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Downtown LA Addition: Warriors of Sunlight Started by: BobbyMunson on Jan 12, '17 00:00

Finally getting back to the HQ after a very long day Bobby sat down at his desk and just tried to relax but something was bothering him. He knew there was still something he had to do today but he had totally spaced as soon as he walked into the HQ as he just wanted to relax. Glancing down at his desk his eyes looked over the calendar that lay there and as soon as he seen the name he knew what he had forgot. 

"Oh shit, it's time." 

Bobby said softly to himself. He looked toward the closed door to his office and grinned. Picking up the phone on his desk he rang the main room and someone picked up straight away.

"Send in Charlamange, I need to speak to him."

Hanging up the phone Bobby didn't have two wait more than two minutes before the door and his right hand man walked in.

"Have a seat, we have some important things to discuss. With me taking the role of chairman today it means we have to expand our operations again. Since we lost Chong it has been trying to get things moving forward at the same pace, that was definitely the hardest day I've had as President at that table. This was a huge detriment to our district and the entirety of our city, and we cannot let this happen again. That is why we have been working so closely lately, I needed to get you ready to take a lot of the men and women out there with you and start your own operations. I have the perfect place picked out over on the east side already, it's plenty big enough so expect quite a few bikes and lots of parts stored there. I'll give you the keys, show you where it's at and send you off with plenty of people the rest is on you. Let's get on over there then."

​​​​​​Getting out of his chair Bobby walked over to the door and opened it for Charlamange, they walked out of the HQ and got into the nearest van to drive over to the newest HQ of Downtown LA. It didn't take long at all to reach their destination and once there they pulled into the parking lot which looped around to the back of the building and in front of a massive garage door. Getting out of the vehicle they walked inside the garage.

"Now this is just the storage space I was talking to you about. Over here is the entrance to your new HQ, go check it out and start making it yours."

Bobby tossed the keys over to Charlamange

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The keys hit the ground as Charlamange stares in utter disbelief at the empty garage with his eyebrows raised.

"Well Ill be damned... I don't know what to say, but  thanks boss... I've already got a few ideas of what were going to do with the place..."

Charlamange takes out his pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and lights one up, offering one to Bobby as they head around to the Entrance of the HQ

"Yeah she will do just fine" he says admiring every bit of the empty building. "Next time ya see her, you wont even recognize the place. This is the start of something wonderful I just know it... You take care of yourself Bobby, ill never forget everything you have done for me and mine. Ill be in touch soon."

Throwing their cigarettes to the ground Bobby and Charlamange shake hands as Bobby gets back into his van. As the van drives off the smile widens on Charlamanges face as he stood with his hands on his hips admiring the situation.

"Welp..... Lets not fuck this up" he says to himself laughing as he walks into the garage to start work on the HQ.

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JustinCider had been eavesdropping on Bobby and Charlamange from a distance. By his side, he had his trusty pie cart. This cart had been passed down from generation to generation, and it had always been used at celebrations like this. This evening deserved the very best - Justin gave the cart a thorough cleaning and oiled it up.

As Charlamange entered his new headquarters, Justin followed shortly after. He pushed his pie cart across the road and up the ramp into the building. He threw four pies in quick succession at Charlamange; two hitting him in the torso, one in the leg, and the final landing right on his head.

Justin started laughing and backed his cart out of the building before he got beat to death. He parked it just outside the entrance and set up shop.

"Pies for sale, get your pies here! Fresh pies to throw! Only twenty dollars! Get 'em while they're hot!"

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"Congratulations Charlamange, best of luck to you and the Warriors of Sunlight"

Jimmy grabs yet more champagne and wipes his brow, wondering if a detox maybe due to all the celebrations lately

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Admiral checked his watch and muttered. He had arrived home late and the prospect delivering his bike was even later. Admiral's foot was tapping the floor in annoyance. He watched the prospect roll up with his bike and was about to talk before Admiral shot him a look and the prospect immediately dismounted. Admiral hopped on to his now vacant bike and headed towards the location his little birds told him about.

Admiral arrived just in time to see Justin set up his pie stall and Charlamange enter his new HQ. Admiral dismounts near Justin and purchases one of his steaming hot pies and passes him a twenty. Admiral takes a couple of moments to adjust his aim and throws, the pie lands squarely on the back of Charlemagne's head. Admiral laughs before running over to meet the new authed boss.

Admiral pat's Charlamange on the back and says "It's about time you wore the bold suit lad, we all knew you had it in you" Admiral pulls out a small bottle of whisky and hands it to Charlemagne "Good luck matey"

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Axel had been on business in LA, or so he told people, but was really there to try rob that notoriously easy bank to rob that everyone was talking about. Upon arriving on scene though he noticed Dalora's picture on the wall behind the cashier's counter, with a very recent date, and figured what was in the vault probably wasn't worth getting shot over.

Still, he was in LA and whilst there heard news of some recent shuffling in the organized 'families' that ran the city and various districts. The name of a new group rising up caught Axel's attention. It reminded him of his days in the church, doing the priestly duties. It was worlds away at this point, but as he conversed with his street contacts regarding the news it did bring a bolt of sunshine to his soul. He'd been on a personal mission of redemption, and sometimes felt he was a protector of his own sanity at times.

Maybe it was the same, maybe not, but it still left a mark in his mind and had him make a mental note to at some point meet with this man and shoot the shit.

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