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LV turns into an icey Arena- Snowball Fights in Pairs Started by: Fluffy_Tummy on Nov 26, '23 16:58

Fluff had been preparing for weeks to ensure this LV event would go smooth as hell, unlike most other stuff he had been involved in. Surely SonnyFranzese kept making a name for himself, but it was often than not creating chaos and Fluff fixing things in the background!


But he made a promise to himself, he was going to launch a citywide competition where determination, endurance and competitive spirit would take precedence over luck, reputation and professional skills. As he meticulously planned all details, including ordering an insane amount of artificial snow to be brought in from the Rockies. He damned well knew that when he was done, the arena would be a cold, pristine field, ready for competitors to dig in and dish out. He demanded perfection and the snow came in so white, it made Snowwhite look like she got a summer tan! He ensured some pebbles were 'accidentally forgotten', no toilets were installed for very obvious reasons as well! He knew his folks would want to win at all costs. So he wrote a note to his captains and told them to keep their wallets ready to ensure tributes from their hqs, or elsewhere procured, could win them the Champion title at the end of the contest!


Now for the tributes, let's look over the roster:

Representing the Stargazers:

Jingle Junkies, composed of Don Harison aka Ice Ice Baby and Consigliere Aislin aka Tinsel toes

Anti-Snowflakes, composed of Consigliere Ketamine aka Iced-K and Consigliere PR-Rep aka Angel 2nd Class


Representing The Vegas Outfit:

2ArmedBandits, composed of Don Jammin aka JamTart and Made Man Jazz aka Jazzyjeff

Snow Business, composed of Don BigEasy aka Leontes and Capo Grondlar aka Polixeness


Representing The Connoisseurs:

King's and Killers, composed of Boss Culprit aka ???? and Boss The-King aka Yuletide Hammer

Artic Raiders, composed of Capo Gaetano aka Rooster and Consigliere Meliodass aka Frostblade


Representing Hell's Kitchen:

The Phantom Troupe, composed of Consigliere KazumaSatou aka kazutrashand Made Man Tanya_Degurechaff aka Devil of the Rhine

Devildogs, composed of Wise Guy IBankrupteddacasino aka BillyBadass and Godfather Chairman Tyki_Mikk aka The Void


Representing Lyli's Liquor:

Lylithe's Bitches, composed of Boss Craven aka Kinky Bitch and Wise Guy LargeHamster aka Large Bitch

The Clueless, composed of Wise Guy Crushed aka Pinky and Godfather Sniffler aka The Brain


He was very pleased with the rounded up fighters, some were from veteran fighter bloodlines going back several generations. Others were newbies, and wouldn't know what hit them unless they stopped being so afraid and hunker down eyes closed in their shelters. 

Fluff scribbled down some notes and went off to watch the 1st day of the fighting. His co-commentator Yaveo had joined him from Motor City and was as excited to be there as well. 


May the odds be fuuurrrrrever in your favor tributes!!

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Day 1: The Kick-off


Day 1 had started buzzing with many excited voices as the tributes approached the arena, being still fresh and warm coming out of their home bases they were all beaming with confidence and hope of becoming the victor pairing in the contest. Fluff smirked, they shall not know what hits them in the days, or perhaps weeks?? to come. The cold was radiating from the arena, and some contestants had prepared with thermal cloths, hats, scarves and gloves, some had come in regular cloths. Muahhahaha, freeze bitches he thought to himself.

As the horn sounded, the tributes were all ushered into a building nearby, no windows it had and all tributes were told the rules of engagement and their reliance on their patron's generosity to try and buy them a competitive advantage. Extra throws, sneak peaks were high in demand, but would patrons be able to secure those???

As the pairs were released 1 by 1 to hide in their 5 chosen locations, where they managed to get to all unseen the horn blasted 3 times in quick succession, THE FIGHT WAS ON!!


Quickly a flurry of snowballs flew from undisclosed locations but to the tributes dismays who released them nearly all dropped in empty spots of the arena, only creating mountains of useless snow, never to be recovered again!

Yet some tributes did have proper aim, and as Fluff watched the battle he noticed among a lot of lack of skill the following hits took place:


It seems The Jingle Junkies got off to a good start, as Ice Ice Baby had used his crying in a bat like echo location technique and found the other pair representing the stargazers in no time and landed a bit hit, ouch that gotta hurt and soon after releasing the snowball a bit cry came from Iced-K, who by now looked like she wasn't so OK anymore!!


Next Fluff saw that The Snowbusiness people defo meant business, they weren't there for shits and giggles. A big mighty throw from Leontes connect to the Crown of The-King and knocked it off with a big pling, perhaps something more than snow was in that ball??


Some more ruckuss about shortly after that, it seemed that the Devildogs made use of the trajectory of the spinning crown and with a well-timed attack they managed to plant a big ass ball into the face of the-king, who with his partner is now down to 3 out of 5 lives left. bad start of their day!


After a long wait, or perhaps he had missed a bit of the actions when taking a nap, Fluff noticed some jazzy music coming from high up the pitch, and before he knew it he saw 2 fast throws going straight for the music. It seemed JazzyJeff forgot he was supposed to be in hiding and shut his trap. Both Lylithe's Bitches and The ClueLess found their marks, hmm is there perhaps some hidden cooperation there? Lylithe acts as a patron for both these teams, perhaps?? Fluff decided to investigate this covertly after the fight ended that day. Contestants gathered from out the arena, looking either triumphant or worse for wear, depending on how their days went. Tomorrow another day shall start, who knows what it will bring!!

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Day 2: Into The Breach


From the Jingle Junkies to the Lylithe's Bitches this years snowball fight is an incredible opportunity to witness rising mob stars display teamwork, leadership, communication skills, and of course how they handle public embarrassment. Fluffy_Tummy, thank you for allowing me to get involved in this experience and take the commentating for the second day of this wild event. Without further ado lets get into some of the battles from Day Two: Into the Breach! 

Ice-Ice Baby and Tinsel Toes came out looking like two NFL Quarterbacks landing snowball after snow ball. Tinsel Toes became so confident in her ability that she started doing trick shots. My goodness I could not take my eyes off her. The way she handled those snow balls tossing them with ferocity was just a thing of beauty. She is a thing of beauty if you know what I mean! Anyways, I think i am digressing. Ice-Ice Baby threw a snowball from hell as it flew right into the face of the Devil of the Rhine! She looked lifeless for a few seconds but shortly after that Tinsel Toes tossed up a snow ball taking the eyes of both members of the Devil=-Dogs only to catch the Void with another snowball that left him filled with so much white you would have thought he was Tony Montana! Wow the Jingle Junkies just dominated on Day Two landing two well placed shots against two different teams and evading being attacked. 

If you would have scanned on the opposite side of the battle zone you would have witnessed a sort of love triangle go down as Lylithes Bitches snuck up carefully on the Phantom Troupe as kazutrashand took a snowball to the back from Kinky Bitch. Immediately Kinky bitch who was joyfully celebrating the off handed throw turned to get flattened by one giant snowball from Jamtart and JazzyJeff. It appeared that the two armed bandits were not aiming for kazutrashand but rather Kinky Bitch himself, unfortunately for kazutrashand he was put down like a sick dog! Terrible joke. Not acceptable. 

Pinky and the Brain representing The Clueless moved in fast and heavy against Snow Business in what appeared to be a cheap attack. Pinky ran up and held Polixeness to the ground while The Brain stood over and dropped a wild shot in his groin. It was dastardly. The screams of Polixeness rang out like sirens after Don Corleone was shot. Brutal. The worst part, there was no sight of his partner Leontes. My assumption was he was hiding in one of the many snow men that were built around waiting for his perfect opportunity to strike and allowed his partner to get hit as a sacrificial lamb. 

Moving forward, through the day we watched as Kings and Killers did absolutely nothing and received nothing. They literally stood there in the middle of the battle field and no one bothered them. Yuletide Hammer was seen making snow angles while ???? Was wondering where his coat was. It was a pretty bizarre instance overall but the most bizarre of it all was how the Anti Snowflakes were seen throwing their snow balls at each other, which does not count in an elimination. Between the two giggling at one another everyone just wondered what in the world was even happening with these two teams. I say, we put them in a gulag and force them to fight each other! 

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Day 3: Missed opportunities Day


After taking a break from broadcasting yesterday, and taking a long ass nap, Fluff had full energy again and was ready to claw, bite and meow his excitement about the Snowball Fight through the microphone again. Ok, technically the deep voice was that of Craig his main protection detail coordinator, but who cares!! IT'S TIME TO GET THIS SHIT GOING.

He mashed with all his might his paw on the big red button, which heavily reverberated throughout the city center of LV. People with some level of understanding knew what that mean, people were gonna get pummeled again! As the crowd rushed to the stands overlooking the arena from all 4 sides, the fighters came out of the dressing rooms. Defrosted again, with some spring in their step they took their leftover positions ensuring safe and stealthy return to them and they all gave the ready sign to the referee.

Fluff mashed the button quickly again and 2 mighty honks indicated the start of today's fighting window! Perhaps some of the less fortune pairs could swing things around?? As he sat up, his ears pricked up to detect even the smallest movement he started to get bored. Move you bitches he thought and as he scanned the field nothing stirred.

What the hell? Are these idiots asleep or what he thought to himself. As he waited, increasingly getting a lot more impatient than he would have liked, but ohh wait a second, here it is. He saw a a flick and some snowballs landed against the window of his commentary box. As he saw them slowly sag down, he detect unusual properties of the balls. Were they reflecting light or what? As he jumped up on the windowsill, he studied them closely. No, IT WAS MOTHERFFING GLITTER. He meowed with indignation, he knew who was the owner of these kinds of balls, she will be punished severely!! Obviously Lylithe was trying to get him out of his concentration, but a patient kitty knew work first, punishing pleasure later!!


Activity had been increasing, as if those balls were the real starting signal of the day. And in quick succession Lylithe's bitches sprung into action, throwing a couple of dummies but when Billybadass finally started to live up to his name he managed to plant nice crispy balls in the face of not only The Jingle Junkies but also the Anti-Snowflakes. Hot damn, it looks like this Fluff is backing the wrong teams. He better whip them into shape soon, before the Strip will be humiliated by 2 quick eliminations if they keep this up! :(


Just as he thought things couldn't get worse for Iced-K and Angel 2nd Class it did, as they tried to scurry away, Snow Business had them locked and in their sight. So as Iced-K looked for the angel to work out some magic, the man simply became the end stop of a yellow?? holy moly, no they didn't! Snowball right on the back of his neck. Surely that's gonna leave a stain!!


And as he scanned further, it seemed that King's and Killers went into another hibernation today, not moving in either offense or defense they paid the price for such lacking tactics. Not only did Jamtart pie their face with fresh and muddy snow, but also as if they were ghosts haunting the weak, the Phantom Troupe struck with a non-ethereal snowball of their own, this time JazzyJeff was silence from humming whatever sleeping snog he was going with.


It seemed hibernation, however, was slightly contageous as Lylithe's bitches, rich on their past successes, took a day off as well it seemed.


Well folks, plenty more to come, who are you fan favorites? Any side betting action desired? Perhaps if you have watched from day 1, you could pick out the most likely to win pair by now? Stay tuned!!

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Day 4: Double Dragon


Another day, another moment I made eye contact with Tinsel Toes....Hello? Is this thing on? Alright! Lets get into it. Day Four was packed with two tag teams who were relentless on the field throwing snow balls like army men throw hand grenades. A couple of those balls hit like Selena in the Sniffler's Brawl for Fall! Today, we will dive into three things today mainly as we cover the two tag teams that crushed it and my momentary conversation with Tinsel Toes, which proved to be a poor moment for her. 

We start the day by the abysmal action coming from JamTart and JazzyJeff. The two who were pretty decent at the beginning of this competition just stood by awkwardly as if they werent sure what they should be doing. Perhaps they were just waiting for the right moment to unleash the terror of 2Armed Bandits or perhaps they really were just frozen...Anyway, I hope to see more of them tomorrow! 

Polixeness and Leontes were the first two who put on a hell of a show yesterday. Polixeness did not come to mess around and finds themselves so serious about this prize, and it was proven when they threw a fastball of a snowball towards Frostblade putting him unconscious. Paramedics rushed in moments after he hit his head on the ground. Apparently it was nothing more than just a bump for him and he will be back tomorrow...We will see! Additionally the tag team champs of Snow Business found themselves quite violent again when they moved against the Devil Dogs with absolute aggression. This time it wasnt Polixeness as much as it was Leontes who had climbed a tree and dove like a professional wrestler launching their snowball that crushed the skull of BillyBadass! Was a beautiful sight for those of us who dream of violence...Not me though, I dont dream of violence just Tinsel Toes. Anyways, great work there by the team earning themselves a reputation that is well deserved in the world of snow ball fights. 

The other two champs that we have to talk about was yesterdays Lylithes Bitches, Kinky Bitch and Large Bitch. Yesterday the two Bitches lined up their snow wall and quietly waited for passerby's before wreaking devastation. The first two fall victim to the Bitches was the Jingle Junkies, the most beloved Snowball team ever. It was a  heartbreaking moment, shortly after Tinsel Toes was making her way towards me, our eyes had locked I could see her ready to engage with me, probably to tell me I was the best commentator she ever experienced, until the Large Bitch grabbled her picking her up and Kinky running up with a superman snowball throw right in the chest of Tinsel Toes. As she crashed to the floor I left the commentator desk with haste and held her like the pieta. We have never even spoken before but Simeone had to attend to her. Immediately as I was there I saw Ice Ice Baby coming towards her, Love Triangle. I decided it would be best if I moved away and let her teammate attend to her. All seemed well as she stood back to her feet so, yep. We will se how she progresses tomorrow. Anyways, Im not biased you're biased. This of course left are two Jingle Junkies disengaged for the remainder of the fight. 

The other part of the champion night was the intense stand off between the Bitches of Lylithe and Snow Business. There was a moment where Kinky Bitch was holding her snow ball facing Leontes but instead of chucking it at him she tossed it in the air, Large Bitch caught it and like a sumo wrestler from the arctic, she rushed Leontes who stood paralyzed in fear. She then swung her arm in a full circular motion that likely made her rotator cuff damaged. Letting go of the snowball Leontes squealed in pain as there was a perfectly placed groin shot from Large Bitch. They Came, They Saw, They Bitched. 

The last moment of yesterday we have to talk about is when kazutrashand and Devil of the Rhine went to battle against Iced K and Angel 2nd Class. Like straight out of a movie of the revolutionary war, the two opposing sides lined up across from each other. Stated their intention. Formed a snow ball. Tossed it and did not move. I repeat, when the snow ball was coming towards them, they did not move. It was like watching Greasers play car chase. They stood across from one another like it was a showcase of courage. After three snow misses Angel 2nd Class was grazed by a snowball from Devil of the Rhine. The commentators and referees all did see it even though Angel did not feel it. Thus, we had to award The Phantom Troup the victors of that debacle. 

I look forward to what tomorrow brings. Hopefully we will get some more aggressive bouts on our hands!

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Day 5: Triple hit and a Knock-out!


Fluff had seen a very exciting matchday!! Not only did the day provide us with our 1st knock-out, and despite 3 teams being in hibernation mode, we got the most hits of any day so far today!! In total, we've had 8 direct hits today! Now, after a word from our sponsors, let's dive right in shall we?


The morning brought a new crips layer of snow, for temperatures dropped below freezing overnight in the desert. The wind blew it softly and little flakes twirled around like Lylithe's daily getting dressed routine. But the fighters, some battered and bruised made their way into the arena. The weather caused the crowd to be limited today, but those who had come and endured the weather would be in for a treat today!


Right of the bat, it was the anti_snowflakes who due to their lingering hate of snowflakes sprung to action. Not only did Iced-K wake up with a spring in her step this morning, but her aim finally was adjusted too, and her might throw hit The Void straight in his face. But then before he was able to recover another pummeling came from Jamtart, who never was above hitting a man when he's down already!! Ouch folks that looked rough.

A little meter further, it was the 2nd snowflaker, Angel 2nd Class who finally made use of his divine powers and also let lose a faited shot, it landed deep within the trench where the Artic Raiders hunkered down, but the avalanche made short work of it and they had to scuttle to another place still safe to them.


JazzyJeff, encouraged by his partner in crime also found an easy target, for again the tapping of little nimble feet gave her postion away, and ms Tinseltoes got treated to another bit smudging of snow down her neck, surely my friend Yaveo will not be enjoying that noise, it's like a banshee in heat folks!


After having found their new base of operations, the Arctic Raiders looked lively too, and with a combined effort for extra speed they burst their ball right through the defense of the Phantom Troupe and landing a solid hit on the head of Kazutrash!! Man does he looked mad, surely that'll get him fired up enough to take revenge!!


As Kazutrash blindly tossed an enraged shot, it flies past the Arctic Raiders, but without a warning or anticipation of the shot being thrown his way, The Brain gets a big bash to his temple, sending him careering over the snowbank he built and was hiding in. His ghastly white complexion being perfectly fit as camouflage in these surroundings!!


With brain out of commission, Pinky tries his luck, whether it's dumb luck, beginners luck or just fated, but Pinky tries to throw back at kazutrash, but slips and falls and the snowball just flies high into the sky. and... and.. and..  OH MY GOD people, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???... No!! it cannot be. The dumbly released, undirected ball finds a mark, and it is game over for the DevilDogs... that was their last spot left, we shall miss them dearly!!

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Day 6: Missed Opportunities


Well folks in todays recap of the Snowball Fights in Paris it may be a fairly quick show as we had two teams that stood motionless waiting for something to happen and yet due to their inactivity nothing happened. Its like those moments when a Rat could show up and it doesn't because people aren't active. Its like when a crew loses its crew because one of the uppers isnt around for an hour a week. Yeah It was like that. So both Lylithe's Bitches the Large one and the Kinky one stood together just bitching with one another about other bitches who aren't as bitchy as they could be. So they didn't touch a single snow ball and alongside their motionless bodies was the 2 armed bandits who were more like no armed bandits with their lack of attack. So yep. I am not entirely sure what that looks like going forward but we have to hope for more action from both of these teams going forward. 

On the other side of inactivity we had Jingle Junkies square off face to face with The Clueless. The two teams met face to face in the middle of the field like a mexican stand off. The four members held their snow balls with heroic strength until finally one launched the first snow ball. Tinsel Toes took a shot right to her left knee. It was like an arrow to the knee but this was a snowball. She collapsed in agony as there was a likely a rock in it. However, the other Jingle Junky retaliated landing a wild curve snow ball against The Brain that sent shockwaves throughout the audience. 

So we stand where two of our teams stood inactive and the other two went against each other like cowboys at a poker table. I look forward to what tomorrow will bring!

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Day 7 - The Day of the Ghosts!!


Fluff had listened to the poetic words of Yaveo, despite it being a long narrative Day 6 had been relatively boring. But oh boy did day 7 make up for it!!! Fluff had taken a little bit of time to recover from all the action. Not only did 2 pairs get eliminated, and over 2/3rds of the field having been bombarded with snowballs by now, but 1 of the teams were his beloved Jingle Junkies!!! :(

He knew they'd been hard-pressed for a while now, but seeing them fully eliminated made him slightly sad nevertheless!


Now let's look at the action today, for today it was definitely a wonderful day for the Phantom Troupe, let's dive right in!


The day started off as usual, a gentle wind blew across the arena, making some of the top layer snow twirl around, leaving tiny snow dunes on top of eliminated hiding spots. A glimmer of a mirror could be seen from the high perch of the commentary box, it seemed one team was trying to find their opponents. And perhaps, it worked!!! Because within seconds it was a direct hit!! It was rooster, lobbing a powerful throw using his lefthand wing, it was perhaps a blessed shot, because it not only trashed Lylithe's bitches favorite hiding spot, but it seemed there was a secret double wall they were unaware of, and as they scurried out and trip and caused an avalanche to fall and drop the wall straight onto the Jingle Junkies. The honors were given to Rooster, for his shot ensured elimination of Ice Ice Baby and Yaveo's beloved Tinsel Toes!! Oh dearie me folks, that's cutting my patroned teams by half!!


In the middle of all the commotion, it seem the King's and Killers, well let's rather call them The King's hibernation squad instead, for they again had a snooze fest today... i wonder if this is a special playing style and they just hope to avoid detection and win by default?? Perhaps they are immune to frostbite?


Now the day was slowly coming to a close, the sunset was near it's end and the bright scarlett with a hint of orange still hung low on the horizon. As it was nearly dipping below it, there was a commotion out in the center of the arena. The phantom Troupe had been stalking all day, and now having split up and detect some activity it was go time. Not only did Kazutrash lock on to the 2armedbandits, and made sure they'd get a proper powdering session, but his partner in crime Devil of The Rhine made sure that the outcome of the Snowbusiness was complete and utter bankruptcy. Well that business is done for now, we shall miss their professional and curt style of fighting folks.

On that note, we'll call it a ..... OH NO FOLKS, this is not it yet, just as the horn is about to close out this day of fighting, it's The Brain's cunning fighting style that gets him the final shot of the day, surely the Phantom's were too confident about their prowess, and caught them napping. A curveball hits The Devil right in the face, her angry cries and pure rage heat up her vicinity and a scorched patch of arena remains. Sulkingly she dives in hiding and tries to regroup with Kazutrash. I wouldn't like to be The Clueless tomorrow, surely they got a target on their backs now, and a devil spurned... oh my, oh my!!

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Day 8 - Snow Storm


We start the eighth day with a heavy heart. A time for a moment of silence. The competition in Paris has officially grown smaller. Two teams are eliminated. So this will make the ninth day far more interesting. Ladies and Gentleman, lets recap on the final day of the octave of this competition and see where we are left standing. 

The Anti Snow Flakes started the day of with the first hit of the day. They carefully observed their opponents from a distance and with cat like vengeance they moved in on the Kings and Killers. Kings and Killers, or KAK as the youth have begun to call them, were sitting out in the middle of the battlefield smoking cigars. POW! With a flash a snow ball came flying towards the lethargic tag team and crashed into the face of Yuletide Hammer. As he collapsed he let out a yelp that made Angel 2nd Class laugh. The laugh was loud, a little too loud. Other teams began rushing towards the action. Kings Killers took off in the forest and that was the last anyone saw them for the rest of the day. You could hear the foot prints surrounding them all over. They tried to take cover but as they did they came face to face with the Clueless. 

The team known as Clueless lifted the snow balls of war ready to attack. The Anti Snow Flakes fell backwards in fear but before the Clueless were about to strike, when a shot from Snow Business a shot heard round the world landed in the dead center of Pinky's chest. As he fell to the ground, the crowd all let out a gasp. The Brain rushed over to him. He tried to help Pinky up but it would prove to be a terrible mistake. As Brain inched closer a wild snowball the size of a peanut came whirling towards the Brain and landed right in his Achilles. The Artic Raiders struck with anger and Brain, well He collapsed in agony. But the war was not over for the Clueless. As both Pinky and Brain were left battered by snow the 2 Armed bandits stood over them holding a snowball the size of Frosty the Snow men. Brain let out a scream pleading for a chance to escape but it was to no avail. The Snow buried him 6 inches deep. This was the first elimination and perhaps the hardest one for many to witness. The loveable clueless was destroyed after taking three shots on the eighth day. Rest in Snow Pinky and Brain. 

With the Anti Snow Flakes laying lifeless watching the horrors unfold before them, the 2 Armed Bandits moved in with the quickness. A quick zinger was sent flying in the direction of the Anti Snow Flakes sending them out of the competition. The snow dripped down the face of Iced-D like blood. Another sad violent elimination. With seconds to go Snow Business retaliated against the 2 Armed Bandits before disappearing in the forest. A shot landed right in the back of Jamtart sending him to his knees. The sheer violence. 

Finally, the Phantom Troupe and Lylthes Bitches were the only two teams who did not meet up with everyone else when the cries were going on. Instead, they stood quietly at the distance anxiously awaiting to encounter the other. But out of the forest came one Large Bitch. I mean...The Large Bitch. The Large Bitch gave their location away. Out of the trees came the phantom troupe yodeling as they fell to the shoulders of the Bitches. Snow was flying everywhere until finally, the Large Bitch was struck. A snow ball perfectly placed by Devil of the Rhine landed in her mouth. Unsurprisingly, the Large Bitch attempted to eat the snow until the medical team informed her that was not acceptable. 

On a final note. It was a sad day when the Jingle Junkies did not participate. So...Yeah its fine. Im fine. Its good. TINSEL TOES!!!!!!

Good luck on day nine everyone!

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Day 9: Resuming the Fight!


It had been over a week since Match Day 8 had concluded, but since then the competition had been paused. Those who were part of the well-informed audience knew this was due to a medical timeout of the referee, but for many it was unknown and they had been impatiently waiting and hoping to see their heroes back for another day of ice carnage! But finally word was sent that day 9 would commence and the audience had been hungry for more. The last day had seen multiple eliminations, and seeing people's hopes and dreams shatter in a dust of snow was the adrenaline rush these spectators came for!


Now without further ado, let's blow the horn for the start and day 9 and get it on!!

WHHOOOMPPPPPP, and all contestants streamed back in, using the many big piles for cover to get to their favorite hideout spots. One couple seemed to even have missed completely the competition distruption and was still frozen in their position not showing any movement. He wonder if the statue technique of King's and Killers was gonna bring them the victory by all the other teams knocking each other out this way!


But, eager with new energy after recovering from a few days without fights many pairs came out with a buzz of activity. Many snowballs went flying around within the 1st hour of the match day, but to their dismay all plopped down on empty spots. It seems being out of commission has led to quite a few rusty arms out there.


But oh what is that?? Is that what i think it is, yes ladies and gentlemen we have a direct hit. It seems Leontes used his powers of meditation and divined the final hiding spot of LyLithe's bitches and with 1 majestic lobbed throw, he slashed their hopes in 1 clean sweep, there we have it folks. Only the top 5 are left to claim the title


See you all tomorrow!

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The Wrap-Up (Days 10-14)

Due to the harsh weather conditions in the last few days it has been hard, loyal followers of the radio broadcast, to keep you up to date. Since our last report we've been hunkering down against the big snow storms that ravaged our country since day 9. But finally the weather let up this morning and boy do we have enough drama and excitement to catch you up on.

Without further ado, let's look at the last couple of days.


Day 10:

This day the contestants had a very hard time, the big snow drifts sweeping across their heads made any usual fighting and throwing with accuracy impossible and all shots just swerved high and wide. Nothing happen this day, except that our statue team as usual stood unmoved hoping they could camouflage their way to last man standing


Day 11:

A similar day as the day before, still massive winds sweeping the area sending snow dust storms across the arena, making the participants have less vision than 1 meter distance. Under these conditions once again, not successful throw was released and all participants huddle against the cold hoping tomorrow would be a better day!


Day 12:

In the morning the weather let up a little bit, and it took some of the teams unaware that the conditions allowed for some better accuracy. And not long into the start of match day 12, it was the 2armed bandits launching a successful attack on the Phantom Troupe, knocking them out of the competition. When the buzzer announced an elimination a cheer went up from a deep hiding spot, oh boy did arctic raiders take a big gamble on that. And as you could expect, bam!!! a big big throw came from Polixenes, ensuring that the arctic raiders now also were restricted to 1 final hiding position in this contest. Seems now each team had 1 secure spot left and each hit would be a lethal blow to all 4 teams left!


Day 13:

The weather again was dreadful that day. A genuine blizzard hit off the desert, blowing the cold winds originating from the rocky's. In these conditions like days 10 and 11, no participant was able to beat the elements and no action ensued. Yet today one team decided to just lump all their shots together, creating a massive ball. And as they laucnhed it with combined strength, they managed to hit a big pile of snow that the King's and Killers had been hiding under for over a week now, but due to the impact and the weight the wall crumbled and they got hit by an avalanche of snow knocking them out of the competition. Great work by the 2 armed bandits for sure!!!.

There we have it folks, tomorrow the top 3 shall fight for the title!!


Day 14:

Based on the referee's position overlooking the arena, he saw very few spots were not hit, the chance of today being the final day was more than 70%, so he made sure he to look his most majestic self in order to appear respectable as he anticipated to be annoucning the winners of this contest before the day was over. The 3 teams left, SonnyFranzese being the patron of both 2armedbandits and snowbusiness seemed to have the best chance of winning, Cork who still had his arctic raiders in contention was not out for the count yet. They both sat on study chairs next to the Fluff and were eager to send gifts and aids to ensure their teams to secure the win. Yet Sonny's aim was off and his carepackage overflew the arena and they couldn't help his teams. Cork with 1 practice throw, being a bartender for most of his life he knew how to juggled bottles filled with goodies, made the perfect throw, ensuring his team to have nearly double the ammo for their final day.

Now let's see how the teams use their experience of surviving 2 weeks in this competition to win the last man standing status. First up it was snowbusiness, as they quickly lobbed all their balls, they unfortunately had no true aim. Despite taking the tactical advantage of throwing first, they were unlucky to hit anyone. They hunkered down hoping their opponent had similar bad aim. But alas, it was almost like fatricide, as the 2armedbandits chucked their stock of the day and squarely hit the final location of snowbusiness closing them down for good!!

Now, time passed and it seemed the raiders had finished their silent chanting and powering up dance. As they emerged slightly from their bunker position they meant business, lobbing their 9 balls in pretty much each of the undisclosed locations they were sure in their aim and slam, bam!! The 2armedbandits were out as well!!


Cork cheered for his deserving champions, they had done it, they had bested all 9 other pairs and were the official winners of the LV Snowball Champion Pairs competition!! The crowd roared, not only because they saw a great match but also coz they were freezing their assess of and wanted to go home by now!!


A big trophy cup was given by Fluff to Cork to award to his champions including prize moneys, the runner ups and 3rd placed teams were giving their trophies, slightly smaller of course but just as special!!


Thanks all for tuning in, and give a round of applause to our victors Meliodass and Gaetano!!

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