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An Ox in Sheeps Clothing Started by: TheDeathOfAStranger on Nov 20, '23 16:52
People speak of "sins of the father" and how we should not judge people on the merits of their ancestors. Personally, I tend to disagree with this adage as was evident by my father TheStranger shooting at BlueEyes Left hand man The_Ox earlier today.

But before I get into that, lets take this "sins of the father" back a little further, when my father decided to join a new crew as RupertGiles associate. TheStranger was once a member of Godfather @Ian's crime family until Ian and his entire upper-structure was slaughtered in one fell swoop by the late, great Godfather @Illuminatiated. The good Godfather had his reasons for killing them all. When he killed @ImportantBusiness man it was just business. When he killed @ClamTubularagula, well, that was just a cruel inside joke. But when he killed Ian, it was personal.

And that was why TheStranger shot at The_Ox. Personal reasons. He came to learn of The_Ox's true identity when he noticed Ox had donned a slanty pinstripe suit. You can imagine my suprise when I learned that he was a descendant of the Kuku lineage. The same person responsible for an eight day war that decimated almost the entire mafia. The same man responsible for the second deadliest writing contest these shores have ever seen. The self-proclaimed "Leader of the Streets" who feels he earned that title because years ago some Godfather (maybe more than one) nominated one of his ancestors as Street Orator of the Year. It was so long ago that I do not recall the Godfather(s) that nominated him. Yet he parades in the streets as if this nomination happened last week. Its absurd and the idea of a Kuku leading the streets is enough to almost drive one to murder.


The final straw was seeing him welcomed into BlueEyes upper structure. This was The_Ox’s reward for generations of plotting and disruption, which leaves me wondering what the motives were for placing him in such an esteemed position. I am not slinging accusations here, but it does raise the question as to who has been compromised.

RupertGiles was good enough to say some words at my father's funeral. Ironically, it was a page taken directly fom his bloodline's playbook. And maybe ask yourself, why bring in an associate of the Godfather his father had just slain for such personal animosity? That does not strike anyone funny?

This is far from over The_Ox. Next time won’t be a miss. I'll be serving your head on a platter and feeding it to your boss BlueEyes in due time.

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Cool story, TheDeathOfAStranger.  Except, you're Kuku, and everyone knows it.  You were presumably kept alive for whatever reason.  Only a Kuku would bring up the nonsense that you did.


Street orator...  deadly competitions, bla bla bla

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Kuku, TheDeathOfAStranger, whatever the hell you want to be called now, this is getting ridiculous and honestly it's starting to get real pathetic. 

It’s like you have a playbook with only one play in it and you keep trying to run the same scams over and over. You’re out of friends and out of luck. Nobody is ever going to believe you. Just stop. Get help. 

To: TheStranger
From: Ginger
Sent: Nov 20, '23 16:32

I told you to stop contacting me. I have no interest in your silly games or schemes. LEAVE ME ALONE!

To: Ginger
From: TheStranger
Sent: Nov 20, '23 16:30

I will give you 80 million dollars to tell everyone that The_Ox is kuku 

And yes I aware we shouldn't be engaging with these kinds of people in the streets as that's exactly what they want out of it. 

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@TheDeathOfAStranger your story sounds like a plausible version of events and identities.




Have you considered that perhaps a descendant of kuku is still hiding among us all, and that we simply don't know his identity yet? What if you have been misled by someone along the way to believe that The_Ox is a son of kuku? How do we know that you are not in fact a descendant of the mythical figure called kuku trying to draw fire to someone else? 80 million dollars is an oddly specific number to name.


And what about Ginger? How do we know he's not just trying to bluff his way out of suspicion by forging communications between himself and your father, TheStranger?


What we need is an experienced kuku hunter. I can think of only one sofa-falling-incident-prone hound who would be perfect for this task. Bring me the man-dog, there is a trail for him to follow.

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Personally, I believe everything that TheDeathOfAStranger has said here today and believe that we should take him very seriously. I would advise all oxen, except for any butt oxen that may be lurking about, to invest heavily in bodyguards. I've seen this man take out goombas like nobody's business.

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I've been demoted, for what?  Being shot at?  

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Have you seen him take goombas out Gigantopithecus because I have only seen him attempt to WACK! and failing miserably. He does it in broad daylight too!

I wish I'd have known, I'd have taken that $80 million as times are hard (It could be harder and less floppy but anyway it's a good 1 1/2 inch on the flop) and coming to the streets to listen to kuku the clown costs me too much bus money

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Nicklin, I'm informed that Kuku is wlelllllll

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