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Nov 20 - 18:02:10
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GAME CHANGE: Bodyguard purchasing price. Started by: Squishy on Mar 25, '13 21:37

In a few days, we will be introducing a new bodyguard purchasing price structure.

The prices will be based upon the quantity of BGs you have, not the rank at which you purchase them at.

We will run both the old system, and the new system side by side for 1 month. This will allow anyone to purchase under the system of their choosing.

The new system is priced so that members can BG up themselves, and no longer rely on CLs. The new pricing allows you to get to a relative safe level of defense at a minimal cost, combined with the lower HP upkeep change announced before this, means that people will not be cash strapped to protect themselves from non-nuke sized threats.

Demotions will no longer be necessary to purchase bodyguards, you will no longer be demoting from a Don, down to thug, to buy bodyguards, just to work your way all the way back up. It will now be based directly on the number of bodyguards that you currently own.

The total cost of your first bodyguard is $500,000 (50k to purchase, train 9 times at 50k times)
Every bodyguard afterwards is the cost of the previous bodyguards plus $12,500

If anyone has any realistic reasons why we should keep the existing method open past 1 month, please speak to me on IRC and we can see if something can be worked out with concrete commitments on both our sides.

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For those who purchased their bodyguards at a higher price, once this is launched please present me with your records and we can refund differences in a fair manner. Any attempts to game/abuse/misrepresent will result in the loss of your character, all existing credits, and future playing privileges.

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The total cost of your first bodyguard is $500,000 (50k to purchase, train 9 times at 50k times)
Every bodyguard afterwards is the cost of the previous bodyguards plus $12,500

Does this mean 12,500 increase on the total cost or the base cost?

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I'd also appreciate a clarification - $12,500 on the base AND every train is an increase of $125,000 per BG (total cost) is that right?

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The increase is in the total cost, not the base cost.

BG1 to 100HP costs $500k
BG2 to 100HP costs $512.5k
BG3 to 100HP costs $525k

BGX to 100HP costs = (12.5k * X) + $500k

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Does this mean that currently non-fully trained BGs will increase the cost of training older BGs if you purchase them before training up to full, the older ones?

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You sure Satanta?

I got the impression the increase was compounded, hence:


1st BG = 50k + (9 x 50k)

2nd BG = 62.5k + (9 x 50k)

3rd BG = 75k + (9 x 50k)

4th BG = 87.5k + (9 x 50k)

5th BG = 100k + (9 x 50k)



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1 ) $500,000 (To get to full 100 HP, its 1/10th of this per 10 hp)
2 ) $512,500
3 ) $525,000
4 ) $537,500
5 ) $550,000
6 ) $562,500
7 ) $575,000
8 ) $587,500
9 ) $600,000
10) $612,500
11) $625,000
12) $637,500
13) $650,000
14) keep pattern going :)

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I'm not sure what you're asking there Zyzz?

Our example prices are the exact same, I just broke down the totals to its simplest form while still allowing for the variation due to the bodyguard number in question. Hence the "BGX to 100HP costs = (12.5k * X) + $500k" which works from any value of X from 1 right up to the cap.

Did you mean that you pay the increased fee upfront and it's still 50k per train, regardless of which BG you're training? If so, Squishy has cleared that up and confirmed that it's spread across the 10 levels evenly.

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Ohhhh, I see the problem. It should be "X - 1", as the additional fee doesn't apply to the first bg. My bad!

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Tomorrow we will put up a chart to make it easier to do the math.

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Not sure, ha. We got the same outcome i think i just misread yours the first time. Hadn't even noticed the X-1 tbh.

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This isn't EXACTLY what I had been hoping for, but it is a huuuuge step in the right direction. Absolutely excellent change, in my opinion. Well done Izzifus.

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i think they should be a lil cheaper cause not everyone can afford 599k if im understanding what i read correctly

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my bad i meant 500k

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Dude, seriously? Not everyone can afford 500k? I am sure anyone with 25-30 units can make 500k in a single day...

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25-30 Units you can make 500k an hour.

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I am normally not the most agreeable person when it comes to admin changes as many of my friends can tell you. But I really like this one. Well done Izzy.

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I approve this change.


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I am going to start this off with a substantial amount of prefacing, since I am well aware this may come across as negative on the administration and that is not the intent. The intent of this reply is to highlight issues with changes like these. I would like to start off by saying that I realise this game has had some significant changes over the past few months, and that users put pressure on administraiton to meet deadlines, just as administration is equally committed to meeting them.


The Issue: The Moving Goal Post


Pretty sure no one can disagree that this has become a game of long term planning. There are many accounts that are far over a year old and that should anyone wish to make any long term impact the decisions they make in the beginning of their accounts have significant reprocussions for the development of that account. I have been back a few months now only and in that time this is the 3rd BG system that will be in place. In a period of little over 3 months. You can't make realistic plans for your accounts development when the line is constantly moved. 

When the old BG system was implemented, there was a large outcry about the new costing, many new systems were suggested and the Players Commission dealt with a few of them briefly but ultimately it was decided that this would be the best system going forward. I looked it as the following


"Well this is what it is, and I must simply make the best of it"


Which is all I could do at the time really. This change would have significantly altered the way in which my last account was played, or even the knowledge that a change was being considered. Decisions are made based on the structures in place at the time. To make the experience personal. Had I known a new system was being considered, there is no way I would ever have considered spending 300 credits on BG's. Yes hindsight is 20/20 but some communication is essential on matters like this. 


Some Points To Consider

  • Changing the system effects new and developing accounts far more than older more established ones, supporting a top heavy environment.
  • All changes that were suggested, one of the major issues was that "This would bring too much money in to the game". I dare say no suggestion has ever brought more money into the game than this would (money saved). This decision is made overnight, without any sort of notice that it was even being considered.
  • A constantly evolving system that dictates survivability and cash flow makes it IMPOSSIBLE to plan. Which makes it impossible to play successfully



Some Examples


  • It is announced that new changes are going to be put aside so that adminstrators can focus on coding in the final district changes.
  • Less than 24hours later, the ability to train info, the amount of money to train BG's is DRASTICALLY reduced, as well as the price to maintain them.
  • These changes impact greatly on what starting answers you would start on, what money and credits spending would be focused on. How ALL plans for account development are changed.





I really could go on and on about this. But really all I am asking for is a bit of consideration in terms of information to be shared. Even though these changes can be viewed as positive for many people. This negatively impacts just as many people. When drastic decisions are being considered, I am not asking that the userbase get a vote. Just that we are aware of if/when/how they will impact the users. I for example, knowing what I know now. Would not have spent in excess of 50 credits the way I did. My account is 6 days old, I would have rolled differently. I would have completely changed the way my account is to develop.


I fully acknowledge the efforts of the administration to make the game as fair as possible. I acknowledge that this change has been made for what is pereceived to be the good of the majority of the database. I appreciate the work done by the Administration in the development of the game. I would just like to make some of my (as well as others I have spoken to) concerns known. As I don't feel the impact of these decisions are fully perceived.


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