driver side wheel. Popping a single ankle for each man, with one bullet, then when they fell, In the head.

Rolling back out, he brushed his suit off, looking down at himself.

"This was my best suit damn it!, I'll be sending your mother's the cleaning bill"



He begins to head towards the car as the passenger door opens on the truck and out got a fat son of a bitch. Tony, now stood behind the guy, goes to take a shot. "Click", Yep, its out.

He uses the butt of the gun and smashes it off the head of this guy so many times, Blood is pouring out everywhere. 
Tony removes this guy's gun from his belt and pops the guys in the head.

Now with urgency, Tony runs towards the car to grab the rope, reloading his gun and heading back into the warehouse. 

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Tilting his head at an angle, he narrowly avoided the bullet destined for his brain, trusting in the fact that the military training and accuracy of these men would mean that one would most certainly target a single shot kill to the head. He remained in place, hands behind his back, the darkness still covering his eyes as his face gave away zero emotions. Like a blank canvas, an enigma, he simply stood there alone in front of the small group of Cortez and his most elite.

From the left, a younger looking man came running towards Cortez, gun in hand, seeming to have a strong desire to provide the boss with an update on matters concerning to the other wings of the warehouse.

"Report." The words of Cortez were firm.

"Sir.... it's not good news. The men we had lined up to kill the girl alone, refuse to go inside now. They said that shes almost inhuman. They....fear me." His voice was trembling as he spoke, scared that his update would cause more fury in the man running this show.

"What? Please tell you have SOME good news Albert. The two that were trapped in the right wing? Are they dead?!" The voice of Cortez was beginning to become enraged.

" Sir. We sent in the big Russian to deal with them. Yet....hes also dead now."

The sounds of feint cries of pain and slaughter could be heard coming from the side which Amira had now taken control of. Men screaming in agony, banging on the metallic walls in some futile attempt to escape it seemed.


As if out of nowhere, the gentleman in the middle of the room bellowed out, instantly gaining the attention of all those in attendance.

"It seems, that you have failed to understand the situation you find yourself in. The troops you are sending to kill my allies, are not enough. They will never be, enough." The words of Tyki Mikk held absolute confidence behind them.

"Tyki Mikk, it's you that seems to not understand. My personal guard are Spec Ops. We kill you right here, right now, we still claim victory fool.

For the first time, a smile could be visibly seen beneath the shadows on Tyki Mikk's face. Almost as if he had heard something which truly sent his soul into a delightful rage.

"I sealed these rooms so that your men would not interfere in their battles, Cortez. I am their Protector, their Leader, the man shall deliver the verdict to those who would seek to harm my family. I am not stuck in here with you and your so-called Elite, Cortez. It's all of you, who are MY prey."

In that single moment, as a gentle wind cast through the central warehouse area and the solitary light-bulbs hanging began to sway, Tyki then swiftly removed his long coat and cast it directly towards the men gathered in front of him with their guns aimed, blocking their vision. A mere few moments of distraction, Tyki then made his move. Reaching back, he collected his Beretta's once more and lowered his form into something akin to a stance of a jaguar. Both guns tilted, he then rattled off shot after shot, the wave of ammunition instantly flying towards the army of targets as they began to fall. One by one, the best men Cortez had to offer, met their fates. Time, slowing down in the mind of Tyki Mikk as an orchestra began to hum in his mind, the chaos, being his personal playground.

Leaping forward, only Cortez left now, Tyki put his gun to the head of the man that had indirectly caused his beloved Corrado to meet the pale rider. Pulling the trigger, only a 'click' could be heard as Cortez fell to his knees, staring up and meeting the gaze of the man before him, finally witnessing the look of death, of true despair.

"I do not make mistakes, Cortez. On this day, it is not I who shall be your executioner. That right, belongs to another, who you shall see very very soon."

"AMIRA!" he called out, loud enough for her to hear. The sounds echoing off the walls of the structure almost as if his voice carried the weight of a thousand armies.

"Come to me! Your prize awaits!"

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Most of the time, Amira's mind was a strange jumble of thoughts that moved too fast to really keep up with, narrated by voices that weren't her own. Like a radio dial that someone kept moving constantly. Every now and then, something familiar would catch, and she would get a flash of a memory that played like a film that she felt strongly like she'd seen before.

Looking down at the revolver in her hand, she flashed back to the makeshift shooting range behind the house on Lake Mead. Corrado had shown her how to load one of these, and the finer points of shooting a revolver, as they tended to fire differently. She saw his face so clearly in her mind's eye; but that cavalier smile immediately flickered to the pained and fading eyes that she saw as Franco carried her away from the room. He had been alive- there were sucking wounds in his chest- but he had been alive. They'd left him. She'd left him.

But Amira hadn't felt sadness in a very long time, now. What she felt now was rage- and it seered beneath her chest like volcanic lava. The footsteps were close enough now. Amira blinked her eyes once, then again, because everything had a strange, red hue that wouldn't go away.
So "they" had to go away. She looked down at the revolver's barrel- four shots of six remaining.

She waited a breath more, until they were right on top of her. As soon as the idiots bent over the crates to try and find her, she sent a bullet squarely into the temple of one, along with a circular burn mark from the point blank shot. The second man turned, and Amira's second shot hit him between the eyes. Both bodies stiffened and fell backwards, and Amira jumped out from behind the crates and dropped the gun to make a run for the metal stairs that she'd seen in the beginning. There were bodies everywhere, with trails and pools of blood gathering beneath them. Her feet hit the stairs and she shot up the first flight at full speed. Hesitating only long enough to look up and follow the direction of the catwalk and find which way she needed to go, Amira then started up the second flight.


Her eyes widened, and she immediately bolted up the stairs- faster now, skipping steps as she went. Two things were at least now clear in her wild thoughts- Tyki was alive, and he had someone for her to meet.

Finally reaching the metal, grated catwalk, she headed toward the center of the warehouse. This route allowed her to pass over the doors that had shut them out before. She didn't run; instead moving one foot directly in front of the other, reducing the noise her boots made to almost nothing in the cavernous warehouse.

When she reached the central area and looked down, she could see Tyki Mikk standing over a man on his knees.

"Cortez..." she growled.

It may not have been his bullet that took the man who was the last remaining part of her family; but it was his man, and therefore his blood that would pay. And she would have it.

Just a few moments later, from a darker corner, someone was...hummimg?

Amira then appeared from the shadows, her coat hanging open and her hands shoved casually in her pockets as she walked. Her hair was something of a wreck, strands hanging over her eyes and coated with patches of blood. But, she smiled as she walked toward the two men, and her hummimg changed to lyrics as she approached Cortez straight on. She reached out and gently took his face in her left hand, her eyes soft and sweet, and then stepped behind the man and caressed his hair once. Her right hand withdrew the sicarii dagger from its place on her belt, then placed the iconic curved blade against his throat.

"Do you think I'll remember
How you look when you smile?
Only forever
That's puttin' it mild."

Amira leaned down and put her lips beside his ear. She could smell the piss that was trickling  down the man's leg. The blade sliced into his skin, and he groaned.

"Blood for blood, I take your life from you as you took his from me."

She drew the blade slowly across his throat, cutting blood supplies and airway. Blood flowed like a broken dam. Before she let go, she coldly commanded.

"Die alone."

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While Meadow continued looking for a way back, she heard the tumult happening back at the main warehouse as the loud and murderous sounds of both her and the crews warmachines were dying down. Her mind was completely out of function, and at one point she did not know whether to laugh or cry. She felt both relieved and concerned about the rest of her family, but she knew they would have made it through, there is no way they had not.

Amira come to me! Your prize awaits!” The echoing of Tyki’s scream could be heard through the entire building, and Meadow grinned as she knew what it must have meant. The announcement was enough to fuel her wounded self, enough to help her locate a route leading back and enough to quiet her former worrying thoughts.

She went on till she made it through the near collapsed road, and she knew she had made it through when she saw the pathetic excuse of a man lying on the floor, as Amira sliced his throat. Meadow decided to keep waiting in the shadows, and to let them have their moment.

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As Tony walked back into the warehouse, He heard Tyki's call  to Amira, watching her walk a gangway above the doors, he looked down at the rope and gave out a laugh. 

"That's what i get for looking with man eyes"

Dropping the rope the first thing that come to his mind was Meadow..
He ran off down the passage way he saw she vanished down at the start of all this, Finding dead bodies and some big dude.
"Oh he looks like fun"  
Tony see's a trail of blood going down another passage, Tony begins to following it, Saying to himself. "No way they got her, No way"

Finding his way to the central room that Tyki had locked himself in, he can see Amira stood over what looks like Cortez, laid in his own pool of blood.
Noticing Meadow stood in the shadow, He goes over to her and lifts her left arm over his shoulders, wrapping his other arm around her waist.

He just held Meadow and didn't speak a word, but couldn't help a large smile coming across his face

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The deed, was done. 

Whilst it had been completed, it did not come without some injuries to their side. 

Looking at Amira as she stood beside him, her eyes intense and still focused on the lifeless corpse of Cortez as he laid motionless on the cold concrete floor, he knew this was a pivotal moment. Resting his palm on her cheek, he spoke to her softly and calmly.

"Amira. This is the moment you envisioned for so long now. To seek out and repay what was owed to you, to all of us. Do not let it claim your soul. Do not let it drive you beyond the edge of that thin line of sanity. See me, see us. Come back and allow the emotions to empower, not control you."

Her eyes returned to meet his as she nodded and he understood that she had heard his every word and was present in the moment with him.

Glancing just past her now, his focus turned to Meadow and Tony as they stood a small distance away, near to the entrance that had led them to the central chamber. He made his way towards them but this was no moment of high-fives or celebrations. His immediate attention was drawn to the blood still present on the side of Meadow. Kneeling down in front of her, he inspected the injury, the knife still deeply buried into her wound.

"It's bad. Not fatal thankfully, but still in need of immediate attention. I have a medical specialist on my payroll. Someone who earns a hefty salary to ensure that any work he does, stays off the radar. Tony, I will give you the location of his private practice and I want you to go and remain there with Meadow while he tends to her. Thank you both, for everything."

As he stood up once again, he glanced around the room. Bodies, everywhere. He knew the group would need to make their departure with great haste if they were to avoid any further issues on this day.

"Amira, over on the side there is a small bag. Towards the rear of this warehouse I saw a substantial quantity of drugs which were obviously kept here for distribution soon. Collect them for me, they belong to us now."

Placing his top hat back onto his head, he then slide his arms through the sleeves of his long coat and tugged down on the thick wool, lining everything up.

"Our work here, is over. Let's move."

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