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Short stories of the Joker by the Joker Started by: The-Big-Joker on Nov 19, '23 14:48

                                                                               The start of the Joker.


He was 12 when he got kicked out of the house.  He was 13 when he stole his straight razor. He was 16 years old when he met Johnny Torrio, a lieutenant in the five points gang.  Johnny was getting jumped by the police and he got added into the mix.  Joker was homeless and his parents were done with him.  He took a night stick to the head twice along with a few kicks to the gut.  Laying there he pulled out his straight razor and cut the ankle of the first cop as he climbed up and leaned over him he laughed as he sliced the cops neck. 

He then walked over to the other cop who had his back turned going through Johnny’s pockets. He turned him around smiling as he sliced the letter X on the second cop's face.   Laughing he then sliced the cop’s neck as the cop fell to the ground. He laid down on the ground with the dying cop and said.


Now that I've got your undivided attention, can you tell me where the best place to eat is?   


Then he reached over and took the money and the cops wallet and then helped Johnny Torrio to his feet.  He Gave Johnny his money back then went over to the first cop and went through his pockets and then through their police car.  He got fifty dollars and a night stick and a badge and a pack of chewing gum.  He laughed then looked at Johnny and helped Johnny to his car and drove Johnny back to the Five Points hangout.

When They walked in he was met with hostility and smiled as he told Al that if he touched him again he would have a matching scar on the other side of his face.  He looked at Charlie who was a bit calmer and told him that they got jumped by the cops.  However, the two cops are dead in an alley over on 134th street in Harlem.  

Looking back at Al he told them they both got their throats cut.  To let Al know that he was serious about cutting him if he ever roughed housed him again.  He stood up as Johnny waved him over and told him that he could use a kid with the skills and cool thinking head in a tight situation. Johnny asked him his name and Al spoke out before he could speak and said his name is Joker or should be called Joker.

They all agreed that going forward he would be called the Joker.  However his real name was Salvatore.  Johnny took Joker into the gang and got him started on the protection racket with Tommy Lucchese; they went to the local businesses and offered window cleaning services and insurance.  If the owner said no their windows would be busted an hour later and then they would come back and if the owner was still stupid they would repeat until the owner said yes.  

He was making $200 dollars a week after being with the gang for a month.  He was wearing $50 dollar tailor suits and $20 leather shoes and $10 dress shirts and $5 ties and stick pins looking like a boss.  He liked the concept of making money and eating well and being well dressed. He need to earn more because he wanted more.   


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The Joker leaves his mark on the underworld.


Joker had been working for Johnny and the five points gang for six months and he made some damn good friends, even him and Al started hanging out from time to time.  Joker was more like Charlie; they wanted to make money with any one that also wanted to make money.  Joker didn’t do bank robberies however he did rip off gambling houses and loan sharks that didn’t want to do business with them.  He also sold heroin to actors, play writers and musicians.  He made more money then his now four hundred dollar a week protection racket.  

But today he was joining to do something very weird and make his name stand up in the underworld.  He got word that Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria  was making a move to become the boss of his outfit.  He wanted Merello and the Terranova brothers removed.  Joker watched the marks for weeks recording their movements and habits and some a few things that they tend to do out of habit.  He planned on doing the hit when they would go to their favorite restaurant.  They went there every Friday at 7pm with only two men for security which the Joker found to be stupid.  

Terranova's right hand man was a man named Silva Tagliagambe.  He made his collections every Thursday night and Friday morning and then went to the restaurant with the money.  Joker would hit him first and take the cash which he put in the trunk of his car. The last collection point was about two miles away from the restaurant.  Joker waited at the last stop on Silvia route.  He walked up to the man wearing clown makeup in a purple suit and a yellow shirt and black italian leather shoes. Silva was walking out of a building with a pillowcase filled with money, putting it in the trunk of his car.  It was dark out and cold, the wind was blowing hard and everyone was bundled up.  

They were in Lower Manhattan and the Joker walked up behind him and shot Silva five times in the back fatally wounding him.  Then the Joker pushed  Silvia into the trunk of the car.  He took Silva's car and drove to his own car and took the money collected in the back of the trunk and placed the money into his own trunk.  He then drove to the restaurant.  One of the security team members spotted the car and walked in telling Merello that Silva was parking his car.  Joker walked into the restaurant through the back door.  He shushed the cooks and when he spotted the two security men with Merello he started to dance his way over to them making others laugh and smile as they were not expecting to see anyone in a suit wearing makeup like a clown.  

Merello wasn’t smiling and pointing at the Joker who was smiling and dancing but never said a word.  Merello told his men to get this clown out of here then asked the Joker if Silva put him up to this.  Nodding yes as  he was reaching around to the small of his back as he had done three times already as he sat at the other customers tables.  This time was different.  He pulled up two 38 snub nose pistols and shot the two bodyguards first laughing loudly then shot Merello and then danced his way out of the restaurant front door.  And jumped onto the running boards of a car going away from the restaurant in the direction he needed to go.  

He had the car stopped and tossed him three hundred dollars which was six months salary for most high paying jobs in New York at that time.  He then walked towards his car and drove it to the Terranova’s top hit man's house.   He changed clothes in the car and took off the makeup and then took the money out of the trunk.  He walked across the street to a car he had waiting for him.  There was his best friend Ronald they drove off.   The next day the police were questioning the Terranova’s about the hit and why was the car parked in front of their home.  The Terranova’s wondered why the killers didn’t try for them.  They thought that was weird why the witnesses at the restaurant thought that the clown outfit was weird and the police thought the case was weird.  

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 Working with and not for is never an easy interview.


The Joker had been working with the five points gang for over a year.  Mr. Johnny Torrio was leaving to go to Chicago to work for his uncle.  Al was managing a bar and making money collecting for Johnny Torrio.  Joker was working with several members of the gang collecting from those that needed to see a strong firm hand before they paid.  Johnny like the kid but understood that he wasn’t easy to control. He asked a lot of good questions and when working a job he did what was needed with vicious intent.  He had no problem using his straight razor when called on.  

Two months prior Charlie had taken him to get a suit for his 17th birthday.  He got nickel plated twin snub nose smith and wesson 38’s with matching belt worn holsters that He wore by the small of his back.  Joker loved slick styled suits, he loved zoot suits and the louder the color the more he loved it, he had gray, black,  green, yellow, blue and red.  Charlie was making good strides with Joe the boss Masseria and wanted Joker to come work for him.  Charlie wanted capable men under him to ensure that what needed to get done was done smartly and quickly.  Charlie saw the same things in Joker that he saw in Albert who was known as the mad hatter.  Others saw a bit more wisdom in Joker but not much more.  They differed in styles and tactics and Albert never showed joy in doing his work.  

Joker explained to Charlie  that he greatly appreciated the work and the cash but working with a friend is always better than for a friend.  For means the splits change based on the amounts taken and the boss's needs.  With, the split is the same no matter what and you can always say not interested.   Joker explained to Johnny that for; means a low level employee dependent on the boss to provide opportunities and if that employee isn’t subservient then their usage may no longer suit the business and he can be dismissed.  With, means the guy can do some things on the side, make a few extra bucks and doesn’t need a master to eat.  

Then he got a call to see Joe the Boss.  Joker wasn’t a fan of the big guy but respected his position in the underworld of crime.  Joe wanted to know more about Charlie.   The questions came in fast and Joker wasn’t providing detailed answers and most questions went unanswered to the point Joe’s second wanted to slap Joker.  Joker commented that he recognized the look and commented that if he feels froggy to jump but rest assure it would be frog legs on the fucking menu.  Joe looked at Joker and swore the kids' eyes turned black and the smile was scary wicked.  Joker told Joe that Charlie does share much information with anyone about what he’s thinking.  That, Charlie is always looking at ways to make more money for Joe and his organization.  Then he told Joe that if he saw Charlie making a stupid move he would stop him in his tracks.  

Joe wanted him to work for the organization and Joker explained he doesn’t have enough work for him.  Joker kicked up to Joe because the five point gang said so and so he does.  However, when he kicks up to Joe every week he gives it under his own flag and then gives the five points gang 5 points out of his take, never out of Joe’s take.  Joe told him he would keep him working and Joker then asked what a hitman.  Joker explained that he was far more than that, but the men under Joe only saw him as a hitman; they never saw the envelopes.  He asked Joe if he saw the envelopes.  Joe looked over at his accountant and the man tilted his head and nodded yes indicating that they were fat envelopes, nothing to sneeze at.   Joe smiled and told him that he could become a member and one day manage a crew for him.  Joker smiled and said he would see.  Joe became upset and said that's the same damn answer Charlie gave him two days ago.  Joe ended the conversation by telling Joker to think about it, he would hate for the kid to run into a mishap.  Joker nodded and told Joe he was sorry that Joe’s nephew was killed on the streets in front of him.  That he would think it over and not to worry mishaps happen to everyone every now and then.  Then walked out of Joe’s office taking a last look at Joe’s second. 

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The two year Mark


Joker was celebrating two years with the five points gang at a nightclub in New York Charlie was mademan with Joe the Boss.  Al was now out in Chicago working for Johnny Torrio’s uncle Big Jim.   Joker was alone and hoping to get connected or become a boss.  There was an older guy that worked with Charlie; he was also a mademan under Joe the Boss.   Frank told him that Joe the Boss was having problems with a guy that was causing him money problems.  They wanted the problems to go away.  Frank handed him an envelope that had a picture of the man and address.  Frank told him that the man was having a birthday party for his seven year old son.  The work needed to be done by that time.  


Joker went to the address and watched for five days who was coming in and going out.  He determined that the man had a total of eight to nine guards.  Two kids and a beautiful wife. Joker then set a plan into play.  Three guards remained at the gate at all times that left six at the house.  They have to have an appointment to get onto the property and the birthday party was the way in.  Joker, Pennywise, Krusty, Bozo and Ronald were made up like clowns and showed up at the gate with balloons and whistles and gadgets that were designed to make people laugh and smile with joy.  They showed up at the gate but they didn’t have their names on the list. Joker said okay you’ll have to explain to the lady of the house why you didn’t let the clowns she booked for her son’s birthday party in because there are no refunds.  


The gate was open and they were told to go up to the house.  They drove in and Ronald got out to talk with the guards at the gate then one guard fell forward and Ronald smiled pointing at the man as he struck the guard standing next to him in the neck with a knife that he slid on his finger like a ring.  The third guard looking at the carnegie fell forward. As this was happening Joker and the rest drove up to the house.  Joker danced with the kids and Bozo made balloon animals and Krusty played games with the kids and Pennywise squirted the kids with water from his flower on his lapel.  The wike walked into the kitchen explaining to the Joker where the bathroom was in her house.  She then turned to her husband and told him it was a great idea to hire the clowns.  


The husband agreed and then asked how much the clowns were costing him.  She replied she didn’t know she didn’t hire them.  The husband looked at her and said he didn’t either as she had her back to him cutting fruit for the kids outside.  The Joker was now standing behind the husband and said that they cost a fortune. The husband turned to face him and then his eyes bulged just as Joker's hand swiftly moved from the left side of his face to the right.  The husband grabbed his own throat and fell to the floor.   The wife turned to face him as the Joker stood in front of her after stepping over her husband.  She was in shock and tried to cry out but there was no sound and smiling at her she met the exact same fate as her husband.  


When the Joker stepped back outside the kids stood in a group, quiet and scared.  The guards laid on the ground bleeding out and then the Joker walked over to the birthday boy.  He asked the boy his name and he said Bruce.  He told Bruce to smile, he has now been liberated and this birthday he'll never forget.  That the butler was bringing his aunt and she would be his new joy and caregiver.  Then the men with Joker all got into the car and drove away.  When Joe the Boss got the word that his problem was no more Joe set it up for Joker to join a family over the bridge in philly.  Joker was happy to be attached but he still wanted more; he wanted to make a statement he wanted to make a name for himself.  His new boss told him that in Philly you have to impress him by doing something that separates him from the crowd.  Joker nodded and realized either way he needed to do that not just to become a made man but of his own peace of mind.

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 Welcome to the big’s


Two months went by since the Joker did Joe the Boss a favor.  He was sitting in a restaurant in the Bronx when three police cars pulled up with their lights flashing.  In walked the chief detective Dick Tracy and his Captain Gordon they made a b-line to him and all the Joker did was lean back in his chair and smile.  Tracy was not happy seeing that the joker was smiling like this was a friendly visit.  Gordon told the Joker to wipe that smile off his face but the Joker only laughed as he asked them, is it a crime to smile when the coppers arrive?   


Tracy made an attempt to slap the Joker but Gordan stopped him and then the Joker smart very smart Captain Gordan. If your man had reached me I would be in a civil court room by tomorrow afternoon with a lawsuit against the city.   Gordon turned back to Joker and told him that they will find the evidence needed to put you away for life.  What you did to that poor family you should be executed.  Tilting his head he asked Gordan what he was talking about and Gordan said the murder of Thomas Wayne and his wife and their nine bodyguards.  Gordon told him he better not leave town.  Then the Joker stood up and adjusted his tie while looking Tracy in the eyes.  


I got a flight out of town for a few weeks and if I’m not under arrest then I can come and go as I fuck well please.  Gordan I got a team of attorneys that I can assemble with a single phone call. I'll have an army of lawyers and reporters on you two, that it will look like flies on shit.  


Then he walked right past them and the other uniformed cops and right out the front door.  He did have a flight; he had tickets to fly to LA, Vegas and Chicago but he was driving to Philly.  Joe the Boss hooked him up with a family out there.  He wasn’t made but he was now connected and that meant he was on the roster for the big boys and if he played well with them he would have his ticket punched and become a full time member.  Joker was making a way for himself and it was just in time as New York became very hot for him to make a living off the streets.  


When he arrived he met with a few people but he thought more about the five points gang.  He wasn’t part of them anymore and they wanted to be where he was connected and then one day a member.  Joker was the last john that Johnny Torrio brought into the gang all of the people he brought became bosses or underbosses and made members of that element.  Philly wasn’t new to him, it was just over the washington bridge and he had conducted business there so many times that he knew who the right names to drop and which ones never to drop.   


Joker got hooked up with an apartment and a ride to get around and handle business in.  Joe the Boss kept his word now Joker is in a position to become a made man.  Now when he earns he kicks up to a boss his Don.  He wondered if he would be known as an earner or a street sweeper.  Guys that earn are valued as long as the next envelope is just as thick.  No more running wild. The roughshod crap ends.  Wise guys are to be respected to act like men of honor true to whatever they say.  Joker liked being known as a wild and crazy guy that was willing to get his hands dirty.  When in the big leagues you have to change your game, you have to step it up and keep your foot on the gas.  .   

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Even Joker’s has nightmares


Joker sat in his favorite bar sipping vodka and cranberry juice.  He was in a deep distant memory.  He was the first born of triplets to parents that didn’t love each other; they were forced into marriage because Jack Valeska got Sarah pregnant.   He was called Jermaine but everyone called him Jack.  His father loved the second child Jerome, their mother loved the last one born Jeremiah.  He was raised by a governess that treated him with vile disrespect.  He remembered being sent to bed when his siblings were being cuddled and treated to ice cream or some other type of treat.  His governess name was Cruella Deville or the Cruel Devil.  He was very young when she started abusing him and when he thought of revenge.  He and his brothers were never close; they despised each other.   


He remembered being forced to eat veggies while they ate fruits, while they played he was forced to read books and if he got a word wrong out came the strap most of the time the strap just came out.  He slept in Deville’s closet while his brothers had their own room.  They went on vacations while he was sent to a farm to work.  They were educated at the best schools and he was sent to a run down boarding school where the books were 20 years old.  He was never in the family christmas pictures he was the one forced to take their photo and made to tell them how beautiful they looked.  His father would get drunk and tell him that he was the reason his life was so fucked up he would call him that he wasn’t Jack shit.  His mother would tell him he was a jackass and Deville would call him the Jack off or Jack the fuck up.  


When they turned 13 Jerome and Jeremiah had a real Bat mitzvah party while he was sent with Deville to her small farm where she took advantage of him.  But this night he changed and he started down that dark road with glee.  He became a man in the sense of dictating how he spread his seed.  After taking a shower he found a straight razor in her bathroom as she was calling him to return to her bed.  He looked at the sharp razor and a smile appeared as he said coming.   That night Deville met her namesake, then he took a second shower and got dressed in his new suit. It was old but new to him.  He looked at her body covered in her own blood and laughed. He thought about it and concluded she got what she wanted and he got what he needed.  He thought who the fuck ever said revenge was a dish best severed cold was wrong revenge severed period is always best for the soul.   


He walked all the way home twelve miles he walked and the party was over.  His father came to the door and opened it and when he saw it was him he said who the hell told you to come home.  Looking up at his father he replied this was never his home and in a flash his hand went from left to right the hand that held the straight razor the hand that went across his fathers neck the hand that would do that maneuver a thousand times again.  He told his father that his name was not Jermaine any more and it wasn’t Jack either, it was Salvatore.  Then the boy took his inheritance.  He took ten gold bricks they were heavy a fuck but he carried them in a bag leaving his brothers with the money at the bank.  His mother wasn’t home; she took Jeremiah with her, and Jerome was out with friends.   

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This was personal 


Joke was in his apartment when he was called by the building manager.  He had received a telegram from Japan.  The woman that he loved and spent three long years with since his first week arriving on the Island.  They hit it off immediately and they had so much to show each other.  However, towards the end of his three years he found out that she was engaged to another man as part of an arranged marriage contract.  Honor outweighed her heart, the love of her father and their name was stronger than her love for Joker.  He couldn’t persuade her to go with him and they ended it as fast as they began it.   His last day they didn’t say a word but the look into each other's eyes spoke volumes to each other and they knew they were soulmates.  Out of all the women he had been with each night with her was like the first time and each night she was with him was like how she dreamed and hoped it would be.  


The telegram was from her mother who knew her daughter was deeply in love with Joker yet she could not say a word because they as a family needed their name to remain respectable and Joker was a foreigner and that was frowned upon.  Joker read that she ended her own life. She was sorry and her marriage was very unfulfilling and void of love.  He would spend his nights with other women and when she needed something she went without.   He crushed the paper and stuffed it in his suit jacket and then called to book a ship ride to Japan.  He wanted to kill everyone that pushed her into staying and marrying that man.  It took a week aboard the steamer but he arrived.  He went to her brother's job and when he saw him Joker saw the man’s fear.  Her brother explained that it was a matter of honor and if he could have seen the future he would have helped her leave.


Joker saw her father but didn’t approach him.  He looked so weak and frail there would have been no joy in killing him.  He became weak days after she died and it hit him the hardest. He and his daughter were friends to the end, he would have killed and died for her just as she did for him.  Joker spoke with her mother who was taking it just as bad as her husband seven years ago, they looked so much younger the picture perfect family in excellent health.  She told Joker that her daughter's husband would beat her when he was drunk or angry about anything.  Joker with respect told her he would end their pain of his memory.  Joker went to see the woman he loved husband.  However, what he saw was not what he expected.  


The man looked defeated and when he answered the knock at his door he looked even sadder than he did seconds ago in the window.  Joker told him he was her friend and the man bowed and said that he knew that he was her lover, she called out his name several times when they made love.  She finally told him that she loved another and when she saw how hurt he was that she killed herself because she hurt two men.  He gave the Joker a handwritten letter written by her.  It told Joker not to hurt him, that she did what she needed to do because she hurt the man she loved and the man that also loved her prior to meeting him.  She told the Joker not to take her death personally because she chose her own road.    Joker closed his eyes as the tears flowed.  Joker knows from his training in Japan what it's like to be a man and how its a lonely road and that It's not about how you feel.  Now was not the time to give up, but the time to keep fighting.  He went to her gravesite and saw the stick standing up with her name on it.  They don’t have the land space to bury their dead there.  It's cremation and a stick was all that was left of her.  Joker looked up at the sky as the rain fell hiding his tears.  He came to kill but that was not the case instead he went home with a new lesson from the woman he once loved dearly.  Love is precious and worth fighting tooth and nail for.  

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The Negotiation 


Joker had money on the streets in Philly and a punk kid that owed his two thousand didn’t want to pay.  Joker was told the kid's name was Vinny Scaliese, the nephew of Tommy Scaliese, a mademan.  Joker was told he couldn’t touch the boy because it would cause problems between the families.  Joker thought that this would be something that the family should handle.  He was told there would be a sit down to fix the problem.   They met at a restaurant in Atlantic City in Jersey.  Joker agreed and went, it was a drive but he made it.  


Tommy and his Capo sat and talked with a Capo from Joker's family while Joker sat elsewhere.  Joker was getting heated because he wasn’t at the table as the three talked for about twenty minutes.  Then they called him over and told him that he couldn’t touch the kid and to eat the loss.  Joker smiled and then asked if he could ask a question.  They agreed to allow him to ask.  Joker looked at Tommy and said he would not touch the kid however he would not be able to place any more bets.  No bets anywhere that he was cut off from all the shylocks in the area but those that were in Tommy’s family of course.


Tommy looked at the Joker and told him to go fuck himself.  Joker replied he already did when he requested a sit down.  Now he was going to fuck Vinny unless Tommy kicked up three grand.  Tommy said the bill was two and Joker said theres the vig and his fucking drive here.  The Two Capo’s told Joker he’s out of line.  Joker agreed and said he was sorry Tommy and Vinny won't be able to place bets.  Anyone taking their action would have to pay the Joker the winnings or he would hit their banks.  Those that were friends of his already agreed not to take Vinny’s bets already.  


Tommy’s Capo then said wait give them a minute and Joker smiled and excused himself.  They talked and Joke’s Capo said Joker is within his rights after all he agreed not to touch Vinny.  Joker knew that Tommy would not want his nephew placing bets in his family because then he would be in their hooks or that Tommy himself would have to pay.  They all agreed that Joker might be criminally insane but he was also smart and correct.  They called Joker over and told him that he would get his three thousand in the morning, Vinny would be cut off however, he was never to be touched.  Tommy name was not to be used nor any attempts to fuck with his actions on the streets.


Joker agreed and then thanked them for being so understanding of his problem.  Joker then walked away still upset and he said that one day Vinny would fuck up again and they will call Tommy to clean up the mess.  Joker was going to insure that Vinny fucks up again he was already planning a score for Vinny to do, one so interesting that Tommy would want a piece and his family and when it falls apart it would be Tommy and Vinny facing the families.    

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