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A Tyrant in Los Angeles Started by: JustinCider on Jan 10, '17 18:12

BobbyMunson. What a character! Many of you already know the story behind this man, but I will tell everyone who doesn't. Listen up kiddies, it's story time with Uncle Cider!

JustinCider cleared his throat, put on his old man reading glasses and began reading from a script.

Bobby wasn't formed from coitus like most normal people. He originated from a mango tree, as the smallest mango of the bunch. He was rejected, stepped on, pushed around and constantly shoved into the dirt. It wasn't long into his mango life that he began feeling uneasy and mistreated. This evolved our beloved mango into a tyrant.

The tyrant in this young mango shone bright from an early age. He would boss his mother around, cuss his father out, make his teachers cry and even kicked a police officer in the nether region. He was truly a pain in the ass badass, until time came to show some responsibility. This is where his final transformation came from. He gained roughly 300 pounds, grew approximately 6 feet and got some facial hair to match.

BobbyMunson - the name he is using during his final stage in life. A biker figure, trying awfully too hard to stay young and hip. He went on a wild adventure into the land of angels, and set up his own headquarters. He was eventually given full control of the city, and today he has taken on the role of Godfather - Chairman. A long and successful road lies ahead for the city of angels. All hail the tyrant mango biker!

JustinCider put the script down and yanked his glasses off. He cleared his throat once more.

I would like to take this moment to personally congratulate Bobby on his massive accomplishment. I've known this man since he was a baby mango, and to see him come this far brings a tear to my eye. Congratulations Godfather Munson!

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"Congratulations Godfather Bobby"

Jimmy grabs more champagne, making a note in his notebook to get more champagne from the warehouse as it has been a busy GF week


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Olympia quickly readied herself and took the short trip to Downtown LA, because she knew the celebration at the headquarters of Sons of Anarchy: DabCity™ Charter would be in full swing by the time she got there. Pulling up out front, she found it hard to find a parking spot amidst all the bikes so she just shut the car off in the middle of the street and got out.

She walked up the sidewalk to the building and heard yelling and screaming coming from inside. She imagined BobbyMunson was spraying alcohol all over everyone and that they were all well on their way to being drunk, so she couldn't wait to partake. Clutching the bottle of Whiskey she had brought with close to her chest, she knocked several times on the door.

After waiting a few moments, she realized no one heard her knock so she tried the handle and it was unlocked. She turned it and pushed the door open, walking into the smell of beer and body odor. She could definitely tell men lived here and that the women had given up on cleaning up the place. She smiled and walked into the room where everyone was at, winding her way through the people to get to Bobby.

When she was standing in front of him, she handed him the bottle and said, "Well.. Now LA is almost complete! Oblivion will get to his rightful spot soon and everything will be great. Congratulations on this huge achievement! And enjoy the Whiskey. It's the finest I could find. So.. I'll get a drink and join in with you all!"

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Bobby, you beautiful bastard.

This is indeed a well deserved step you have finally taken. We both started out as Immortals and embarked on similar paths out here in the West Coast. I'm delighted to see you rise to the position you deserve. I wish you all the best on continuing your hard work in LA, hopefully you manage to get that lazy bugger Oblivion into shape in time for him to assume his rightful position also.

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Oblivion, fashionably late and already obviously deeply intoxicated, made his way to his old Homestead in Downtown, LA. Using the key he had hidden under a rock he tried to unlock the door to enter before noticing he had locked it instead. Damn bastard had locked it for once. Going through additional effort, never wanted from a lazy bastard like himself, he unlocked the door and made his way to Bobby, before taking his foot and delivering a swift kick to the nuts.

Congratulations old friend! My apologies for the kick, old customs and all. I solemnly swear that as my present to you for this achievement, I will cease my slacking nature and take my spot alongside you and Olympia-. A promise I make to her as well. But I won't stop drinking so yeah....

Let's get shitfaced!!!!

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Kurgan wiped a tear from his eye another of his Immortals had taken the position of GodFather.

BobbyMunson i have waited ages for this my friend many times we joked about reaching this and it was just that a joke but to see it happen is something else. Brother i am so happy for you and LA as you know LA has always held a place clost to my heart and to see what you have done there is fantastic you have some solid and great CLs there all we need is for that lazy bastard Oblivion to rank up now.

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Admiral pulled outside the club in a Sons painted van. Admiral jumped out the van with 3 other prospects and told them to start unloading the 5 kegs of ale he bought along with him and walked through the doors that he knew was always open. He had something in his hand that he had to hand to the Prez now that he was the Godfather of LA.

Admiral noticed Oblivion & Olympia in the crowd of bikers and noticed Bobby decked completely in his biker leathers getting more shit-faced by the minute and made his way over. "Pleasure to meet ye Oblivion & Olympia. I hope our style of partyin' don't cramp ye style lad and lass" Admiral then turned towards Bobby who was swaying slightly "Prez I've got this made for you earlier" Admiral presented Bobby an updated patch with President of Los Angeles "Bout time you actually look the part Prez" Admiral then gave Bobby a bear hug.

Admiral turns towards Oblivion and pats him on the shoulder "Ye just need to finish what ye father started Laddie when I was under him and step up to the godfather plate. We're all waiting for ye" Admiral then went to excuse himself and went to find JustinCider in the crowd of leather.

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Many congratulations Godfather Bobby - may you and your family continue to flourish. 

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I am very proud of you brother! Great work. LA is lucky to have you. 

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Ah, the big chief of LA. Axel wasn't too chummy with the man, yet remembered a time he was approached regarding a business opportunity and hadn't forgotten his respectful manner and openness. Axel found himself in this neck of the woods often. It was probably due to being able to hit the road in his favourite Cadillac opposed to needing a train ticket to make the journey, but also he genuinely liked the place, and maybe it was due to those in power pulling the strings and giving the big double middle fingers to those fed fucks.

He'd had nothing but great experiences with the city, on a business and personal level, and while in LA he decided he'd better show his mug at a milestone event and in turn his support.

Axel didn't say shit at the event though. He wasn't one for public speeches unless under the influence, and he was currently too fuckn sober. On top of that, he heard about these bikers and their ways. He even heard George began a sit down with Oblivion at one point and never returned from it.

So Axel simply tried not to get his shit robbed, or cop a bit of lead poisoning, then had a quite word with the man the event was in honour of when the opportunity arose.

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"Godfather Bobby, it is wonderful to see you achieve these heights. I look forward to more prosperity and creativity from Los Angeles! Cheers to you and yours for attaining such a coveted role! I've had a case of the finest whiskey I could find delivered to your HQ as well as your new underboss."

Lacey raises her glass.

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Drunky - Beyond fashionably late, and WAY beyond fashionably intoxicated lumbers through Bobby's HQ door.  He squints down Bobby and things finally start to focus...




Drunky goes to stroke Bobby's beard but misses completely.  Bobby raises an eyebrow at Drunky as Drunky teehees off the poor eyesight and coordination.


"You know, you old fucker...  My grand-daddy started with you in the Immortals and he spoke highly of you.  You housed my daddy for a brief time and I must say - many.... many lessons have been learned while satisfying my alkyhol tastebuds in your presence.  I'm very proud for you and excited to where you can lead LA.  Much love my brother.  LET'S FUCKING DRINK!!!"


Drunky hands a shot to Bobby and pours one for himself.  Cheers are given and Drunky shoots it back.

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Artus was always a little late to the party, he had other things going on that needed more attention rather than watching a friend reach the highest rank known to us all. After only just recovering from his wetness episode with Superman, he felt more comfortable being able to walk out in public again now that he is not dripping.

"Congratulations my friend, may with live long and rule well."

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