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Reopening (Credits) Started by: Negan on Jan 11, '17 16:39

Hey there once again, it's me Negan (NOT  Jeddy lol)

Currently I restocked my credit reserves and to celebrate the new year (I know it's a little late but meh)

I will be re-launching my business of selling credits and from now until February 1st, I will be selling credits at an even lower price for EVERYONE (:


ALL purchases of US $40-249 Will get credits at a $0.45 rate

Anything above $250+ will get it at $0.40! I know right, crazy!


Payments are sent through Paypal only. I will only send credits according to what  I receive (Talking about paying for fees) So if you decide to either 1) Send as Family and Friends or 2) You pay for the fee, then we should have absolutely no problems with any purchases made.


Prices of credits will go back to normal rate of $0.5 per credit after February 1st.


 Bonus for my old clients:

 I appreciate loyalty from costumers, and as a token of gratitude I have even better offers for you guys. If you have made purchases from me in the past, depending on how much you have made overall and your new purchase, I will send you some perks.


Thanks, everyone!

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Update: There are still lots of credits left so in case you're wondering yes, and yes I also give perks depending on how big your purchase is.

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My apologies for being 2 weeks late updating this, been too lazy to do so x_x

My mini-sale was a success, and I got some feedback so I will be making some changes. These changes apply permanently


If you have overall purchases on any characters of US $250 You will get a rate of $0.45 per credit

Any overall of $500+ Get a permanent rate of $0.4 per credit.


Remember, this doesn't mean you have to buy all at once.

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Looking to buy credits

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Hey guys, quick update on my new character (Hopefully I don't die soon so I won't have to post this again -__-)

Prices are as follow:

You start at a $0.50 rate per credit.

If you have overall purchases on any characters of US $250 You will get a rate of $0.45 per credit

Any overall of $500+ Get a permanent rate of $0.4 per credit.


Again, this is on  ALL your characters, not a single purchase. 

Currently the way it works is, you put a reservation for the following month (Check my profile for updates) And I'll contact you whenever I have your credits. They are served as first come, first serve, so if you don't have a reservation I can't make any promises on availability.


Also, I want to address a problem that came up recently which is accusations of me selling buyer information to groups of people, I want to clarify that these allegations are nothing more than that, they have never been backed by any proof and never will (Because there is none) I understand that some people might feel threatened, or maybe we have had differences in our past, but let me assure you this... You could be my nemesis and still be able to buy credits safely from me, real life money and in game fights are very very separate things for me.

Thank you all for your time!



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