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A Business takeover (The Society) Started by: BulletToothTony on Dec 08, '23 16:59

Taking out a rival business

Tony was sat in his office looking through the business papers of LA, 'Freedom Trading Co.' all over the front page. He calls in Brick Top who is just in the waiting room outside his office. 
"Brick Top, Look at this headline"
Tony hands him the paper


They has been awarded the best and most patriotic Firearms company in USA for the 4th year in a row

"Brick Top, Go call upon my Hands"
With that, Brick Top leaves sharpish, knowing shit is about to go down. 

Lighting a Cigar, Tony Opens his eyes to see his two main guys walk in. He stands and greets them both with taking their heads in his hands and kissing both cheeks. 
"I am glad you are both here, This Freedom Trading Company needs to be ended, one of our major contracts just pulled out and moved over to them, this happened this morning, Now i see this.."

Tony passes over the Business paper and they notice the headline on the front page.
"We are ending them, I don't care how its done, Just that its done"
Looking at Meadow he continues.
"You, Meadow, My dear left hand... I want you to head up this operation, Take all the kids. How this is done is totally up to you. But i want them out of business, yesterday."

"Dom, you will stay with me, we have something to discuss, Now unless either of you have questions or something to say, Lets get started"

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Having spent the day dealing with paperwork and headache. She missed the feeling of working outside of the office, though she knew the importance it as well. Her last outing with the crew had gone great for them, but a bit south for her so she spent most of her days tending to her wounds. Her minor wounds from the raid were completely gone, and she was fortunate enough to say that her stab found had not damaged anything crucial.. or so the doctor had told her. The scarring had laid out nice, but she felt a tiny sting whenever she moved. Not wanting to dwell on it however, she kept it to herself and moved on. She heard three loud knocks on her office door, followed by Tony’s main guy Brick Top coming in. He gave her a respectful nod as he announced that her boss was waiting on her in his office. Meadow quickly stood up from her chair and put her coat on and went out her door, she would not let her boss wait too long.

When Meadow stood in the hallway in front of Tony’s office, she ran into Dominic. She greeted him and they went into Tony’s office together. At first look, she noticed her boss standing by his desk while looking thoughtfully, but determined away. He looks over as they both go over to greet him properly. Meadow noticed that the air in the room felt a bit heavy and explosive almost. She could not help but wonder what it could be, since he had called upon them so urgently? Her thoughts calmed down as Tony began to explain the situation and she smiled when she heard her assignment. She thought of which weapong to bring after nodding to state that she had a clear understanding og the assigment.

Yes sir, I will get started immediately.” She turned around and hurried out of the room, eager to gather her fellow crewmates and wreak havoc upon their opponents. She sent her bodyguard out to gather both @Meg, @Krank and @TimelessPulse. They got seated into the black tinted car and she explained the situation to them. 

We’ll head into the business ‘Freedom Trading Co.’ and have a little.. chat.” She grinned as she played with the blade in her hands.

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Dom greets Meadow as they walk into the Bosses office. He offers her a cigarette before opening the door to see Tony standing in his office. 


"Evening Boss, hear you have some work for us?" Dom smiles as it has been sometime before something like this had come up...


Dom listens as his Boss goes over the plan with Meadow. After Tony is done laying things out for Meadow, Dom sits waiting to hear is roll from the Boss.


"So my man T what can I do personally to make sure this thing runs smoothly?"

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Tony picks back up his cigar and takes a long draw, attempting to calm himself and keep his composure.
Watching Meadow step out he turned to Dom and spoke much more softly.

"My friend, i would like you to keep a watchful eye on them"
Knowing Dom's past and what he was capable of, having Dom there, even just as a watch dog, Made him feel a lot better about his crew and their safety. While he totally believes in Meadows abilities, specially after their last raid for their Godfather, He does also remember that during that raid, she took a rough injury and can't imagine it being totally healed. Not to mention this will be his crew's first real op since taking over. 
A lot of untested people with her.

"I have a lot of faith in this crew and their abilities but they are untested, Things could go south fast.
I trust your judgement on if you need to join in or not,
ill be going to call some contacts so we can deal with the aftermath, That will be an interesting front page of the paper for sure"

Taking another draw on his cigar, he looks at Dom, knowing he would do all he could to keep his crew alive and well. 

Tony now picks up the phone, looking once more at Dom

"Do this favor for me my son, i know you won't let me down"

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After a quick stop at their HQ, Meadow went inside to grab a few things. She decided it would be wise to grab some more weapons, in case the others would need something to borrow when they arrived. She was pretty sure they already were good loaded up, but one could never have too many, right? She smiled as she looked at her collection, packed it up and had it brought to the car. Stocking up on a few shurikens herself, she looked over as she saw Krank, Meg and Timeless each make their journey over. After they settled in, they would drive over to their rivals. Meadow sat herself back in the front and she kept a discreet but close watch on them. She knew they could handle almost everything there would be thrown at them, but she needed to make sure they were all in the right states of mind.

Alright,” she breathed out. “We’ll be there in 5 minutes and I need you to listen up closely.” She looked out on the road.

“When we get there, we’ll be going in arms loaded and take out everything we see moving. We have the momentum of surprise on our side, on which we can deal great damage. I’m go in first, followed by Krank. I would like us to each go into different areas, so we have got the whole store covered and wont be taken aback with surprises. Is that understood?”

They all nodded and she felt assured. This would go well. They had gone over the plans a couple times before, so it shouldn’t be too hard to remember.

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Meg sits silently in the car as she allows her inner rage to grow, hyping herself up for her first big job. She listens carefully to Meadow’s plan hoping that she doesn’t fuck it up.

Meg takes out her duel pistols, her lucky pink Glocks she just picked up from TBS, she might seem like a silly idiot to people that don’t know her but inside, she is a killer ready to fight for her crew. Meg looks over at Krank and Timeless. She is part of an untested crew but she is ready to prove herself. She has the plan from Meadow. Meg is ready to go.

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As the car cruised towards Freedom Trading Co., Timeless observed the city through the tinted windows. His calm exterior was contrasted by the subtle tension that settled within him. The hum of the engine seemed to be synchronizing with the beating of his own heart, creating a rush of nerves that he couldn't fully suppress.

Sitting beside Timeless, Meg could sense the quiet unease emanating from him. She shot him a glance, her eyes locking onto his with an understanding that went beyond words. "Hey, Timeless," she said in a hushed tone, "Don't worry too much. We got this. Meadow's plan is solid, and we're a team. Just stay sharp, okay?"

Timeless managed a nod, appreciating Meg's attempt to alleviate his unease. He took a deep breath, attempting to center himself. The weight of his concealed sidearm provided a reassuring anchor, a familiar friend that often grounded him in moments of uncertainty.

Understanding the opportunity that was before him Timeless steeled his resolve to prove himself to his crew. The collective determination within the vehicle became a stabilizing force for him. The car continued its journey through the city, each passing moment bringing them closer to their destination.

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Dom nodded to Tony, as the two have them have been in these types of situations many, many times over the years. 


"Dont worry about a thing Boss. Ill tail the main crew with some of my local men, armed to the teeth incase anything starts to go south." 

Dom walks over to a long gun safe in the Bosses office, spinning the dial and entering the code. He take about a drum style Tommy Gun slipping in the magazine. Dom looks over to his bodyguards... and tosses each of them a weapon. 


"Load up fella's. I need you to go round up a few more of my guards. Go down to my office by the dock first. Grab 4 more of these long guns, and some dynamite. Pick me up two blocks from the Bosses and we will trail the main attack car. You'll see me waiting by the pay phone.."


Dom lights a smoke, nods to Tony and heads out followed by his guards. 

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The time had come for the plans to move forward, so Meadow motioned for the crew to follow and they did. With Pulse and Meg by her side they stood in front of the building and she counted down and went in followed by the others. Meadow rush in with her guns loaded and brought her first victim down. Her heart was pounding as she ran to the middle of the building and took down two other clueless men. She stopped only to reload her guns and took a deep breath in to calm her head.

All around her she could now hear footsteps and gunshots and all she saw was smoke and shadows. The lights had been cut off, she noticed a moment too late before planning her route onwards. An armed man ran in front of her and she grabbed her shuriken and threw it at him, before grabbing another hidden knife and slicing his throat. 

She imagined how Meg and Pulse were doing. She tought of Krank too, back at the car. She wondered if he would be joining them soon. Another man ran closer and fired bullets toward her, and she tried her best to not get shot. It felt like a dance almost, she grinned while his blood sprayed up upon her face as she hit him through his skull. The dance continued till the whole building went dull.

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“Focus Meg, you can do this.” Meg says to herself as she enters the building.

Folling Meadow into the store, Meg turns to her left.

“It’s a good day to DIE BITCHES!” yells Meg as she starts shooting at her targets. Men jump out of nowhere as she tries to clear the building with her crew. She has a lot to prove, and she is not letting anyone down. Looking to her left she sees two men behind the gun counter one of them holding a bazooka.

“Oh Shit!” Meg yells as she dives behind a display of armor. Popping her head out she quickly gets off two rounds, dead center in each man’s head.

“YES!” Meg says as she takes a deep breath. She jumps up and runs toward the counter jumping behind it tyring to avoid the dead bodies and get a better view of her surroundings.

Seeing everything clear for the moment she starts to head deeper into the store toward the warehouse at the back. A group of men run out of the warehouse doors with a shocked look on their face. Meg grabs a couple of grenades from the wall display. Pulling the pin on one Meg throws it at the group of men. Blood, guts and body parts fly everywhere and Meg laughs.

“Damn this is fun!” Seeing Meadow and Pulse across the store she thinks for a moment they got this!

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As the chaos unfolded in the warehouse, TimelessPulse maintained his position on the right side, crouched behind the counter. The sound of gunfire and explosions reverberated through the air as Meadow and Meg orchestrated their assault.

Looking over his shoulder, TimelessPulse noticed a door leading to the warehouse's rear. To prevent any surprise attacks from behind, he moved quickly to secure the area. He decided to lock the door, reducing the risk of enemies sneaking up from that direction.

As he advanced, he encountered a group of armed individuals attempting to flank them. With precise shots, TimelessPulse neutralized each threat he could find, ensuring the safety of his crew from the rear. He radioed Meadow, "Meadow, right side secured. Door to the rear is locked. We need to keep pushing forward. Any updates from your end?"

Remaining vigilant, TimelessPulse maintained cover, ready for any new challenges that might emerge from the shadows of the warehouse.

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In the unfolding chaos within the warehouse, Krank positioned himself firmly on the left side, standing guard alongside Timeless. His watchful eyes scanned the shadows, anticipating any potential threats emerging from the dark corners. Amidst the gunfire and distant explosions, Krank moved toward the heart of the action.

As Krank pressed forward, a subtle movement caught his attention, a shadow ducking down. Without a moment's hesitation, he closed the distance. In a swift and decisive response, Krank spotted a young thug raising a gun. Reacting instinctively, Krank unleashed two precise shots, hitting the young thug squarely in the chest.

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Dom hangs up the pay phone he has been waiting at for a pick up...Lights himself a cigarette and waits a few more moments checking his watch... A car skirts around the corner filled with four men, each with black suits and Drum Thompson Machine Guns. 

Dom enters the his small team directions on how to meet behind the attack car...they follow the attack car as it approaches the target..

Dom turns to the three men in the back "You three go take up positions on these buildings here" Dom quickly shows the men entryways and ladders to the roofs of the surrounding buildings. "Ive already paid the owners of the surrounding buildings to "take the day off" so the doors will be open and allow you to lay down cover fire as our crew leaves. 

Dom turns to his trusted driver and hands him two sticks of dynamite..


"Once our attack team leaves you will get a signal from the roof...plant these little gifts on the side of the building, run three blocks south and we will pick you back up. Anyone have any questions? No?"


Dom sits an hears the shooting start shortly after his men leave his car...after a while it slows to quiet and he sees his men running back to the car, followed by two explosion's... His men tell him the attack team did well...


Dom grins as his team did exactly what they were assigned to. 


"Hop in boys, we need to go get our driver"


Dom hops into the drivers seat and slams his foot into the gas as flames burst in his rearview. 

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The rampage continued steadily, with the bodycount of their dead rivals rising. Meadow breathed out calmly as she had cleared off her section of the building and decided to look around to see if anyone needed a hand. They didn’t. She proudly looked over as she saw her team skillfully handling every bomb, issue and problem thrown their way.

Meadow ran into the backroom and saw a goldmine of deadly yet glorious weapons of all sorts. They were also displayed out in the front, but this was by far the prettiest vision she had ever seen. Hanging on racks, stored in shelves and exhibited behind a layer of thick and almost theft-free glass was one model after the other, just waiting to be grabbed.

The owner must be hiding in here somewhere, she thought as she went on her hunt and found him hiding cowardly behind a chair in a room loaded with what could have been his way out. She rolled her eyes as she shot him in the foot to make sure he would not tun anywhere, and hit him hard across his head with the back of a shotgun she grabbed on the way. He fell down on the floor, numbed from the blunt trauma. She shrugged as she found a robe and bound his feet and hands.

He might be useful for Tony.” She mumbled quitly as she went back out. When every last threat had been neutralized, she called her team to her.

”Nice work everybody. Now, remember the plan. We’ll load up the car with as much as we can and then get the fuck out of here. The mister over here,” she said as she turned her face towards the man she had brought with her, “will be coming with us. The plan was originally to not spare anyone, but I think this might be useful for us. Alright lets get these guns loaded and head out.”

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Getting the all clear from Meadow, Meg runs through the warehouse grabbing as many weapons as she can carry. Glock 19, Sig Sauer, Benelli M4, Rocket Launcher... nope the rocket launchers to heavy, "I'll have to come back for that if I have time" says Meg.

Meg grabs a big black bag and fills it with every weapon she can get her hands on. She spots the grenades and grins happily "Ill take that" Meg says as she grabs a few to add to her collection. Meg fills up her bag and heads back to meet up with Meadow and Timeless.

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TimelessPulse maintained his vigilant watch over the surroundings as Meg darted through the warehouse, swiftly collecting an assortment of weapons. He moved with calculated steps, checking corners and ensuring there were no lingering threats left..

As Meg returned with her loot, a bag filled with an arsenal of firearms, TimelessPulse acknowledged her effort with a nod of approval. "Nice haul" he remarked, his focus unwavering.

TimelessPulse understanding it was his turn, started gathering weapons. He moved systematically through the warehouse, selecting firearms strategically and loading them into the vehicle. The rhythmic clinks of weaponry being placed in the car echoed in the aftermath of the chaotic raid.

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Dom sits in his car being driven by his guards and a the few Wise Guys he had help with the job….he passes around some cigarettes to his crew.


”Good work fellas, I know the Boss is going to love to hear the news.” Dom thinks to himself how he is even more impressed with the up and comers that executed the plan lights out on the inside. He was pleased with the crew Tony had assembled for him to lead in the field. 


Dom and his car pull through the set of gates at the Bullet Society's compound. Dom looks at the guards, and they of course recognize him “Back to brief the Boss on that thing he sent me out for” The gate opens and his car rolls up to Tonys office. Dom walks down the long hallway and hangs his jacket and hat as he walks in to greet Tony.


”Deed is done Boss, the team preformed well under pressure..Think it’s safe to say we wont be hear too much about that “problem” any longer.


Dom begins to tell the Boss the ins and outs of the whole thing, after preparing some celebratory drinks for the rest of the crew upon their return…

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The bags were loaded up to the brim and were neatly organized in the cars for the crew to take home with them. Meadow gathered everybody up and they went on and about almost as quickly as they arrived. Meadow looked out of the car window just as they began their drive back to their HQ, and she wondered how so much bloodshed and violence could look so calm on the outside. The facade of the building still looked disinterrupted, yet the silhouette of the strike bled through the walls.

She could finally relax her shoulders a bit, as they drove back to the HQ but Meadow still felt the tickling adrenaline in her veins and on her skin. She would need to run around in circles a bit just to loosen up. Perhaps they would celebrate. The bags and cases of armory got unloaded and brought in, and the entire group went down the same road and entered the grand hall. Tony stood there waiting for them, with Dom on his side. She smiled as she went to greet the two of them, excited to give a quick debrief.

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Tony was sat in his office talking with Flippy and DeadIrishMan when his Guard, BrickTop walks in and whispers into Tony's Ear. 
"Excuse me a moment"

Both Flippy and Irish leave the room and Dom arrives, They greeted each other and Dom informed Tony all about the Job. 
After a moment, BrickTop pokes his head back into the office explaining to them both that Meadow and her team were back and heading to the grand hall. 
Tony and Dom made their way to the hall. 

Meadow, Meg, Timeless and Krank walked in and Tony noticed Meadow had a spring in her step which Tony couldn't help but smile.
Greeting her and then starts to speak

"Welcome back everyone, I am very impressed with your work. Even bringing me the main firearm i wanted. 
Now we can begin to expand our operations across LA and other states"

Tony starts to walk back and forth in front of the crew, taking a draw from his cigar and continues

"Each of you have done as the family a great justice and so here is your payments"
Tony reaches into his inner pocket of his jackets and pulls out envelopes, then hands them over.

"Now i think we should have a celebration don't you"
As he finishes talking, Some of his guards come out with drinks for everyone and music starts playing. 

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Just as Flippy was being escorted out of the office, a few family members were entering the office. Meadow stops and looks at me. She throws me a wink and enters the office. The door opens back up and Irish and I were invited back into the office. Flippy was impressed with this well planned and orchestrated job. 


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