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Aug 02 - 18:14:07
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Looking For Old Friends Started by: RourkeyRourke on Dec 30, '08 20:32
My apologies for this topic being brought again to the forefront of everyone's minds, but I'm looking for an old friend and I'm sure others are as well.

MagicMan - I heard you were going through some difficult times at home and hope you are still alive. Please contact me if you return.
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Sid - Apparently you are dead in real life. Give me a shout on the sly if this is just a filthy scousecunt insurance scam.
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I'm looking for busterman.

Also TonyJr.. where are you man? We got some mad rhymes to spit y0
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SelenityCP - wanted to catch up about a few MR-related topics. Catch me on IRC or here if you get this.
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I'm looking for Bigmac. Sometimes with a ' or ` at the end to carry on his legacy. I miss the daily :) mails.

I know Marietta, Mirage, and VictoriaValium would also love to hear from him. Maybe even all of the other females in the game that he so often greeted with a :) mail.
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Mr_Jointsworth i think was his name....get at me if your him!
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Oliver_McTavish - we had some wild times back in the day, please get to me if you are about

Awesome - I know you died yesterday, but if you return or are already here, let me know.
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Animal. Please contact me if your alive :)
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Looking for DW's sister. It's only right that I pay my respects after his passing, and I'll probably get a suck-job too.
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Is Briana_Arao still around? If so, hi. I still have like, fifteen pairs of your panties at my place.
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Anyone know where Nova went to? Need his guide on how to win at Blackjack every time
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I think your looking for Striphe there Acute. bahaha
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Gimpanzee? i want to lol at his fucking fat face. rup
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Jon you old whippersnapper - are you here undercover somewhere?
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Telkin he said WIN at blackjack, not lose millions and millions of dollars...
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I'm looking for Dock...

any takers?
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looking for the narcissist,hope your well mate
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looking gor giovanni moretti
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im lookn 4 tONYB and Mort and WrongWay... any1 seen em?
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Hate you pedro
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