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Going Home Started by: Daniella on Dec 25, '16 16:55

The glass hit the wall and shattered, the pieces falling to the ground even as she turned away. Her eyes were red…they had been for days now. She knew that death was a part of their world; no one was guaranteed a long happy life, not in their line of work. But to go out like this? Shot by someone he considered a friend, during a time of year meant for happiness. Everything was finally coming together for her and it was shattered in a heartbeat, just like the glass she’d just thrown across the room in anger. They’d been working so hard to build their crew. She wanted nothing more at this point but to go home, to the family and friends she’d left in Illinois. It had taken a little bit of time to make the arrangements; after all she didn’t want to just abandon her new friends here or the crew that had worked so hard for them. So first she made sure they’d all found new work, or at least been invited, before she turned to making arrangements for herself. A call to Godfather Kurgan and it was done. She’d go to North Side, to the Crazy House.

Her apartment was packed now, except for the few remaining items she’d leave behind, knickknacks that she didn’t care for. She’d found a manager for her business, someone to run the day to day operations for her since she’d be across the country now, most of the time at least. She was too angry to really be disappointed. Or maybe it was the disappointment that made her angry. Daniella had never really been the best with laying out her emotions. She’d learned a long time ago that a pretty smile and a calm, happy demeanor would get her furthest in life; she didn’t usually allow herself to be mad or angry or sad or disappointed. What use were those feelings to her? All they did was get in the way. And make her cry, like today, leaving her with red puffy eyes that no one really wanted to see on a woman. If her mother saw her now she’d admonish her, tell her to suck it up and move on. We don’t cry over the deaths of others; people die every day, that’s what she used to tell her. She had to be presentable, beautiful even, at all times. That's what had been drilled into her since she was a child. So before going down to her car Daniella washed her face, fixed herself up, and covered her eyes with a pair of large black glasses.  It was time to go home.



Hours later the woman had arrived back in Chicago, to the apartment she’d never gotten rid of, even after saying she would a hundred times. She was glad she hadn’t, for obvious reasons. She’d sent her bodyguards away, though she was sure they still lingered in and around the building. But even with a glass of wine in her hand Dani couldn’t relax. She found herself pacing her apartment, moving things around, packing and unpacking. She needed to do something, something to distract herself. She wanted a night out in the streets, with crime and mayhem and maybe even a little death. She needed crazy. And there was only one person Daniella could think of that could match the level of crazy that she wanted to go tonight – AdrianaNuallan. After all, they’d met when Daniella helped bust her out of an insane asylum so you really don’t get much more crazy then that. She wrote out a note and sent it off to Adriana, asking her to meet her later that night. It would give Daniella a little time to get ready. She didn’t want to be pretty tonight – she wanted to be dangerous.

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Adriana was enjoying a quiet night at a local speakeasy, teasing the boys while letting none of them take her home when a messenger arrived with a message for her. She took the message and read it, a mischievous grin slow spread across her face. Her old friend Daniella was back in town and looking for a little fun. "Excellent!" Adriana thought to herself and gathered up her things heading for the door. She grabbed a random bar goer near the door and kissed him on the lips before shoving him back into his seat and leaving without another glance at the place. She had a night of fun on the streets to take care of with Daniella. A welcome home of sorts, although it sounded like her friend was in need of a different sort of part then a booze party. Just the sort of party Adriana preferred to partake in anyways.


Adriana hailed a cab once outside the speakeasy and gave the driver Daniella's address. She sat quietly, almost normal like in the back of the cab for the short drive over to her friends apartment. Once there Adriana had the cab driver wait while she went up to fetch her friend. She skipped up to the apartment building threw open the front door and ran up the stairs to her friends apartment humming all the way. When she reached her friends apartment she realized the running had been a bad idea, she was now out of breath and unable to calmly greet her friend. She waited a second to catch her breath before knocking on the door.


When Daniella opened the door Adriana threw herself on her friend hugging her really tight "Hello love! I missed ya!" she exlaimed, rather loudly on second though considering Daniella's ear was an inch away from her mouth. She kissed her friend on the cheek and said "Oops, sorry. Didn't mean to yell in you're ear." Adriana let go of Daniella and took a step back to look her friend over.

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Daniella stepped backwards as Adriana nearly leapt into her arms. She wrapped her arms around her and hugged her tightly in return, grinning even as the girl screamed right into her ear. She shook her head, stepping back when Adriana let go and ushering her into the apartment, shutting the door behind her. While waiting for the dark haired woman, Dani had used the time to get herself ready. She was wearing slacks and a blouse, dark colors that would work well in the night. Her hair was in a braid down her back and she wore little to no make-up. She wasn’t trying to impress anyone tonight.

“Whiskey?” Adriana had never really seemed liked a wine kind’ve girl and well…the wine didn’t seem to be working well for Dani lately anyways. She poured them both a glass, walking back to the other woman and handing her a glass. “I’m glad you came. I need a little distraction tonight. I don’t really have a plan, to be honest. I thought maybe we’d just go find ourselves some trouble.”

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Adrian a followed Daniella inside her apartment and took the glass of whiskey that was offered. She took a large gulp of it while listening to Daniella talk and then pondered for a few seconds while she looked her friend over. Cute, but not prettied up for a night out on the bar, interesting choice for a first night back in town. Adriana wondered if she should ask her friend what happened in LA, but decided she was rather more interested in a night of fun out on the town then a night in Daniella's apartment. 


Adriana polished off her drink and then grabbed Daniella's hand dragging her out the door, as she did this she exclaimed "Lets go friend, time waits for no woman!" Having reached the door she opened it and let go of Daniella giving her a second to drop the glass somewhere and grab her things before skipping out the door and down the stairs towards the cabby waiting out front. Good to his word the cab was still there waiting for her return. She bounced her way over to the driver's door leaned in through the window and gave the driver a kiss on the cheek before gigging and jumping in the back seat behind him. After waiting for Daniella to jump in the passenger side beside her she gave directions to the driver to head off towards the seedier part of town. All the fun stuff happens where the coppers aren't patrolling, and she knew her friend wanted fun stuff to happen tonight.

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Daniella was half dragged out her apartment door, managing to barely get it closed before she was pulled down the stairs to a taxi that was waiting for them. She watched as Adriana greeted the driver with a kiss on the cheek before hopping in – she could never really be prepared for what she was going to get when with this woman, but she always knew it would be an adventure. Slipping into the car next to her, Daniella waited as Adriana gave the driver a destination before she spoke. “What do you think we should do first? I have a few ideas in mind. I kind’ve want to set something on fire….” Daniella hmmed to herself, wishing she’d brought a stick of dynamite or the ingredients for a Molotov Cocktail.

The driver stopped in front of a seedy looking bar, right in the center of where the girls wanted to be. Daniella tossed some money his way before climbing out and grinning as she glanced around. “Let’s find some people to rob too. Get ourselves some drinking money.” Not that she needed the money but that was hardly the point really. 

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When Adriana stepped out of the taxi she started looking around for fun, they where in the seediest part of town so there was always some criminal activity going on around these parts. Lots of fun for the 2 ladies to get themselves into, after a quick glance around she looked down the alleyway next to the bar and the fire in her eyes told Daniella she saw something she really really hated. Down in the alleyway was a drunken man pushing himself on a helpless girl. It was something to this extent that had landed Adriana in the looney bin, but that was a story for a different day.


Adriana replaced the fire in her eyes with a cutesy calm demeanor again and winked at her friend. She walked towards the alleyway and nodded towards Daniella to stay out of sight for a second. She slid about halfway down the alleyway towards the man and then leaned against the wall and called out to him, "Hey, why don't you let the little girl go and try out a real woman" she said while looking at the drunk man seductively and unbuttoning the first 2 buttons of her shirt to reveal the top of her breasts. Naturally the halfwit drunk bastard took the bait and pushed the helpless girl aside to come see what Adriana had to offer him.


Adriana let him press into her spreading her legs lightly to offer him the position he wanted and pulled him forward into a kiss. His kisses where sloppy, to be expected of a drunken fool trying to get lucky off poor helpless girls. She let him have a few sloppy kisses before grabbing his lip with her teeth and biting down hard causing him to scream in agony and pull away from her yelling "You bitch!" To this Adriana laughed hysterically and pointed behind the man where Daniella was waiting.

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When Adriana’s eyes met hers, Daniella could tell they were already in for some fun. She looked down the alley that Adriana was walking towards, shaking her head when she spotted the drunk man and the young lady he was assaulting. A drunk horny man was never a good thing, even when the participant was willing, but this girl was clearly not willing. Fading into the shadows, Daniella watched as Adriana approached and drew the man away from the young girl, who went running out of the alley the moment she had a chance. Her face twisted into a disgusted look when Adriana let the man kiss him; she knew that her friend was setting the man up for something but Daniella wouldn’t have let him get that far. Sure enough after a few moments she heard the man scream and knew that was her signal. She slipped from the shadows and stood behind him; with a bit of blood dripping from his lip, the man turned and saw the tall blonde where she stood.

His face looked more annoyed than anything else, he clearly didn’t view the two women as a threat. “Two pretty ladies for me eh?” His voice slurred when he spoke, and when he lunged forward for Daniella his confidence was too strong and he was far too drunk to be able to catch her. She side stepped smoothly, driving her knee into his stomach, sending him stumbling into the wall where he tried to catch himself. It took only a little push to send him stumbling to the ground, where he moaned. Daniella landed a solid blow into his side, shaking her head as she spoke to him, each word sending another kick into his side. “We…don’t…force…ourselves…on young….ladies.” She spoke through gritted teeth, stopping for a moment before looking over her shoulder at Adriana and smiling. “What should we do with him then? A gunshot seems just too easy.” She pulled a knife out of her belt, letting it shine for a moment in the light. “Maybe we teach him the consequences of putting his hands where they don’t belong?”

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Adriana licked her lips tasting the mans blood as she watched Daniella work, as Daniella took out her knife and looked towards her wondering what the two ladies should do with the drunk she had an idea. She knelt down next to the drunk and grabbed his right hand. As she did this she removed her own knife from her boot. "This little piggy went to the market" she said while slicing off the mans pinky and tossing it aside. "This little piggy went to the store!" she growled letting her voice grow in volume as she continued the chant cutting off his ring finger. "And THIS little piggy aint going HOME!" she said screaming in the mans face as she stabbed into his abdomen repeatedly with the knife.


After a few more stabs and the man quit twitching Adriana wiped the knife off on the mans pants before replacing it back in her boot. She calmly rose to her feet and smiled wickedly at Daniella. "Sorry for hogging all the fun friend, men like that really trigger me" she said while brushing her clothes off and then looking at them a bit more closely "Oh dear, guess I'm not fit to go into the bar anymore." Adriana frowned looking almost annoyed. After a second Adriana remembers an abandoned warehouse is nearby, she usually kept some clothes stashed there in case she had violent tendencies while in this area of town. She motioned for Daniella to follow her and headed off towards the warehouse and a brisk pace.

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Daniella watched for a moment as Adriana started to cut the man’s fingers off, one by one. Personally, she might have cut something else off him instead, but she didn’t really have a chance to suggest it before her friend started to go a bit crazy, stabbing him repeatedly in his guts. Daniella jumped backwards, not wanting blood all over her clothes, slightly shocked with the fierceness that Adriana was attacking the man. It seemed to take a few minutes before Adriana had stopped stabbing the man, his abdomen a bloody mess and her friend rather covered as well. She watched while the other woman very calmly cleaned off her knife, stood and face Daniella. “Uh….yeah. I can see that.” She wasn’t really overly disturbed – she was still a little too numb to be bothered by it, and much of the alcohol she’d drank early that day was still affecting her.

Before following Adriana, Daniella stopped to fish the man’s wallet out of his pants, being careful not to get herself too dirty; old habits were hard to lose after all. She flipped through it as they walked, pulling out the cash and tossing the rest aside. Not that she needed the money, really, but why leave it behind? They could use it to buy drinks later instead. "Where are we going?" She asked, following Adriana to who knows where. 

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Adriana continued walking along lost in thought, she heard her friend ask a question about their destination but just waved her to follow along. After about 10 minutes of walking through dark alleys they came to an old abandoned warehouse, Adriana pulled her keys out of blouse and unlocked the door letting Daniella inside before closing the door behind them as she flicked on the lights. Inside the place was not much at all, a few chairs and some abandoned machinery. Adriana looked over at her friend, "Make yourself at home!" She motioned to one of the chairs and went off towards another door.


After another 10 minutes Adriana returned to Daniella wearing a different set of clothes and was all cleaned up ready to continue their night of fun. She looked at her friend and said, "Sorry about that, creeps like that really bother me. It's a long story, maybe I'll tell you sometime." She walked up to Daniella and gave her a big hug before pulling away and winking at her mischievously. "Shall we?" she motioned towards the door they came in while looking at her friend with a questioning eyebrow.

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Daniella couldn’t help but sigh softly at Adriana’s lack of an answer. Oh well, she would follow and hope for the best; she did trust her friend after all. Where she was going to manage to clean up out here in the middle of the warehouse district was a mystery to Dani, but one that was solved after about ten minutes of walking. Walking into the abandoned warehouse, Daniella fond that Adriana had made the place her own. Well…kind’ve. Shrugging, the tall blonde went to sit in one of the chairs, crossing her legs and waiting. After a few minutes, feeling a bit rattled, she started pacing around the warehouse, looking at things but not really seeing them, lost in her own thoughts. Adriana disappeared into the back somewhere before finally reemerging, her voice startling Daniella back into the present.

@Adriana was fond of hugs, or so it seemed considering she was giving her another one in that moment. Daniella hugged her back lightly and laughed softly at the big wink Adriana gave her. “Yes please.” Daniella walked towards the exit of the warehouse before stopping. “Wait!” She stopped and pulled out a slip of paper. “I found this in the man’s wallet when I picked it up. An address to his home maybe? We should check it out, see if there’s anything good to steal. Or set on fire.” Daniella grinned, passing the address to Adriana. “But maybe we stop at a bar on the way and grab some drinks?”

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Adriana grabs the piece of paper from Daniella and reads it carefully. "Ah, I know the neighborhood. It's not far from here, yea lets go get a drink and then pay the place a visit!" Adriana heads for the door to the warehouse and waves Daniella out with a bow like a butler before following her outside with a slight giggle. She grabs Daniella's hand and starts skipping along back to the bar they where about to enter when she saw that ugly excuse for a man. After a minute she stopped skipping and slowed to a walk while humming her favorite song. She didn't seem to notice Daniella was giving her a curious look for humming "Marry had a little lamb" as they walked along back the way they had come to visit the bar and have a few drinks.


Once at the bar Adriana opened the door and walked inside giving it a little push so Daniella could follow her in. She straight up to the bar and flopped into a seat waving the bartender over to take their order. "Bring me a whiskey, and some shot glasses Jack!" she said to the man as he approached. He walked away and grabbed a bottle of whiskey and 2 shot glasses. Returning to Adriana he set both glasses down in front of her, poured whiskey into both and then left the bottle for her to use as she needed. Adriana slid a glass over to Daniella and then looked at her friend, "Having fun?!" she half asked half yelled at Daniella to be heard over the music that was playing a little too loudly.

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The night was still young and they’d only had a tiny bit of fun so Daniella was glad to leave the warehouse and head back out into town. She had drunk enough earlier in the day that she was still a bit drunk, but more alcohol sounded like a perfect solution. When Adriana grabbed her hand and started skipping down the street back towards the bar, Daniella tried to skip along with her, but she certainly wasn’t as practiced in it as the other woman. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time she had skipped down a street….it had to be when she was a child. They were only doing it for about a minute or so before they slowed to a walk, though Daniella couldn’t help but notice that the dark haired woman was humming Mary had a little lamb. She really was a strange one, this woman that Daniella had befriended. But then again, weren’t they all?

She followed @Adriana to the bar, giving her a thumbs up when she ordered them a bottle of whiskey. Slipping onto a stool, she let her eyes scan the room, looking for more potential trouble that they could get themselves into; she wasn’t sure she would’ve picked to return to this particular bar, after all they’d just killed a man outside of it. But they were here now so might as well enjoy it. Picking up the shot glass once it was returned to her, Daniella smiled at Adriana “I am.” Her voice raised so she could be heard above the noise. “But let’s just take the bottle and get out of here. Too many people to have a lot of fun in here.” Daniella raised her glass, smiling softly. "After this one at least." She knocked back the shot, putting the glass down on the counter and savoring the feeling for a moment. 

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Adriana downed her shot alongside Daniella and then with a shrug set the glass down with some cash and grabbed the bottle of whiskey. She started walking for the door figuring Daniella would follower her and off they went walking down the street. She opened the bottle of whiskey and took a sip, then handed the bottle off to her friend while looking at her curiously. She wondered what skeletons where hidden in Daniella's closet, but wasn't sure if she should ask or not. After a second she simply shrugged and started humming her favorite song again. As they walked down the street Adriana started to look for more fun, surely there was something fun to do around the next corner.


She decided to turn down the next street and saw some youngsters trying to break into a local shop. Normally she'd not bother with them and continue on her way, but Daniella needed a bit of fun so she decided to help the kids out. "Hey boys, need some help?" she smiled at them shyly as she walked up and then pulled her lock picking kit out of her blouse. Having showed she was no normal lady with these tools on hand she slipped past the boys and started to work on the door. After a few seconds she had the door unlocked and opened and stepped back letting the boys go in first. With a measured look at Daniella she followed the boys in and had a look around the place. It appeared to be some sort of pawn shop, there wasn't a lot of interesting things in here for Adriana but having a bit of a break in and steal might be fun for her friend as she got back into the swing of things here in Chicago.


Adriana shrugged and picked up a few items that might make the stop worth her while and slipped them into her pocket before turning to go. As she was about to leave she head a voice call from outside of the shop, "Who ever is in there, come out with your hands up." Adriana rolls her eyes, just her luck. The one local beat cop that actually tries to do his job in this part of town was on duty tonight, and the fool was going to try and stop their little robbery. Adriana let out a slight hiss and looked over at Daniella giving her a questioning eyebrow. 

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Again she was whistling that song, Mary had a Little Lamb. Daniella made a mental note to ask her friend about that song someday, though maybe not tonight since tonight was mean to be about fun and not story telling. Not delving into the past or emotions or life in general. Just whiskey and crime. Taking a long swing from the bottle, Daniella passed it back to Adriana. She followed her, since she’d recognized the address on the paper, but instead of heading straight there the two women come upon some teens who were breaking into a store. They looked surprised when Adriana approached them, but the woman paid them no mind and picked the lock to the store rather easily. The boys shrugged and headed inside, seeming not to care about the women’s interference.

Still, at least it was something to do. Daniella took another mouthful of whiskey from the bottle as she glanced around the store. She proceeded to walk up and down the aisles, knocking things onto the ground. There was nothing that she really wanted from the place so she figured she could leave her mark in another way – destruction. She saw Adriana pick a few things to take with her and the two women turned to leave when the cop's voice echoed into the store. The boys seemed to have gotten out already, leaving Daniella and Adriana to face the lone officer herself. Glancing at the whiskey, Daniella had a thought….she had wanted to set something on fire after all. “Distract him.” Daniella faded into the darkness, letting Adriana do what Adriana did best. She quietly slipped through the store, gathering some supplies for what she would need. She filled a glass bottle with some of the whiskey and soaked some papers in it as well, stuffing it in the bottle. Moving quietly through the shadows, she approached Adriana and the officer. She needed to create enough of a distraction to allow them both to get out the front door and down the street before the cop could catch up.

She saw her opening in the corner of the store. Newspapers, piled up and ready for the next day it seemed. Biting her bottom lip, she used a match to light the paper that stuck out of the bottle and threw it at the ground where the newspapers were, watching as the glass broke and the fire spread. It was just enough for the cop to turn away from Adriana and Daniella moved quickly, grabbing the girls hand and running out of the store and down the street. It wasn’t until they were a couple blocks away that Daniella stopped, doubling over in laughter. “Did you see the look on this face?!”

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Adriana unbuttoned the top button of her shirt and bounced out the front door sloshing whiskey around, she was pretending to be rather drunk and babbling on about being lost and unable to find her apartment. She walked a bit closer to the officer and then stumbled into him allowing him to catch her, then she looked into the officers eyes and said, "Hi there officer, you look kinda cute!"  She pushed herself up straight and gave the man a kiss on the cheek, as she did this she saw Daniella toss the makeshift bomb at the newspaper stack which was her queue to run. Daniella snagged her hand and they took off running, after a second Adriana turned around to look at the stunned officer and yelled back towards him, "Call me!" 


When Daniella finally stopped tugging her along and doubled over with laughter Adriana couldn't help but giggle along with her friend. "Yea, I think he looked like he had been robbed" she said to her friend as she caught her breath. Adriana leaned up against the wall wondering what to do next when she remembered the address Daniella had taken earlier. "Hey, want to go check out that house now" she asked Daniella before pushing herself off the wall. With a half glance at Daniella she started walking along towards the scumbags house to see what mischief they could get into while they where there. It didn't take them long and they where walking down the block where the address had lead them, Adriana stopped and glanced around. Not a bad neighborhood at all, these houses seemed in decent condition. It figures the scumbag that wasn't struggling to make ends meet would think he could do whatever he wants to others.


Adriana pointed out the house the guy's address lead to and they moved up to the yard to have a look around. Adriana raised an eyebrow towards Daniella wondering what she had in store for the place.

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The feeling of laughter had been a rare one for Daniella the past few days; so much so that she took a few moments to enjoy the sheer elation before she thought about what would be next. Adriana mentioned the address that Daniella had found on the bum that they killed and was heading off in that direction before Daniella could even respond. They walked in silence but the air was light. The adventure in the pawn shop had been just what she needed to shake off some of the cobwebs that seemed to have come over her lately, more so even then the killing of the man in alley. Actually, that had been a bit disturbing given Adriana’s level of rage, but Daniella didn’t want to give that much thought tonight.

When they came upon the home, Daniella frowned. It was a lovely house in a decent neighborhood. One that the gentleman couldn’t possibly have lived in alone. The realization made Daniella hesitate to follow Adriana into the yard. What if there was a family inside? Children or a wife? They’d already killed the man and rightfully so given what he was doing. But she didn’t want to inflict harm on his family. She bit her bottom lip for a moment before following Adriana, coming up close to her and whispering. “Can we make sure it’s empty first? Then we can decide what to do.”

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Adriana nodded at Daniella understanding her friend didn't want to roast innocent people. She thought for a second before deciding to be rather blunt and just walked up to the door and knocked on it. After a few moments the door opened slightly and a middle aged woman appeared, dressed in her nightgown. Adriana smiled sweetly at the lady and asked if her husband was home, to which the woman frowned and said "No, hes probably down at the local bar getting drunk off his ass like usual." Adriana frowned and then looked sideways at her friend Daniella before replying, "Hm, we where supposed to meet him here around this time. We're traveling sales women and he asked us to show up tonight and talk with him here before we left town. I guess we'll be on our way then, tell him we'll try again the next time we're in town." With that Adriana wave at the woman and turned to walk back down the sidewalk. She waited till after the door had closed and then turned back to Daniella, "Leave it?" she asked looking at her friend questioningly although she half new the answer already.

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Daniella admired Adriana for her boldness, even though at times she felt it might be a hindrance for her as well. She seemed to have no filter, no worry, no little voice in the back of her mind telling her something might be a bad idea. Instead she just…did it. It seemed to be anything; in this case it was striding up to the front door and just…knocking.

The woman who opened the door seemed slightly annoyed but mostly confused, looking at the two who were clearly not traveling saleswomen like Adriana claimed. Daniella gave her a little wave though, trying hard not to laugh at the strange story her friend had decided to use. It didn’t take long before Adriana had walked back to where Daniella was standing, looking at her with a question of what to do next. Chewing the inside of her lip for a moment, the blonde nodded. “Yeah, leave it. She might have kids or something in there. Maybe we should call it a night.” Daniella had started to lose some of her desire for death and destruction. She was angry and this had been her way to let go of some of that anger but she wasn’t really sure it would work. Right now all she felt was drunk and slightly out of sorts. 

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Adriana nodded at Daniella and then grabbed her hand skipping on down the sidewalk while humming her favorite song. When they had come to the end of the block she giggled at her friend and gave her a hug before letting her hand go and started walking along. Adriana was looking for a cab to hail as they moved away from the house they had just visited. After another block they finally see a cab and Adriana bounces on her heels as she hails the cab, making sure the driver can see her. When the driver pulls over for them she bounces around the front of the car to the driver side and gives the driver a kiss before hopping into the back seat waiting for her friend to get in beside her. Adriana gives the driver directions to her friends apartment.


When they reach Daniella's apartment Adriana gives the driver some cash and asks him to wait while she says good bye to her friend. Having done this she waits for Daniella to get out of the car and then runs over and gives her friend a big hug almost knocking her over with the force of it. "Thanks for the fun, I really enjoyed our night out!" she exclaimed and then gave Daniella a quick peck on the lips before stepping back and giggling at her. After accepting Daniella's farewell wishes she jumped back into the cab, waved good bye to her friend enthusiastically and gave him directions to her own apartment.


"Tonight was great!" she thought to herself during the trip home, she got to hang out with a good friend and have a lot of fun. What more could she ask for?!

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