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The Zerilli Family: Heavy Lay's The Crown Started by: TommyVitale on Feb 04, '24 02:11
Two men sit in a dimly lit office in the back of Carbon Social Club on Detroit's east side. Vito Zerilli sits with his longtime friend and consigliere Anthony Mancelli. Vito lits a cigar as Anthony pours a finger of bourbon for both men. They sit across from each other to begin their discussion.

Anthony: I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this Vito, they picked up Sal earlier, him and those Hamtramck punks he hangs out with knocked over a jewerly store. We took care of things and got him out, but we can't have these blemishes.

Vito: Where's he now?

Anthony: He's sitting out front.

Vito: I don't understand why he does this Anthony, I offer everything I can for him not to choose this life. A life neither of us wanted but had to choose.

Anthony: I don't know, he wants to be a cowboy it seems.

Vito (takes a puff of his Cuban, looks at the hots as the smoke curls into the air): Send him in.

Salvatore Zerilli enters the dimly lit office, the youngest son of five. He looks at his father eith awe and admiration. A man he respects and inspires to be. He takes a seat across from Vito. Sal knows he messed up, and is embarrassed. A silence ensues for a moment because Sal knows not to say anything. The silence is eventually broken by Vito.

Vito: Sal... why son? Knocking over jewerly stores with those hoodlums you hang out with?

Sal: Dad, I'm trying to earn my stripes here.

Vito ashes his cigar, as he looks his son in the eyes. His face, weathered by years of the stress of being in control of Detroits Mafia.

Vito: Son... I don't want this life for you. I've given you every opportunity to be anything you want to be and you choose to be a thug? I don't understand.

Sal: Dad I want to be like you. You were the same way at my age and look at where your at now. Everyone loves you, and respects you.

Vito: Sal, people don't love me... They fear me and there's a difference. And they only fear me as long as I'm around, but behind every handshake and smile they sharpen their knives and plot. This life... I didn't want it, I did it but I didn't want it. And you shouldn't either, it will destroy everything.

Sal: but dad, nobody would ever cross you.

Vito (chuckles as he hears this): My son, people cross me every day and I have to deal with it every day. Let me ask you, have you ever killed a man?

Sal: No dad...

Vito: And I hope you never have to, do you know how many people I've killed or had killed?

Sal: No.

Vito: Me either, I used to keep remember the names but once that got to be to many I kept track of the number, and then I couldn't keep track of that so I kept track of the innocents and I don't even remember that anymore. Son, I sold my soul for something that doesn't exist. I did everything so you and your brothers could have a life I was never given and you squander it. Why son?

Sal: I want to be like you dad, I want all this. Everything!

Vito (sighs, as he exhales the cigar smoke. He looks at his son and questions himself as a father, wondering if he even chose the right path): Sal... you don't understand now but hopefully one day you will. Go home, we'll speak soon.

Sal exits the room, after a brief moment Anthony comes in and takes a seat.

Anthony: How'd it go Vito?

Vito: Not well, I feel none of my kids will learn. Why Anthony? Why choose this life when you have options?

Anthony: I don't know, these kids idolize us unfortunately. If they only knew what it took to get here and to keep it.

Vito: They'll never understand... I remember we were his age we were trying to make ends meet selling liquor dealing with the Great Crash and trying to raise a family. You know Anthony, I wonder if it's my fualt... maybe I should have done something else I don't know.

Anthony: Vito... We both know there was nothing else and once we started you know there was no end.

Vito: With us yes... but I never expected this of our children.

Anthony: Me either Vito but we must live with the choices we make and accept them.

Vito: I guess so Anthony, I guess so. Anyone else waiting for me?

Anthony: Prosecutor Gallow is waiting to talk to you. Also representatives from New York will be in this evening discuss the plans for Vegas.

Vito: Thank you Anthony, give it 5 minutes and send Jimmy in.

Anthony: Of course, boss.

Anthony exits the office, Vito finishes his glass of bourbon and snuffs out his cigar. He stares at a photograph of his wife watching the children playing in the back yard as kids.

Vito (murmurs): Heavy lays the crown...

Head Prosecutor Jimmy Gallows enters the office.
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At the back of the newly opened Hazel Park Raceway, Vito Zerilli is holding a meeting amongst his men. The upper echelon of the Zerilli Crime Family, the most feared organization in Detroit. A heavy decision is being weighed at the moment, one that could bring the family on the brink of war.

Rocco Santini (Acting Underboss whilst his brother Paul Santini is incarcerated): New York thinks they can set up shop in Detroit? It's disrespectful Vito. We know who's leading this. The clown Isaac Benowitz can see how lucrative gambling and has been and trying to weasel his way in.

Anthony Mancelli (a man who calculates every more, he does not shy away from conflict but ever careful in his moves): Rocco... as long as he's backed by the Marchesse Family, we have to atleast hear them out.

Rocco (stands up and waves his hands): These guys!? The Marchesse Family has weakened and the five families won't risk entering a war if their not even benefiting!

Vito: Quiet Rocco. We hear their proposal and a decision will be made. (He signals one of hid guards) Have them brought in.

Two men are escorted into the office by Vitos guards who quietly take their leave. Isaac Benowitz, the head of the Marchesse Family gambling rackets in New York, and Al Marchesse, the leader of a Marchesse outfit that operates in Corktown. The men kiss Vito on the cheeks, then takes the seats across him.

Vito: Welcome gentleman, always welcome to have you.

Isaac: You humble me Vito. Thank you for taking the time to see me.

Vito: And what do I owe the pleasure?

Isaac: Our ventures in Vegas as I'm sure you know have been very profitable, even for your crew that operates their. Your oldest boy runs the outfit out there correct?

Vito: Yes, Vito Jr is. And it's been beneficial to all parties. Is this about Vegas then?

Isaac: No no, I have an offer from Berto Marchesse. He feels Detroit is verh big, and Corktown alone isn't enough for Al's crew to operate, we don't want your territory but we just want to be able to run operations in a few more districts, peanuts to you really and...

Al Marchesse (an arrogant man barely qualified to be in charge but related to the head in New York): Point blank Vito, we can't operate in Corktown alone, we just want to share the surrounding districts, hey there's enough gamblers out there we can all eat, and don't forget my family has had a crew here since before your family.

Rocco makes a slight move to speak out, but a glare from Vito let's him known thats unwise. Isaac notices and gives a smirk.

Vito: Respectfully Al, Marchesse Family has a presence here but mind you, a small one. After much consideration, I decline. Corktown is plenty for a crew of your size. It would be unfair and I am a just man, as I'm sure you know.

Al: You think-

Isaac cuts Al off with a hand on his shoulder: Thank you Vito, your time is always appreciated. Unfortunately I must take your leave, I have a flight to catch, next time we'll share dinner.

The men stand, shake hands and take their departure. After they leave, the silence is broken by Rocco.

Rocco: Ha! You see how mad that punk was?

Anthony: Rocco, it won't be that easy. I don't trust these guys.

Both men look onto Vito, who sits behind his desk looking intently at his glass. He looks at both men.

Vito: This won't be over anytime soon. Rocco, speak to the Capos and tell them to to put everyone on alert.

Rocco: Gotcha boss. (He exits the room)

Vito: Something on your mind Anthony? Speak freely.

Anthony: Vito... Isaac will plan something. If war breaks out, It'll disrupt our political friendships. In a few years time our friend the congressman will become governor. He's our friend now, but bodies start dropping all over the city? I don't know... And I wish Paul was out, Rocco can be a cowboy. He's a better Capo then he is underboss.

Vito: Thank you my good friend, your advice is always appreciated. I'm going to go to home now, it's been a long day.

Both men hug and kiss on cheeks, they both depart.

Vito arrives at his manor, a sprawling mansion surrounded by guards in Grossepoint. He walks into the kitchen and sees his wife cooking, he grabs her waist and gives her a kiss.

Gina: Perfect timing, I just finished. I'll make a plate, sit.

Vito enjoys dinner with his wife then excuses himself to his office, he pours himself a bourbon and picks up a worn copy of Crime & Punishment. He withdraws the marker and reads.
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Long-time associate Carlo Ritz spends his day between payphones scattered in Southwest, Detroit. Running book-making operations for the Zerilli Family in the neighborhood since he dropped out of high-school. This evening he spends his night at poker game controlled by Zerilli Family Made-Man Johnny "The Nose" Marzo. The game is hosted at the back of "Soaps Laundromat", a high stakes game that brings the family a considerable sum.

Carlo: Well boys, sorry to be the one to break it to you (lays down cards showing a full house) looks like I'll be taking this one.

Gambler: Dam Carlo, how are you always lucky.

Carlo: Eh, what can I say, you know what makes me-

BAM! The door is kicked in as three masked, armed assailants storm in. They raise their guns at everyone in the room.


The men in the room puts their hands on the table as the other two assailants gather the cash. Carlo stares in disbelief.

Carlo: Do you know who runs this game you dumb fucks? Leave now and I might forgive this.

The Head assailant takes the stock of his Thompson to Carlo's face, Carlo flailing out of his chair hits the ground, face gushing blood as his coughs up more. The assailant crouches down, pulls out a .38 snubnose and puts the gun against Carlo's temple.

Head Assailant: Oh we know my friend (pulls trigger, ending Carlo's life. He stands up and surveys the room) Anyone else got something to say?

The robbers gather all the cash then exit the back door, jumping into an awaiting car pulling off into the night. A night so tranquil destroyed by a single bullet.

Meanwhile across town, Zerilli Family Acting Underboss Rocco Santini is meeting with the two Caporegimes, Vinny "Vice" Tangelli, a small but very violent man. A man who made his bones as a teenager. Rumored to have personally murdered over 100 people, and fiercely loyal to Vito. Also, none other than Frank "Big Frank" Fontaine, a mountain of a man who may not move fast but quick to pull a trigger. The newly promoted Capo since Rocco's promotion, has been a solid member since being made over 20 years ago. The men enjoy a drink together at Rocco's restaurant, The Italian Bistro, a small but popular restaurant in Mid-Town.

Rocco: Gentlemen, we're going on high alert. The Marchesse Family with that jew Benowitz might consider making a move. All soldiers are to raise guards in their respective districts and be prepared to go to the mattresses.

Vinny: I'll secure three apartments on the East side and have em filled with mats. If war breaks out, anyone on the streets will can be a target.

Frank: I'll have my soldiers start stockpiling firepower, can't be caught not prepared. Ya know it's already been 10 years since the last war (Frank chuckles) eh I feel it's like clockwork with these kinds of things.

Vinny: So what do you think the chances of war breaking out Rocco?

Before Rocco could answer, Johnny Marzo walks in surrounded by bodyguards. He walks up to the men, his face marked by worry and stress.

Johnny: Rocco, my joint got knocked over. Three men and a driver, masked, so noone knows. And they killed Carlo...

Rocco turns to Vinny: Chances are probably good Vinny, probably good.

Rocco excuses Johnny and the men continue to make war preparations. War is looming on the horizon, a necessity at times in the professions of these men.
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Chop's, A butcher shop controlled by the Zerili Family, runs one of most profitable bookmaking operations on Detroit's Westsides Brightmore. In the early hours of the morning, the street is eerily quite. The silence is shattered by an explosion and the screeching of tires. Chop's is engulfed on flames and it's windows are blow, littering the streets with shards of glass and debris.

Vito Zerilli, Don of the Zerilli Crime Family is gathered at his penthouse suite in The Embassy Hotel, situated in the middle of Downtown Detroit. He looks upon his long-time friend and Consigliere Anthony Mancelli. Anthony, cautious by nature wears a look of distress across his face. Worried about the unfolding events, also present, pacing, a scowl almost painted on, Rocco Santini, Zerilli Family Underboss.

Anthony: Vito, this is the second attack. I spoke with Benowitz, he claims the Marchesse Family knows nothing about the attacks. He had the audacity to "offer assistance if we shall ever need it." (Scoffing).

Rocco: Boss, we know it's that peice of shit Al Marchesse, and fucking Benowitz. We should be sending hitters into Corktown and take them, and if New York says anything, fuck them!

Vito: If we attack now, it will be seen as us declaring war. With that will give The Marchesse Family a reason to be supported by the five families. No, we can't risk that at the moment.

Rocco: Whats the plan then?

Vito: We wait, we plan. Tighten security on all operations, increase bodyguards. I want two crews gathered, one will prepare to go to New York for a while, and the other will be tasked to keep tabs on all of Al Marchesse's crew. We have to be prepared for any outcome. Rocco, I want you to get on that now.

Rocco: Of course, Vito. (He embraces Vito with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, followed through with Anthony then leaves.)

Anthony: Vito, there's other bad news. With what's been going on, customers are starting to find other places to gamble... They don't think we're safe anymore.

Vito: We'll be alright Anthony. We'll expand on prostitution in the meantime, have associates recruit more. We're close to making the deal with our friends down south, which will solidify our narcotics hold. That'll be all for now Anthony.

Anthony stands up, embraces Vito and leaves. Vito turns to look out at the sprawling skyline of Detroit, glancing at the people carrying about there day. Their worries so miniscule, so mundane, he almost envies them.
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Situated on 7 mile, on Detroits East side is Vice Cigar Lounge. Owned and operated by Zerilli Capo Vinny "Vice" Tangelli. Inside cigar smoke lingers in the air, cocktail waitresses move swiftly to replenish the notorious patrons of the lounge. Music by Dean Martin can be heard in the background. In the back office, Vinny meets with two of his soldiers, made men Johnny Marzo and Tommy Solari.

Vinny: Word has came from above, we tighten the ship up until further notice. Extra men at all our running operations.

Johnny: Vinny, with all due respect were losing money out here. How much longer before we solve this with Marchesse. It's all bad out here.

Tommy: Ya Vinny, and the only operations I have right now involve gambling. It's affecting me the most, already done 20% this week. We gotta eat Vinny. Let's put those Marchesse pricks where they belong, the dirt.

Vinny: Hey! None of that! As I said we have our orders and we follow through with them. Things will work out, Vito has never steered us wrong and nor will he. Understand?

Johnny & Tommy: Yes Vinny.

Vinny: Alright guys, you can carry on.

Late that evening, Zerilli Family Made-Man Frank Ferdinand and Associate Billy Montel meet with Columbian drug dealer Manuel Garcia. The meeting takes place at a rundown warehouse, years abandoned in Mid-town. 50 Kilo's of pure cocaine is being exchanged, the deal brokered by Zerilli Capo Frank "Big Frank" Fontaine.

Manuel: Frank! Nice to see you amigo. A pleasure as always. (Embracing Frank, the two long time business associates)

Frank: Manny, you know I love when you come to our city. Next time we'll go hit the town, got some gals for you.

Manuel: I'd love-

Boom an explosion erupts followed by a hail storm of gunfire. Bodies of the men are riddled as assailants materialize from hiding places. All the men are gunned down in a matter of moments, Frank lays on the dirty concrete floor, spurting blood from his mouth. He feels his life draining, a thought that's crossed his mind so often in this life play out. He sees a shadow before his vision starts to fade. Fucking piece of shit, the last thing he heard.

Two hours later

It's after 2 a.m. Vito is reading, a simple please he enjoys immensely. He smiles at the current passage while taking a sip of his bourbon. A knock at the door of his office interrupts him, he sighs and puts the book down. His second son Giovanni enters. Another son who has decided to live the life. More so out of laziness than anything else, Gio wanted to make money fast and easy and spend it as such. His loyalty to his family is without question and like all his sons admired his father.

Gio: Rocco's here. There's a problem
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The Funeral for Zerilli Family Made Man Frank Ferdinand was large, everyone member of The Zerilli Crime Family was in attendance. A somber event, looks of anguish and sorrow upon his family members. A slight rain trickles as the casket is lowered, Vito Zerilli surrounded by bodyguards watches intently. After the funeral an emergency meeting is held between Vito and his top cabinet. The meeting takes place at the back of 5th Avenue Bistro in the Boston-Edison District.

Rocco Santini (Zerilli Underboss): We have to hit those Marchesse fucks now! A fucking Made guy! They can't get away with this.

Frank "Big Frank" Fontaine (Caporegime): Frank was a stand up guy, I remember the day he was Made. I just can't believe it Vito.

Vinny "Vice" Tangelli (Caporegime): It's inexcusable, we hit them but we have to hit them now. We'll look weak otherwise.

Vito, attention shifting from one man to another as they speak glances at his Consigliere Anthony Mancelli, his face unreadable. He doesn't look as if he wants to give his input.

Rocco: So what's the plan boss?

Vito ever so stoic, remains calm even in the most stressful situations. He shifts his attention between the men gathered then speaks.

Vito: I have plans. Everyone here knows I would never let this go, this and the past transgressions. I ask of you, patience. Plans are in motion now, Frank has a crew in New York awaiting instructions, and Vinny has a crew watching Al Marchesse. Final details are being worked out but everyone will know what is to come soon. In the meantime, continue business as usual. Now, leave me and Anthony. We will meet daily until further notice.

Rocco, Frank and Vinny rise without saying a word, they embrace Vito and exit the office. Concern can be seen across their faces, but they trust their leader explicitly. Vito has steered this family through numerous wars and has always came out victorious. As the men leave, Vito turns to Anthony.

Vito: They'll shouldn't have know about the deal, only family knew about it.

Anthony: Are you saying there's a leak?

Vito: There isn't a doubt in my mind, who is the question.

Anthony: Do you think it's one of the Capo's?

Vito: No, both men are frustrated but loyal none the less. I can't pinpoint who or believe me they'd getting bured right now also. Anthony, work on who it is no matter the cost.

Anthony: These.... disturbances are beginning to be more then just a nuisance.

Vito: Anthony, the men don't understand. They say "war war war" but don't understand the cost, financially withstanding. War is not decided in a matter if moments, it could last years with God knows how many casualties.

Anthony: I know Vito, what would you like me to do.

Vito: First set up a meeting with Isaac Benowitz, we'll feign interest in brokering a deal but I have bigger plans. Also we need to find the rat. It bothers me Anthony, do the men have no faith in me?

Anthony: Everyone does Vito, trust me. Their just frustrated but no one questions that you are doing what's necessary. One bad seed doesn't set the tone for the family. Most guys don't see the bigger picture, but we have faith in you.

Vito: Thank you, Anthony. You can leave now, I have a meeting with the Colombians shortly, they aren't to happy with the death of Manny.

Anthony: Their going to want vengeance, as we are. (Anthony stands to embrace Vito and leaves the office)

Vito stands and walks towards the full length mirror, analyzing himself. Seeing himself now, stress a permanent marking on his face. Wrinkles and grey hairs, he wonders to himself in his older age who will eventually take the helm once he can't passes. This thing he took decades to build could collapse I'm a matter of years under the wrong guidance.
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Hazel Park Raceway is busy on this Saturday afternoon, men and women wagering small and large at a chance to win a fortune. In the back office, Vito Zerilli sits with his Consigliere Anthony Mancelli, and meets with Isaac Benowitz.

Isaac: Don Zerilli, I'm happy you were able to make time to see me. It's very unfortunate to what has happened to your family recently. The Marchesse Family and I extend our friendship during this time, if you are in need of anything we'll be here for you. We can also send help to protect your interests and ours.

Vito (shrugs): It's very unfortunate, but I'm glad to have friends such as yourself to offer. We're yet to discover the organization behind this, but I'm sure we will especially with your help friend.

Isaac: Of course, obviously for us to send more muscle we would need more territory, obviously we'd only be interested in the gambling any other rackets wouldn't even concern us. I've outlined 3 districts we would need in order to help you against this threat. It's a pain to us as much as you.

Vito: Yes, I've looked them over. I'm just glad to have friends such as yourself. We will meet next week to finalize things, I'm glad to have your friendship at a time like this.

Isaac (stands, embraces Vito and makes his way out): Thank you Vito, I will head back to New York now and let Don Marchesse know we have your back.

Isaac leaves trailed by his bodyguards. A somber silence engulfs the room before Vito breaks the silence.

Vito: It's time Anthony, make the calls.

Anthony stands, embraces Vito and leaves the office. The weight of the family on his shoulders.

Later on that evening, Al Marchesse is at Legends Gentleman's Club in Downtown Detroit. Surrounded by his crew and guards he enjoys himself. He overlooks the stage from his private booth, smiling to himself knowing the city will be his one day. He sits on the couch between two busty strippers and does a line of cocaine.

Elsewhere Tommy Solari Made-Man of the Zerilli Crime Family meets with his Capo Vinny Tangelli at a local dive bar on the west side of Detroit.

Vinny: It's been decided, we're going to work the Marchesse Family.

Tommy: You know Vinny, it's probably not a bad idea. I didn't like them at first but I can see the benefits. They'll help us secure these streets.

Vinny: Ya, I agree. (Vinny finishes his drink off) Alright let's get out of here, I need you to come with me to grab some tools if you know what I mean.

Tommy: Of course, let me make a quick call to the wife before we go.

Both men rise to leave the bar, Tommy makes a call on the payphone outside before getting in the car with Vinny.

Isaac Benowitz lands in New York on the wee hours of the morning, excited with the news of gaining territory in Detroit, he gets into the limo waiting for him. He looks forward to telling Don Marchesse his achievements. The limo pulls off while Isaac pours himself a drink in the back.
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Vito sits alone in his office, book in hand. He is almost done with the book, the end nearing. He lights a Cuban, exhaling the smoke with a sigh of pleasure.

Meanwhile Al Marchesse enjoys himself at Legends Gentleman's Club in Downtown Detroit. It's 4 a.m and nothing but his crew and the strippers occupy the place. He heads to a back room, he sits in the chair as a busty blonde stripper gives him a lap dance. As he sits there, he feels amazing believing he has the city is his grasp. Suddenly shots ring out followed by screams. Al pushed the girl off his lap, and races to main floor with pistol withdrawn. As he pushes through the curtain, a horrific sight awaits him. His crew scattered across the room, riddled with bullets, smoke from machine guns cloud the room. A group of men holding machine guns aimed at Al fills him with fear. His futile effort to run is greeted with the echoes of machine gun fire as he is laced with bullets.

In New York, Issac Benowitz, a Russian Jew who has worked for the Marchesse Family since the Prohibition Era has been a top earner for the family. Not a violent man by any accounts but his intelligence and planning has gotten him far especially with the use of Marchesse muscle. His aspirations are high, he hopes to control gambling in all major cities and with Detroit soon to be in his grasp feels he's one step closer. As he glances out the limousine window he scenery is unfamiliar to him, he asks the driver about the whereabouts. The driver, stoic doesn't reply which causes a wave of nervousness over Issac. Suddenly the limo stops and within seconds the door is open, 3 men drag Issac out into the street forces him on his knees. Issac pleads with the men and they face him pistols drawn.

Issac: Wait don't do this! What do you want? Money! I can pay you! I work for the Marchesse Family! They won't let you get away with this!

His pleas might has well been on deaf ears. The gunman in the middle speaks.

Gunman: No amount of money on this earth could buy your way out of this Issac. For your crimes against the Zerilli Family only death will suffice.

The gunman raises his pistol and shoots off two rounds cutting off Issac's pleas. He motions to the other two gunmen.

Gunman: Put him in the trunk.

The two men drag Issac's lifeless body, a man so confident yet so weak in his last moments begging for his life to be spared. As they open the trunk, the original limo driver is in the back, the hoist Issac and stack him on top. One of men get in the limo and they drive off into the night. The streets silent, the blood already drying on the pavement.

Vinny Tangelli along with Tommy Solari, the last Made guy before the books were closed by Vito 5 years prior are driving to pick up some firepower.

Vinny: We need to find out who this rat is Tommy, Frank got killed because of this. You hear anything on the streets?

Tommy (ashes his cigarette out the window): Nothing yet boss, but I know we'll find out soon.

Vinny: Alright, we'll find em I'm sure. Almost at the house, got about a dozen tools to pick up.

Vinny pulls into the driveway of a house in Corktown, the men exit the vehicle and enter the home. As the men enter the home, and walk into the kitchen, a man appears and hits Tommy in the back of the legs with a baseball bat. Tommy hits the ground and looks up before he's kicked in the face.

Tommy (Rolls on the ground): What the fuck! What's this Vinny!

Vinny (grabbing a baseball bat from a cupboard): You think we wouldn't find out you peice of shit! You think we're fucking dumb. (Cracking Tommy in the ribs with the bat) You disloyal fucking rat!

The men beat Tommy with bats until he is whimpering. Vinny pulls out a .38 snub and puts two slugs in Tommy's head. Two men enter the house and begin to clean up as Vinny leaves.

Vito Zerilli sits at his desk in his downtown suite overlooking the city. Anthony and Rocco enter the room.

Rocco (excited with the unfolding events): Al's done boss. Got him at Legends and his crew.

Anthony: Issac's done also, the crew stationed in New York dispatched him and Tommy sleeping with the fishes too. No one can link us to this so Marchesse Family won't have the back up to declare a war and their out of Detroit now.

Vito (sighs with relief): Good job men, with patience comes rewards. It's been an enduring time but we've done it. If you'll excuse me I'd like to get home now and have dinner with my wife.

The men get up and embrace Vito and exit the office, before Vito leaves he pours himself a drink and lits a cigar. A peaceful moment for now that he rarely has.

End of book 1
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